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Knox Interrogation Hoax #12: Hard Proof That In 5-6 Nov Session Knox Merely Built Visitors List

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1. What Really Happened on 5-6 November

The introduction to Hoax Post #1 explains what really happened at Knox’s recap/summary session on 5-6 November 2007.

In a sentence: Knox was there unwanted and grumpy, was advised by Inspector Rita Ficarra to go and sleep, refused, agreed to build a list of possible perps (she listed seven, including Guede), spontaneously had a wailing conniption over a mundane text she sent to Patrick, was semi-calmed-down, repeatedly provided refreshments, and insisted on writing three statements without a lawyer; all said she went out on the night of the attack, all framed Patrick, and one even pointed at Sollecito.

2. Hard Proof Knox Worked On The List

This memo above (click on it for the full version) records the main outcome of Rita Ficarra’s 75-minute summary/recap session (defenses conceded it was not an interrogation session) with Knox, with an interpreter and two others present.

Rita Ficarra wrote the memo some hours later, on the evening of 6 November, after she had caught up on some sleep. It is based on a handwritten version Knox painstakingly evolved on a page of her notebook, which she then tore out and handed to Inspector Ficarra. That handwritten page is in evidence too.

The timing here is key.

According to the testimony of Rita Ficarra and the interpreter Anna Donnino, the real work on the list only began around 12:30 after Anna Donnino arrived. It took all or most of the next hour.  Knox obtained all the phone numbers from her mobile phone which she handed over to the others present at several points (those phone numbers are long disused.)

Kristeva kindly did the translation below.

Annotation By Rita Ficarra

On 6 November 2007, at 20.00, in the offices of the Flying Squad of the Questura of Perugia. The undersigned Officer of P.G. [Attorney General], Chief Inspector of the State Police FICARRA Rita, notes that, as part of the investigation of the murder of British citizen Meredith KERCHER,

On the night of November 5th c.a. [current year], at approximately 23.00, while in the Offices of the Questura of Perugia, along with Amanda KNOX, waiting for the same to be heard in regard to the fact for which we are proceeding,

Learned, informally. news related to some male subjects who certainly knew MEREDITH and of whom Amanda gave indications on their respective residences—drawing roads and landmarks in her notebook ““ as well as their mobile phone numbers.

The same [Amanda] extracted these phone numbers from her mobile phone contacts and copied them on a piece of paper torn from her notebook and handed it to the undersigned.

The subjects indicated by Amanda were described as being:

PJ - Peter, a Swiss young man of Swiss nationality who certainly frequented Meredith and who would have surely been several times to their home; this young man dwelled in Via della Pergola, precisely in front of the “Contrappunto” club and close to the stairs and parking lot; mobile phone: 3891531078;

Patrik, owner of the pub “Le chic” where [the same] Amanda works. He too certainly knew Meredith. She was not able to provide an address but indicated that she had often seen him near the “rotonda [roundabout] of Porta Pesa, next to the Laundromat. Mobile phone number: 338719523;

Ardak, North African citizen of whom she gave no other indications other than his mobile phone: 3887972380;

Yuve, Algerian citizen who occasionally worked at “Le Chic” and would have dwelled in Via del Roscetto (near the residence of Sophie) phone; 3203758112

Spyros, young man of Greek nationality of whom Amanda does not give any indications other than the mobile phone: 3293473230

Shaky, Moroccan citizen who would have been working in a “pizzeria” and who frequented the pubs and discotheques frequented by Meredith’s group of friends with whom they met at the pub or discotheque, friend of Sophie;

Lastly she informed of another South African young man, black, short, who plays basketball in the Piazza Grimana court, who would have, in one occasion, frequented the house.

On this occasion, Giacomo-Stefano, Riccardo and Marco (neighbours) were allegedly present, as well as Meredith.  She referred to the fact that Yuve probably knew him, but gave no further information, as she herself, didn’t associate with him.

Amanda, who was also present on this exact occasion, confirmed that she used hashish type drugs with her boyfriend Raffaele, despite what she had said previously.

She claimed that he had previously confessed to taking cocaine and acid in the past, but currently only used “pot”.  In addition, she hinted that Raffaele was experiencing problems with “depression-sadness”.

Furthermore, to get hold of her supply of “pot”, she claimed to have asked her flatmate Laura, who, allegedly, acted as intermediary between her and third parties.

It is noteworthy that the same afternoon, following her detention order and prior to her transfer to Capanne prison, Amanda KNOX asked for some blank paper with the intention of writing a written declaration. This she intended to deliver to the undersigned, before she was moved to prison, and requested that every policeman read it.

Hence, the undersigned received the attached manuscript written in English, by KNOX, and informed her that the manuscript, after being translated into Italian, would be forwarded to the appropriate judicial authority.

3. Subsequent TJMK Reporting On Next Steps

Nest in the list of posts in our interrogation hoax overview these reports should be read.

1. Click for Post: #15: Knox Is Told Her Rights And Repeats Fake Murder Charge

2. Click for Post: #13: The First Two Pre-Trial Opportunities Which Knox Flunked

They cover the first two formal opportunities for Knox to modify or to withdraw her accusation. At the second opportunity, Knox had legal counsel.

It is mandatory in Italy for lawyers to report any claimed abuse of their clients.

It affected Knox’s prospects for years down the road that not only did her lawyers never make such a report; they even announced publicly, in face of incessant further claims by Knox which her family took public, that they had never confirmed she had been abused.


It is detailed and meticulous accounts like this that must strike fear into the hearts of Knox supporters because it is impossible to argue successfully against the truth!  Well done everyone involved!!

Posted by MHILL4 on 09/20/14 at 06:07 PM | #

Knox’s apologists have been asking for five years for a record of this session. Well, here you go, guys. This and Knox’s own notes confirm that the first hour was pretty mundane. Then they got Firework Knox. 

She was reported as being eager to get to work on the list. She must have enjoyed being asked to point to other perps till she heard RS had thrown her under the bus. Then the enjoyment went away. 

Knox’s mobile phone records for the weeks surrounding the attack on Meredith were put online a while back by one of her gang, thinking they would get her out of the soup.  Instead they pointed straight to the drug dealers Knox consorted with right up to the day of her arrest. Gee thanks guys.

The phone records are still being checked out to see if there are any more tales they tell. The five phone numbers listed above might eliminate some question marks.

With regard to the places that are named, the Contrappunto was a pizza restaurant that faced Merediths place from across the T-junction. It had some tables on a patio outside which would have given a good view across Meredith’s house.

If Patrick did live near the Pesa city gate then he lived about halfway between Le Chic (and the English girls place) and Meredith’s house. 

Via Del Roscetto in the same direction as that gate is where the lawyers office is that was broken into and a computer removed and found in the possession of Guede in Milan.

That crime-scene was very odd. Nobody in Perugia is nearly as certain as Burleigh and the FOA that it was Guede who was the one who broke in.

It could have been someone wanting to access one of the lawyers’ files who was covering their tracks. (Micheli also angrily rejected the statement of someone who tried to claim it was Guede who broke into his house and waved a knife.)

Shaky seems to have worked in a place above the city gate that fronts onto the Piazza Grimana. There are some clubs up there, and it is too narrow for the big city buses so the clubs run some buses as was testified.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 09/20/14 at 11:51 PM | #

Andrea Vogt has clarified her earlier tweet which is good news indeed:
“Andrea Vogt ‏@andreavogt:

@cate69 my understanding is that both amanda knox and raffaele sollecito’s cases/convictions will be reviewed in Section 5.”

So #RaffaeleSollecito’s request to be heard before United Sections (Sezioni Unite) which is composed of a full nine judge panel has not been allowed, but will be heard alongside #AmandaKnox with a 5 judge panel.

Posted by Ergon on 09/22/14 at 04:04 AM | #

It seems that whenever an html tag is added then even when closed properly it continues on the right hand side? Sorry, can that be corrected?

Posted by Ergon on 09/22/14 at 04:06 AM | #

Corrected. The comment summariser in the right column is set (for now) at 20 words so any close-html tags more than 20 words along wont be read.

This is typical for that app and “unsolvable” and we simply substitute quotes for blockquotes or add a few words before.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 09/22/14 at 02:35 PM | #

Thx, Peter.

Posted by Ergon on 09/22/14 at 05:00 PM | #

Somewhat tangential but this is a nice piece with a great quote from Jung which AK and RS might benefit from reading,  to prepare for the long darkness ahead:

Posted by Odysseus on 09/22/14 at 08:00 PM | #

Rita Ficarra’s notes say that Knox “lastly informed” them of Rudy Guede and that he visited the cottage maybe once.

Knox names Rudy last for good reason. She is being economical with the truth. She puts the most important figure last while naming Swiss Peter and several men who were no way involved in the crime at the top of her list.

Knox seems to hint a lot about Sophie Purton, too. She said Juve lived “near Sophie” and that Shaky was a “friend of Sophie”. This is assuming Ficarra’s list describes literally what Amanda said. Was Knox trying to point the police in Sophie’s direction?

IIRC, Rita Ficarra was the police officer Knox kissed in gratitude and the one who caught her doing cartwheels. It seems someone has to reprimand and discipline Knox to gain her respect or affection or on the contrary a Judas kiss.

Knox mentions Lumumba in connection to the Laundromat.

Ficarra writes, “she {Knox} had often seen him near Porta Pesa…next to the Laundromat.” Seems the Laundromat was on Knox’s mind four nights after the crime (unless these are Ficarra’s notes to herself rather than Knox’s exact description).

Knox was writing down an assortment of guys she could implicate and she made no written note by Patrick’s name that he was shady or scary or that she was afraid of him. He was just one among an entire list until he was chosen to be the scapegoat when she thought Sollecito had reneged on his promise to lie for her and perhaps placed her at the scene.

She figured if she placed her black boss there at the scene with her, it would look like she was under the sway of a new boss’s authority and that she had no choice but to lead him to the house at his request. She could say she never fully realized his intentions. She would suggest that she was a victim of Lumumba’s lust for the roommate whom he had met at his bar through Amanda. She would insist that she couldn’t stop the crime from occurring without endangering her own life, that she was in fear of her life. Or that she was not aware of what kind of crime if any was transpiring behind the closed door until it was too late.

She thought she was safe as long as she could convince police she was hiding in the kitchen covering her ears and trembling. The DNA findings in the aftermath could be excused as a forced cleanup she did under pressure strong-armed by Lumumba. She hadn’t thought through that entire story yet. With the story of her boss as big meanie who would the police believe? Her, not him.

Knox couldn’t realize that the police after hearing this bombshell saw that she had been lying her head off by first pretending not to know anything, pretending she had come to the cottage that morning when in actuality she had been there the night before and knew everything about the murder. For some reason she had hidden her knowledge of her boss killing Meredith while knowing the police were searching for Meredith’s killer!

Being outside the bedroom door was not much of a defense, more like a sophomoric grasping at straws when she panicked and assumed Raf had placed her at the scene. She figured Raf was no doubt reassuring the police that he was across town watching Naruto cartoons. Knox figured it was better to tell the police she was in the cottage but in some innocent capacity, definitely not participating in the crime. It might account for the hard evidence against her and seemed safer than to give police the full explanation.

The police have seen this mentality before: “but officer, I haven’t had a thing to drink. Well, maybe one beer. OK, two beers. All right all right, a bottle of Vodka. Yes, I was drinking all day, maybe 2 bottles and also a 6-pack of beer.”

The lies of a liar slip out one by one, inch by inch. Once Knox had lied about something so devastating, the police knew she was dirty. Also they soon learned Patrick was not even AT the cottage. So Knox must have been there with someone else, most likely her boyfriend who had told them she left his house but he had stayed put at Garibaldi. Of course he’s lying.

That’s why the Marriott talking point of Knox not being inside the murder room was a PR mistake. It was a flashback to Knox’s discarded story.

It wasn’t long before Knox changed the cottage kitchen tale to being snugly cuddled up with loverboy far and away at his apartment, although later even that became fuzzy.

Posted by Hopeful on 09/23/14 at 03:33 AM | #

Hi Hopeful

Exactly so, for the most part. Rita Ficarra’s testimony in full is in the Interrogation Hoax series posts 2 and 3.

We can see that Rita Ficarra was pressed in cross-examination on the extent of the police’s followup on these seven possible perps.

The defenses were presumably pretty disappointed, because Knox and this memo sparked a costly and time-consuming followup by the police of all these new leads. So there was no special bias among them against Knox, or against “Patrik” except the one she initiated.

The one thing I am not quite sure about is whether all that strategic thinking was going on. 😊

For one thing we have heard (not from the cops, from another source) that both she and Sollecito were high that night - the reason RS delayed coming to the questura was to get himself closer to Planet Earth - and if so her brain was in a fog, her behavior throughout the night was very suggestive of that.

And for another, it seems she thought when she was done with the list of 7 names (in that order) she’d be on her way home having won some brownie points.

Then Rita Ficarra gently told her about RS’s new account, the one which hung her out to dry. For a few minutes, she saw no way out, complete ditheration, till the message back to Patrick showed up on her phone.

A godsend landed in her lap! Quick as a heartbeat she changed her tune and laid the blame on him. No brownie point for that; she was headed to be locked up, and by noon in her third statement she was trying to spread the net as is so characteristic of her.

In her two statements she insisted on dictating that night (1:45 and 5:45) she confirmed she did go out, in the first she claimed she was alone, and she put herself and maybe RS at the scene of the crime. No way she can wind back that, because she knew things, such as Meredith’s scream, that nobody not present would know.

In the next several days she and RS were kept apart, but in their statements were increasingly at one another’s throats.

The guiding magistrate, Judge Claudia Matteini, observed the full blast of that and she (not the cops and not Dr Mignini) was the first one in a public statement a couple of days later to take a really firm line (and sustain it through most of 2008), one of so many things the Knox apologists want us all to ignore.

We can see that Judge Matteini ignored Knox’s third note, the handwritten one of 6 November around noon which she handed to Rita Ficarra just before she was carted off to Capanne, though it did Knox no good.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 09/23/14 at 04:08 PM | #

Those who have most to be concerned about, as the truth that demolishes this particular hoax spreads wider and wider, are:

(1) Knox herself, in the contexts of the new charges for the calunnias in her book etc, of her own ECHR Strasbourg appeal largely based on this hoax, and of the requirement that she finally pay Patrick his damages.

(2) The three ex-FBI grandstanders (Moore, Douglas, Clemente) who have expanded this Hoax to an enormous size and by way of their ex-FBI labels have forced their ways onto American TV.

(3) Bruce Fischer’s desperate gang on Ground Report.

Their increasingly heated and mistake-ridden claims are coming up, right after we have finished laying out the full truth about the night.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 09/23/14 at 07:31 PM | #

Selene has written a brilliant article about the PR spin for Elite Daily:

Please tweet and retweet. Thanks.

Posted by The Machine on 09/23/14 at 07:35 PM | #
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