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We Mean You No Harm. Please Take Us To Your Leaders…  Oh Yes, But Of Course…

Posted by Kermit

Yes but of course. The self-appointed FOA leaders are now all physically or mentally AWOL. No sane credible adult is at the helm.

  • Scammer Number One is physically absent without officlal leave. He may be hiding out in or near Perugia, probably broke and without a good lawyer as his lawyer walked off the job, facing court dates starting later this month and possible imprisonment in two countries and now also a further defamation suit - he in effect already lost one defamation suit last year when a court ordered Google to take down a site it hosted for him for all the defamation it had contained.
  • Scammer Number Two is also physically absent without official leave, and may be hiding out in or near Verona, attempting on Facebook to make out that he is free and relaxed as a bird after nipping across to Manhattan for the New Year. Also that he is and always was loyal as hell to Amanda (give us a break) and that the devastating prosecution appeal and the devastating row of defamation suits about to hit him and his publisher and team sparked by his overheated book dont bother him or his dad a bit.
  • Scammer Number Three is mentally absent without official leave. He is to be found squealing and blubbering these days in the stock-room of a fur-store on the north-west outskirts of Chicago, running low on new people to blame, his money-grubbing scams now publicly revealed for the toxic dishonesties on which they were based, his obergruppenführer presence on his internet boards despised now by many who had once gone along with his act, with the biggest defamation target of all on his own back as his vitriolic personal rants still populate the web, and with no Curt Knox or other deep-pockets any longer on his side.

First, here is an understanding word or two for the FOA sheep.

Dear sheep. Of course we dont mean to be unkind or unsympathetic in implying that the broad body of your movement which was elevating these three to gods in their own minds were simply sheep. Many FOA seem to us to be very nice and very well-meaning, if maybe a tad naive. The jaw-dropping revelations of the sums of money that you have been shelling out suggests that the myths you had been made to swallow had stirred your kind hearts to the core.

As a way of disengaging from the flock, and to fill the deliberate vacuum of hard facts, we would highly recommend that you now read all these posts and especially all of these posts here.  Our strongest advice to any ex-sheep would definitely be this.

Don’t shell our any more of your hard-earned cash to those three imposters listed here at the top.  They all face suits now for going way too far. Dont get mixed up in that. 

Okay. Back to Number One.

We are told that Frank may not even have made it to the viza section of the American Embassy in Rome. But let’s say it were true that Frank actually made it across the Atlantic and he showed up at the international arrivals zone of an American airport hours before his date with American justice last December 31.

Then any honest attempt to justify Frank’s non-appearance in court would take into account that Frank knew he wasn’t coming as a tourist, and that as someone with an arrest record (and seemingly having way overstayed a prior visa waiver for a visit limited to 90 days), he would have lots of paperwork to request a visa.

Yet, going back to the end of November when he was being released on bail from the Seattle jail , Frank and his pro-Knox handlers were in a huge hurry to hustle him out of the country following his latest arrest and questioning by police for domestic violence incidents, probably knowing that this might affect whether he could return.

The world waits for some coherent and direct explanations from this cornerstone of the public image defence of Amanda Knox.

Meanwhile, there’s absolute silence from Knox’s corporate PR firm Gogerty Marriott who continue to use the Knox contract as a showcase example of how successfully they work (they are joking, right?).

Many public figures and sheeples have been photographing themselves with Frank over the months presuming that he was in the US on a tourist visa for goodwill. Meanwhile, he was carrying on what the Committee to Protect Journalists has insisted is his money-making and therefore taxable profession,  and also earning at the same time “donated” income and gifts maybe up into the tens of thousands of dollars.

Mr Taxman please note.

Meanwhile, the vacuum left by Frank, a god in his own mind in the woven fabric of the Knox PR image, is turning that fabric into tatters. Someone will have to tie up the loose ends, and in particular give an explanation on where Frank’s absence leaves the very serious accusations of improper and abusive treatment by Prosecutor Mignini and the Flying Squad (neither were involved in his arrest).

Those false accusations all stem from Frank and Doug Preston and similar accusations of abuse are the main components of just about every explanations for Knox’s many conflicting alibis and her bizarre reactions to Italian investigators following the murder of Knox’s roommate Meredith Kercher.

As you may know, Frank claimed to have been beaten up by officers of the Flying Squad beholden to the “rogue” Prosecutor Giuliano Mignini because Mr Mignini was allegedly sufficiently upset by “Frank’s” many blog posts in favour of Knox to have sent his henchmen over to Frank’s house.

After promoting this fiction for months and now years, even many pro-Knox commenters are admitting bashfully that in fact the person who complained to Italian police about abuse by “Frank” was actually a female family member in his own home.

Mr Mignini was NOT involved, the Flying Squad was NOT involved, Frank was NOT beaten up (the wounds in evidence were on the cops) and he was NOT taken to a hospital to have him certified as mad. One big body of lies.

This line of physical abuse and malicious fabrications after the fact certainly fit with Frank’s more recent episodes of being arrested and/or questioned for complaints of domestic violence in Canada, Hawaii, and, now, Seattle.  Looks like, by his own hand, Frank is finally cooked.

More news in future posts about Scammers Two and Three.


Sheeps! Please get your anti-rabies vaccine from the Canadian Pharmacy: great discounts and guaranteed satisfaction.

Don’t leave the flock without it!

Posted by chami on 01/05/13 at 10:29 PM | #

These are excellent exposés and I hope that the ‘sheep’ are reading them and that their beliefs are now in shredding mode.

What has always come across to me as an unassailable wall of false representation - particularly due to the numerous news outlets espousing the stories put out by surprisingly few deranged individuals is now crumbling apace.  Astonishing how fortunes can be reversed.

But far more astonishing is that the shenaniganerie got as far as it did in the first place - to the extent that Amanda Knox is currently in Seattle and Raffaele Sollecito free to travel around in Italy and the USA.

I am very curious to know what the corporate firm, Gogerty Marriott, is making of the recent developments.  For all Marriott’s stupidity - or should it be naïveté? - surely he recognises as a professional that he is seriously up the creek without a paddle? 

I would have thought he would want to salvage his and his organisation’s professional credibility and he could begin by removing his showcased example from the website.

And I wonder where this leaves Amanda Knox and her family.  Surely to goodness they don’t continue to believe in her ‘innocence’.  My advice to them would be to do what I read the other day Chris Mellas had once proposed - leave it to the PROFESSIONALS - if there are any left willing to work with them now after all these humiliating débâcles, that is.

I pay tribute to all the talented members of the TJMK and PMF boards for all your perseverance and dedicated commitment to exposing the TRUTH over the past 5 years.

Although it is a little bit of a cliché, the truth always prevails in the end.

Posted by thundering on 01/06/13 at 02:43 AM | #

We’re Poor Little lambs who have lost our way.

Posted by Grahame Rhodes on 01/06/13 at 02:55 AM | #

Baaa baaa baaa

Posted by aethelred23 on 01/06/13 at 05:28 PM | #

Over time it has become obvious that these so called Friends of Amanda have absolutely no humor in their shallow lives whatsoever. Case in point Frank Sforza, Bruce Fisher, Doug Preston what-ever.
Therefore poking fun at these mentally deficient one celled creatures is a way of amusing myself. Also (and in a jocular vein, that’s a vampire with humor) I notice that the guilt Knox herself carries each and every waking moment has taken it’s toll upon her. No longer the innocent that is a card she can no longer play. Roll on Springtime

Posted by Grahame Rhodes on 01/06/13 at 07:45 PM | #

Frank’s only remaining supporters are the True Believers who will never accept that he has done anything wrong, and that His Holiness far outweighs any Earthly troubles he may have had.

Reasonable people recognize that Frank’s not mentioning his arrest on Mignini’s orders, at the time it occurred, completely destroys the credibility of his anti-Mignini website.

Posted by brmull on 01/07/13 at 03:42 AM | #

I anticipate that among the next scammers to be exposed, there will be mr. Douglas Preston (his novel-like lies being busted and registered); an also mr. Mario Spezi (an Italian collector of criminal records, currently facing multiple trials in several cities for charges like: defamation, contempt of court, attempt to mislead investigation, calunnia, etc.).
We will also enjoy a new round with the Verona guy, who will face a number of lawsuits by various organs, but also will be pleased to see his memories finaly “accepted” by courts and be filed in his own proceeding. 
I consider that we may also have something coming out from the Narducci and MoF cases too.
This will be only the beginning.
As I said, last year, the interesting part of the case is still to come.

Posted by Yummi on 01/07/13 at 03:51 AM | #

Hello, and Happy New Year to All !

I am so glad I was never a “sheep” ... LOL !

I have a question and I hope that someone here can help me locate some of Knox’s statements: I think one of Knox’s statements was something like “only knowing her {Meredith} for a month” ... and the other was something like “moving on in her {Knox] life”. 

I would like to reference these quotes correctly as well as give credit to the folks here at TJMK for their work !

I have looked everywhere, and just can’t seem to find these particular statements, so if anyone can help me locate these, it would be most appreciated !  And if this post needs to be moved or edited, I understand. 

Thank You !


Posted by MissMarple on 01/07/13 at 09:48 PM | #


Here’s the full excerpt from AK’s court testimony:

FM: Do you think about her in your daily life, do you think about this friend who was with you in your house?

AK: Yes, I remember her. But in the end, I only knew her for one month, and more than anything, I am trying to think how to go forward with my own life, so yes, I remember her, and I am so upset about what happened, and sometimes it seems to me that it can’t be real. I don’t really know what to think of this thing. But yes. I suffered.


That’s Maresca, representing the Kerchers, asking Knox at her original trial about her relationship with Meredith.

Posted by Stilicho on 01/07/13 at 11:50 PM | #

Miss Marple,

Those statements can be found in the “In Their Own Words” section under “Amanda Knox Trial Testimony, Saturday, June 13, 2009” Audio Number 5” as translated by Thoughtful. The statements are somewhere near the middle of the translation, the easiest way to find them is to search “In Their Own Words” for “knew her for a month”.

FM (Maresca?) asks “Do you think about her in your daily life, do you think about this friend who was with you in your house?”

And Amanda replies, “Yes, I remember her. But in the end, I only knew her for one month, and more than anything, I am trying to think how to go forward with my own life,”

She goes on to say, “so yes, I remember her, and I am so upset about what happened, and sometimes it seems to me that it can’t be real. I don’t really know what to think of this thing. But yes. I suffered.”

Posted by beans on 01/07/13 at 11:51 PM | #

Thanks to Stilicho and beans for the quick references.

MissMarple, that entire two days of testimony came across as callous, uncaring and very self-centered.

It convinced many in the courtroom that yes, there really was guilt.

One of those thus convinced was the book writer Nina Burleigh. I met with her soon after, when many were saying she was on the PR campaign payroll, because she was always seen with the K-Ms around Perugia and some of her reporting was very biased.

I asked her about this. She implied no it was all a clever act and seeing AK on the stand had really chilled her. But the book finally had a very anti-prosecution bias, so Nina bounced at least halfway back. 

Nina Burleigh is really the classic example of a sheep.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 01/08/13 at 12:05 AM | #


The relevant exchange is also in Follain’s ‘Death in Perugia” Chapter 49, MASSEI HEARING, 13 June 2009.

Maresca cross-examination. page 326.(Digital location 4564)

Posted by Cardiol MD on 01/08/13 at 12:15 AM | #

Hello, and THANK YOU ALL for the quotes !  I greatly appreciate it !

I knew that y’all would have this info at your “fingertips”.  I have been “back-tracking” reading here, and I must say that the information here at TJMK is very comprehensive, and very well done !  I just wish I would have found this site much earlier than I did ... but “better late than never”.

May this year bring TRUE Justice for Meredith Kercher.

Have a nice day everyone, and thanks again.


Posted by MissMarple on 01/08/13 at 01:30 AM | #

Regarding Kermit’s article, the tax implications are certainly worth investigating.  The numbers tossed around go into the thousands of dollars, from a relatively small band of contributors.

Bruceâ„¢ is still shilling for Frankâ„¢ and for “Injustice Everywhere” or whatever it’s called this week.  There are stunning entries on his forum suggesting that Jody Arias and other accused murderers may be the beneficiaries of Bruce’sâ„¢ influence-peddling scheme.  Where is the work being done on behalf of the victims of any of these allegedly unjustly accused criminals?

Posted by Stilicho on 01/08/13 at 01:36 AM | #

Wait, are they diversifying now and starting to support other murderers?

I can imagine their fascination with Jody Arias since she is far, far more beautiful than Knox.  Not to mention the fact that her victim was a man she accused of abuse, and not another beautiful woman. They must be foaming at the mouth.

I find this white-knighting for murderers extraordinarily creepy.  It seems like they perceive these women as vulnerable and helpless, and imagine that if they somehow helped them get away with their murders, the latter would feel this immeasurable gratitude for the pack of sad middle-aged men who diverted their pension funds to their defense.  In reality, these women are psychopaths who don’t care about anyone else and who are being imprisoned not only as a form of punishment for what they’ve done, but also to prevent them from killing again.

Posted by Vivianna on 01/08/13 at 01:26 PM | #


A question about IIP. What are the implications of a double-bankrupt who lost his house to foreclosure setting up a not-for-profit to squeeze more money out of the sheep while hiding that info about his unsavory and utterly incompetent money-handling?

I expect it is illegal to hide it? If the answer is of front-page-post length, that could be a useful way to stop another disaster before it happens.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 01/08/13 at 02:09 PM | #

Peter who is IIP? [From Pete: Hi Grahame, its his low-traffic Injustice in Perugia website.]

Posted by Grahame Rhodes on 01/08/13 at 03:32 PM | #

I see that there is a Jodie Arias site claiming her innocence. This is laughable because at the bottom there is a direct insult to anyone of a countervailing view which says and I quote.

“If you are a ‘knuckle dragger’ then your post will be deleted and you will be banned from posting anything further”

Looks like the the sheep have grown tired of Knox and have switched their allegiance o Arias. I suspect though that this site will eventually ask for money for Arias defense. Just another scam

Sad the human condition. Mind you considering the 20 or so people at the Sollicito book signing fiasco then it comes as no surprise. If you even want to bother checking the Arias site you will see regurgitated the same drivel almost word for word as written by the Fisher/Moore/Preston triumvirate.

Posted by Grahame Rhodes on 01/08/13 at 03:53 PM | #

Hi Grahame.

I see the defense take is that Jodi Arias stalked Travis Alexander, broke into his home - and then stabbed him 27 times in “self defense” because he deserved it.

Pity the poor Alexander family. Another case of IIP trashing the real victim. What a cancer that place is.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 01/08/13 at 04:05 PM | #

@PQ:  The tax implications may be complex as Bruceâ„¢ appears to be collecting but has not released any information about the expense side.  What we do know is merely culled from anecdotes from his own members.  It seems that it’s only a small group that donates and some of them seem to have paid Frankâ„¢ directly.

It really doesn’t cost Bruceâ„¢ anything to operate a forum and post silly articles by Ron Hendry and other assorted non-experts.  There’s no reason for him to beg for money like this:

“These costs include: maintaining our websites, obtaining legal documents, legal counsel, insurance, updated media contact data,  and promotional materials needed to bring attention to our featured cases.”

To be fair, very few of his supporters have leapt onto the Jodi Arias bandwagon.  The second most popular case after K&S is Sabrina Misseri and it’s a very distant second.  Bruceâ„¢ is himself heavily promoting five “X is innocent” cases (yes—he says they are innocent and not merely not guilty).  Among them is Ryan Ferguson, one of a pair of men found guilty of the brutal slaying of a popular Missouri journalist.  Somehow his accomplice doesn’t get Bruce’sâ„¢ ‘featured’ treatment.  That one has about 100 posts while Sabrina earns about 300 posts.

It’s hard to tell how you get to be ‘featured’ on Bruce’sâ„¢ site or how you can collect from the kitty.  My bet is that it’s entirely arbitrary.

Posted by Stilicho on 01/08/13 at 10:08 PM | #

Wow, just wow.

Bruce sounds like a shady kind of guy. Can a guy(with aggression issues) who is so uber creepy, bleat with any authority when it comes to Truth and Justice?

Mom and Dad always said “People in glass houses should not throw stones”.

They also said, “every dog has it’s day”. Smile

Posted by Bettina on 01/10/13 at 05:29 AM | #

Hi Bettina.

Fischer has long had aggression issues and underachievement issues and over-selling-himself issues and, for that matter, serial scamming issues. He is essentially a crook and could soon face huge fines and with luck some time inside.

He lies on his own site as to why he came out under his real name. In fact, he didnt, we outed him.  He originally called himself “Bruce Fisher of New York” and posted all over the place under other names (including on PMF) saying what an amazing and scary guy “Bruce Fisher” was.

We have no doubt that the use of a false name for so long was because of his unsavory background which has included two messy nasty bankruptcies and the repossession of his house and a great deal of hurt to those who had given him money and some trust.

He didnt want anyone to know about this unsavory past because they might think he was trying to scam them. I wonder if Curt Knox and David Marriott ever knew.

We also have no doubt that he would STILL be posting vicious and highly inaccurate personal rants online as “Bruce Fisher of New York” if police and our own legal investigators had not done very clever work to narrow down who he was.

We havent taken any legal action yet, though we have plenty of grounds (as do you) because we believe any first trial should be in Italy on behalf of those many there that he defamed.

You did a fine job of standing up to his bullying. Reports now are that he is very scared.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 01/10/13 at 08:48 PM | #

Agreed, job one is Italy.

I do wonder if Knox/Mellas knew. My first guess is they did not, because he (Bruce) went to such lengths to conceal it in the first place.

I don’t want to believe there was a big dirty conspiracy involving many players..I will keep an open mind, tho.Bruce should be scared…coward.

If he keeps his hate directed on the case, that will be good enough. If he tries to hurt others, he will bring hurt upon his family and associates, I have been assured.

Now I must go read up on the case from the side of the true victim. Friend, Bettina

Posted by Bettina on 01/10/13 at 09:57 PM | #

Hi Bettina

Yeah, agreed, I dont see a big conspiracy either though I think it was hard for those in the outer circle to get a realistic take at what was at the center, which itself went through several phases (with and without Anne Bremner is one example).

Curt Knox set the rancid PR scheme in operation early in 2008 (TJMK came along late in 2008 as a direct result, to countervail the nastiness asnd misinformation of that) and then for several different motives various cappetbaggers hopped on board.

Some of the worst have been those who arrived with White Knight Syndrome (a mild perversion) who then had to put on a righteous act to hide why they tied themsleves to Knox from wives and friends. The commercial motive for some of them later took hold.

Fischer seems to have been through all three phases, Frank Sforza too, others maybe just one phase or two. They are a competitive lot. Several leaped to the front of the parade, and had the others all very antsy, the classic example being Rocco Girlanda.

He sounded so perverted in his early days that it seems a K-M contingent hot-footed it to Rome to check him out. (There was a rumor we have not yet confirmed that his wife kicked him out.)

AK in Capanne seems to have supposed she was universally adored and her prison visitors didnt disabuse her of that as Curt Knox actually explained.

We think she may have freaked a bit when she found out precisely who her inner circle were. She is something of a snob, and she would have graduated with an okay degree. Its hard to see her warming to most of the failures in the self-appointed gang, most of whom dont have degrees or well-paying jobs.

One wonders how pleased or otherwise she is with her dad. Did Frank Sforza, twice her age, try to make a pass at AK? Is that why the K-M’s kicked him out? Having first used him and invited him in?

Posted by Peter Quennell on 01/11/13 at 07:00 PM | #
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