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With Radioactive Knox Campaign Not On Agenda,  US & Italian Leaders Give Each Other Big Boosts

Posted by Peter Quennell

Prime Minister Renzi needs all the support he can get for his economic-recovery program, President Obama the same for the Ukraine.

Here’s a Rome-based blog our main poster Yummi pointed out, which describes in detail chronologically how the productive four days went.

And Mr Obama went out of his way to give Mr Renzi a lot of praise as Reuters described

Renzi, Italy’s youngest ever prime minister, has set a testing agenda of economic and constitutional reforms to help the eurozone’s third-largest economy recover from its longest recession since World War Two.

“I want to say that I’ve just been impressed by the energy and vision that Matteo’s bringing to his position,” Obama said during an hour-long joint news conference in Rome.

“There’s a seriousness and ambition of ideas, and I think the spirit and the energy of the Italian people has the opportunity to be unleashed in a way that will be good for Italy, but it will also be good for Europe,” he said.

“So it’s wonderful to see this new generation of leadership coming to the fore.”

The comments were a welcome boost to Renzi, who took over leadership of Italy’s cross-party ruling coalition after a party coup last month, pledging to push forward more aggressively on reforms than his predecessor Enrico Letta.

Not a single mention by any official or any media outlet of the radioactive Knox campaign. NOT ONE. Ask any justice official in either capital city, and the responses now are ““Knox who?” and “She should go quietly and serve her time”.

She’s old news. Let’s move on.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 04/01/14 at 03:48 PM in The wider contextsItalian contextN America context


It’s great to see Prime Minister Renzi getting support from the U.S. President for young Renzi’s strength of vision to help Italy with reform. “Good for Europe” said Obama. This is win-win.

After living out of suitcases awhile, I’ve caught up on marvelous posts. Attorney Dwyer certainly cuts to the chase and has it right about Knox.

A comment by mimi answers a query by new poster aj1880 in the most brilliant way. She condenses the dynamics of Knox’s psychology. SeekingUnderstanding confirms it and highlights the fear and envy mixed with failure to delay gratification.

Ergon continues to amaze. Many commenters revisit the forces that caused such fury.

The idea of Knox reliving World War 2 might be considered. Knox exports her violence.

In this theory Amanda might have aligned herself with her German mother in a struggle against the American father. She did the fighting on European soil, used Italian allies against the British.

Italy had forces in North Africa working with Rommel, thus the African connection to Rudy.

Maybe Amanda’s running away from the Bundestag job reflects her impatience with the law and legislative branch of Germany, site of former Reichstag.

Amanda would rather detour around law and its slow progress. She prefers to rush on and use force like Hitler. Her goal was to overrun boundaries and annex everything for herself, all the approval in the cottage and the bar.

Seeing herself as superior to Meredith she tried to break her down with a Pyrhhic victory. Her little operation Sea Lion failed.

Unlike Chamberlain, Meredith acted more like Churchill. She refused to appease Knox’s lawless aggressions in the cottage.

Amanda’s rising envy of the more stable Laura and Philomena who both had law jobs and knew where they were going in life, made her feel lost. At the same time she was exposed to Raffaele’s expensive apartment, car, his plans for grad school with no money worries. He had a policeman sister and esteemed doctor father to protect him in life while Amanda was struggling. She felt bettered by everybody. This created extreme envy and anger.

She didn’t trust that Raf would give her all his things nor his full acceptance.

Amanda felt she could only temporarily use everybody, that it was all going to crash.

Her insecurities, envy and raw fear took over, she could chart no emotional course. She thought she was strong but she was drained from her chaotic lifestyle. She was unaware of how precarious her adjustment to Perugia and to LIFE really was.

She refused to compromise with Meredith. Nor could she “go home again”.

Like Hitler, if she couldn’t take over and dominate she would destroy everything and everybody including herself.

Posted by Hopeful on 04/01/14 at 06:37 PM | #

Nice counterpoint above to the mean meme identified recently by Ergon on PMF:

“FOA founding member Anne Bremner’s brother Doug has just posted on Twitter comparing the Kerchers to Nazis and their treatment of Jews and Gypsies.”


Posted by Patrizio on 04/02/14 at 04:43 AM | #

I believe the Knox campaign would never be on the agenda of the President of The United States,even if he is meeting the Italian leader.

To think otherwise would be delusional.

I would imagine Knox and the Knox camp believing her to be a priority and indeed the number one item on the agenda, but they live in an alternate universe, and I think (Knox especially) have classic delusions of grandeur.

I wonder if the appeal to the pope got through yet?

However at this point it is not known if Knox would grant the pontiff an audience just yet.

Posted by DF2K on 04/02/14 at 08:17 AM | #

So right! ...thanks for making me laugh.
I wonder whether I might qualify for an audience?
The behaviour is rather like a child who perceives he or she has been abandoned, and the only way they can tolerate it, is to pretend to themselves it was all their own idea in the first place.

Posted by SeekingUnderstanding on 04/02/14 at 08:58 AM | #

This is a most refreshing post, Peter.  The most refreshing in a long time.

I particularly like this:

“She should go quietly and serve her time”.

It seems that the fawning female media fan club has quietened down as well. 

I hope that is true or will we see them all again once Nencini’s report is public?

Posted by thundering on 04/02/14 at 03:48 PM | #

Here are some important considerations about Prime Minister Renzi and Amanda Knox and Italian justice.

1) Knox is ALREADY a convicted felon with a serious dangerous cime on her record and an unpaid award to Patrick. That already makes any official US resistance to Italian justice a no-no. The State Department never wades in on behalf of felons.

2) Knox was a known heavy drug user. She admitted it herself. She was a big user in Seattle, and a bigger user (and possibly a cocaine addict) in Perugia. The State Department never wades in on behalf of drug users.

3) Knox and her people have seemingly perpetrated a number of obstruction of justice crimes. Knox will be charged for the criminal defamation in her book and in Oggi, and all of her other defamatory claims are being monitored. Her wildeyed faction is being monitored too.

4) Crazy threatening messages from the Knox faction have been received by officials in Italy, and already there have been several physical incidents, including that by the crazed Michelle Moore in Perugia (a probable felony if she is charged).

5) Italy might already have asked the FBI to keep an eye on all of the dangerous pro-Knox hatred inciters, and make sure they dont turn up with guns in Italy. Doug Bremner is clearly one of the most dangerous, along with Moore and Fischer, and would be hauled in if there is any physical attack on the Kerchers.

6) Italy at the political level very rarely differs with the judicial level when it comes to crime and law enforcement involving foreigners. Italy’s is a very careful, very fair judicial process, and Italy is least likely of any country in the world to end up with a wrong final outcome.

7) Prime Minister Renzi is perhaps the least likely leader in Italy to ignore or contradict the outcome in Florence. As this post below pointed out, Mr Renzi was the Mayor of Florence.


He was good friends with all those in Florence who have just confirmed Knox is guilty. He is proud of the Florence court system and judges and prosecutors and police. No way is he now going to imply they were incompetent.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 04/02/14 at 04:21 PM | #

Hi Thundering

Regarding the futures of the media ladies so anxious to hold Amanda Knox’s hand.

We are going to see a huge sea-change when we see Cassation’s final ruling. At that point:

(1) Anyone who lies about Italian justice and the facts of the case and defames anyone on behalf of Knox can readily be taken down by Italian prosecutors or lawyers.

(2) Many who would like to speak out to explain the case against Knox will no longer be under legal threat for doing so. The multiple legal threats honest reporters have received in the past from Anne Bremner etc should dry up, and if not, can safely be disregarded.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 04/02/14 at 04:38 PM | #

Hi, Peter.

This is interesting.  Could I just check that you are saying that Anne Bremner sent letters to the news outlets threatening them with legal action if they gave any negative report containing facts and information belying the FOA innocence myth?

And that the ‘news’ outlets complied without demur?

Of course there is the money aspect to this however I continue to be amazed at the extent to which the media have sold their souls.

Posted by thundering on 04/03/14 at 03:35 AM | #

Yes. Legal risks were widely pointed out. Marriott was known to scream down the phone. The contemptible Bruce Fischer did a lot of dishonest smearing of honest reporters and a lot of defense of dishonest ones (Frank Sforza).

Actually such behavior if it is by lawyers is more “normal” than public relations that defames prosecutors and cops. Its part of what lawyers do. In the UK there are laws giving defendants a lot of “privacy”. 

The problem here is the effect was worse for structural reasons. The Italian justice system speaks only through the courts, and only in Italian, and often in very long documents months after a verdict. So there was quite a vacuum, and no equivalent of Nancy Grace of CNN to keep chipping away at perpetrators and correct lies from the defense.

Still, we do count over 50 reporters (including Nancy Grace) and bloggers who at one time or another have spoken truths, and of course there has been a confirmed verdict of guilt. We await only Cassation’s final word and all power will move to those who think the diligent Italians got it right.

Already the media seems a lot more careful in espousing Knox.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 04/03/14 at 09:13 AM | #

Thank you, Peter.

I think that is a fair assessment of the situation.  Yes, I was well aware of the effect that the structure of the Italian system had on how the case was viewed (I should say ‘manipulated’) and reported in the USA however I must say that I had not fully appreciated that journalists were being threatened with law suits by the likes of Bremner.  Reading here and PMF, I was very clear about the roles of Bruce Fischer and his acolytes.

True, there are laws in the UK about reporting cases before they go to court or even while the trial is ongoing however when there is factual news such as the contents of a motivations report etc. already in the public domain then I think that the journalists should have the freedom to report as long as it is factual and there is no bias without fear of legal action.

The problem with this case is that the FOA have used the fact that the trial was taking place in a different system, a different country and a different language to their advantage by playing on american parochialism, prejudice and xenophobia.  What they were using as the ‘privacy clause’ was actually already public.  It was probably also another attempt to ‘retry’ the case in the USA in order to influence public opinion and sentiment in an effort to save Knox’s skin.

I still maintain that the big news networks should have had more about them and been independent enough to detach themselves from the FOA demands and do their own research.  But there again I have also come to accept that a large part of this is entertainment and therefore ratings - and money. 

I agree with you that the ‘media seems a lot more careful in espousing Knox’ now but we are in a quiet phase at the moment (apart from a few DM and OGGI photos) and so I will be finally reassured once I see that to be true post-Nencini’s report.

Posted by thundering on 04/03/14 at 03:06 PM | #

Interesting argument between Steve/Michelle Moore and Amanda Knox supporter K3 Books on Twitter. https://twitter.com/k3books (Click on all conversations to get the flow of the argument)

Catching Steve out that he wrote most of the book on “Rudy Guede, the Forgotten Killer” but using it to promote his own book.

Steve, backpedaling furiously, promises to donate all profits on the book to the Knox/Sollecito legal fund. https://twitter.com/Gman_Moore/status/451508710477537280

Steve Moore ‏@Gman_Moore · 52m
@k3books But I WILL donate my book proceeds for the next year from “Special Agent Man” to the Knox/Sollecito legal fund

K3books UK ‏@k3books · 2h

@Gman_Moore, Will you admit you and your daft pals have screwed up Knox’s chances of a fair trial with that gormless book? #AmandaKnox

@Gman_Moore “Rain was predicted in Leeds” Steve U R scaring me… checking a man’s weather…Now that’s what I call stalking #AmandaKnox

K3books UK ‏@k3books · 2h
@Gman_Moore The book is 81 pages 50 of them you talking about your exploits in FBI and links to your book “Secrete agent man” #AmandaKnox

K3books UK ‏@k3books · 2h
@lightmeup316 @Gman_Moore if there is a dead girl in book & you say I don’t get a penny .. put adverts links to a profit book yes immoral..

So you there you have it. A number of ‘experts for hire’ like John Douglas, Profs. Kassin and Hampikian, trying to build their credibility, and a lot of bottom feeders, like Steve Moore, Bruce Fischer and Frank Sfarzo, actually profiting from the very sad murder of Meredith Kercher. Immoral, indeed, as a great many supporters of Amanda Knox have come to realize, even when they can’t see that Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito profited the most, with $3.8 million and $975,000 for their books.

Posted by Ergon on 04/03/14 at 03:23 PM | #

Hi Ergon

A very revealing catch. This is especially telling from a Knox supporter:  “Will you admit you and your daft pals have screwed up Knox’s chances of a fair trial with that gormless book?”

I presume that gormless book is “The Forgotten Killer” which tries to make out with a great deal of racial fiction about Rudy Guede that he did it alone.


Authors of this racial, inaccurate and stupidly defamatory book (such defamation hardly helps Knox) are Steve Moore, Doug Preston, John Douglas, “Judge” Heavey, Thomas Lee Wright, and someone called Olshaker whose name I hadnt come across before.

We posted at length about Saul Kassin’s wrong portrayal of the Knox witness interrogation. John Douglas’s portrayal is like Kassin’s scenario, only on steroids, really lunatic stuff.


Here are some excerpts from the book’s many five star reviews on Amazon by the besotted, foolish dupes. Hard to believe but many accuse others (us!!) of stirring up hate. :

I wonder if it would do any good to send an Italian translation of this to the court that is currently deciding the Knox-Sollecito trial in Florence. Do the facts even matter to them? It seems so obvious. Rudy Guede committed the murder during a botched robbery, after which he fled the country

First thing I understand do not travel to Italy.. Their justice system is horrible, Law Enforcement not much better.
Great Read, lots of facts, 4 years in prison and NOT guilty…READ the book it will open your eyes

The authors focus on the evidence(or lack of it) instead of the usual biased and nasty character assassinations and pure gossip. The Kercher say they need answers (fair enough when you have been surrounded by people that have lied and manipulated constantly), well here is their chance!!

Upon opening this book it is as if a huge gust of clean, cool air has hit you after being exposed to virulent hate filled lies and clinically insane theories by people generously known as guilters. The authors coolly and completely demolish the lies big and small spread around the net by a large number of people primarily motivated by hate and the obsessive desire to destroy the lives of people that are not exactly like them.

When our justice system seems broken just read how good we have it compared to the Italians.  This is a sad case made worse by a the prosecutor with a need for seeing himself in print and on TV.  In Italy you are guilty until you prove yourself innocent.

Interrogating someone in a language she has not yet learned to speak for 40-50 hours in the week her roommate has been brutally murdered with no lawyer or translator present and “forgetting” to record it as was required and declaring the crime solved and the case closed before the first forensic evidence had been analyzed is an odd way to determine who perpetrated a crime.

After reading this book, it is impossible to not feel outrage at the Italian justice system for what they did (and still are doing) to two innocent people who are also victims in this tragedy.

I conclude that Amanda Knox was given an overwhelmingly bad deal. I remain puzzled as to why Meredith Kercher’s family continues to demand punishment for Knox, when it would seem the evidence points elsewhere.

There is one killer and he almost got away with it. Preston is a thrilling writer. He boils down this unnecessarily complex case to a simple understandable explanation.

Nowhere else have I seen the ACTUAL evidence so thoroughly analyzed and interpreted. On sites across the internet, you will find rumors and false claims of “evidence” that have no factual basis whatsoever. Here are the facts, presented by real criminal investigators with decades of experience in the FBI. Unlike so many anonymous “sources” quoted by fraudulent websites, these men have had the courage to write under their real names, exposing themselves and their families to the wrath of internet stalkers.

You have to wonder what passes for good police work, good forensics, and just plain good justice in Italy after reading this book.

I then read that suffered a 20 year old girl was subjected to 43 hours of questioning done by at least a dozen police officers who do not speak his language, by striking and threatening her , not only that, but did not allow the girl to eat, drink and go to the bathroom . This interrogation methods is called torture , a practice forbidden by our laws !

This book is very thorough in its research and proving that Amanda is not only innocent, but is the victim of an Italian prosecutor who is more obsessed with making a name for himself than he is about justice. The Italian media, just as our media in the states, are quick to pronounce her guilty without looking objectively at the facts.

Rudy Guede had the opportunity, motive, and criminal history and all evidence points to him. But the case was made complicated by crazed prosecutor and police in a rush to solve the case, envisioning imaginary conspiracies. It is impossible to read this book and come away with any notion other than Rudy Guede, the forgotten killer, acted alone in killing Meredith.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 04/03/14 at 03:58 PM | #

Thanks for this bit of encouraging news…

I have one word…Motivations… to explain the rash of hysteria coming from foak. It is just, well. embarrassing (for them). D’oh..

Posted by Bettina on 04/04/14 at 05:15 AM | #

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