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Media Miss Why Nencini Juror Genny Ballerini Was Confused: The Appeal Was NOT A 2nd Trial

Posted by Peter Quennell

Umberto Brindani, the editor of the weekly Italian magazine Oggi

1. Explaining The Broad Context

A rogue juror has mischaracterized the outcome of the Nencini appeal in Oggi.

Very odd, as the consequence of this very unusual action is that she could be charged with vilipendio, with an illegal action to poison public opinion to lean upon a court process to affect its outcome. To help explain what may be going on here, think of Italy as two factions.

  • A very large faction which is comparatively very law-abiding and very forgiving and which greatly admires Italian law enforcement and judges and prosecutors.

  • A relatively tiny faction consisting of such unsavory elements as corrupt politicians and businessmen, the mafias, rogue masons, satanists (yes there are some) and others who, by any means fair or foul, seek unfair breaks for themselves and their associates.

The Perugia courts, being close to Rome, and the Florence courts, being very large and very competently staffed, have particular roles in matters of national-level justice. Anyone who manages to throw sand in the wheels of those court systems may have won one for some in the small and unsavory faction at the cost of the very large pro-justice faction.

MP Rocco Girlanda is a great example of how this works. The member from Gubbio once of Berlusconi’s party used his parliamentary privilege to “check Knox’s conditions” in Capanne dozens of times. Apparently even the Knox-Mellases found Girlanda’s advances pretty creepy, and someone from the family is said to have headed for Italy in a hurry.

Girlanda not only wrote a creepy book about Knox and took a creepy position on panels of the Italian-American Society in Rome which he once headed. He also tried to monkey with Meredith’s case by petitioning the President, and by attempting to reduce the national Department Of Justice budget. But some of his closest political colleagues from Gubbio are on trial now and may entangle him, and see Andrea Vogt’s tweet the other day that Florence prosecutors are investigating Girlanda, for corruption at a national level.

The Sollecitos also incline toward murky incitement outside the courtroom. Think of the bag of cash the witness Aviello said was offered. Think of conversations caught on tape discussing the capturing of politicians who might lean on the Perugia justice officials. For this Vanessa lost her job and the Sollecitos may still face charges.

The Sollecitos seem to have made a beeline in 2008 for Giulia Bongiorno, a longtime defender of some of those in the smaller faction, for her political clout, although some of her actions in handling the case, such as shrieking at Judge Nencini with a knife in her hand (the same judge who will execute Cassations decisions) seem daft in the extreme.

The Sollecitos may - may - now be a party to some strange media developments in Italy, such as the fawning Porta a Porta show of a few days ago. 

2. The Court Pressure Oggi Faces

The editor of Oggi Umberto Brindani seems to take malicious glee in Oggi’s reports to its weekly readership that put Italian justice in a bad light, perhaps to bring Italian justice down a peg and win one for some in the small faction.

Now although no other Italian media would risk repeating in Italian the lurid conspiracy theories of the Knox PR in English in the United States, Oggi did choose to go there - and was slapped with charges as a result.

Our posts here and here explain how Brindani’s taunting has bitten him in the tail. Oggi quoted defamatory and inaccurate claims from Knox’s book which are a magnet for diffamazione and vilipendio charges, as Brindani found out.

If Brindani goes down against the Bergamo prosecutor for this, as seem inevitable, both the Oggi house of cards and the Knox-Mellas-Sollecito house of cards are put at risk. Oggi may face fines and civil damages for a lot of Euros. More especially, Oggi’s credibility and future would take a knock.

3. Enter The Rogue Juror

This Daily Mail report is in fact 100% quoting the latest edition of Oggi. (Gee, thanks, Daily Mail; for obvious reasons Oggi try hard never to put their own scurrilous stories online.)

Essentially Genny Ballerini is complaining that it was an unfair “trial” and she didnt see a case being made or a motive explained.

On the face of it, this makes absolutely zero sense.

What happened in Florence just over a year ago was an APPEAL by RS and AK, not a second trial. It was tightly focused only on a couple of points the defenses wanted to quibble about (unsuccessfully, as it happened).

The prosecution presented next to nothing of the case it had already presented in great detail in 2009. There were no similar summations, no recreations of the attack on Meredith, no witnesses of its own examined in court, and almost no exhibits.

And guess what? Genny Ballerini didnt even set eyes on Amanda Knox or Rudy Guede!!

Working under strict instructions from Cassation, Judge Nencini guided his lay judges to examine and vote on ONLY the points the defense had tried to prove to their advantage.  They all knew, or should have known, even this rogue juror Genny Ballerini, that any attempt to act as a second trial jury on the lines of the Hellmann appeal jury would be illegal, and was not why they were sitting there.

Unless she is seriously daffy the surprise surfacing of Genny Ballerini in Oggi of all places only makes sense in the light of what Part 1 above explained. Genny Ballerini seems to be being used to muddy the waters to the hoped-for advantage of some in the smaller faction. 

4. The Guts Of Ballerini’s Claims  

Our main poster Chimera checked out Genny Ballerini’s individual claims, and at that level also shows that Genny Ballerini is either out to lunch or working as a tool for Oggi and by extension some in the small faction.

(1) The juror did not ‘‘help convict’’ Knox/Sollecito at the 2013/2014 Florence appeal.  The court merely confirmed the trial verdict of Giancarlo Massei (2009).

(2) ‘‘She slams the prosecution’s case, citing questionable proof, flimsy evidence, and bizarre testimony’‘.  This was only a defence appeal, which is a HUGE detail to omit.

When the defense files an appeal, essentially they are saying there is something wrong with the prosecution’s case as presented back at trial.  The prosecution PROVED their case, they don’t have to again.  So yes, the burden is on the defense.

If she does not know this (and these comments may be deliberately misquoted), then Ms. Ballerini doesn’t understand the purpose of an appeal or her role in it.

(3) Knox was 20 at the time of the murder, not 19.

(4) The article says they served 4 years before being freed on appeal, but it leaves out the fact that they had been convicted at trial.  While technically correct, it implies something that is not the case.

(5) The article says that Knox rebuilt her life finding love with Colin Sutherland, and working as a journalist.  While true, they were only recent developments (late 2014).  Knox had been released 3 years prior to that.

(6) The appeal court reinstated the guilty verdict?  Wrong.  Again, the March 2013 Cassation ruling annulled Hellmann’s ruling, but it left Massei’s trial conviction intact. The appeal court actually confirmed it.

In other words, AK and RS weren’t forced back to Florence for a new trial.  They themselves chose to redo their own appeal, rather than accept the 26 and 25 year sentences.  Big difference.

(7) ‘‘The evidence is not there to inflict all these years in prison’‘?  Frightening, if she actually made these statements.  The appeals court is ONLY to look at errors, not to retry the case.  Did she not read her job description?

(8) Ms. Ballerini says of Sollecito: What possible motive could he have for participating in that murder? 

A better question would be: why he did refuse Judge Nencini’s invitation to testify?  Come on, he just did a freaking book tour.  And Ms. Ballerini was there in court ... did she not have an urge to ask him questions?

(9) ‘‘She insisted that the 2 professional judges had not tried to sway the jury.’’  Can you think of why that may have done so? Perhaps back in late 2011?

Part of me thinks this story is a plant, her words and conclusions sound almost verbatim from the FOAK crap that has been coming out for years.

If it is true (a big if) it is frightening that someone so limited could be on a appeal jury.  Either she does not understand the purpose of an appeal, or she is being used as a sockpuppet.

5. Present Conclusions

This aint over. Investigators will already be checking out Genny Ballerini to see what makes her tick and decide if she should face charges. We will keep you posted.

Genny Ballerini is the lay-judge on the left

Posted by Peter Quennell on 03/20/15 at 05:14 PM in

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revealing what happens in closed chambers is a crime, 6 months to 3 years of prison,

Posted by Popper on 03/20/15 at 11:49 PM | #

Having flicked through the magazine Oggi today, la Ballerini would appear to be the lady on the far left of the picture (taken at the reading of the Nencini verdict). The blonde one. (Shown in the clipped snap on this site). (Sorry to be so imprecise I’d hoped to be able to add a .jpg attachment)!

Posted by Sallyoo on 03/21/15 at 01:01 AM | #

Is that her?;

She looks ... divine, odometer a teeny-weeny bit over 100,000 km, but otherwise devoid of any impure thought or deed, maybe it isn’t her, though.

Posted by Bjorn on 03/21/15 at 08:08 AM | #

Hi Bjorn I don’t think it is because in the picture of the group she was pointed out as being the blond woman on the right hand side. So out of curiosity I enlarged the picture. The woman in question is quite old. However I prefer your picture anyway so nice going. If that is her the it will add nothing at all to the Knoxophile current dilemma.

Posted by Grahame Rhodes on 03/21/15 at 08:49 AM | #

please….tell me this isn’t another journalistic wannabee trying to generate publicity?

is this her?

please note her “career”

Posted by mojo on 03/21/15 at 09:14 AM | #

Hi Bjorn, Grahame, Mojo.

Yes, that’s her. Dozens of images in party hear and bikinis. No images in work gear, unless that is her work gear? She lives not so far from the Florence court. Mojo, you are saying she listed “journalist” as her career? So far I dont see that. There’s a low-res video of her entering the court with the jury (see below), she goes too far, totters around in her extreme heels, and totters back to the seat on the left.

We’re getting the Oggi piece translated to see in full what she had to say. I dont see Meredith or family mentioned at all, maybe the existence of a victim escaped her as it did the Hellmann crew. Yummi agrees with Popper, a serious offence, but he does also say this cant affect the outcome as there was a vote (she may have voted yes) and she said she was not leaned on. Hopefully she is interviewed by officialdom to put this meme to bed.


Posted by Peter Quennell on 03/21/15 at 10:38 AM | #

Surely there must be 5 members of that assise who voted for conviction, if she is not one of them. Same for the penalty. Only this counts.

I confirm nothing happens to the judgement, she may only have some trouble having deliberately broken a law as she was certainly instructed on secrecy.

Posted by Popper on 03/21/15 at 01:55 PM | #

Two gems from the Guardian today:

1. Amanda Knox ruling by Italy’s highest court could lead to new legal battle - by Stephanie Kirchgaessner in Rome and Nicky Woolf in Seattle

2. How can a feature film about Amanda Knox ring more true than the news? - by Deborah Orr

The first is a litany of misunderstandings, misrepresentations, and outright lies.  After all these years, the writers still don’t seem to understand that there have been no “retrials” in this case, but that the case has been proceeding from step to step as normal.

Regarding the diplomatic cables, I have no idea if the officials in question did not understand the Italian justice process when they declared the case closed before Cassation had ruled on the verdict, or if their statements have been taken out of context.  They might have been referring to their own involvement, which ended as soon as Knox returned to the US.

There’s obvious bias against the Italian justice system (slow and backlogged), and much credence given to the idea that the US will pressure Italy to not request an extradition.

The latter I can’t comment much on, since I haven’t seen Michael Winterbottom’s movie.  From what I’ve heard about it, it’s not about the case per se, but about the media’s involvement in the case, which the writer seems to understand.

She comes across as pretty patronizing regarding the ability of people in both camps to understand what the movie is about, which I found rather distasteful.

Comments are open for the second and infested by FOA propaganda, so fight or not, as you see fit, but don’t get too annoyed because it’s not worth it.  Interestingly, there’s someone with the screen name ElizabethBathory defending Knox, which I hope to God isn’t our murderess (although subtlety has never been her strong suit, so who knows).

Posted by Vivianna on 03/21/15 at 04:01 PM | #

Hi, Vivianna, congrats on picking up on the ElizabethBathory bit, not too many people know about this character - even if it isn’t Knox, it’s someone *like* her, which is all one needs to know.

Posted by Bjorn on 03/21/15 at 05:46 PM | #

It’s easy to dismiss this lady as a bimbo, but I suspect that at the time she had no trouble following the proceedings and understanding her role.

If she had proven herself completely unable to function in this role, you’d think someone would have asked to have her replaced (assuming this is possible in Italy, but there’s got to be some sort of veto process).

It seems more likely to me that she may have been offered compensation for presenting a certain angle.  Money’s always useful, and so is media exposure if your career plans lean towards entertainment, to put it politely.

Posted by Vivianna on 03/22/15 at 02:04 AM | #

(Comments here have been removed and jumped to main post.)

Posted by Chimera on 03/22/15 at 03:20 AM | #

Esteemed Ms. Genny Ballerini, what is your response to Chimera’s questions?

Posted by Bjorn on 03/22/15 at 03:39 AM | #

Chimera, Great questions, especially #7. Seems highly likely to me that her comments were both solicited and coached.

Posted by Mark on 03/22/15 at 03:50 AM | #

I agree…and I would like to mention that I was speaking generally, not pointedly towards anyone in particular. I don’t know enough about this lady juror, but as you say, it is highly unlikely that Nencini or anyone would have risked his court being compromised in the slightest.
He seems an extremely careful man.

The angle of money had occurred to me. It otherwise seems odd to suddenly mention these things now.
Her type of footwear is expensive, I believe.

Posted by SeekingUnderstanding on 03/22/15 at 03:54 AM | #

OK This may be nothing since I my Italian is abysmal but, if you go to Genny Ballerini Facebook page and scroll down almost to the bottom there is a link as follows.

“lo re lo direi anche Bongiorno. Ma per seperlo con securezzo dorrei aspettare stasera.”

It was the Bongiorno that caught my eye. Anyway the translation according to Google is as follows.

“The King I would say good morning But for seperlo dorrei wait tonight”

Now either the translotion is screwed or it is something else.
Of course this kind of thing is right out of Bongiornoe’s play book and I didn’t consider her at all. Genny Ballerini obviously is having her last crack at fame since she’s getting too old in the tooth to attract the guys. Best example of a ‘cougar, I’ve yet to see. Bongiorno offering money plus perhaps fame to the lowest common denominator is how she works it. Genny Ballerini. Being the lowest common denominator of course. Those shoes alone would cost a trick or two.

Posted by Grahame Rhodes on 03/22/15 at 04:32 AM | #

Great posts everyone.

One can’t win with their supporters. It’s futile to try reasonable or logical debate.

Even if Raffy and ObKnoxious ever confessed, their disciples would say that the poor kids had been coerced into it somehow: like they feared for their lives because the Mafia would get them and their families or they had some other “honourable” reason to do so and were still completely innocent.
Soon . . .

Posted by Wascana on 03/22/15 at 05:30 AM | #

Raffaele’s latest remarks that he will face the Cassation ruling head on like a tsunami, recalls the horror tsunami of 2004 in Indian Ocean that killed so many, then the 2005 tsunami in Sumatra.

Then I looked back to see when Raffaele’s mother died and it was June 20, 2005. That was the real tsunami in his life. He was 20 years old. Maybe the second tsunami was when three months later in September 2005 his dad married Mara Papagni while no doubt Raffaele was still reeling from the funeral, a funeral before which he had a raging meltdown and demanded that no members of family named Sollecito attend. Then two short years later in late 2007 he met a 20 year old Knox and they both went off the rails together, went off the reservation and drowned their hopes of a normal life. The great wave print on Meredith’s door that they shut, locked, threw away the key for and then tried to break open reminds us of the sea change they worked on her and that’s coming back around onto them. The Sea of Truth tsunami is heading for Raffaele and his Seattle Sounders frenemy glub glub glub.

The Guardian story of Oct. 8, 2011 by Tom Kington said poor Papa Francesco was reading aloud Raf’s prison letters at a pasta restaurant, a letter where Raf spoke of his “rancor and remorse”.

Raffaele spent four years in prison, at first hitting the walls with his fist. He worked in the prison library at Terni and played drawn-out games of chess with Knox through the post. Then when he won the Hellmann appeal his dad punched the air in courtroom with his fists in triumph but immediately in sympathy turned to speak to the Kerchers who sat behind them and who sat so near to the cheering Knox crowd, the three Kerchers who at that point were Arline, daughter and son. Mr. Kercher was unable to attend.

Dr. Sollecito said he realized that he had his son back but they would never have their daughter back, and he tried to speak to them feeling it would be the last chance but “their lawyer intervened” (good on Maresca, ever the lion at the gate protecting his clients, even if the doctor meant well, a very dangerous moment, anything could have happened or been said or spat).

Right after this circus of Pinocchios Amanda gave her weeping press conference dressed in gray with ponytail flying and with grinning mom by her side, then hopped her flight back to the States while Raf was driven all night by car back home to southern Italy on the coast. His stepmom Mara Papagni prepared a meal he had waited four years to eat: pasta with shellfish and baked turbot. He’d had no sleep for 48 hours and was relearning freedom, like taking food from the fridge without asking, Mara said.

She also said, “We’re up to our necks in debt”, that they’d sold one house to pay legal bills. Reporters surrounded the home and Raffaele was pretty freaked for awhile and afraid to go out. His father said prison had made him more introverted, but also said Raf would not go to counseling as he was resilient. 

Time heals much and we saw his later forays into Switzerland and trips to U.S. and beaches of Dominican Republic.

This week as he waits to face the Cassation tsunami rather than hide in a corner as he puts it, it sounds like he expects a wall of water to come crashing down on him in destruction that can’t be avoided.

What angers me is his recent comment that he has nothing to reproach himself with.

That’s rich when he has lied to so many policemen, dozens of judges, jurors, lawyers, family members and friends for 7 years (he now claims he’s had no life for 8 years). If he was merely an accomplice to the cleanup of a crime, he has lied. If he committed part of the violence, he lied.

If he hopes to spill the beans on Knox at the 11th hour after Cassation finds them both guilty of murder, if he thinks to wait until that extremity and only then suddenly reveal the “truth” that he didn’t use violence or wasn’t even there but that he merely covered up the murder and lied to protect Amanda; if that’s his desperate last bid to lessen his sentence, like an ace in the hole he has kept hidden for more than half a decade while his poor father and uncles and aunts gnawed their fingers to the bone with worry and torment and emptied self and pocketbooks on his behalf, yet he says he has nothing to reproach himself with, when all the time he was lying and torturing his own family to rescue a killer whom he himself quickly ceased to find attractive…maybe it’ll take a tsunami to clean up his act and wash his hands clean or mind clean.

A tidal wave of justice is coming, I think it was Helder Licht who recently reminded us of divine justice that over arcs everything.

Posted by Hopeful on 03/22/15 at 06:04 AM | #

I know that either you, Raffaele Sollecito, or one of your friends, is reading this post.

I am not here to judge you, for I am not a better man than you are.

But I am asking you, for the love of God, at the 11th hour, to tell the truth.

I have no more hopes for Amanda Knox to tell what happened that night in 2007.

Telling the truth may or may not deliver you from your punishment on Earth, but I promise I will say a prayer for you and your loved ones from the bottom of my heart, and that God will see my tears for you.

You have been lying, but you have to stop, and I am begging you to stop—please stop, and tell the truth in one breath, without thinking, too many people have been hurt, this cannot go on.

Please tell us how Meredith lost her life at your hands, her loved ones need to know, and so many other people do, too.

I am on my knees in front of my computer, and I am begging you, please, tell the world what really happened, and may the good Lord have mercy on your soul, I will pray for you.

Posted by Bjorn on 03/22/15 at 07:43 AM | #

So well said, Hopeful, thank you.

Posted by Wascana on 03/22/15 at 07:43 AM | #

Hopeful - You may be right about Raffy having a last minute plan of spilling ‘‘his version’’ right before Cassation meets next week.  While in his head it may get him a break, he is still (no surprise) ignorant on Italian law.

Cassation needs a good legal reason to throw out Nencini’s ruling, or even just reduce the sentencing.  Just saying ‘‘I’m sorry’’ won’t cut it.  And no more facts can be introduced at the hearing.

You are right about the Dominican Republic.  Knife-Boy skipped out on parts of the murder appeal to go sunbathing.  I’m sure all those young Italians who struggle for a living could relate to that.

Yes, Raffaele is blind to the damage he has caused.  Vanessa lost her job, trying to help him out.  Francesco has had to repeatedly go on TV to apologize for him, and has spent a fortune on the defence.

Probably the wisest legal defence mind was Giancarlo Costa, who briefly represented Knox.  He could tell he was being lied to, and thought a plea to lesser charges would have been the best option.  You have to wonder what Bongiorno and Maori tell Dr. Sollecito—anything to keep him paying the bills, even if it drops Raffaele in it deeper.

While the death of Raffaele’s mother is certainly sad, her son really does need to grow up and take some responsibility for once in his life.  He is 31.

My own prediction (take it for what it’s worth), Raffaele will talk soon.  Not because he feels empathy or remorse, but because he will be locked up, and Knox will be fighting extradition.  He will talk out of spite, and blame it all on her.  Anything to sabotage her efforts to stay in the U.S.

Posted by Chimera on 03/22/15 at 08:36 AM | #

Wascana says something important: ‘It is futile to try reasonable and logical debate…’

If reasoning could have won through, it would have done by now. The sorrow and negativity is the lack of reasonableness to begin with.

Poor Meredith, idealistic and principled, no doubt appealed to the perps’ reasoning, that she hoped, (alas) was there.

Bjorn too acknowledges this in his moving appeal directly from the heart.

But would either of them backtrack now? Or indeed their army. I think they are more likely following a script which cannot now be re-written, as Act 2 and Act 3 follow on from Act 1.

However, the last and final Act 4 is imminent ...and sometimes there are dramatic turn-arounds at the end of the Play.

When faced with the tsunami, and the End…as Hopeful says…. “in all Raffaele’s TV appearances, it’s as if he is actually wishing he could just break down and drop the posing of The White Knight etc, and blurt out what he needs to.”

This is what I hear when he says things like - ’ this isn’t me…this isn’t the person I am…I am an Italian’...etc.

Maybe he or/and Bongiorno have been talking privately to the well-heeled juror.

Posted by SeekingUnderstanding on 03/22/15 at 01:27 PM | #

One of the things that Ms Ballerini reminds us of, with her reported comments, is that there is a difference between a lay juror and the higher level of professional juror - as again there is a difference between the jurors and the lead judge, Nencini.

One doesn’t become a judge of his standing in an arbitrary manner. His logical skills and understanding have been finely honed and evaluated over a substantial period.  Thus his conclusions are of much greater merit.

Posted by SeekingUnderstanding on 03/22/15 at 01:48 PM | #

One thing AK & RS might learn from all this (apart from “thou shalt not kill”) is the universal law that Nemesis always follows Hubris - as surely as night follows day.

This is always the fate of the inflated ego - no exceptions, ever.

Anyway, the dark cells await the pair - there will be time enough to ponder deep truths.

Posted by Odysseus on 03/22/15 at 02:07 PM | #

I hadn’t heard of Elizabeth Bathory before, and have just looked this up.

It is extremely chilling - as whoever has this pseudonym would appear to take a hideous pride in the glorification of female to female torture, cruelty and dominance.

Extremely sick, and/or psychopathic - where the psychopath revels in shocking, and suggesting the unthinkable, and even suggesting there is enjoyment in this.

Posted by SeekingUnderstanding on 03/22/15 at 02:27 PM | #

The reason some in the US know of Elizabeth Bathory is because a horror movie periodically shows up on TV here usually with the word vampire in the text summary.

It is sort of camp and the focus is really on the Dorian Gray/vampire angle, extension of life by all means, in her case allegedly by bathing in… well, read about it. Oh, and mean men made her do it.

Good brand management. The real Elizabeth Bathory in the real Transylvania may have murdered 80 people with great cruelty.

See this highly critical and very informed review on the IMDB forum which might be to Vivianna’s liking (and Knox’s disliking):

Bathory:// Countess of Blood

It’s true that a myth has been built around Elisabeth Bathory. But that myth is not her reputation as a monster: that is wholly deserved and borne out by historical fact. The myth is that of Bathory as vain, beauty-obsessed blood-bather. While there might be some genuine basis for this—serial killers, after all, have been obsessed with stranger notions than the ones legend has attributed to Bathory—the bottom line is that this lesbian murderess was a sadistic fiend who extracted intense sexual pleasure from the torture and murder of young girls.

The revised version was manufactured in the Victorian era, because people couldn’t bear to acknowledge that the “gentler sex” could be as bloodthirsty as men. This was, after all, the era of John Ruskin, “separate spheres,” and the notion of woman as civilizing influence. Thus, Elisabeth Bathory was turned into a supernatural fiend whose story mainly served to warn women of the evils of “female vanity.”

Apparently, we have not come very far from the mentality of the nineteenth century, for we still live in a culture that cannot or will not view women as anything other than wholesome pillars of moral rectitude. Thus, Karla Homolka’s depredations were whitewashed in a loathsome and factually corrupt straight-to-video movie. Aileen Wuornos is turned into some kind of culture hero. And gender feminists refer to the likes of Homolka and others as “classic examples of female victims of male sadism.”

Now we have this pack of lies, in which Bathory is victimized by power hungry men while she valiantly strives to protect her children. Yes, the old standby, folks: when you want to make excuses for evil women, just portray them as nurturing and self-sacrificing, willingly shouldering the burden of undeserved ignominy for the sake of their children. The kind of characterization which has nauseated feminists and gelded Marxist males for generations, but which they never fail to exploit when it suits their purposes.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 03/22/15 at 04:19 PM | #

Hi SeekingUnderstanding

“One of the things that Ms Ballerini reminds us of, with her reported comments, is that there is a difference between a lay juror and the higher level of professional juror - as again there is a difference between the jurors and the lead judge, Nencini.”

Right. Genny Ballerinis are not exactly uncommon on common-law-country juries. The law shows on TV here turn up a lot of examples. Sometimes entire juries seem made up of them (OJ Simpson, Casey Anthony).

The Italian system as you do explain is designed to balance against them. It DID here but then for some reason Genny became outspoken. Oggi? Sollecitos? Love of limelight? Big bag of money? Like Aviello, she wants a sex change operation?

But as Odysseus and others have noted, in Italy it is most likely to bite her in the tail region. No news out yet on official moves but if she now returns to inscrutability there probably were some.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 03/22/15 at 04:45 PM | #

@Bjorn, I share your hope that Sollecito (and Guede) might one day spill the beans. I doubt that will happen though. He knows he will be convicted and hopes by appearing in court and facing the music he will at least come out of prison while still young.

The last minute attempts by his supporters to pin the blame on Amanda and imply she and Guede were the culprits and he merely helped in the clean up won’t impress Cassazione.

Posted by Ergon on 03/22/15 at 05:43 PM | #

Alger Hiss (November 11, 1904 – November 15, 1996) was an American government official, who beyond reasonable doubt acted as a Spy for Russia during WW 2, denied doing so, went to jail from 1951 to 1954 for Perjury, but continued his denial for the rest of his life.

If it helps reduce his prison-time, I expect RS to admit his Guilt.

Posted by Cardiol MD on 03/22/15 at 06:58 PM | #

@thetimes: Meredith Kercher family seeks extradition from US for Amanda Knox

Please tweet and retweet. Thanks.

I’m pleased this article has been published on The Times website.

Posted by The Machine on 03/22/15 at 07:08 PM | #

Umm, The Machine, the correct link for the Times article to be tweeted and retweeted is . Faved and Retweeted, it IS great news thanks.

Tom Kington Rome

Published at 4:03PM, March 22 2015

“Amanda Knox must be extradited from the US if her conviction for murdering Meredith Kercher is upheld by Italy’s supreme court on Wednesday, Kercher’s family have urged.

“Meredith’s family hope that the sentence is upheld and the law is carried out to its fullest extent,” said Francesco Maresca, a lawyer representing the family. “If that means extradition for Knox, that’s what they want.”

Posted by Ergon on 03/22/15 at 09:41 PM | #

Someone had mentioned how Sollecito’s actions have caused much anguish for his family but what his sister did was illegal or at least ethically challenged and the same could be said of his father. His father must know his son was involved yet he still payed for the lawyers and was willing to go on TV and embarrass himself and stand up for his son. I feel no sympathy for his family. They went in with eyes wide open. Mothers often will defend their “babies” even though they are obvious killers but a father should know when it is time for his son to face the music. Sollecito’s family has been complicit in this PR nightmare and even though obviously angered did not intervene so as to put an end to this circus. Ditto for Knoxe’s family and allies as well except her case is much worse. Even if RS did open his mouth and let some truth out it would still come out in a self-serving half truth as he cannot admit he was in the room holding poor Meredith down. I doubt he would ever admit that he was an accessory to rape and murder now that he has had many years of denying his culpability. He would be wise to stop talking and face the consequences of his actions. AK’s situation is even more troubling that Sollecito’s and will probably be a case study for years to come. The psychologically impaired nature of her followers and handlers are truly staggering to behold. Sorry to sound so cynical but if the 3 perps cannot even show remorse by this time it seems hopeless that it will happen in the near future.

Posted by Vinnie on 03/23/15 at 12:17 AM | #

Vinnie - what still gets me is what kind of advice Knife-Boy and Stabby-Girl have been getting all these years. 

Surely they must have known that (depsite all public protests), there is a very strong case against both of them.  Sure the Bongiorno/Maori and Vedova/Ghirga teams would have told them this, and either encouraged a guilty plea to lesser charges and/or fast track trial.  Yet the families press on.  Francesco likely is close to broke, but it is his own doing.  He should have let his son grow up.

It also seems naive at best to think that the prosecutors would walk away after the Hellmann antics.  Giving Knox the 3 years for calunnia was probably just throwing the family a bone.  Yes, they were sprung temporarily, but their circumstances are now worse.

You are right.  In a sense, RS and AK can’t admit any guilt now—EVER.  Too many lies, and too long.  Thanks to Dad and Marriott, the case won’t be forgotten.  Still, hard to have sympathy for any of them.

I wonder if they will still have delusions about being a journalist/writer and software engineer when they finally get out.

Posted by Chimera on 03/23/15 at 12:42 AM | #

The latest emanations from the PR machine ( for example) make me even more anxious for a confirmation of guilt this week.

If the verdict is confirmed, I cannot wait for the press to report on the TRUTH that a murderess hides in Seattle.

If the verdict is confirmed, I cannot wait for a report (or two, or ten) by the GROWN-UPS in the room as to what has really gone down in this trial.

It will feel to me like a long and endless thirst has been slaked, to witness the press reporting the actual truth about what Knox did to a fellow human being, ACCURATELY for once.

Posted by Earthling on 03/23/15 at 01:04 AM | #

The Italian Supreme Court will confirm the verdicts this week. No-one should take uncorroborated comments from an unnamed source seriously.

Posted by The Machine on 03/23/15 at 01:57 AM | #

I agree with you Chimera,
As I have stated before, they may get out while they are in their fifties, which hardly seems right. I wonder if the police are keeping close tabs on AK as she is a flight risk. From the look of things it seems RS is resigned to the fact that he is going back.

Posted by Vinnie on 03/23/15 at 03:37 AM | #

Concerning the Knox cult. There s an old saying which goes

“If Albert Einstein had sat in front of a group of monkeys for ten years, and explained the theory of relativity to them over and over. After ten years they would still be monkeys.”

Such as it is with those who refuse to even look at anything they perceive as being against their born again virgin. This cult, and it is one since they have brainwashed them selves into dismissing anything of a contrary view, is just the same as Micheal Koresh of Wako Texas fame, or perhaps Jim Jones who brought a new meaning to Coolaid. This has taken on religious overtones of course with such people as Michelle Moore, Bruce Fischer, Patrick Jesus Christ just to name a few.
The misrepresentation and plain ignorance of such things as ‘Double Jeopardy’ are of themselves an educational tragedy and will be studied for years. I’m sure this case will be subject matter in university with such curricular as psychology et al. Also xenophobia at it’s finest with
“If it’s foreign then it’s inferior.” kind of thing. Of course it’s all Mignini’s fault and of course they will trot out the interview with CNN once more. It is my sincere wish that educated and logical minds will prevail but perhaps that’s too much to hope for because the hysteria will be there for all to see.

Posted by Grahame Rhodes on 03/23/15 at 04:13 AM | #
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