Thursday, October 27, 2022

What The New UK PM Might Want To Do About This Elephant In The Room #2

Posted by Peter Quennell


The other timely FT report, on what is really the parent elephant.

The #1 answer to “why slow growth” which predated and helped cause BREXIT. Messing no end with UK and US systems including justice systems - see the UK parliament moves happening fast now.

Cause of the UK and US becoming the nations with the world’s greatest wealth disparities. Cause of the value of the UK pound falling fast ever since 2016.

Using the toothless Word Economic Forum (WEF) as a bright shiny object to scare and distract the UK masses.

Channeled in the UK in part through London’s Tufton Street think tanks, puppet masters of Liz Truss and other naive or knowing “supply side” warriors.

Believed to include official and oligarch Russian and Chinese and mafia money in there. Not nice people.

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The poor Queen. Worked so hard to better the situations of common people in many nations, but increasingly had all of this up against her.

The good news? With the collapse of Truss there does seem to be a major wisening-up going on now. The heat Sunak took for reappointing Braverman to ravage the justice system looks encouraging.

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Erk! While dark money aka Russian etc money has already done the UK a ton of harm, here is a YouTube comment explaining why there is much more in store and no obvious way to stop it. 

While the economy of the UK is currently suffering under Brexit, wait to see what happens when the EU relocates the handling of EU transactions, and many of the financial services associated with that, from the City back to the mainland.

This will happen in July 2025, or rather before then, as starting on that date, no EU transaction clearing will be allowed outside EU soil.

After some time, the City will only be left with less-than-savory characters wanting to launder money. And that will result in the City being blacklisted, no more financial services from the City for the EU zone.

Annual UK taxes paid by Euroclearing were near $100 billion plus the personal taxes of all the traders.

Better get that systems invention & application humming chaps!! A global systems dynamo. Huge market for that. It is what will get UK back from the brink.

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They’ve reunited in Gubbio.

AK: “Someone who continues to accuse innocent people of the crime that he committed himself”.

She knows Guede did it himself even though ‘she wasn’t there at all’.

Posted by DavidB on 10/31/22 at 03:58 AM | #

Sure thing DavidB. May in part be because Dr Mignini is getting considerable prominence - frequent panels, mafia work, MOF advances, and of course the book due out very soon.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 10/31/22 at 09:28 PM | #
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