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Trial: Il Messagero Describes Testimony Of Knox Relative From Germany

Posted by Peter Quennell

Click above for the original report in Italian on the testimony of Aunt Dorothy.

The woman, who lives in Germany, said she listened to Knox on the phone after the murder, and found her “scared and confused.”

Dorothy claimed to have suggested to Amanda to come to Germany, but she said ‘no’ because she wanted to be of help to the police and answer questions.

The relative of Amanda also said that the young American, before being arrested, wanted to “meet the father of Meredith to console him and tell him what she knew.”

Other defense testimony today will focus on the mobile phones, the effects of smoking marijuana, and the nature of the knife Sollecito carried at all times.

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Here is the trial agenda for today and tomorrow.

Karen Green is apparently from Scotland Yard’s Fraud Squad and not from Meredith’s bank.

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Nick Pisa provides a few more details of Dorothy’s testimony. Apparently she is Knox’s second cousin. We think she lives in or near Hamburg and may be around the same age as Knox.

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Is this all that went on today? There seems to be very little reporting of today’s proceedings. I’d be very surprised if the cousin was on the stand for more than 20 minutes.

Posted by mikeyverve on 07/18/09 at 12:00 AM | #

Hi Mikey. Yes today’s reporting so far is thin in Italian and especially in English. Reporters often file longer reports late though, or after the second day. The uncertainty about whether there would be any trial days this week caused some problems in the their scheduling.

Ann Wise of ABC News filed a longer version of the testimony of Cousin Dorothy (cousin to Edda Mellas it now seems).

The only other witness reported-on today was a cell-phone specialist who testified that Sollecito was at his apartment around dawn when his moble phone was apparently switched on.

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Finally we hear that she was afraid that a killer was still free and lurking. That’s what you would expect in such circumstances.

But it is the first time it is mentioned (as far as I know…) and by a relative. None of the other room mates, nor Sollecito, nor other “friends” ever mentioned that state of mind.

Then the cousin says that Amanda and her talked several times over the phone,and that she was so upset etc… until she eventually knew her mother was flying in Perugia.

This was only 3 days later! So she was “scared to death” for the 3 days we saw her kissy touchy feely with Sollecito, buying lingerie with some good laughters, doing cartwheels etc…

As to say to Raffaele to take good care of her ... he had been her boyfriend two weeks, I doubt anybody felt he was that important yet!

Posted by Patou on 07/18/09 at 12:53 AM | #

Hi Patou. Yes TJMK poster Brian has been remarking on the PMF forum that Knox had talked about her boyfriend in Seattle, probably including to Meredith, as if that affair was still an ongoing thing.

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