Overview Of Our 20-Plus Powerpoints On The Case

1. Relevant Locations And Crime Scene

Click for Post:  A Comprehensive Guide To The Relevant Locations (Kermit)

Click for Post:  A Very Odd House, In A Very Odd Location (Kermit)

Click for Post:  A Graphical Tour Of The Crime Scene Itself (Kermit)

Click for Post:  Claim AK & RS Couldn’t Dispose Of Meredith’s Phones Is Wrong (Kermit)

Click for Post:  A Minute By Minute Visual Guide To The Events On The Night (Kermit)

2. Evidence Beyond A Reasonable Doubt

Click for Post:  Evidence Suggests AK & RS Guilty As Charged (James Raper & Kermit)

Click for Post:  DNA Evidence - A Very Clear Intro To A Vital Subject Here (Nikki)

Click for Post:  Evidence Pointing To More Than One Perpetrator At Scene (Kermit)

Click for Post:  The DNA Evidence May Be A Tough Mole To Whack (Nikki)

Click for Post:  Why Forced Entry Via Filomena’s Window Was IMPOSSIBLE (Kermit)

Click for Post:  Evidence Against Sollecito The Experts Have Got Quite Right (Kermit)

3. Raffaele Sollecito & Amanda Knox

Click for Post:  150 Questions For The Defendants They Incessantly Avoid (Kermit)

Click for Post:  Diane Sawyer’s Interview With Knox: Our Sneak Preview! (Kermit)

Click for Post:  Katie Couric Interviews Raffaele Sollecito: Sneak Preview!! (Kermit)

Click for Post:  A Knox-Ghouls Parody, Inspired By Two Mountains (Fly By Night)

4. Aggrandizers, Frauds, Fakes

Click for Post:  Compelling Evidence For The REAL Railroading From Hell (Kermit)

Click for Post:  Placing The Noisy Claimant Doug Preston In The Hot Seat (Kermit)

Click for Post:  On Contradictions, Here Preston Contradicts Preston (Kermit)

Click for Post:  CBS Attempts To Trash Another Witness, Lies To Its Audience (Kermit)

Click for Post:  Countering Defense Spin On The Recent Cottage Break-in (Kermit)

Click for Post:  The Telling Case Of The Doctored Footprint (Kermit)

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