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Sollecito Takes On A New Lawyer To Help Him Work His Way Past The Minefield That Is His Book

Posted by Peter Quennell

Raffaele Sollecito retained Alfredo Brizioli after he burned his trial lawyers in his book

Both Sollecito’s book and Knox’s book seem to have the primary purpose of poisoning public opinion against the courts.

The serious charges Sollecito and Knox will probably face for those books are of three kinds: (1) the contempt-of-court misrepresentation of the Italian justice system itself; (2) the obstruction-of-justice twisting of the evidence in the case; and (3) the claims of crimes committed by numerous career police and prosecution officials.

If false, in effect a gigantic frame-up that leaves Knox’s framing of Patrick in the dust.

At the eighth session of the Florence appeal court back in January, Giulia Bongiorno engaged in a day-long summation which was peculiar, to say the least.

Like Sollecito and Knox in their books, Giulia Bongiorno seemed to be attempting to put the justice system and investigation and prosecution in the dock.

If false, another gigantic frame-up that leaves Knox’s framing of Patrick in the dust.

Bongiorno’s rant didnt seem to help Sollecito in undermining any of the hard evidence in the case, and it left the judges visibly unmoved. But it was notable how closely it resembled the rants on the justice system and its officials by Sollecito himself in his book. See the examples in the post below.

There are some complex later passages in Sollecito’s book and some recurring themes that we will analyse which would seem impossible for Sollecito to write about in such detail without the extensive help of a lawyer who was in the court.

Who precisely was that?

Reports from Italy now state that Alfredo Brizioli, not Giulia Bongiorno, will be the lawyer the Sollecitos choose to respond to the investigating prosecutor’s report on the book. Perhaps Mr Brizioli (who right now is himself on trial for obstruction of justice in another case) can try to negotiate a way for his client to spread the blame before the charges are set in stone.

The Sollecitos seem weak. Alfredo Brizioli seems weak. Giulia Bongiorno seems weak. And Knox also seems weak - if Sollecito is ever going to back away from Knox (perhaps to try to claim the final murderous stab of Meredith was solely Knox’s crazed idea) there is just this one last chance.

We in no way favor Sollecito getting off lightly without recanting. We do want to point to the potential fireworks a smart prosecution has engineered that might help achieve this.

Although there was a sort of bidding war for both books, not every publisher, having seen what was to be in them, was eager to join in. Some did sit on the sidelines. 

Withdrawing the two books ASAP might be the smart move. The mood in the book industry in New York, where both publishers have their HQ’s, seems to be that that move could be the wisest.


True, but it still will be Bongiorno and Maori filing an appeal to the Supreme Court within 45 days of the Nencini Report, right?

Posted by Ergon on 04/10/14 at 06:26 AM | #

Hi Ergon.

Sure. No change there that we know of. As you know the possible Cassation-appeal grounds are minimalist, although Knox at least seems to be expecting more from it.

Even here though I wonder if the RS family might have wondered if they had chosen the best horse for the course. Cassation work is specialised and there are good lawyers in Italy who do nothing else but work at that level and tend to win more points than Bongiorno there.

It looks to me like Judge Nencini was extending a small olive branch to RS simply in return for his showing up at the appeal and making a statement which for once did not impugn anyone.

Then Bongiorno seems to have bitten Nencini’s hand off! She should probably have counselled RS on the legal implications of the book - once it was done she could have demanded to sit down and read it. There was to be an Italian version of the book and a translation was done so his whole legal team could have read it in Italian.

Here is how the final credits read, with Bongiorno not front and center, though that could of course just be Gumbel.

[page 263]


I would like to thank everyone who stood by me during my long and difficult journey. Many people’s lives were changed by the horrific miscarriage of justice that Amanda and I went through, and while we and our loved ones went through hell, the experience also led to many friendships and associations between people who might never have met otherwise. All of them helped me keep my desire for truth and justice alive. The list is long, so I apologize in advance to anyone I may inadvertently have left out.

I want to offer my deepest thanks to my family, who always stayed close to me in mind and heart and spirit, who fought for me and encouraged me never to give up hope. Foremost among them is my father, Francesco Sollecito, who always listened to me and fought from the beginning to stand by what I was saying, which was the truth. Even in my darkest moments I could always count on the moral support of my aunts, Magda and Dora Sollecito, my stepmother Marisa Papagni, my uncles Alfonso Colamaria and Enrico Errico, and my cousins Stefania, Giuseppe, and Carmela. Then there are those who, beyond that support, worked tirelessly on the case: my father, my sister Vanessa, my uncle Giuseppe Sollecito, my aunt Sara Achille, my cousin Annamaria, and my cousin Raffaele Sollecito. I also want to thank you, Mamma, for watching over me and protecting me always. I love you.

[page 264]

I’ve been blessed with many dear old friends who also stood by me, corresponded with me and shared my emotional ups and downs: Corrado Tridente and his family, Paolo Genovese and his family, Milko Desantis, Mariano Demartino and his family, the Marrano family, Marika Galizia, the Mastroviti family, Damiano Stefano, Rita Bonserio, Andrea Gennaro Palmieri, Angelo Cirillo, Teresa D’Angelico, Francesca Amatulli, Gabriele and Francesca Traverso and their family, Mario Mastropasqua, Valeria Degennaro, Francesca Murolo, Gianfranco Chetta, Claudia Quercia, Fabrizio Siffredi, Ana Gomèz Cortèz, Maite Olmos Ureta, Silvia Parenti, the staff of the newspaper La Piazza di Giovinazzo, Paolo Coppa and his family, Francesco and Roberto De Robertis, Enrico Tedeschi, Lillino and Mariateresa D’Erasmo, and Don Michele Fiore.

Some friends not only corresponded with me but found ways to come and visit me in prison. They include Saverio Binetti, Corrado Decandia, Francesco Marrano, Antonella Petruzzella, Giovanni Stufano, Erica Milillo, Miriam Massari, Marta Marianna Modugno, Raffaele Mastroviti, Silvia Musarò, Bishop Luigi Martella, Don Raffaele Gramegna, Sergio Pisani, and Gabriella Marcandrea.

Along the way I acquired many supporters who, over time and many exchanges of letters, have become true friends themselves. Among them: Gilbert Baumgartner, Michael Krom, Maria Luigia Alessandrini, Joe Santore, Jessica Nichols, Chris and Edda Mellas, Madison Paxton, Cassandra Knox, Deanna Knox, Elisabeth Huff, Shirley Anne Mather, J. Tappan Menard, Martin Speer, Jason Leznek, Eric Volz, Steve and Michelle Moore, Leslie Calixto, Laura Buchanan Kane, Larry Kells, Jerry and Sue Alexander, Steven David Bloomberg, Eve Applebaum-Dominick, Francisco di Gennaro and Anna Rella, and Nigel Scott. Other supporters I’d like to acknowledge include Angela Benn, Karen Pruett, Judge Michael Heavey,

[page 265]

Sunshine Tsalagi, Janet Burgess, Alexander Jackson, Maria Alamillo, Candace Dempsey, Paul Smyth, Patrick King, Joe Starr, Mario Spezi, Douglas Preston, Mark Waterbury, Bruce Fisher, David D. Kamanski, Jerry Morgan, Bruce Locke, Jodie Leah, Michael Scadron, Pawel Bukowski, Michael Smith, Jake Holmes, Michael Rabold, Bern Vogt, Joe Bishop, Kate Lee and Willie Grey, Diana Navaro Botero, June Easterly O’Brien, Margaret Ralf, Werner Gompertz, Anthony Giorgianni, Terrie Connell, Colin Connaughton, Dave Tupper, Dale Gridalt, Hayes Whitt, Hilde Conradi, Charlotte Olson, Rebecca Springer-Seeman, Raymond and Betty, L. Schwab, Jim and James Rocca, and Colleen Conroy.

I was lucky to have a crack legal team who showed their devotion to the truth and, in some cases, did not even request payment. The team of lawyers and consultants included Adriano Tagliabracci, Francesco Vinci, Bruno Pellero, Francesco Introna, Giulia Bongiorno, Maurizio Parisi, Daniela Rocchi, Luca Maori, Donatella Donati, Marco Brusco, Aldo Poggioni, Delfo Berretti, Tiziano Tedeschi, and Antonio D’Ambrosio.

A special thank-you goes to Professor Alfredo Milani, who is not only a wonderful person but also a great friend and was a key part of the defense on computer-related issues.

Heartfelt thanks, finally, to my literary manager, Sharlene Martin of Martin Literary Management and everyone at Simon & Schuster—in particular, Louise Burke, Jennifer Bergstrom, Tricia Boczkowski, and Alexandra Lewis—who made this book possible and gave me the vehicle to tell the world what really happened.

I wonder if all those are so happy to see their name there now the book is a prosecutor’s target? Might some of them make a request to withdraw it?

Posted by Peter Quennell on 04/10/14 at 11:31 AM | #

Interesting Sollecito is not using Bongiorno to help him fight these latest charges.

By all accounts it took a great effort to get her onboard to defend him for the murder of Meredith Kercher in the first place.

Perhaps she turned him down or perhaps her position is untenable due to the fact that she contributed to his book and by default is the architect of the attacks on the Italian justice authorities, the prosecution and just about everyone else involved in the case against her client.

Although Sollecitos attacks on the above do come across as the rantings of a spoilt brat who has had his ass smacked or a rebellious adolescent, I believe Bongiorno could have tweaked quite a few things in his book.

She certainly hasn’t given any counsel regarding any legal aspect.

We all know Bongiorno will stop at nothing to bend and twist things out of shape, what with dragging two serious criminals into court for Sollecitos defence - including one who had killed a child with a shovel amongst many other things. She sure is not short of dirty tricks.

Her final summation at appeal in which she was grimacing and baring her teeth while theatrically waving a kitchen knife around looking not unlike a whirling Dervish, left a lot of people thinking she is indeed unhinged.

I do believe (and think it probable) that if Sollecito does respond in the 20 or so days he has left, it will not be favourable to her.

Posted by DF2K on 04/10/14 at 03:02 PM | #

i doubt Bongiorno contributed to this cr++ book full of lies.

Posted by Popper on 04/10/14 at 04:40 PM | #

“Framing for Dummies” - another pot-boiler from the archetypal degenerate duo? 

We knew they are total sociopaths but don’t they have even the slightest glimmer of shame between them -:)

Posted by Odysseus on 04/10/14 at 05:23 PM | #

Odysseus that’s the hallmark of both sociopaths and psychopaths they do not experience shame or guilt.

Posted by Sarah on 04/10/14 at 09:11 PM | #

Although that is broadly true, there is an important differentiation between experiencing one’s own shame, and experiencing guilty feelings. Shame is actually of a deep-rooted and complex nature…

Posted by SeekingUnderstanding on 04/10/14 at 10:42 PM | #

Another title could be

“The Insouciance of total denial”

Posted by Grahame Rhodes on 04/11/14 at 03:01 AM | #

I see that the tide is slowly turning against Knox and Sollecito. The full deluge of condemnation will come when the court report is finally released. I predict that there will be a fantastic backlash against Knox and company because nobody wants to be made a fool of. These idiots, Chris Mellas/Curt Knox for example, should have known that by promoting Knox as the victim that eventually there would be a huge swing in public opinion against them. I see it already. There is so much misconception out there in the US particularly that they can’t win in the end. It would not surprise me at all if Bongioro had pulled the plug herself thereby distancing herself from a lost cause.

Posted by Grahame Rhodes on 04/11/14 at 05:08 AM | #

Hi Grahame

I think the framing felonies in the two books (there are several in each) may be the ultimate wedge.

Knox & Sollecito may not have written every word but those framing lies are too elaborate and too key and they HAD to know there were in there and were simply made up.

Now a number of people have been associated with those felony framings and may have legal targets on their own backs. They are bound to want to know what the real truth is.

The Kerchers have pushed for the real truth, so have the prosecutors, so have some of the media, so have we, many times.

Now too will be many of the pair’s friends.

It is much harder to stonewall people who could fear felony charges and prison for chaining themselves to the two and giving a lot of money and time.

You are right (and Popper above) Bongiorno may be in a very angry let-down mood - but not least because it was HER job to stop crazy claims in crazy books from a crazy pair from blasting out of the water the remnants of her strategy for the defense.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 04/11/14 at 03:38 PM | #

#amandaknox supporter thinks Italy won’t request extradition next year due to political considerations

I disagree.

Posted by Ergon on 04/11/14 at 07:40 PM | #

As is my want, and from time to time, I surf the web to see what the pro Knox organization is up to. I looked more closely at the photo of Knox at the news conference at Sea Tac Airport after she was returned to the US. It’s on the ‘Wins Privacy Case’ which is on the Christian Post. (Why the business section I don’t know but then Knox is a business after all.) Then, considering that, I noticed who is behind her. It’s Curt Knox doing his famous Svengali impersonation, and if you look closely you can see the strings he’s pulling by telling Knox what to do. In this case its “Try to cry at least out of one eye.” Thereby creating solace for the ever diminishing group of supporters and fair weather friends.

Posted by Grahame Rhodes on 04/11/14 at 07:43 PM | #

Hi Grahame

We have several images which could be the one you mean. The family group was all sitting for others speakers, Curt Knox is standing behind her in these. I think they knew it was all a pack of cards and monkey business had been done.


There was a lot Knox wasnt told - and a lot she couldnt tell in return - when in Capanne.

Curt Knox actually said that. Knox moved in with her mom Edda for a very few days but then was outta there like a rabbit and into a place in downtown Seattle. Why was that?

It always seemed to me Knox’s welcome home was not 100% pure joy. We got a lot of reports she was “secretly” staying further south for a while when Sollecito was there.

Edda and Chris turned up for this triumphalist binge on Vashon Island (the relatively rural island west of West Seattle) but it was very noticeable that Curt was not there.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 04/11/14 at 09:49 PM | #

I see now the story to which Grahame refers.

Why only this one report? The reason I think is they wont want a lot of attention to what happened here.

The diary was offered around widely with no holds barred, including to us, and it was from this that the frame emerged - that the doctors or Mignini had ASKED for the list and then handed it to the media in malice.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 04/11/14 at 10:36 PM | #

The latest news from Seattle:—Ive-been-so-hated-for-so-long-254939071.html

Posted by Hungarian. on 04/11/14 at 11:12 PM | #

Thank you Peter.
As you reported Knox moved in with Edda (According to Curt Knox) and then was

“Out of there like a rabbit, to downtown Seattle”

OK. Which suggests to me that when Amanda Knox went to Italy in the first place I think her mother and Chris Mellas were only too glad to see the back of her. I base this upon several point including, but not limited to, the photo of Edda confronting Knox in the court room and Curt Knox’s slip that his daughter was out of there in double quick time. I see no love lost at all between mother/father/stepfather and daughter. After all Knox has a history doing what she wants and getting away with it. Drunken party in Seattle and the break in prank while she was in school plus her sexual activities which did not start in Italy. It does not take much to envision her parents being pissed off with her smelly/slutty existence, after all she didn’t turn into a boring annoying untalented loser later to become a thief (Merediths rent money) then a murderer over night.

Posted by Grahame Rhodes on 04/12/14 at 12:46 AM | #

Brizioli to defend Sollecito’s book of lies? He will have a tough job.

Books of lies and false alibis. The sociopaths continue to be themselves, afraid of the truth and aiming in their books to put the justice system on trial for the crimes they themselves committed.

Colossal impudence, may it receive the proper punishment. Let’s hope Nencini is writing a steel-trap document.

Posted by Hopeful on 04/12/14 at 05:07 AM | #

Her expression looks kind of scary in that photo above.

Posted by believing on 04/12/14 at 06:50 AM | #

Kudos to whoever designed the ‘Framing for Dummies’ above!

Spot on!

Posted by thundering on 04/12/14 at 06:03 PM | #
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