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Trial: Friday Afternoon Testimony On The Apparently Faked Break-In

Posted by Peter Quennell

Today’s witnesses include Meredith’s roomie Filomena and Meredith’s new boyfriend who lived downstairs.

Click above for Nick Squires’ report in the Daily Telegraph on the Friday afternoon proceedings. On the apparent staged breakin:

Inspector Michele Battistelli, of Italy’s postal police, was one of the first officers on the scene after two mobile phones belonging to Miss Kercher were found dumped in a nearby garden and neighbours alerted police.

He found that a window in a room belonging to one of Miss Kercher’s Italian flat mates, Filomena Romanelli, had been broken but the shattered glass lay on top of the clothes scattered on the floor.

“Straightaway I thought it was an attempt to make it look like a burglary,” Insp Battistelli told the centuries-old vaulted courtroom in Perugia.

His suspicions increased when he discovered that a laptop, a video-camera and other valuables had not been stolen from the house. “They were all items that would have been taken in a break-in,” he said.


I like this site because it is respectful.

Question:  Someone said that they believed Sollecito was not in the room during the murder in a post or thread I read on this site.

Does that mean not at the cottage the night of the murder, and involved in the clean-up only?

Just wondering.

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Hi Hikergirl

I echo your reasons for visiting the site.

The combination of white noise from the defense teams, sloppy or sensationalist reporting, constant leaks of partial or distorted information have all contributed to a situation of a mass of conflicting claims. But the sliming campaign against the authorities has failed and the defendents will have to dispute all the genuine evidence in the cold light of the courtroom. No pr gurus allowed.

The prosecution believe they can place RS at the scene. Witnesses place him with AK outside and his claim of being on his computer falls down though his defense still seem to be disputing it.
All the defendents have an uphill struggle ahead. RS has had plenty of time to claim to be just Mr Mop the friendly local handyman. But cleaning up a murder scene for somebody you barely know is hardly normal and if that was the extent of his involvement I think he would have cracked by now. He might have been able to get a deal to testify. As the walls of evidence close in I think he might still fall back on it. Whether it’s a credible position is another matter. So far it does not look like it is.

The road to justice in this case has been particularly tortuous and I dread to think about what Meredith’s family have been and still are going through.But of all the enraging aspects of this case the one thing I have been impressed with is the Italian court proceedings. The report from Judge Micheli must make sobering reading for the defense teams. The justice may not be swift but I think it will be sure.

As a conversation between convicts being transported once had it: One says to his neighbour to break the silent tension, ‘‘It’s a long way isn’t it?’’  ‘‘Yes’’ says his neighbour, ‘‘but the trouble is they are bound to get us there in the end’‘

Posted by Faustus on 02/08/09 at 08:09 AM | #
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