Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Website-Only Seattle PI May Be Going To Make It

Posted by Peter Quennell

Click above for media commentator Peter Kafka’s analysis.

The Seattle PI website still carries some of the best US reporting from Perugia on the case, by Rome-based Andrea Vogt. 

The home-based reporting, blogging and editorials have been rather more of a mixed bag.

Kafka thinks that the Seattle PI’s owner Hearst’s figures dont quite add up yet, but he would like to see things work out.

If the Seattle PI pulls it off, other US papers may follow this route.


This is good news for all of us here in Seattle!  Thanks for this article Pete.

“The Seattle PI website still carries some of the best US reporting from Perugia on the case, by Rome-based Andrea Vogt.”

I couldn’t agree more - in fact I often refer to Andrea Vogt’s home-page  and click on “Newspaper Articles”. 

All of the articles she’s written about this case are linked in chronological order.  Another great reference tool when reading about this case. 

I find Ms. Vogt to be extremely balanced and fair.

Posted by Tara on 05/19/09 at 10:39 PM | #

I’ll reiterate a comment I made a few weeks ago at Miss R.‘s: Unless AK approached her ear-piercing endeavor with the zeal of a murderess ( perhaps using an ICEPICK?) the blood on the taps would not have come from her ears. Only a hemophiliac might continue to drip blood days after a piercing.

While I can understand some individuals’ concerns as to upholding the accuseds’ “innocence until proven guilty”, I’m having continued difficulty with the desire of people like” kao” seeking to defend Amanda with seemingly little acknowledgment of the heinousness of Meredith’s ordeal.

Amanda doesn’t look to be suffering too dreadfully. It’s really something of a moment in the sun for someone who might otherwise have gone through life relatively uncelebrated. Call me bitchy, but when I look at AK I see a crap writer, crap guitarist, crap singer, crap liar, aggressive athlete, shallow flirt, clueless bigot, and party animal, not a future world leader, or inspiration to younger generations.

I think the timeline shows plenty, as do the footprints, post-crime behaviour of the “lovebirds”, as well as the over-the-top efforts of the folks back home to ignore any chances that their own little girl could have gone off the rails. If Amanda And Ralfi are ” just a couple of kids”, then so were Bonnie and Clyde.

I think R pulled A away from Meredith’s kicked-in door to prevent her from making any incriminating comments (such as, “oh, gosh, something bad Did happen to Meredith! Something TRAGIC!”) I think, as with the arsonist who returns to the scene of the blazing building, Amanda just wanted another look at her handiwork, at her own awesome destructive power.

Posted by mimi on 05/20/09 at 07:28 PM | #

It’s a brave move but I think they’re willing to make it work at any cost. Sadly that includes, it would seem, turning a blind eye to the actions of Candace Dempsey in her Italian Woman at the Table blog.

Miss Represented and her readers say it all really.

Posted by mikeyverve on 05/21/09 at 03:02 PM | #

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