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Trial: ABC News Has The Only End-Of-Day English Report

Posted by Peter Quennell

Click above for Ann Wise’s report. “Rejected offer to leave” seems rather misleading.

In some of the Italian reports it is observed that Knox was told very soon after the death of Meredith was discovered that she was not allowed to leave Perugia for the time being, so she really had no choice but to stay. Cousin Dorothy and Ann Wise seem not to have known this.

In fact all of the key witnesses including Meredith’s English friends were told to remain in Perugia until the investigations were further advanced. Although it was very tough on them all because of a voracious media, they had to remain there for some weeks.

Only two witnesses were heard today - the second was the mobile phone specialist that Ann Wise mentions - leaving half a dozen witnesses to testify tomorrow or after the summer break.

We are told that the uncertainty about whether Judge Massei would be recovered enough to preside this Friday and Saturday resulted in several scheduling problems and forced absences. This is a busy press corps and few of them actually live in Perugia.

Apparently Judge Massei looked well and very attentive today, and interrogated the mobile phone specialist on his contribution to the timeline for the morning after.


It looks like Ann Wise got snowed on a very key point. That’s surprising, as it is very common knowledge that Knox and the others were quickly prevented from leaving.

Still, Ann Wise does seem to have been the only one to get Dorothy’s full name. In the Italian reports she is referred to as the cousin or simply as “Doroty”.

Doroty testified in German with the help of an interpreter.

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Kathi Goertzen of Seattle’s KOMO News was also snowed over Knox “choosing” not to leave Perugia when in fact she was forbidden to.

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