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sollecitos DRAFT

Posted by Peter Quennell

About the Sollecito family trial session today. Only one report so far today, this one 20 minutes ago by Adnkronos:

Judge Alberto Avenoso says the case goes to a single judge although he apparently will preside over this issue of Perugia v Bari jurisdiction for the Telenorba component of the case.

Conceivably this might end up being two trials as Perugia does have jurisdiction over the subversion of justice attempts, the family is not arguing against that.

Will Savive has a small update on today’s events of the Sollecito Family Trial with codefendants Telenorba. He has a list of all the charges and who in the family is involved. The hammer will fall mostly on Raffaele’s father and sister. Telenorba will undoubtable also get fined. I think some jail time and a hefty sum is in order due to the nature of the offense. The perversion of justice charges, per Fast Pete, must be a separate part of the trial.
Also for our friends in Canada, the lifetime movie Lifetime movie Amanda Knox: Murder on Trial in Italy makes its debut on Sunday May 1 at 6 p.m. ET on Slice. Stay tuned. Projected network TV interviews with Amanda, for reasons beyond their control, have experienced considerable delays.

Today, the family members of Raffaele Sollecito faced their first day in court. Raffaele’s family: Francesco Sollecito (his father), Vanessa Sollecito (his sister), Mara Papagni (his stepmother) Giuseppe Sollecito (his uncle) and Sara Achille (his aunt) all from Bari have been charged with leaking a crime scene video out of the 10,000-plus pages plus of evidence and exhibits to Telenorba, a Bari television station. The charges are as follows: defamation, invasion of privacy, and publication of arbitrary acts of a criminal case.

The prosecutors are Giuliano Mignini and Manuela Handy; the judge is Alberto Avena; the Sollecito defense team consists of Marco Brusco, Francesco Crisis, Luca Maori and Donatella Donati; and the Kercher family (along with their lawyer, Francesco Maresca) is civil party to the trial and damages could be awarded to them if the defendants are found guilty.

The video included deeply upsetting close-ups of Meredith’s uncovered body and the wounds to her neck. It was later re-broadcast by the state network RAI throughout Italy. Vanessa Sollecito was fired from the Carabinieri late in 2009 for her involvement in this attempt to manipulate politicians.

During today’s proceedings, the Sollecito defense team raised an objection regarding issues of jurisdiction. Judge Avena postponed the hearing until 27 June 2011, at which time this matter will be decided.


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