Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Will Sollecito Drop Amanda Knox In It Further In A Public Seattle Interview At 7:00 PM Tonight?

Posted by Peter Quennell

This is Kane Hall on the University of Washington campus where at 7:00 tonight Sollecito is set to be interviewed.

What was described in this excellent series by an Italian lawyer on four of the Porta a Porta shows continues to be the case. One perp slyly pushing another toward the fire, in an attempt to protect his own sorry ass.

On two levels the woolly-brained component of the Seattle media and the woolly-brained Knox-Mellas camp seem to have only the dimmest comprehension of the slow-motion train-wreck Sollecito has managed to create.

(1) Sollecito may continue to claim that he “saved” Amanda by standing by her when others urged not to, but as future posts here will show, he provably didnt, and in his book in a number of places he includes very incriminatory points about her.

(2) Provable lies in Sollecito’s book have already stirred up a hornet’s nest in Italy and his own father and his lawyers have backed off - right when RS and AK face one of the toughest appeals our Italian lawyers have ever seen.

Can Sollecito be expected to make things worse both for Amanda and for himself tonight? It may not be obvious to much of the audience, but our own bet is: for sure. Must-read posts in advance here and here and here.

And a must-read book. That narcissistic killer flaunted the system - and is now doing 33 years.


To the Knox-Mellases RS must seem like the skunk at the picnic that they cant figure out how to make go away and permanently not bother them.

The Knox-Mellases seem to be in a state of immense weakness here, in part because of what RS knows and comes SO close to revealing, and in part because of the state of Amanda’s mental health.

We hear that may not be so good these days which is why she is so kept out of sight, and she may not only not be ready for prime time but becoming less-so all the time.

So having RS there to at least show a “normal” face to the public is somewhat of a plus for them. At the same time, he is undeniably making things way worse for them in the appeal and could face new charges on return.

And lf if Amanda could use some treatment right now, there is nothing they can do about that for fear of revealing her guilt and destroying their castle of cards.

Perhaps sticking pins in a RS doll would help.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 09/25/12 at 05:31 PM | #

I want RS to be seriously questioned about the Kate Mansey interview. Will he be taking questions from the floor?

Posted by starsdad on 09/25/12 at 08:10 PM | #

Thank you Peter. For the post and for your help. I hope some can make it to the “show” tonight at UW since my kid got sick so I can’t attend myself.

It is interesting to hear that Amanda may have mental issues. I didn’t think about this before but it would not a surprise at all. It would just confirm our belief: she is guilty. And can’t live with it.

RIP Meredith.

Posted by Hungarian. on 09/25/12 at 08:50 PM | #

Dr. Amy Bishop, a Harvard-educated neurobiologist and former university professor, has been sentenced to life in prison without parole after being convicted of killing three colleagues and wounding three others.


She was featured in the piece on TJMK about “nice” girls who killed with little or no motive:


Posted by The Machine on 09/25/12 at 11:08 PM | #

It’s deeply concerning that the main stream media is not asking those (excellent) questions above, nor seems to be interested in sources of facts beyond what is placed before them in a book from their networks approved author list.

thanks for the update Media Watcher.  Very disappointing however, and i’m rather disturbed by the total lack of non-flattering questions.

Posted by TruthWillOut on 09/26/12 at 10:28 AM | #

I could see this book signing wasn’t popular at UW even though AK was (is?) a student here. It would be interesting to hear why UW let this show happen here at all, at the Kane Hall?  And where were the students, Amanda’s friends?

Another “great” article with pictures from Seattle:

Posted by Hungarian. on 09/26/12 at 06:53 PM | #

Hi Hungarian,

I’m sure the publisher thought that a book appearance at the UW would be a smart move. 

I also think the appearance has to make Knox’s lawyers cringe, because so much of what Sollecito said was demonstrably untrue.

What Sollecito is trying to do is stay with the narrative, established by the PR team, whereby Sollecito and Knox were victims of wildly aggressive and out of control investigative and prosecution teams.  This same narrative has been adopted almost wholesale by many members of the media, who have abdicated any responsibility for understanding and reporting the key facts of the case.

For example, when Sollecito claims that the “case was built on (the) basis of a fancy story,” it’s the media’s job to point out that the case was build on a combination of shifting alibis, inconsistencies with the known facts, a timeline that can be reconstructed with phone records and interviews with independent witnesses, inspection of the premises, and DNA evidence that, among other things, clearly shows Amanda’s DNA mixed with Meredith’s blood in a bathroom that Amanda herself acknowledges did not have blood stains on it just the day prior.

My issue is with the coverage of the case.  I happen to think Knox and Sollecito are guilty, but honestly, what I think doesn’t matter.  What should matter to the press is that they have a responsibility to actually do some reality-based reporting, which, except for a few standouts, has been sadly missing from this case.

It was encouraging to see Katie Couric challenge Sollecito’s version in key areas.  It makes me think that she has a producer on staff who has been paying attention and who might actually have read the Massei sentencing report and the prosecution’s appeal to Italy’s Supreme Court, both of which are sober, professional documents, devoid of sensationalism.

Posted by Media Watcher on 09/26/12 at 08:59 PM | #

Unfortunately the news coverage from Seattle was and is only one sided from the very beginning. It seems that the PR worked here in town, even at the UW (I say this knowing the fact that so far they strongly separated themselves from AK).
Just think about it: how bad will the UW reputation be after next March? Did they really promote a killer and his book last night at Kane Hall? And for that huge risk to see the almost empty room?
Not a good UW decision. But it could show that people (even the UW students) have critical reading and thinking skills, and they can not be fed with junk any more. Or it could also show the lack of the ongoing PR and / or money (from AK’s side).
In either way, I think last night is added to the list of RS interviews with an obliviously biased journalist on the stage.

Posted by Hungarian. on 09/26/12 at 09:54 PM | #

This was theTV promotion for the book signing on King5 News on Tuesday morning:
Part one
Part two

Posted by Hungarian. on 09/28/12 at 09:03 AM | #
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