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Sound Familiar? Callous Attacker Who Smirked At Trial Turns Into A Whiny Victim

Posted by Mark

Above, shooting victim popular Yancy Noll, about to do a skydive; killer Dinh Bowman images at bottom

Dinh Bowman has just been sentenced in Seattle. See the before-and-after images at bottom. This is from the KOMO News website

A man who killed another driver in what prosecutors called a random thrill-killing was sentenced to nearly 30 years in prison Friday in King County Superior Court.

The sentencing comes after Dinh Bowman was convicted last month of first-degree murder in the August 2012 shooting of Yancy Noll, 43, a wine steward who was driving home in Seattle. The jury reached its unanimous guilty verdict after deliberating for a little over one day….

Before learning his fate, a sobbing Bowman asked the judge for mercy but didn’t ask his victim’s loved ones for forgiveness

A student at the University of Washington, Bowman seems to have been to the Amanda Knox/Raffaele Sollecito/Steve Moore Crime School.

  • He cleaned up the crime scene (his car)
  • He turned off his cell phone
  • He destroyed evidence.
  • He smirked repeatedly at his trial.
  • He thought he could fool jurors.

He won’t have the opportunity to write a book explaining how he was so much smarter than the law, but he clearly fantasized violence as both Knox and Sollecito did. Again from KomoNews.

The judge said he tended more toward the maximum sentence because of aggravating factors in the killing - what he described as the random nature of the crime, Bowman’s “utter detachment” from the devastation he caused and “absolutely no empathy” for the victim or his family.

Noll was shot four times as he waited at a traffic light and was found dead with his hands still on the steering wheel. Bowman sped away in his own car after the shooting, but he was eventually identified and prosecuted.

Senior King County Deputy Prosecutor Kristin Richardson said the case was “particularly frightening because Yancy Noll could’ve been any of us sitting at a stoplight on our way to work.”

She presented evidence showing that Bowman was a student of murder who read manuals on how to kill and avoid capture.

Richardson said the “Death Dealers Manual” was found on Bowman’s computer, which told how shooting someone in the temple could result in death. Noll was shot in the temple.

Just three hours after the shooting, Richardson told the jury, Bowman was reading reference materials he stored on his computer on ways to avoid arrest. She said he was creating a false identity in the middle of the night after the shooting.

The books failed him. Now the smug thrill-killer Bowman is whiny - and starting nearly 30 years in one of the US’s notoriously tough prisons.

Posted by Mark on 01/07/15 at 03:40 PM in


There is no motive- so he is certainly not guilty!

Really the thing that scares me most is the “lack of empathy”- I think they are missing something in their brains. And such people are not rare.

I feel sick!

Posted by chami on 01/07/15 at 07:07 PM | #

Yep, chami, no motive, just like “Joker” Tsarnaev, just let the guy go home, man, he must be innocent because he is so handsome ...

What really scares me is that in a few short years, some Left Coast dudes are going to reduce his sentence for good manners & hygiene & commitment to the preservation of wildlife in the Columbia Valley, so 30 years is not really 30 years, but more like 10 or 15, so this crying freak will be back on the streets in no time flat considering his age.

Yoko Ono still has to show up at every parole hearing for Mark Chapman (John Lennon’s murderer) and actively oppose the release of the imbecile into the society, which doesn’t appear to be so inconceivable anymore as time passes, poor woman, imagine bumping into the guy at Whole Foods, and then again, after about one hour, at Starbucks ...

Posted by Bjorn on 01/08/15 at 01:11 AM | #

There is a new article on Ground Report, and a few things stick out:

1. Knox frequently argued argued there is no evidence of her in the murder room, (not the entire house).  This goes further, arguing that Guede is the only one who left evidence on Meredith’s body.  (small crime scene).

2. The defense didn’t get access to the forensic data until 2011, which is when Rudy Guede got his deal. Silly Mignini.  If you hadn’t released the data, you wouldn’t have to give Guede the deal.  It clearly worked in the 2009 Massei trial.

3. It was actually correct in that a ‘‘few pieces of paper’’ were enough to push everyone down the rabbit whole.  But I don’t think they were referring to Knox’s statements.

4. I think there was an investigation into the ‘‘interrogations’‘.  Perhaps they should be sent the ‘‘Knox Interrogation Hoax’’ links.

Ground Report could actually be a great satire piece (and fodder for TJMK), but they seem to actually believe in it.

Posted by Chimera on 01/08/15 at 04:14 AM | #

#AmandaKnox supporter MichaelB just libelled the Kercher family on Bruce Fischer’s website Injustice-Anywhere. My response here:

Posted by Ergon on 01/08/15 at 07:04 AM | #

I didn’t get a chance to say thank you to Mark for his otherwise excellent post.

To put things into proper perspective as far as respect for human life goes, below is some info about a case I have been following since the beginning for the simple reason that at the time I was living a short walking distance away from where the crime was committed (home invasion of a well-loved university professor, followed by a tour of ATM’s for cash in the middle of the night, tying up of his wife & kid, killing of the professor who was pleading for his life, setting fire to the house, etc., etc., horror 360 degrees).

Google “Randy Tundidor” or “Joseph Morrissey” (perhaps add “Plantation, Florida” to narrow the search) and you’ll get more information than you may be willing to handle.

The crimes were committed by Randy Tundidor Sr. and Randy Tundidor Jr. (his son, who later testified against his father). There was never any physical evidence linking Tundidor Sr. to the crime, but Mrs. Morrissey (the victim’s wife, who managed to escape) clearly identified Jr. as one of the criminals.

Here’s one link with what Tundidor Jr. had to say:

Starting my short drive to work the morning after the murder, I didn’t know why traffic was so bad on a street that didn’t normally see too many cars: everybody was slowing down to catch a glimpse of the house where it all happened, it was like a quiet procession. (Only after a couple of years did I find the strength to drive closer to the house and see for myself, and it was chilling—Linda Morrissey ended up losing that house, because it had been damaged by the arson, and on top of everything else, there were issues with the insurance company; she lost her husband *and* her home).

In Nov. 2014, Randy Tundidor Sr. was finally sentenced to death:

Notice the relatively short time between committing the crime (April 2010), and the actual sentence (Nov. 2014), the guilty verdict was handed in May 2012, but there were some unsual circumstances that delayed sentencing.

Was justice served? I think so.

Was it enough? Absolutely not, nothing can replace a human life.

Does anyone think it would have been better to put Tundidor Sr. away for “30” years and try to make him see how wrong his actions were? Again, do a little digging in Mr. Tundidor’s past and see what he’s capable of. A death sentence is the only thing that actually stops such criminals from causing further harm, and thankfully there are people who are not afraid to pass it.

Posted by Bjorn on 01/09/15 at 12:20 AM | #

I see that after the brutality in Paris once again the subject of extradition of Individuals who went from the U.S. to fight for ISIS back to the USA for trial has once more been raised. All well and good and good luck in that ever happening. The obvious point here is that the U.S. cannot request an extradition then turn around and deny the Italian request for the extradition of Knox. This is in the same ballpark as “What goes around” etc; Of course If Knox wanted to avoid extradition then all she has to do is commit a crime In the US who would take precedence of course. However that would just delay the inevitable. 82 days till the end of March and counting.

Posted by Grahame Rhodes on 01/09/15 at 08:10 AM | #

Hi, Grahame—Knox committing a crime in the US? That’s impossible, nothing’s a crime anymore around here, except perhaps trying to enforce the law (joking, of course).

Posted by Bjorn on 01/09/15 at 03:46 PM | #

Amanda Knox Grim Reaper countdown clock:

Posted by Mark on 01/09/15 at 05:46 PM | #

Wow ... tough as nails thrill-killer turns into a ‘whiny bitch’?

Wonder what Marriott could have done.  Someone should email him as a crank.

Maybe Dinh Bowman just needed someone to ‘balance the need to have the truth told about his innocence’, with the pesky things the courts and police were saying.

Posted by Chimera on 01/10/15 at 04:42 AM | #
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