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Rabid “Ground Report” Owner Rachel Sterne Haot Works For A Prominent Italian-American

Posted by Peter Quennell

New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo, brother of CNN’s Chris Cuomo, with the President of the US

Haot “Secretly” Owns Inflammatory Ground Report

The shadowy founder and owner of the bitterly anti-Italian Ground Report “citizen journalism” website works for one of the most prominent Italian-Americans in the United States.

He is Andrew Cuomo, the very pro-Italy governor of the State of New York. Brother of Chris Cuomo who in his CNN TV persona has twice interviewed Amanda Knox, each time seemingly unconvinced and underwhelmed.

In contrast, for Rachel Sterne Haot it has been a case of rabid pedal-to-the-floor Knoxiana and rabid anti-Italian demonizing for the past few years to boost her anemic readership and to try to make a buck. Other website owners with better judgment had previously kicked off these dangerous crazies.

See very typical examples of false accusations of serious crimes by Italian officials here and here and here and here and here. If any media request this help, we can provide links or captures for 150+ more.

Pro-justice pro-Italy pro-Meredith points of view have been remorselessly edited out for nearly four years. Protests of defamation have been repeatedly brushed off with the claim that “a lawyer” who is never named says the defamation is just fine.

This new post below on Ground Report was by the (of course) anonymous “Jay Rap” and represents his sixth inflammatory and highly defamatory post in just three weeks. 

Later in the Interrogation Hoax series, when we have finished laying out what really happened, we’ll take apart all such misleading and defamatory posts. May note be taken of them in Albany and Italy.

The Rudy Guede Hoax

Here’s a quick rebuttal of Jay Rap’s untethered rant about Rudy Guede, who will be the subject of a second hoax series soon. Prior to the attack on Meredith, police had no knowledge or written record of either Rudy Guede or Patrick.

Dr Mignini had never even heard of Guede till analysis days after the murder of his handprint surfaced who he was (Knox didn’t name Guede but carefully pointed at him, as this series of transcripts shows).

Guede did not ever work for the police. Guede did not ever get even one break in this case.

Milan police released him after he was found staying overnight in a Milan pre-school only because he had no prior record, not because anyone in Perugia told them to. In 2009 Guede offered to testify against RS and AK at trial in exchange for a break. HE WAS TURNED DOWN. No breaks at all.

“Knox Was Intentionally Framed By Italian Police”

Rachel Sterne Haot may wish to note that Jay Rap’s made-up accusations here go away beyond what already cost Amanda Knox three years. Everything shown here in bold (and more) is untrue. All of Jay Rap’s histrionic posts are pure fiction. 

If you are following our Interrogation Hoax series, you will see immediately how wildly wrong this all is. If not, scroll down to “2. How Knox helped police with recap/summary”

Following up on the Italian police motive, this series will explore the positive indications that the Italian police intentionally framed Amanda Knox and Raffaelle Sollecito for the murder of Meredith Kercher. Here we review the pre-planned illegal interrogations of Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito. This is a summary of a review here (link).

Again, the motivation for framing Knox and Sollecito is to deflect attention away from Rudy Guede in the killing of Meredith Kercher, so as to conceal the culpability of the Perugian authorities and Giuliano Mignini for having protected and thus enabled Guede to murder Meredith Kercher. In short, self preservation. (For a review of the Police motive for framing Amanda Knox for the murder of Meredith Kercher, please see this previous article (link), or a summary of that article here (link).

The first indication of intentional framing by the Italian police, is the text book characteristics of the intensive and regimented pre-plamnned program of interrogations that were conducted by the police, resulting in falsely incriminating statements from the defendants.

It should first be said, that no confession taken under any circumstance whatsoever, can overcome the overwhelming physical evidence that the murder of Meredith Kercher was committed only by Rudy Guede. The lack of any physical trace of anyone else in the tiny blood soaked room where Meredith was killed, renders it a scientific impossibility that anyone but Rudy Guede, and he alone, killed Meredith Kercher. There is no evidence of a “˜staged break-in’, that claim is simply a distraction from this basic and obvious truth. Having said that, let’s discuss the interrogation.

It is undisputed that in the five days from the discovery of the Kercher murder, to the arrest 5 days later, Amanda Knox was subjected to 43 hours of questioning by the Italian police. The last overnight session went from 10:30pm to 6am the next morning. We need look no further than Steve Moore’s analysis in his contribution to the book; “The Forgotten Killer; Rudy Guede and the Murder of Meredith Kercher”, to understand this process and objectives.

One of the most striking elements of Moore’s narrative, is the extraordinary degree of consistency between the program of interrogation applied against Amanda Knox and Raffaelle Sollecito by the Italian police, and that described in a declassified FBI manual discussing techniques for “brain washing” used by the communists in North Korea.

Moore, quoting the FBI the manual; “Deprivation of sleep results in more intense psychological debilitation than does any other method of engendering fatigue. The communists (North Koreans) vary their methods. “Conveyor belt” interrogation that last 50-60 hours will make almost any individual compromise, but there is danger that this will kill the victim. It is safer to conduct interrogations of 8-10 hours at night while forcing the prisoner to remain awake during the day. Additional interruptions in the remaining 2-3 hours of allotted sleep quickly reduce the most resilient individual.”

At 43 hours over 5 days, the Italian police interrogation of Amanda Knox is perfectly consistent with the formal brain washing techniques favored by the North Korean communist totalitarian regime. It is a clear violation of human rights in any civilized country operating under any recognizable rule of law.

Moore also draws special emphasis on the last day of the interrogation, the overnight session. Remarking on the number of detectives, he writes; “The fact that there were twelve detectives in the police station overnight is an indictment in and of itself. If you are going to have twelve detectives available all night for an interrogation, you need to let them know well in advance. You need to schedule them, to change their days off, etc. You need to pay them overtime. In the real world, twelve detectives all night is something that has to be signed-off on by higher ups. What does that tell us? It tells us the interrogation was planned well in advance and intentionally overnight.” (emphasis Moore).

That this process was pre-planned, is also suggested in Amanda Knox’s own account in her book, “Waiting To Be Heard”. When speaking with Rita Ficarra, whom Knox describes as “˜her main interrogator’ and has identified as the officer who twice struck her during the last crucial session, Knox had asked if she could leave Perugia to stay with her Aunt in Germany, and Ficarra’s response; “You can’t leave Perugia. You’re an important part of the investigation”. When Knox inquired how long she would be needed, Ficarra’s reply; We don’t know- maybe months”. When Knox responded that she was planning to go home for Christmas. Ficarra’s response; “We’ll decide if you can do that. We’ll have to hear what the magistrate says when he calls in three days”. This conversation occurred on the morning of November 3rd, the day after the crime was discovered. The decision to specifically target and frame Amanda Knox, was likely made no later than on the evening of November 2nd, 2007, the same evening of the day the crime was discovered.

Regarding the last overnight interrogation, Moore continues; “The reason they interrogated Amanda all night was to break her. Not to get the truth, not to get answers, not to make Perugia safer, but to break her so that she would say what they wanted her to say.”

Reflecting on the overall process, Moore adds; “Amanda Knox was interrogated for eight hours. Overnight. She was denied food and water. She was denied the use of a bathroom. In a police station. In a foreign country. In a foreign language. By a dozen different officers. Without being allowed a lawyer.”

Moore continuing; “The inquisition Amanda Knox endured in Perugia was no more legally or morally defensible than the Salem Witch Trials. No rational person should believe that the results of what she went through are reliable evidence. If you gave me the same amount of time with Knox’s prosecutor (Mignini), I could have made him confess to the crime.”

Moore’s contribution and the book itself are well worth the read for anyone wanting to understand the injustice of the case against Knox and Sollecito, but let’s turn lastly to Moore’s comments on why an interrogation stops.

Moore; “There are two reasons an interrogator stops an interrogation: 1. He/she gets what he/she wants, or 2. He/she gives up. If the interrogator gives up, there is no written statement by the suspect. Therefore if the interrogation ends with a signed statement, you know the interrogator got what he/she wanted and can easily determine what that was. And what did Amanda say that satisfied her inquisitors? “˜I confusedly remember seeing Patrick come out of Meredith’s room.’ So what did they want? They wanted to implicate Patrick Lumumba.”

Moore explains; “Amanda did not bring up the name of Patrick Lumumba. The police did. And they repeatedly told her to “˜imagine’ Patrick and herself being at the cottage that night. Amanda did not give in to the brainwashing. But the police achieved enough with her to obtain a statement that let them do what they had intended to do all along: arrest Patrick Lumumbra”

As has been said, the motive of the Italian police and Mignini was to defect attention away from Rudy Guede, but in any event, to absolutely deny that Rudy Guede acted alone. For that to be the case, the break-in had to be staged, because otherwise, its just Rudy all by himself breaking in, and killing Meredith Kercher.

But by embroiling multiple people in the crime, the police could if not keep Rudy out of the crime entirely, they could at least minimize his role. If Patrick Lumumba had remained as a defendant, no doubt all the judges would have put the knife in his hands. But since Rudy Guede could not be kept out of the picture, it became necessary for someone else to play a more dominant and leading role.

And of course such a person had to be someone capable of manipulating others, and who better for that role ““ in the mind of Mignini, than a seductive manipulative woman. So in the fantasy world of the Italian prosecutors, judges, police, and an unfortunately significant segment of the populations of Italy and the UK, the knife that killed Meredith Kercher ended up being placed in Amanda’s tiny hands, in their fantastic false imaginings.

Of all the lies that have been invented and repeated in this case, among the worst is that of those who misuse the confused statements that were extracted through psychological torture, as evidence of deception on the part of Amanda Knox and Raffaelle Solecito. It is the exact equivalent of blaming a rape victim for the consequences of a violent sexual assault. This lie is repeated by major news outlets, unscrupulous or careless reporters, and has become part of the lexicon of the case. It’s both tragic and profoundly unfair.

The cruelest and most criminal hypocrisy of Mignini, the Italian police and judiciary, is to blame Knox for the confused statements induced through these abusive coercive means. The Italian police charging Amanda Knox with Calumnia, after forcing her to name Lumumba as part of their process and their own objective, must surely be a violation of human rights that all civilized countries and people must deplore.

When Knox herself testified to the ordeal she was put through at trial in her own defense, she was further charged with calumnia against the police, a charge which the prosecution itself would be allowed to investigate, an obvious conflict of interest. In Italy, defending oneself against fraudulent charges by the prosecutor, is apparently a criminal act.

The criminal, brutal, illegal, and supposedly unrecorded interrogation by the Italian police should shock the conscience of the civilized world. Yet this criminal conduct by the Italian police must again be concealed by blaming the victim. Charging Knox with calumnia for being tortured into naming Lumumba, is the arrogance of unrepentant criminals. And it is a marvel to behold how pliant and cooperative the Italian, UK and international media have been in simply passing along the prosecution’s malicious self-serving slanders.

It may be the Italian authorities simply no longer have the ability to recognize the wrongfulness of their own behavior.

Knox’s final conviction for calumnia by the Italian Supreme Court of Cassation is being appealed to the European Court of Human Rights, where we must all hope this shameful miscarriage of justice will finally be corrected.

The last word is perhaps best left to Moore: “How could this happen? It is either inexperience combined with poor training or corruption ““ or both. I have had rookie FBI agents come out to the field and conduct vastly superior investigations to what happened in Perugia in this case. I do not think the Italian system is inferior. In fact, if I thought so, I would not be criticizing those detectives in this manner.”

Significantly, Moore concludes; “Every country has prosecutors and investigators who make mistakes. Every country experiences the shame of corruption. No country should be judged on whether these things exist; it should be judged on how it deals with them.”

When Patrick Lumumba was released, and Rudy Guede was brought back from Germany, Rudy was substituted in for Patrick in the prosecution’s case. But now the role of chief instigator would pass from Patrick, and be applied to Amanda Knox. Because from the perspective of the Perugians authorities, Mignini, the Italian police, and the Italian judiciary, Rudy Gude could not have acted alone (which is why the break-in must have been staged), or at worst, Rudy must have been a lesser player in this crime which was as has been stated, was by necessity a group effort in the prosecution’s theory ““ for otherwise, the Italians themselves are responsible for Meredith Kercher’s death.

Other commenters have said that the police erred by not changing their theory of accusation, when they slotted in Guede for Lumumba, that they suffered from “˜target fixation’ or other innocent mistakes. I disagree. There never was an “˜accusatory theory’ in the sense of one supported by evidence. The police objective of minimizing Guede’s role, and therefore their own culpability in the murder of Meredith Kercher, was intentional, premeditated, and ultimately unaffected by Guede’s formal emergence as a culprit. The Italian police objectives remained unchanged; under no circumstances, could Rudy Guede be found to have acted alone, because otherwise, Kercher’s killing was the fault of the Italians.

There has never been an investigation in the usual sense of the word. It has been an exercise from the beginning of intentionally framing two innocent people for crimes they had nothing to do with, to deflect attention and criticism away from Mignini and the Perugian authorities ““ and there is a clear conflict of interest in allowing the Perugians and the Italian judiciary, to investigate themselves.

And so, the frame-up proceeded accordingly.

With Amanda’s and Raffaelle’s coerced statements in hand, now all that was necessary for Mignini and the Perugians, was to fabricate the evidence, and build their “˜case’.

Below: the eager host to the dangerous Knox crazies Rachel Sterne Haot

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Many news-aggregating sites with higher standards kicked the rabid Knoxers off before Rachel Sterne (as she was then) gave them a permanent home.

We have had numerous emails sneered-at and rebuffed. Rachel Sterne and her anonymous editors seem to think that destroying people who cannot easily hit back is a funny game.

We are aware that two pro-justice posts have appeared in the past several weeks - but balance those two against the 150-plus that have flamed Italy and Italians for Knox.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 06/04/14 at 07:25 PM | #


Ground Report has published two pro-guilt articles within the last week or so. I’m not aware they’ve done that before, at least while I’ve been taking an interest. Why the sudden lurch? Is there some dawning realisation that the pro-innocence pieces from the likes of Nigel Scott were possibly defamatory? 

Nigel Scott was of course the creepy guide for the equally (more?) creepy RS when he visited Meredith’s grave. He was a typically ambitious, unprincipled local councillor from “Norf London” who no doubt thought it would be very advantageous politically to be seen as a “white knight” rescuing a damsel in distress. (Very pleasingly he lost his bid for re-election on 22 May: he badly miscalculated - it’s likely that very few people in the borough of Haringey have even heard of ObKnoxious, never mind care about her fate. Anyway, there’s nothing quite as satisfying as seeing a PR-addicted “public servant” being brought down to earth with an almighty crash.)

On the other hand, not so positively, in his second interview with Knox Cuomo seemed (to me) to be less ” unconvinced and underwhelmed” than he was in the first interview, as if he’d been made aware that he was a tad too incisive the first time (wasn’t he reprimanded by the TV channel or am I imagining that?)

Plus of course - going back to Ground Report - the defamatory rants are continuing anyway with the “Jay” pieces.

What to make of it?  Something’s going on - tectonic plates do seem to be shifting. Legal departments are seemingly on high alert, etc. More balance is being demanded: maybe Rachel Sterne has simply been advised to start giving both the innocence and the guilt cases, as a belated display of even-handedness,  in anticipation of any legal repercussions that might ensue after the Supreme Court verdict?

Posted by Odysseus on 06/04/14 at 08:53 PM | #


“We are aware that two pro-justice posts have appeared in the past several weeks”. Sorry, I missed your comment before I posted.

Indeed, two against 150+ isn’t anything to shout about. (In any case, how many visitors does Ground Report get? Not many I would guess).

Posted by Odysseus on 06/04/14 at 09:00 PM | #

An infuriating article. Ridiculous one sided nonsense.
I’m not Italian but I think it’s appalling how presumptuous Steve Moore and the article are about the Italian Justice system.

Thanks to TJMK I have a comprehensive source regarding this case.

Posted by DavidB on 06/04/14 at 10:13 PM | #

Hi, Pete,

You have removed it now but I am wondering about the latest breaking news headline you had up.

We don’t seem to ever see these prosecutions come to fruition.  Will the Italians really go after the likes of Andrew Gumbel and others do you think? 

If so, when?

Posted by thundering on 06/04/14 at 10:43 PM | #

I have to say Cuomo job is to be Governor of NY and is not towards Italy. He is an Italian American but his role is to NY, not Italy and I am not sure he cares that much. Even if NY cops were slandered and politically it didn’t matter if Cuomo would care.

I live in NJ only 10 miles from NYC and NY is a very liberal state (as is NJ) and especially New York City.

And sadly Cuomo will likely will do what is good for him politically rather then what is good for what is right and wrong. I think like many politicians that comes first.

Some want to make out that most American’s think Amanda is innocent. I don’t think that is the case although she has her groupies that make it seem like she has a lot of support. And more so on the conservative political side as talk shows here originally mentioned she was guilty when the story first broke. I didn’t know anything about the case either way really until I got a book on my e-reader as recommended which I just looked at and after a little bit of time could clearly see that she wasn’t being honest and her claims of innocence sounded odd.

However, to people who don’t know about the case Amanda Knox can be used to claim she was an abused women and to play on gender politics for their own gain since they have nothing positive to do but to scare people of some sort of male Patriarchy that scares some women.

And the racist element of this by the way has always been a part of feminism in the US as many white women refused to allow black women to be involved in their groups and causes and have always resented the fact that in their man black men at some point had more rights then they did.

And there are more female voters then black male voters. That is the issue even on the Federal side even though Obama and Holder are black males still there are less of them then female voters.

I don’t think Cuomo is going to care about this in caring that she will be extradited although not pushing that she is not extradited just saying nothing as he may be afraid of OFFENDING WOMEN VOTERS sad to say especially in NY state. It has nothing to do with his state as Amanda Knox is a resident of Seattle, WA. I think an election is coming up in soon in NY so I don’t think he would to get involved either way.

Some of my thoughts as I hope Justice prevails and not some perverted politics. But if perverted politics are used it will play to the feminist base of an abused woman by some evil Patriarchy and we have to save the poor damsel’s in distress.

If this was a white man who wasn’t any type of protected minority group who was the instigator of the murder with a black man involved and using the black man as the scapegoat I doubt this would be going on as long as it is for people claiming innocence and very few would be defending the man as being a victim with maybe a few claiming innocence but not having this going on still all over the internet and TV shows that she is innocent.

Posted by adamk on 06/05/14 at 12:18 AM | #

Hi, adamk, yes, there is a nexus of politics, PR, deformed psychology and race that have all converged here but in the end it’s a murder case, and the hobby horses people ride in have a way of falling by the way side, we have found.

Posted by Ergon on 06/05/14 at 01:13 AM | #

Hi adamk

Interesting comment. We probably both live in areas where the proportion of Italian Americans is quite high, as it is in NY State. 

Andrew Cuomo may not give a damn either way about Knox. But he will not want to offend his own Italian American constituency. Having an aide exposed for pumping out bigotry under deep cover would tend to do that.

Point this out to him and Ground Report is going to scramble for even-handedness and an end to defamation in a hurry. This post is only a beginning. Wait till we start rebutting Ground Report posts point by point.

Plus there are many damaged parties in Italy who will realise they can sue Rachel Haot under both Italian law and US tort law.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 06/05/14 at 02:45 AM | #

OK, Peter.

Fair Enough.

I just suspect he is isn’t going to take a position either way.

And Politics makes strange bed follows in the USA for different ethnic groups. 

From what I understand Italians like Jews tend to vote Democrat. Even though I am not sure it is in their best interest and the things they say.  I saw this as a Jewish person.

And in Modern Politics in the USA I do think that politicians even when they know the truth they are afraid offending some groups that sadly voting has become a “group politic thing” for some and they feel they will lose some votes by offending. And since Knox and her followers have tried to frame this as female oppression (which of course it isn’t) he doesn’t want to risk offending those who don’t know anything about the case but may fall for this especially since more women vote Democrat. Many of the defamation articles(the last one you posted) are on the side that vote Democrat and push their agenda. But I can site other examples.

When Ronald Reagan was running and they were issues with women in the Millitary he generally did not want to say anything as he was afraid of offending women and them not voting for him.

So I just think he won’t say anything publicly either way.

Maybe Italy like you said can do something to stop this and sue for defamation.

Posted by adamk on 06/05/14 at 03:57 AM | #

Hi adamk

Rachel Haot is Andrew Cuomo’s appointee. This can be made to reflect very badly on him. Think Republican. He personally may not get hands-on to resolve this, but you can bet that his staffers will do so.

That’s what staffers are for. A while back, we wrote 2 open letters to Senator Maria Cantwell and it was her DC staffers who got freaked, and she’s not been in front of the Knox parade ever since.

And under tort law, sure, those impugned could sue Rachel Haot into oblivion. These are really barking-mad accusations, as you can see, and as a direct result threats are being received in Italy.

If someone dies in Italy, what does Haot do? Say she did not incite murder? But she provided 150 platforms, for others to incite. She has to be seriously naive and ill-advised on the law.

This is a very EASY game for us to play politically. US politics is full of Italian Americans + those who stand for justice + those who dont like citizens hijacking foreign affairs.

It is a very DIFFICULT game for the FOA to play. See the post quoted above riddled with inventions. They have created their own minefield. And what politicians do they have?

Not one came to their show & tell at Congress. Knox supporter David Wu had a mental breakdown. And Maria Cantwell would rather be anywhere than with them.

BTW I dont think you have the women angle right. The feminist vibe just aint there (see next post). A majority of our main posters are women, and a majority of our readers probably are too.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 06/05/14 at 05:27 AM | #

@Ergon on 06/04/14 at 07:13 PM

I agree 110%!

Posted by chami on 06/05/14 at 07:17 AM | #

Quote:  “the motivation for framing Knox and Sollecito is to deflect attention away from Rudy Guede in the killing of Meredith Kercher, so as to conceal the culpability of the Perugian authorities and Giuliano Mignini for having protected and thus enabled Guede to murder Meredith Kercher”.

Absolute and total unsubstantiated nonsense.  I’ve never read such utter nonsense and as Peter rightly says they are barking mad allegations.

There is no surprise who the author/propagator is.  Steve Moore, a former FBI operative.  Again, no surprise he is a former operative.

A former operative who lives off the name of the FBI and plugs his former employers at any given opportunity in order to give himself some credibilty when in the real world his last job was that of a security guard at a college, of the same kind you would find at your local shopping mall and he was fired in that post.

He should be under investigation himself for continuously spewing these ridiculous lies as if they are fact and have credence.  His equally manic wife is no better than he.

She seems to have been appointed on the relationship front - her job being to keep Sollecito sweet in his relationship with Amanda Knox.

This however is as phoney as phoney can be as the only reason in doing so is that it serves Amanda Knox’s interests and gives a little help in her battle against justice.

Michelle Moore proclaiming Sollecito as a “hero” and that he and his family are now integrated with her own family to such an extent that she regards them as her own family now, is nothing short of sickening over the top insincerity, and a total sham.

I believe that this husband and wife team and their motives need closely looking into.

Posted by DF2K on 06/05/14 at 08:27 AM | #

As a woman (who saw the birth of feminism, and knew the real struggle), I do think that there are many other women who, like me, see right through what I would call pseudo-feminism, and those who espouse it.

Certainly here in England… I would say aggressive or over-assertive feminism is viewed with cynicism and great distaste.

Meredith too was a woman, and emancipated, while still being caring and feminine.

As for Ms Haot, above, she would appear to live in a world of total fantasy, constructed from the walls of deep and simmering resentments. And where facts have no presence.

It’s ridiculous too, as so many Italian men adore women, and make no secret of it!

Posted by SeekingUnderstanding on 06/05/14 at 09:18 AM | #

Here’s a quote from Ms Germaine Greer, who helped to kick start the original feminist movement :

“The opposite of patriarchy is not matriarchy, but fraternity”.

Hence inclusivity is emphasised - certainly not separatism. The creation of opposite, polarizing (defaming) ’ camps’ an anathema.

Posted by SeekingUnderstanding on 06/05/14 at 10:37 AM | #

Hi SeekingUnderstanding

Great quote. Perfect. The next post (by Hopeful) is on the faux feminists who have tried to hijack the pro-Knox parade.

Time and again for six years now attempts have been made by new arrivals to hijack that parade. Doug Preston, Frank Sforza and Michael Heavey were the first, with Candace Dempsey and Ann Bremner hard on their heels.

Each was usually more extreme than those they try to leapfrog, with the possible exception of Paul Ciolino, who set the bar very high with a crazed rant against Mignini at Salty’s in West Seattle early in 2009.

That led to this which we had a hand in:

Thereafter came Greg Hampikian, Fischer, the Moores, Nina Burleigh, and many others, and of course Italian MP Rocco Girlanda, who had an inside track to Knox at Capanne Prison which really got the others frantic with jealousy.

This Jay Rap you can read above has done six wild eyed Ground Report posts in less than a month, which suggest he is the latest attempted hijacker.

Rachel Haot has been massively irresponsible to climb into bed with these dangerous people.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 06/05/14 at 11:17 AM | #

Hi DF2K,

Yes, barking mad allegations, but it gets worse as the Groupies claim that Mignini and the Perugian police are all responsible for Meredith’s murder because Guede would have remained in custody in Milan were it not for the fact that his services were needed back in Perugia as a police informer/undercover agent/intelligence gatherer/ what have you etc and that therefore the Milan police were persuaded to release him without charge.

Seriously? The allegation is crackpot, bizarre in the extreme and totally unsubstantiated. There are a number of pretty obvious flaws with it as well.

1. Guede was released by the Milan police pending a decision to charge largely because he was of fixed abode (i.e not a drifter) and had no previous convictions. In addition the only evidence the Milan police had against him was his possession of stolen property and he denied knowing that it was stolen. I don’t know how this would have been handled in the States but I can tell you that this is exactly how the incident would have been handled in the UK where he would have been released within 12 hours on police bail.

2. In the event Guede was charged with handling stolen property and he was convicted of the offence. That went under the radar for a long time because of his subsequent involvement in Meredith’s murder.

3. So they didn’t protect him from that and they didn’t protect him from being convicted for murder, indeed quite the opposite!

4. Someone needs to explain to me how prosecuting AK and RS actually achieved the aim of a cover up by the police who, in any event, were not aware of Guede’s involvement until forensics matched his palm print to the data base after Patrick, AK and RS had been arrested. I am truly baffled by the total lack of logic. These people aren’t just twits, they are certifiable loonies.

Posted by James Raper on 06/05/14 at 12:14 PM | #

Great, James, may I add:

5. Italian police keep no first offender locked up for such a trivial offense, the nature of which wasnt even clear at the time; and any prison sentence under three years would have been waived. 

6. Mignini had never even heard of Guede till the palmprint result came through. Nevertheless Mignini was the one who got this Guede he never ever heard of sprung? And was therefore the “real” killer?!?!

7. There is no proof Guede ever did any breakin anywhere except at the preschool in Milan - and the principal who accosted him there rated it less than a breakin, maybe hinting some door was left open (quite common in Italy).

8. The knife was in Guede’s bag not in his hand, and the principal said she did not feel threatened. Guede waited passively while the police arrived.

9. Nobody knows who broke into the lawyer’s office in Perugia, there were circumstances pointing away from Guede.

10. Judge Micheli totally disbelieved the “witness” who claimed it was Guede who broke into his home one night. Micheli thought the guy was a phony - a publicity hound. This case reeks of them.

Barking-mad aint the half of it.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 06/05/14 at 01:19 PM | #

The Ground Report articles clearly are aimed at the most unstable of Knox’s defenders, many of whom might kindly be assumed to have ‘issues’.

But as I pointed out before, alternative media can’t in any way be credible if they don’t hold to the same standards of journalistic ethics and integrity we expect (but not always get) from the mainstream.

You have to fact check, and if you’re in error, retract and rectify.

Posted by Ergon on 06/05/14 at 05:33 PM | #

Hi Peter,

Here is a recent article of the upcoming election between Cuomo the Democrat and Astarino the Republican. Cuomo has a big which in NY is no surprise. This was posted

IN this link above this is Cuomo’s response to the accusation by Astarino of getting this endorsement of WFP which calls itself Worker families Party and it is at the level of bribery.

This past Saturday, Rob Astorino sold out the mainstream values of New Yorkers by accepting the endorsement of the ANTI-WOMEN, anti-gun safety, anti-immigrant, anti-New York Conservative Party,” said Hank Sheinkopf, a strategist for the state Democratic Party. “Astorino’s embrace of the right-wing Conservative Party comes less than a year after he was caught by a judge for conspiring to corruptly hijack yet another third party ballot line. This latest attack is nothing more than Astorino’s attempt to cover up his ultraconservative views.”

The politics are very dirty but feminism does focus on anything outside of far left socialism being anti-woman. That is what Cuomo is dong here and you think Astarino is going to bring the Amanda Knox case up. I don’t think so. And women that no nothing of the case in this age of women being scared of some Patriarchy will fall for it. That is the reality of modern politics from the quotes above.

Posted by adamk on 06/05/14 at 06:43 PM | #

Seeking Understanding wrote:>Here’s a quote from Ms Germaine Greer, who helped to kick start the original feminist movement :

“The opposite of patriarchy is not matriarchy, but fraternity”.

Hence inclusivity is emphasised - certainly not separatism

It seems she is equally putting down Patriarchy and Matriarchy.

And going back to the bible there is a Matriarchy in the book of Genesis as well.

They did have different area’s the men and women of where they knew more. And to claim we are all the same in all area’s actually is intellectually dishonest and not helping to raise either gender.

Like everyone else I grew up with this idea that woman are victims until recently but as I have lived in the world been in the trenches I realize what an obnoxious position that is. That everyone till our time were bad.

And the saad reality is that there were laws to protect women in way that weren’t there to protect men as both genders have different vulnerabilities.

ANd sadly for example people like Ruth Bader Ginsberg of the Supreme court before was on the Supreme court she would take cases of men filing complaints that they claimed were unfair to them and try to get these laws off the books.

Which it has led to less protection of women.

And I do see that women especially are threatened by other groups that are minorities (which women by numbers are not) and the problem is they are vying for money and benefits from the government. So in a sense the government has replaced the husband. Is that better. I don’t think so. It leads to terrible treatment of those who truly are minorities by women who are more into the government taking care of them then doing it the old fashioned way.

The fact they want a black man to take the full blame for this when he may have been 25-33% of this crime is what I find most disturbing but is a product of minority politics that I don’t think is a good thing and is just pitting one group vs another and if this kind of “equality” politics wasn’t popular today their Public Relations wouldn’t work at all.

Posted by adamk on 06/05/14 at 07:11 PM | #

Hi adamk

As mentioned, the next post, by Hopeful, is on faux feminsim. Re your post 06/05/14 at 12:43 PM. Take a second look at what I previously posted for you?

Having an effect on Cuomo’s staff and thus Rachel Haot doesnt neccesitate great political or social movement or theory.  All it takes is a sharp assigned staffer moving into CYA mode to distance the boss from an unsavory connection.

He or she may not even hear about it.  For a busy senior-level politician, staffers might be doing this dozens of times a day, quite possibly getting a result with a very light touch - often via a single phonecall.

A headsup now on Rachel Haot’s encumbrance could be seen as doing Cuomo a favor, though our only interest is to have the wheels come off from the main vehicle of the Knox interrogation hoax and other hoaxes. .

I’ve seen a great deal of this happening from a UN vantage point. UN staff are welcomed into the heart of governments, the US federal government no less than any other, as those governments “own” and fund the UN. The Italian government is one I spent time inside.

BTW our readers are equally men and women, left-wing and right-wing, US and non-US, and that has always been very encouraging. There’s a tilt toward higher education levels and higher income levels, which should not really surprise anybody.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 06/05/14 at 07:13 PM | #

I believe I’m right in saying that what Ms Greer dislikes is either patriarchy or matriarchy being dominant and overweening, to the point where one of the genders has the more submissive position, without important controls over their own destiny and choices.
Equally empowered doesn’t necessarily mean the same empowerment - that is, one can still have different areas of functioning, etc. Equal doesn’t have to mean the same.
That’s not to say this has yet been achieved, - we still have a long way to go, but Ms. Greer started with ideals, as one has to. It is certainly not helped by faux ‘feminists’ shouting cliches.
I look forward to Hopeful’s main post.

Posted by SeekingUnderstanding on 06/05/14 at 08:02 PM | #
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