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Trial: Italian Media Reporting Events In The Park On The Night

Posted by Peter Quennell

[Basketball court: house is down straight ahead, steps are far right, benches are far left]

The Italian media are reporting Antonio Curatolo’s testimony.

Quick translation: Mr Curatolo, who is homeless, has slept for eight or nine years on a park bench. Around 9:30 on the night, while he was reading a newspaper, he looked up and saw the two defendants sitting on a low wall near a streetlight.

At times the boy got up and headed toward the outside railing in the direction of the cottage in via della Pergola. He saw the two together up to 11:30 pm or so. “I was sitting on the bench,” Mr Curatolo said, “I was reading the Express. I looked up four to five times and each time I saw the two together. I do not like to take advantage of others. I state that what I say do not say this to hurt anybody.”

He also reported that the next day around 12:30, he saw the in the street by the house an ambulance and police, and the arrival of a team in white overalls.

[Below: the view of the gate of the house from the park]

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Italy’s AGI is reporting (very nimble, the Italian media) that a university professor, Fabrizio Gioffredo, has testified that he saw Meredith, Sollecito, Knox and “a boy of color, probably Rudy” leaving the cottage in via della Pergola. He pointed to Amanda and Raffaele as those he had seen. Mr Gioffredo reported that it was raining, and that Amanda was wearing a red coat.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 03/28/09 at 01:56 PM | #

This sighting was from the 30th October, Gioffredo said he was 99% sure he saw Guede. RS made a statement saying he has never met Guede in his life. (La Nazione).

Posted by Kevin on 03/28/09 at 02:10 PM | #

The judge has called a 20 minute break in the hearings, Kolomani appears to be saying that he met RS, AK and her American uncle in a bar between the middle of August and early September.

This is clearly impossible, since Knox only arrived in Perugia in late September.

Posted by Kevin on 03/28/09 at 05:17 PM | #

Kolomani repeated his story of seeing RS, AK and RG outside the cottage, Knox pulling a knife from her bag and Kolomani knocking RS’s glasses off. Apparently the court even had trouble understanding his Italian. S.ounds like a very poor witness

Next Friday the medics who conducted the autopsy will testify, on Saturday the court will hear from Guede and Lumumba.


Looks like the prosecution have established that there was more than one person running away from the crime scene, in 2 different directions, and the professor whose testimony shows that RS, AK and RG knew each other, seems to be credible?.

Kolomani seems to be discredited?

Posted by Kevin on 03/28/09 at 07:18 PM | #

Hi Kevin,

Nara Capezzali testified that she heard at least two people running away from the cottage. This confirms what we already know: the murder of Meredith Kercher wasn’t committed by a lone wolf. The forensic evidence places Amanda Knox, Raffaele Sollecito and Rudy Guede at the cottage on the night of the murder.

I wouldn’t be so quick to dismiss Hekuran Kokomani. He must have been outside the cottage at around the time of Meredith’s murder because he accurately described the broken down car, the breakdown truck and the people involved in Via della Pergola. His mobile phone was also pinged in the vicinity of the cottage on 31 October and 1 November.

Kokomani told his friends about what had happened shortly afterwards and he contacted his lawyer in November 2007 about making a statement.

Posted by The Machine on 03/28/09 at 09:04 PM | #

The Machine,

Thats true, however saying that he met RS and AK at a time when they hadn’t met each other and Knox had not arrived yet in Perugia puts his tesimony in doubt ?. (Knox threw her head back and laughed at this)

Also, Nara Capezzali and the other ‘ear’ witnesses say nothing about hearing any confrontation between Kolomani and the defendants.

Buongiorno, says that he changed his story from his previous statements about the knife(s). brandished, was it one knife or two?. The prosecutor disputes this.

He couldn’t remember whether this was the night of the murder or the previous night.

My feeling is that if a lot of drug dealing and taking was going on under Mrs Capezzali’s window, there is a good chance he was there on one or both nights. I suspect that he may be more closely related to the murder than we know, however, he seems to be the least credible of the witnesses we’ve heard so far?.

The judge ordered a 20 minute break after Kolomani said he had met RS and AK at a time that would have been impossible. I think that must have had an effect on the jurors view of his crediblity?

Posted by Kevin on 03/28/09 at 09:55 PM | #

Knox threw her head back and laughed at dubious testimony.  I think I have finally found someone I can beat at poker.  So all the other testimony that has been offered was truthful?

Posted by Arnold_Layne on 03/29/09 at 04:47 AM | #

Arnold, she’s doesn’t hold her cards too close to her chest does she?  You took the words right out of my mouth.  I hope her attorney won’t be able to maintain any better sense of control over her as we just witnessed.  What a joke.

The Knox circus is quickly wasting that “hard earned charity money.”  Chris is going to need to kick Edda out of the trailer with her decoupage “Save Amanda Fund” coffee can after he stuffs a few bucks in his pocket for a six pack of (help me out here, what’s the name of a real crap beer? - she’ll be heading down to the ol’ Piggly Wiggly store in her ‘91 Spitfire where she can set up shop under the “Going out of Business” banner.  Times are tough back in Seattle and Amanda hasn’t been making it any easier for the “pit crew grunts” under Pee Wee’s Big Top.

Posted by Professor Snape on 03/29/09 at 06:24 AM | #

Kolomani’s testimony

The prosecution’s case seems to be going fine, showing the inconsistancies and outright lies of the defendants. They will have their work cut out to explain these.

After reading Stewart’s courtroom report on PMF last night, Kolomani’s testimony seems to have been even worse than first reports suggested.

If I were a juror, I would want to hear the testimony to allow me to judge for myself, but why would the prosecution risk putting him on the stand?. I can think of only 2 reasons:

1. The defense could have called him, just to discredit his testimony, which was already known to be very strange.

2. Kolomani has admitted that he knew Guede from his days working in some Agritourism place. There is a strong suspicision than he was dealing drugs to Guede and maybe also RS and AK. Maybe the procecutor wanted to ‘introduce’ Kolomani to the jurors before cross examining the defendants especially about drug deals/taking.

Next Friday

Anybody know whether the hearing will be closed ? The evidence is likely to be horrific.

Posted by Kevin on 03/29/09 at 01:49 PM | #

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