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Trial: Friday Morning, More Testimony From Meredith’s Sad Friends

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Click above for the first report by Richard Owen.

Ms Knox had spoken to someone on her mobile phone while at the police station, claiming that she had found the body, Ms Butterworth said. Ms Knox said: “How do you think I feel? I was the first to find her, it could have been me.”

Ms Knox had described the crime scene, saying that Ms Kercher’s body was “in the closet with a blanket over her. I would say wardrobe, I wouldn’t say closet, that’s why I remember it. When I went home I wrote the word down.”





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La Nazione reports that Rudy’s lawyer says he will not testify against AK and RS ,‘Anyway, I won’t be believed ’ Ruby is quoted as saying. The lawyer says that they are banking on Rudy’s appeal.

Looks like they are hoping to see AK and RS convicted and stick to the story that Rudy only entered Meredith’s room with towels to stop the bloodflow after the attack ... ‘the towels didn’t fly’.

Seems like they are betting on an outright ‘not guilty’ on appeal, after RS and AK are convicted, rather than a reduction in sentence for testifying against AK and RS.

A risky bet ?... considering where Rudy’s DNA was found, the appeal court would also have to believe his story about ‘consensual petting’.

Rudy. of course, has only court appointed local lawyers.

This could all be part of the ‘wheeling and dealing’ between the prosecution and the Rudy’s defense on how much sentence reduction he gets if he testifies?

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Hekuran Kokomani, the albanian witness has been arrested overnight (drugs found in his house) according to AGI news. Up before the judge tomorrow, maybe this is just to stop him skipping the country?

Anyone read the Italian magazine Panorama ? (came out yesterday). I can’t find the piece online, apparently has:

1. A copy of an email AK sent to 25 friends, 2 days after the murder, (i.e. before arrest) giving her first (well an early) version of events ... then moaning about still having to find the rent money for November ... is this as new as Panrorama claim?

2. Some of RS’s family, father and aunt ... talking about how they (unsuccessfully) tried to get political help.

I’m in the Italian canton of Switzerland so I’ll get a copy at the newsagents.

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