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Trial: The Beast On The Footprints -  And Meredith’s House

Posted by Peter Quennell

Click above for Barbie Nadeau’s report on last Friday and Saturday at court.

Amanda Knox’s father is interviewed. And we are quoted on Meredith’s house as follows.

The Daily Beast also discovered that administrators of one of the blogs that follows the Kercher trial, True Justice for Meredith Kercher, is considering buying the House of Horrors to make sure it isn’t forgotten. “Increasingly, Meredith’s followers seem to hope that the groundswell for Meredith evolves into something tangible.

Making an offer for the Via della Pergola house, perhaps establishing a memorial garden there, is one possible objective,” Peter Quennell, who runs the True Justice site, tells me. “Meredith is clearly coming to stand for something transcendent. She already seems an iconic presence for many followers of the case.”

In our incoming emails, compassion for Meredith is mounting higher and higher, and this flows in part from an obvious sadness that the house might revert to a student rental or grim tourist attraction.

The Kercher family have not testified about Meredith at the trial yet - that might happen in three weeks. We feel it appropriate to simply float this possibility and no more for now.

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A brief comment on the negative comments the Beast people have let through their rather hit-and-miss moderation.

We often link to Ms Nadeau’s reports, among others, because they always tell it as it is. Every reader is free to arrive at their point of view, but her colleagues rate her among the very best.

Ms Nadeau noticed our exchanges on a post on TJMK about the future of the house in Perugia, and emailed to ask if a memorial garden really was a possibility. Of course we said yes, and many would love it.

We had no further role in that report, and none in any previous ones.

And my part-quoted email was to a blogger who posted a graphic and very hurtful image of Meredith - the same that Telenorba and the Sollecito family may soon be charged for broadcasting.

He took it down instantly when he read that! Days later, the blogger was still emailing us repeatedly, pleading that we consider his theories, which seem to be universally dismissed in Italy.

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One point about the footprints which I haven’t seen mentioned here, is the very fact there are prints from bare feet. I can understand that if one or more assailants broke in and either intended robbery or assault of Meredith, they would leave bloody *shoe* prints, probably a lot of them. Possibly they cleaned up before they fled, but given witness testimony it seems they fled the scene immediately. So the lack of shoe prints and the presence of cleaned prints is inconsistent.

But, the key point, why would they leave any bare foot prints? It seems very odd that with broken glass around, and during or after a vicious assault, these attackers would pause to remove shoes and socks. This just seems quite inconsistent with any theory of attack by strangers. On the contrary, it suggests that whoever left the bare foot prints had confidence to move around the cottage with bare feet, which would be the occupants or frequent visitors.

I would be interested to hear from Miss Represented if this type of attack is ever likely to be conducted by assailants with bare feet.

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