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Trial: One Of The Defendants Arrives For The Trial Today

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Thanks MfromBoston. Good pointer. Judge Micheli’s 106-page report and the four summaries Brian posted sure are an amazing read. There is no direct equivalent under UK and US common law, and it sets out Micheli’s entire take on the evidence at the time when he convicted Guede late last October and committed Knox and Sollecito to trial. It is very graphic in places, especially concerning Meredith’s autopsy, and several of our team who read it in Italian said they were fighting back tears.

With help from several others, Brian translated and summarized four of the key threads. Judge Micheli started with the autopsy on Meredith and what was found in the house and what some witnesses saw, and found that more than enough to find Guede guilty and conclude three people participated in the crime.

The Italian system encourages wide reading and analysis of such reports to show the legitimacy of any trial outcome. The very good Rome-based US and UK reporters on the case made themselves familiar with Micheli (other than what we posted there is still nothing in English) and their reporting in consequence shines through.

It is safe to say that CNN and several other US networks, and newspapers like the UK Guardian, have not read the report, and probably don’t even know it exists. There will be such a report after this trial, too, and if the verdict is guilty we hope they do a better job. It should put to bed conspiracies and show how hard the evidence really is.

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