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Trial: Amanda Knox’s Mother Talks To The Media Of The Costs To The Family

Posted by Nicki

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Italian media are reporting upon the Knoxes’ financial strains:

Today’s Il Messaggero offers so far the most complete report in Italian. Here’s a translation of today’s article


She has used all her vacation time, she is currently not receiving a salary and she has also mortgaged her house, in order to stay close to Amanda. Edda Mellas has travelled at least ten times back and forth from the USA to Italy. “Our life is no longer a normal one”- she says, recalling the day of Amanda’s arrest on November 6th 2007. Mellas works as a schoolteacher in Seattle and she explains she has already used up all her vacation time in order to stay close to her daughter. She adds “now I’ve given up my salary in order to be here.. Every time I come, I stay from two to seven weeks . We have even mortgaged our house in order to be close to Amanda”.

When they are in Perugia, Mellas, her husband Chris and Curt, Amanda’s father, live in an apartment in the outskirts of town. It’s the place where Mellas spends most of her time, reading books and using her pc, waiting to go visit he daughter in jail. Chris is able to continue working using the Internet ““he’s a computer engineer-as Curt Knox used to do, but recently ““his ex -wife says-he lost his job since he hasn’t accepted to move from Seattle to San Francisco, as he had been asked to do by the department store chain he worked for .

Amanda has a sister in Seattle, Deanna. “She has been here two or three times” - Mellas explains “““for the rest of the time, she’s trying to concentrate on her biology studies at WWU”.  Mellas says that in Italy and Perugia “people are nice and friendly and ready to help”.  Now that we are hearing defense witnesses”- Mellas concludes with a little smile-“we are all starting to feel better”


before i even read this, i would like to say that i wonder what meredith’s mother would say is the cost to her family.

Posted by gramjan on 06/27/09 at 01:58 AM | #

Hi gramjam. You are of course quite right. The cost to the Kerchers is beyond any reckoning. And as Kermit pointed out in the post down below, Knox’s parents could probably cut their bills in half, if they abandoned the sulphurous PR campaign.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 06/27/09 at 08:08 AM | #

I don’t understand why this type of testimony is presented to the court. What possible bearing does it have on the case?

Posted by bobc on 06/27/09 at 11:47 AM | #

Hi bobc
This testimony was not presented to the court, it’s only Mellas talking to jounalists.Sorry if we weren’t clear about it.

Posted by Nicki on 06/27/09 at 02:06 PM | #

I feel about as sorry for her as I feel for that other American sympathy seeking Monstrosity Michael Jackson. This whole trial looks remarkably similar like “Thriller” and that’s AK47 to the right dancing.

And Italy is the country with the bad judgement. Give me a break.

The only American girls I have ever met in Italy are egotistical, myopic, self serving sluts. You are all free to go home and stay there.

Except for AK47 of course. She will have to face the Law regarding murder.

You right now Peter?

Posted by LIBBY on 06/29/09 at 12:05 AM | #
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