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So What Can Seattle Offer Visitors That Arrive From Perugia? Fish Throwing!

Posted by Peter Quennell

This is a serious art form. All Seattle’s own. Seattle readers are very welcome to explain.

Images here of the terrific Pike’s Place Market in downtown Seattle (with its back incongruously to the sea - well, to the smallish bay off Puget Sound that goes by the name of Seattle harbor) because the Commune of Perugia still runs a an English-language web page promoting the tourism of Seattle.

Where is the fun at in Seattle? The real answer is everywhere, but just to name a few”¦.  The Pike Place Market is a must see, and trust that you won’t want to experience it just once.

It is nicknamed the “Soul of Seattle” for good reason.  With a never ending selection of food, including giant artichokes, specialty wines, and fresh fish caught from the sea that morning, let your taste buds lead the way.

Restaurants surround the market specializing in any type of food that you are craving, including several Italian restaurants.  You won’t go home hungry.

In between sampling every food there is to offer, you can watch the street musicians as well as visit any of the quirky shops that have everything from a store selling only books for women to a store that sells solely magic tricks.

If it is your first time visiting the market, consider signing up for the “Chef’s Tour of the Market” where some of Seattle’s top chefs lead groups through the market for a tour and follow up by taking the group back to their very own restaurant to cook lunch with the items they purchased on the tour.

To learn more about the market and the fun it has to offer, check out the website at http://www.pikeplacemarket.org/

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By NYC standards those prices dont seem that cheap. Maybe better to keep them that way though so there is something left in the sea.

The Mediterranean is not a particularly rich sea. Something to do with not enough plankton. The coast where the Costa Concordia beached is said to have some good underwater life.

When I was cruising back from the Pacific three months ago I took a route up the Columbia River valley from Oregon through a corner of Washington State to Idaho and so on through Montana. That river and that valley are way wider and more spectacular than I expected.

There is a series of controversial dams which interfere with the salmon breeding - they want to go inland for hundreds of miles - so the dams have some “ladders” to help. At the first dam I stopped and there was a lot to see with the hydro and so on.

I went down in the elevator to a large underwater room where the windows open onto the big square pools that make up the ladders. The water is really churning in there - it flows down maybe seven miles an hour and the fish can swim and jump at about ten.

The crowd sits there watching the huge beautiful fish getting up the energy and speed to make another jump. The crowd sit in rows as if they are in church and not very many people speak.

Withing a week or two those huge beautiful fish will have spawned, and then almost all of them will be dead.

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Posted by Miriam on 01/24/12 at 08:15 PM | #

Thanks Miriam. So Amanda says she loves Italy asnd will return for her parents’ calunnia trial. If she encounters another besotted judge she might pull this one off as well. Due first is the prosecution appeal and the Sollecito family trial.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 01/24/12 at 08:26 PM | #

So the unlucky walls of the Court in Perugia have to listen to a new witness, next March 30th.
Asinus asinum fricat.

Posted by ncountryside on 01/25/12 at 03:43 PM | #

As strip malls, franchise restaurants and Walmarts homogenise the American landscape, unique features such as our Pike Place Market, become even more precious treasures. The Market is a must see for anyone who visits Seattle, and should be at the least an annual pilgrimage for the locals! I suppose that if you were an American stranded abroad for many months (and not incarcerated) that a bout of homesickness could be happily remedied by the familiar sight of a Starbucks (thank you, Seattle) or a McDonald’s (no thank you, Ronald). But I resist the homogenisation. What is the point of travel at all, if everywhere looks, smells and tastes the same?

So SHE wants to go back to Perugia. I say let her. She may love Italy, but she may find few there, if any, who love her. Let her speak on the witness stand. Has she learned how to say “ludicrous” in Italian?

Posted by mimi on 01/26/12 at 12:08 AM | #
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