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Barbie Nadeau’s Interview With Meredith’s Family In The Daily Beast

Posted by Peter Quennell

Click above for the interview with Arline, Stephanie and Lyle in Perugia yesterday morning.

They say they haven’t had time to digest the news that Knox and Sollecito weren’t part of the scenario they’ve played over in their minds so many times. They say they will wait the 90 days until the appellate judge’s motivation for acquittal is released before deciding whether to alter what they really think happened that night. In the meantime, they remain in an unimaginable state of limbo, caught somewhere between the hyped celebrations of Knox’s release and their own bottomless void.

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The London Times leader post “Justice Denied” is dropped for the moment as it included some misleading claims we need to address.

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Everyone I’ve spoken to is shocked by this verdict.  Could we all have been so wrong?  The strange thing is, following their release the debate seems to have intensified somewhat. Those posting they still believe they are both guilty are countered by those saying the evidence against them was not credible. 

You didn’t get this in the Stefan Kiszcko case for example or the Irish Birmingham 6 and Guildford 4.  There was universal agreement in those cases that they had all been wrongly judged and convicted.  This is what makes Amanda such a polarising figure, something she will find very hard to shake off over the passage of time.  There has definitely been a miscarriage of justice whichever way you look at it, and Meredith has lost twice over because after 4 years we are still no closer to finding out what really happened that night. 

Rudy has only himself to blame for not speaking the truth at the earliest opportunity.  Nobody will believe what he has to say now.  His gamble, i.e deciding to sit on the fence, has failed spectacularly.  Judge Hellman seems to imply that only Rudy really knows what happened that night because he is the only one of the three who has admitted to being there.  He obviously wasn’t categorical or convincing enough in putting the finger of blame on his fellow accused when he testified during the appeal, something akin to a ‘dock identification’ I guess, and definitively saying who played what part.

I notice comments on other websites have directed people to this site and perugia murder file, which is a good thing.  Maybe the tide will turn at some point.  Regardless, to quote a commentator on another blog vis a vis Amanda:

“One thing that guilty people have a hard time doing is pulling off an act good enough to hide their guilt. There’s no question she wasn’t the only criminal in this case. I’d like to see if she has the nerve to face the questions a lot of people have that could redeem herself for good. I don’t think she can ever be faced with a real Q & A session which is why you won’t see her take many interview or book deals in the future.”

Here’s hoping.  Lady Macbeth springs to mind.  Centuries have passed but Shakespeare, even then, was not deceived for a single minute by the true underbelly of human nature.  The evil that men do lives after them, the truth is oft interred with their bones.

Thank you very much to Peter Quennell for creating this website and allowing those of us without the full facts to access information which we might otherwise not have become aware of, and without which it would have been difficult to gain an informed view of this case.  Your hard work is much appreciated.

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Do you know what I would want if I were the Kerchers ? Revenge. An eye for an eye , a tooth for a tooth.

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