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Wiki Status: Harder & Harder To Claim No Evidence Or 2009 Jury Got Verdict Wrong

Posted by azoza

A rough physical equivalent of our document library


This is a progress update on the increasingly vast Meredith Wiki file library:

Remember that much of the trial was conducted behind closed doors. Italians got good reporting from the trial, often in real-time; but those of us in other countries far less-so - though the notion that any of the fairly limited English-language media mentions in 2009 influenced the Italian jury is a seriously absurd one.

So the one and only key to getting the case right is in the documents. Absent a knowledge of the documents (as in the Netflix case) conclusions become quite vacuous.

Remember that NO media outfit ever translated any of the large documents. The Italy-based foreign reporters certainly did some for their own use and for excerpting, but all the heavy lifting was done by the teams on our cluster of websites.

Remember that NO American or British lawyer ever who is fully on top of the extraordinary number of documents has attempted to argue that this was not a strong case or that points pointing to guilt were not overwhelming.

The file library is increasingly being made into something resembling a huge book with a internal strong logic for the help of the numerous intended researchers.

You can see that logic strongly at work here.

Four search approaches

Since my article last June, there have been big changes to the file library layout. We scrapped the nested box approach due to the amount and different kinds of documents.

Now there are four approaches to find files: (1) the master list; (2) by file type; (3) by subject matter; (4) by chronology of when file was made.

The last branch will be done when uploads are complete.

(1) The master list contains links to all the files, roughly in chronological order. Given the thousands of files (over 3800 now), the master list serves only as a reference point. You get a sense of document flow- what appeared when- by scrolling through the list.

(2) The type pages subdivide files by main types (audio, documents, images, videos) and then further subcategories.

The images category will be better filled with more files in due time. The documents category has the most subcategories with descriptions under the headings. So for instance, all court motivation reports are here:

All court testimony PDFs are here:

All deposition and interrogation PDFs here:
and police and consultant reports here:

The above are most significant, but there are many other subcategories.

(3) The by subject pages will have pages of all files, disregarding type and date, of a particular subject. So all files related to DNA on one page; all files related to the knife on one page; all pages related to Curatolo on one page. These pages will be more detailed than other pages.

(4) By chronology pages organize files by date:

These pages are only PDFs for now. Eventually the other file types will be linked too. At the bottom of each chronology page is a link to the next section, so it’s possible to click through chronology pages without returning to the chronology menu page each time.

Important files:

Crime scene:

Crime scene photos were distributed by police in 5 volumes and can be found here:

There are more photos in the 5 volumes than in the web page photo gallery.

A subset of these photos are in a second police document from Dec 31, 2007 done in Word. We printed it to PDF:

Photos from this document were captured, censored and stored in this zip file, which has crime scene photos not in the webpage gallery:

Crime scene video is here:

We have taken great pains to keep November 2-3 crime scene video intact with sound, censoring as necessary to respect Meredith and her family. It is the most complete version available- 1 hr 20 minutes long.

There is also video of Scientific Police (Dr. Stefanoni) at Sollecito’s apartment on November 13th:

Police video comes from discs prepared by police, complete with menus. It’s likely the video compilations on these discs don’t show all video taken. As an example, the above video at Sollecito’s apartment seems incomplete and is cut-off at the end.

The December 2007 video of the 2nd cottage visit is complete. Police purposely distributed this video without sound.


We have made films of CCTV capture:

We did this because the program and files are proprietary. We will capture photo sequences of important segments and post later.

We could not find “˜video’ for camera 7 from 00:00 to 06:00 on November 2nd. There are other cameras at the garage as well, and we are looking to find any extra footage.


We have DNA report complete and in color:

so charts are now clear. Dr. Stefanoni’s DNA report references these photos here too:

Egrams in color are here:

Clearer Egram prints of key traces can be found on this page, and also negative controls:

UACV report:

As mentioned by Olleosnep, this report has not been talked about, but very important crime scene analysis report:

More UACV materials are here:

Rinaldi & Boemia:

Rinaldi & Boemia presentation showing errors in Vinci report is here:

There is much Rinaldi & Boemia presentation material on that page. They also did two reports, one on footprints and a second on shoes. Those are here, with separate photo attachments:

Conti & Vecchiotti critiques:

Dr. Stefanoni presentation showing errors in Conti Vecchiotti report is here:

and her written report here:

Dr. Novelli report critiquing Conti Vecchiotti report is also good reading:

Dr. Torricelli has two reports. The second is an updated version of the first:

Medical consultants:

This medical consultant hearing- asked by Judge Matteini in April 2008- is very important:

Related reports (all censored for disturbing content):


Matteini’s consultants:

Mignini’s consultants (replacing Lalli):

Dr. Mignini:

His case summary to the Riesame court on November 24, 2007 is important. It shows an early description of the case:

He made a case summary for Guede too in December 2007:

Formal charges issued in English from July 2008:

Final fingerprint report:

Court testimony:

There is much more court testimony now. Matteini, Micheli, Massei, Hellmann Nencini, but also Guede appeal court Borsini. All testimony is here:

Much of Micheli is audio only, which is here:


This Kokomani interview with Canale 5:

shows Kokomani in a good way. Court transcripts with him seem confusing, but here he is easy to follow.

This video shows unpacking of kitchen knife on February 26, 2008 in front of all consultants:

The meeting was after knife was tested for DNA, but shows the original box used.

Posted by azoza on 09/22/16 at 08:15 PM in


A much needed surge.  Sign me up.  Maybe the Netflix will actually work to our advantage.  Thanks, azoza.  Safe travels to PQ and looking forward to more is more….

Posted by whatswisdom on 09/22/16 at 10:12 PM | #

Comprehensive doesn’t even begin to describe this. Sterling work azoza and whoever else is involved. Truly splendid work.

There is a fantastic film waiting to be made which takes the public pronouncements of all in the Knox/Sollecito/Geude camps and tears them to shreds with actual court documents and Police videos. Video clips of them lying through their teeth could be shown, followed by an evisceration using the source material laid out by azoza above.

The changing nature of their public statements (in writing and on video clips) could be compared to what was written in their shoddy books, providing endless opportunities to expose them too. I know this has been done on this site many times over but an actual film would likely reach a wider audience.

I do hope some budding filmmaker somewhere finds an interest in this case and decides to take up the cudgels as we say in Scotland.

Posted by davidmulhern on 09/23/16 at 09:00 PM | #

A very big ‘Thank You’ to all the efforts of the Wiki team, for spending the time and presumably patience to get, sift, sort and publish all of those documents and files. That library is a real ‘gold mine’ of information on the case, and I’m frequently checking it and finding new things. There’s a lot of reading, though admittedly in Italian, but the library provides a good ‘bird’s-eye’ view of how the investigations proceeded and how the court sessions proceeded as well.

There is no excuse now for people to be ignorant of the facts and evidence of the case. It is all there.

Posted by Olleosnep on 09/24/16 at 07:54 AM | #

Thanks for the updates, Azoza! Posted on NET.

Posted by Ergon on 09/24/16 at 10:58 AM | #

Off topic. In 10 minutes (11am) on channel 72 (UK). A murder in Italy. I’ll report back…

Posted by DavidB on 09/25/16 at 05:49 AM | #

The case was raced through. Nothing that isn’t already known here about the mis-reporting.

The preview of the programme was ‘another case under the microscope’. Steve Moore was presented as the ‘expert’.

According to Moore, Knox was on a quest for higher learning and came from a loving family. He also said that Knox and Kercher ‘went everywhere together’.

Nothing was said about tensions between the two.

Moore said Knox saw drops of blood in the bathroom but didn’t mention the bloodied foot mat or the unflushed toilet. And he said that she phoned Sollecito to ask him what she should do!

According to Moore, Knox begged the police to break down the door. And Moore described Mignini as ‘insane’.

Posted by DavidB on 09/25/16 at 06:39 AM | #


Yet another movie?  Moore is still today squeezing money out of Meredith’s death too?

It seems anyone can make documentary now thanks to YouTube. There is a need for some kind of control on the content however.

Perhaps we should inform Dr. Mignini there is someone openly lying about the case and accusing him of being insane.

For his reference we should inform him that the man is the husband of the crazed woman he had thrown out of court in Perugia, in case he doesn’t remember.

Posted by Deathfish on 09/25/16 at 07:16 AM | #

Hi davidmulhern:

“There is a fantastic film waiting to be made which takes the public pronouncements of all in the Knox/Sollecito/Geude camps and tears them to shreds with actual court documents and Police videos.”

Yes to that. With all this on Wiki the time is ripe. It would require some sort of crack legal team to give it credibility.

Costs would be high if paid for. We are thinking maybe a lawschool or legal association could be made interested to pick it up as an exercise and are going to ask around.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 09/25/16 at 07:44 AM | #

Hi DavidB

Tip on Steve Moore is very helpful. Thanks a lot. Can you post or email any more?

This was a movie or a news segment or what? Long in the making? Or pushed out in the Netflix context?

The Knox apologists have few big guns and none who believe as fervently as Steve Moore does - and yes, there is money and reputation and TV time to be fought for too.

Steve Moore came across even to Knox supporters at the Seattle University panel as a crackpot. “In his own bubble”.

It didnt help him that his primary exhibit up on the screen was a zebra. Really. Read our two posts on that here.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 09/25/16 at 08:26 AM | #

Hi Peter,

I am fully behind a doc being made backed up with hard facts - the hard facts we can provide, It is a great idea and something that needs to be done.
These people are running wild with their media connections and all for the wrong reasons, it is scandalous.

We want justice for Meredith and they want to make even more money from killing her than they have already.

The thought of Knox living the movie star lifestyle, being flown in to The TIFF with her latest boyfriend, housed in a nice hotel and lauded as they appear in front of their adoring public just riles me.

Perhaps the TIFF should in their case be known as the Toronto International Freeloading Festival.

Posted by Deathfish on 09/25/16 at 08:50 AM | #

This is begging for Werner Herzog, Michael Moore, Errol Morris, et al. Can the leaders of PMF explore finding a way to submit a sharp, professional proposal to some of these great seekers of truth?  Errol Morris has made The Thin Blue Line.  A game changer.  Let’s at least capitalize on the Netflix moment, which is helping put the case back where it belongs: in the news.

Posted by whatswisdom on 09/25/16 at 12:33 PM | #

David Mulhern, great idea!
Pete,  Deathfish, I should have said that the ‘documentary’  was part of the Corrupt Crimes series.  American made and probably a couple of years ago.  But it isn’t on YouTube and I hadn’t seen it.
Unfortunately I couldn’t record it but it was depressingly familiar to what we have come accustomed to.

Posted by DavidB on 09/25/16 at 02:12 PM | #


Great Idea, I fully support such a project. I have thought about this myself in the past but thought maybe it’s been tabled and discussed already - apparently not it seems so yes, I think with all the source material Ergon and his partners have assembled and filed, plus the excellent Wiki online reference, it seems surely a way forward.

Posted by Deathfish on 09/25/16 at 02:32 PM | #

- And everything we have on here of course!

Posted by Deathfish on 09/25/16 at 02:35 PM | #
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