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We Now Examine The Vital Sentencing Report The Entire US And UK Media Overlooked

Posted by ViaDellaPergola

The report overlooked is of course the formidable Micheli Report of precisely one year ago.

This 106-page report in Italian - initially issued electronically to the press and on paper to the public, and later posted on the Ministry of Justice website - explained Guede’s sentencing and Knox’s and Sollecito’s commitment to trial.

There were literally DOZENS of evidence points. And it is crystal-clear after reading it all that there is no way in the world that the attack on Meredith was carried out by a single person.

TJMK and our sister site PMF posted what were the ONLY long excerpts of the report ever published in the English-speaking world.

The UK and US mainstream media almost universally ignored the Micheli Report. The UK media published only brief, mild excerpts, and the US media published NO EXCERPTS AT ALL.

We have repeatedly referred back to the report in the posts and comments here, as it is so vital to seeing how the totality of the prosecutions’ case points so unequivocally to Knox, Solllecito and Guede ALL being guilty of killing Meredith.

Here are six of our key posts on the report.

That second-to-last posting (The Staged Scene - Who Returned To Move Meredith?) is absolutely devastating to the dwindling group of Knox apologists that try to argue that there was no clean-up and a lone wolf (Guede) acted entirely alone.

Guede did NOT move Meredith or clean selectively to simulate a sex crime several hours after she passed away. First, he had no reason to (good reason not to, in fact), second, he left no evidence of that nature, and third, he was already otherwise engaged, in front of various witnesses.

At the latest by early March, the judges in the Sollecito-Knox trial will release a report that is similar in depth and detail to this one and presumably also in its power to convince.

Hopefully the English-language media will actually do their own translations of the report this time around. But if not, it will all be available in good English, fairly promptly, here.

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One thing that puzzles me is that Guede has not come forth to throw Knox and Sollecito under the bus, as they did when they cleaned up their DNA and purposely left his to be found.  He knows he’ll have to serve his time anyway due to all the confirmed evidence against him, so why is he not speaking up and pointing the finger conclusively at Knox and Sollecito?  If I were in his shoes I’d be singing out their guilt loudly and with enough detail to make sure that their subsequent appeals will not result in a reduced sentence.  Does anyone have any theories as to why he hasn’t spoken up?

Posted by Mo-in-Mass.,USA on 01/22/10 at 01:49 PM | #

Good question Mo-in-Mass,I think it’s because he is sticking to his ‘trying to help Meredith but then leaving her to die and then go disco dancing’ story.

For him to categorically state who did it would mean he too is complicit, in other words in the eyes of the law for him to know such a thing he would have had to have been there so therefore took part in the murder of Meredith Kercher.

Then of course we could factor in Papa Sollecito’s ‘making water run uphill’ money and connections.
I am more than sure he is aware that he can be got at very easily in prison.

Posted by Deathfish2000 on 01/22/10 at 04:20 PM | #


I think you are probably correct that Sollecito’s family (particularly as they have money, connections, and his sister used to be a carabiniere) is the reason that Guede has stuck to his story.  I remember hearing that he had been beaten up in prison, so am wondering if that was his “warning” in that respect. 

If that is not the case, then he has no reason to not tell the truth now, as his appeal did not acquit him, though he got a lighter sentence.

I’m hoping that all points taken into consideration that he does come out with the truth and also brings down the Sollecito family if the beating he received was indeed to keep his mouth shut.

Posted by Mo-in-Mass.,USA on 01/23/10 at 01:13 AM | #

Regarding the movement of Meredith’s body after her death, I had another thought -
I kept wondering why they would cut her bra off and place a pillow under her hips but then it occurred to me that when AK and RS did the aftermath staging that they wanted to ensure that her murder was thought to have been caused because of someone wanting to rape her, rather than an act of revenge, as revenge would lead back to AK (no one else had any dislike of Meredith). 

In cutting off the bra it makes it look as though the rapist did it, in a “crime of passion”, and by placing the pillow under her hips, it also makes sex look like the prime goal of the attack (sorry to be indelicate, but a pillow under the hips is often used for “traction”) and with Guede’s DNA in Meredith’s vagina, it was a further way of AK and RS pointing the finger at Rudy as the sole perpetrator.

Posted by Mo-in-Mass.,USA on 01/23/10 at 03:57 PM | #

Good job on the presentation of this evidence.  Very nicely done.

Posted by Professor Snape on 01/25/10 at 06:11 PM | #
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