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The Rulings: The Judge Hands Down The Sentences And Those Convicted Head Back To Prison

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Just to explain where Knox and Sollecito seem to be. The west side of the court complex faces onto the piazza. The east side (and the courtroom) faces onto a steep slope down and there is a road tunnel right under massif there. So there are several levels of the court complex BELOW the piazza level and a connection to the tunnel. This is the “quiet” way to move them to and from Capanne.

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That’s what I’m talkin about!!!

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You can rest in peace now Meredith.

Condolences to all your family and friends.

Justice has finally been served in this horrendous nightmare for all involved.

I hope the murderers will one day tell the truth. I am not religious, but if they confess to the crime they may get parole earlier - though I do not know if the intricacies of Italian law will allow it.

I am not affiliated to anybody involved in this case. I am satisfied that both of the culprits are guilty after reading all of the evidence.

I also hope that those who support Ms. Knox and Mr. Sollecito will look at all the facts and realise in all honesty that a guilty verdict was inevitable.

No grudges should be held against the murderers family and friends, most people would stand by their loved ones through thick and thin.

Also to the supporters of Amanda, I hope that you too can eventually accept that both of the convicted are not innocent. A lot of “Spin” as surrounded this case. None of it from the Kercher family.

I know that there is an appeal process, but instead of trying to subvert justice I just ask that you look at all the evidence given.

If you do, you will see that the guilt is definately there. It is time for two young people to simply confess exactly what happened, and become rehabilitated so they can enter back into society, perhaps in their thirties.

From the way the Kercher family have been throughout the judicial process, I think they would accept both parties serving 12 - 15 years if, individually they tell exactly what happened and their stories this time truly corroborate.

(of course I can’t speak for members of the Kercher family)

Time must be served for this crime. I think from looking at Amanda’s reaction to her conviction that she could be rehabilitated.

I am not to sure about Rafaelle though. That horrible picture of him carrying a meat cleaver, mixed with his impassive reaction at the verdict are very strange. Perhaps he is sorry, but he was resigned to being incarcerated because of his guilt.

Anyway. I hope that those who support Amanda and are in a position to try and help her, will consider privately consulting Amanda, her family, the Italian Police/ law makers and of course the Kercher family and suggest that for the whole truth their sentances will be reduced.

Don’t get me wrong on this…. If an appeal is launched that has the same campaign style and they carry on blatantly lieing and saying they are totally innocent, they should never see the light of day again.

It is time to reflect for all concerned on the convicteds side, and make a stark decision.

The Kercher family have to live through the appeal… drop it and confess… for leniancy.

I hope this opinion makes sense. It seems the logical way forward

RIP Meredith.

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