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ABC News Reports On The Low-Key But Bewildered Reaction Of Meredith’s Family

Posted by Peter Quennell

Click image above for Colleen Curry’s report. An excerpt:

The Kercher family, who earlier in the day professed its belief that Knox was involved in Meredith’s death, remained behind in the courtroom long after the Knox family and its supporters poured into the streets in celebration. Arline Kercher was held upright by her daughter and attorney as she made her way through a crowd of reporters to a waiting vehicle.

The article mentions that Meredith’s family has issued this brief statement.

We respect the decision of the judges. But we do not understand how the decision of the first trial could be so radically overturned. We still trust the Italian judicial system, and hope that the truth will eventually emerge.


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As usual the Kercher family show dignity. How difficult it must be. As for knox and Sollecito shame on them! I hope they fade into obscurity and will decide not to make any money out of a poor family’s misery.

Posted by tempusfugit on 10/04/11 at 03:29 AM | #

“ ....
non lo sapevi che c’era la morte
quel giorno che ti aspettava…

Non lo sapevi che c’era la morte,
quando si è giovani è strano
poter pensare che la nostra sorte
venga e ci prenda per mano ...

Vorrei sapere a che cosa è servito
vivere, amare, soffrire,
spendere tutti i tuoi giorni passati
se così presto hai dovuto partire ...

Voglio però ricordarti com’eri,
pensare che ancora vivi,
voglio pensare che ancora mi ascolti
e che come allora sorridi.
.... “

Posted by ncountryside on 10/04/11 at 04:07 AM | #

Sorry, now, that the case is pratically closed in Court, let’s see what we can do to honor the memory of Meredith.

Posted by ncountryside on 10/04/11 at 04:08 AM | #

Here’s something I ran across while checking out Steve Moore’s claim that the investigators went “room to room” without changing shoe covers.

This scientific police video shows (just after the famous mushrooms, at 0:50) something that I think is very revealing of Meredith’s spirit:



Posted by brmull on 10/04/11 at 08:12 AM | #

Just saw on CNN.com Donald Trump quoted as saying he had been supporting amanda’s family and helping them any way he could.  A very disrespected man in America.

Posted by gramjan on 10/04/11 at 08:22 AM | #


There were two forms of acquittal open to the judges. They could have freed Knox and Sollecito on the grounds that there was insufficient proof of their guilt – an outcome similar to the Scottish law verdict of “not proven”. But, instead, they chose to acquit them entirely.


Posted by Hungarian on 10/04/11 at 09:04 AM | #

Salve a tutti,  I would like to thank everybody involved in this website.

I stared to get interested in this case around the beginning of June of this year.

Surprisingly, since I live 25 min. by car from Perugia, I never watch television and when I read the news I stay away from ” la cronaca nera”. Sure I might read the headlines, but never the details.

I don’t remember exactly what made me read an article on the AP about this case, I remember thinking they could not be writing about the same Italy, where I live and a country I love so much. Oh and the comments. exp. “nuke Italy”, ” third world country” etc. Sure we have our problems what country doesn’t.

So I slowly started to research this case. I discovered this excellent site very early on but I stayed away so I could try to be objective. After reading what I could find on the Italian news sites I then went to the American ones. One would think they were talking about two different cases. So I came back to this site and read nearly all of it. 

Just when I was getting ready to sign in, the forensic report by the independent experts came in, I really felt they were going to walk. So I decided to wait ...... ridiculous but I felt if I waited it would not happen. When Ergon posted that about O.J. and Amanda, I nearly had a heart attack!

So here we are, I do not want to young kids to go to jail if they are innocent, but just as I was sure they would walk I am sure they are guilty, or at least involved in some way.

My heart goes out to the Kercher family. What courage it must have taken to go to that courtroom today. They have such dignity. I strongly admire them.

Sorry, I did not mean to “scrivere un romanzo”

Ciao,  Miriam

Posted by Miriam on 10/04/11 at 12:22 PM | #

interesting from Daily Beast


Posted by mojo on 10/04/11 at 01:49 PM | #

Oh Ken, I think you might be giving The Donald too much credit.  Knowing how he acts, I wouldn’t be surprised if he says he bought the entire jury, which would be a pretty obvious lie and publicity stunt.  What I think is behind this would make sushi out of poor deluded Donald.

Posted by Vivianna on 10/04/11 at 07:37 PM | #
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