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So The Trial Date IS Postponed, Now It’s 16 January

Posted by Peter Quennell

This is a translation of the report from La Stampa.

Meredith process, hearing postponed

Amanda and Raffaele have to answer to the charge of murder

The case against Amanda and Raffaele is postponed to allow for the reading of additional investigations carried out by the Public Prosecutor

Postponed to January 16, 2009, is the hearing for the murder of Meredith Kercher, which initiates the trialproceedings against Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito, who are accused of murder in the taunting and violence against American student (Rudy Guede has already been sentenced to 30 years jis trial having been expedited, ed.)

The presiding judge, Giancarlo Massei, deferred the opening session to enable the parties to get to know the contents of the additional investigations carried out by the prosecutor of Perugia. Tomorrow is the deadline for the submission of lists and texts that will amount to a total of about a hundred.

And a brief summary of some of the other recent developments in the case….

  • A witness who knew her claims to have seen Amanda Knox in a supermarket early on the day after the crime

  • A second witness claims to have heard a scream on the evening of the crime, this one stating a precise time

  • A witness claims to have seen Knox, Sollecito and Guede together previously - if so, they did know one another

  • A cut was apparently seen on Knox’s neck by another house resident; autopsy and scenario are being reviewed

  • A fund-raising event in Seattle apparently raised $11,000 to help defray Knox’s parents’ defense and travel costs

  • And a Kercher family request for a closed-door trial - permitted in Italy for sex crimes - is now being reviewed

One of the great areas of conjecture is whether the alleged defendants actually pre-planned an assault on Meredith.  Or whether it was perhaps just a taunt, one that took on a deadly spiral.

There was an apparent simultaneous switching-off of their mobiles earlier in the evening, for a reason not so far explained. And now an apparent prior three-way relationship between the two charged and the one sentenced? This does not look good.


What is perhaps the most bizarre reading on the internet right now?

One of the main ridiculers of witnesses is wondering why so many new witnesses are coming forward right now.

Perhaps intimidation and a fear of publicity just ain’t working any more?

Some sort of critical-mass momentum to get the truth out seems in motion.

Posted by Fast Pete on 11/25/08 at 03:56 PM | #

Fast Pete - regardless of the particular facts of this case it’s axiomatic in any criminal trial anywhere that witnesses who come forward immediately have more credibility than those who’ve waited and absorbed all sorts of media coverage in the meantime. In particular this sighting of a wound on Amanda’s neck would have been much more helpful to prosecutors if mentioned at the time.

Posted by MikeMCSG on 11/25/08 at 05:57 PM | #

Mike, I absolutely agree about the coming forward early giving more credibility. But check out the reasons they are giving for not coming forward earlier.

If the witnesses feet uncomfortable, should they not be heard at all? That could be a real red flag to some defense campaigns.

For the record, the judge in the Guede trial dismissed the testimony of one witness. Frankly, what he actually saw, if anything, had always puzzled a lof of us.

But apparently he is still on the witness list for the second trial and the police and prosecution are still confident that it was not nothing he saw.

Of course only one witness seems to have mattered in the first trial - the neighbor who seems to have heard a scream and then running.

What mattered was physical evidence from the crime scene and the autopsy.

Posted by Fast Pete on 11/25/08 at 06:13 PM | #

Interesting to read here, and elsewhere, about the possible cut on Amanda’s neck. I’ve always wondered if it was significant that Raffaele was wrapped up in a scarf in the press pictures taken after the murder.

Posted by Liz on 11/25/08 at 07:03 PM | #

Hey, did anyone else notice how Knox and Sollecito both wore exactly the same shades of blue and white tops for their 26th September court appearance?
Is this a court requirement? If not, then it’s quite an odd coincidence (what are the chances of that?). Does anyone think / heard / know if this is some sort of a code between them to communicate something to each other (like, sticking to the original version of the story, etc.)?

Posted by Socrates42 on 11/25/08 at 07:57 PM | #

If true the cut is interesting. Could it be a wound inflicted by Meredith in self-defence (no other evidence to support this yet)? Or possibly that Amanda went through some act voluntarily that Meredith then baulked at ?

Posted by MikeMCSG on 11/25/08 at 09:29 PM | #

I’ll reserve judgement about how credible these new witnesses are until I read their testimonies. I don’t think it’s a startling revelation that somebody saw Amanda Knox, Raffaele Sollecito and Rudy Guede together before Meredith’s murder.

The forensic evidence places ALL three of them in Meredith’s bedroom on the night of the murder. Rudy admits all three were there at the cottage when Meredith was murdered and Amanda herself admitted she was there in her handwritten note to the police on 6 November.

Whilst it remains to be seen how credible the new witnesses are, it’s abundantly clear that Amanda and Raffaele have no credibility whatsoever as witnesses after they have given multiple alibis and lied deliberately and repeatedly.

Posted by The Machine on 11/25/08 at 10:00 PM | #

I agree.

This video sums up nicely - jokes aside - how unreliable Knox is and how utterly pathetic her lying attempts are:-


Posted by Socrates42 on 11/25/08 at 10:17 PM | #

MikeMCSG, if the Italian media have this right, Laura reported Amanda’s cut on the neck early on. I think there is actually a shot of it out there somewhere.

Posted by Fast Pete on 11/25/08 at 10:24 PM | #

That is a cold, remorseless and rather brilliant video rant that Socrates42 linked to above.

Made in November 2007. Not by an Amanda fan, one would have to presume. The quality of the pro-Amanda material put out has not been on a high plane. A good site would have done more for her than the teddy bears.

Posted by Fast Pete on 11/25/08 at 10:37 PM | #

I find Frank Sfarzo’s latest post on his blog Perugia Shock to be highly offensive and truly disgusting as it features a picture of Amanda Knox with an undisguised baby/toddler who is even named.

I do not know what the Internet laws are for this, but here in Spain it is strictly forbidden for any medium to feature a photograph of a child that is not disguised or has parental agreement.

Italy being a member of the EU should have the same laws.

The reason for this is to not only protect the privacy of children but to also not to expose their images to potential perverts.

It is also highly inappropriate to feature a picture of a little girl on a blog that deals with murder, gore, swearing, sex orgies and drugs.

It is surely not beyond the abilities of Frank to crop the picture, showing Amanda Knox only, or is the aim to try and fool us all by projecting an angelic image of AK at the expense of the little girl.

If it is a case of the parents agreeing to this photo on such a blog then it is equally abhorrent, but not surprising, as clearly the AK supporters group/family will sink to any depths to mask the truth of her guilt.

Fast Pete, would you give this a Grade Z?

Posted by Jools on 11/26/08 at 12:14 AM | #

Oh but Jools,

Frank sees himself above everyone and everything.
That type of haughtiness seem to run in certain families.

He too is one of these who is in it for his own ends, what he seems to enjoy is the make-believe position of being powerful above all others, not accepting what someone else says if they truly challenge him, he also censors when someone is humbly more intelligent than he is (like Kermit).

He actually imagines he knows more than anyone else, more than the police, doctors, lawyers, journalists, public.
That is what a blog does for him.

What I would like to see investigated is how he gets his info.

Because of his info he seems to think he is some kind of God.

Posted by Central Scrutinizer on 11/26/08 at 11:46 AM | #

Translation by Damian of Corriere article with two extracts from Amanda Knox’s diary,

She talks only of her own suffering

‘Obviously, Chris is getting on my nerves because he’s an asshole and so I had to go away. I said sorry to mum after I went away while they were putting the tent up but I don’t plan on staying to hear that I’m an obtuse retard. When I’m responsible for what’s around me (when mum says I can) I don’t vent my frustrations on the people I love the most. So yesterday I got a bit drunk and called Seliber and DJ. I can’t wait to see them both. They are my boys. I love them. What I really should be doing is study because there’s still a bit of light. I tried last night but soon stopped because I’d like to avoid the weight of the glasses. And I was tired. And I was drunk. I go back and forwards drunk. It’s fun but there are better ways of enjoying yourself which aren’t harmful to your physical and emotional health. “


‘And so I’m at the police station now, after a long day spent telling how I was the first person to arrive at the house and to find my flatmate dead. The strange thing is that all I want to do now is write a song about this. It would be the first song that I’ve written and it would be about someone who died in a horrible way for no reason. How morbid is that? I’m starving. And I’d really like to say that I could kill for a pizza but it just doesn’t seem right. Laura and Filomena are pretty shocked. Raffaele too. I’m angry. At the start I was scared, then sad, then confused then really pissed and now…I don’t know. I can’t concentrate. I didn’t see her body and I didn’t see her blood and so it almost seems like it didn’t happen. But it happened, in the room right next to mine. The blood was in the bathroom I used to have a shower today. The front door was open because of the wind and now I haven’t got a house and am without a person that was part of my life and I don’t know what to do or think.’

Posted by Central Scrutinizer on 11/26/08 at 05:37 PM | #

Thanks CS. She’s so totally unaware. I have long thought they had to have noticed there was something peculiar about her before she left Seattle.

Maybe it’s because they believe she’s unbalanced and they didnt help her and may very well have hurt her (the stepfather really called her an obtuse retard?) that they’re pulling out all the stops.

The wrong stops, though. The crime scene was depraved. Meredith died horribly. Only a mental defense would have a chance of winning some points.

Posted by Fast Pete on 11/26/08 at 07:55 PM | #

I’ve always said there might be something that is being hidden about family life. My idea has always been that the relationship of Amanda Knox’s mother with Chris Mellas is not too healthy, being so because he is not legally old enough to be a blood father. So it is rather strange to see a person who could be Amanda Knox’s brother keep on saying my daughter, this my daughter, that.

Amanda Knox has a real father, and it seems he has not been right out of the picture. Amanda’s mother may have been alone bringing up two daughters and needed, humanly, a partner. But I know through experience and common everyday knowledge/sense, that it can create havoc in a household when a male enters the family home, the home though being the mother’s and the children’s home too.

A man often does not see how he looks in the eyes of children, it is to them often like an invasion, especially if he tries without there being a need to replace the real father.

It seems to me this person Melas has been doing that. And it seems Amanda Knox did not like him.

What she said in this diary, though half is insane, the second bit, the first bit seems to have been written earlier and shows how she felt about Mellas, and by saying she did not take her frustrations out on the ones she loved means she was saying Mellas did, and that is partly why she apparently disliked him. She may not have taken her frustration out on people, but it seems somewhere along the line that might have changed and she surely did take all of her frustrations out on Meredith.

Much of Amanda Knox’s writing (I always have to write their full names, and even half the name as in Amanda is not okay with me as I in no way wish to sound familiar and matey with these people this is why, the full name is the only way to go when addressing these people) is contrived, she being aware it will be read. But the bit about Mellas, that was written before Italy, I think.

Those are two different bits taken out of that diary.

It just goes to show how this character Mellas is. After the murder he has been online behaving like a silly child, making things look even worse.

Look at the Sollecitos. At least they have shut their mouths for once, they know it is no game, and they can’t play that game of trying to undermine everything Italian.

It seems thoroughly disgusting what certain individuals have done and I mean Dempsey, the Seattle judge, the TV lawyer, the Tacopino, the idiotic Wilkes, and also Amanda Knox’s own family, Knox is lucky that Mr Mellas has not had the opportunity to show his bacon neck on TV, it’s bad enough with her not very enlightened parents.

It is perhaps pitiful as a state of affairs for them, but sympathies stop when you see their strategy being put to work, they also are not innocent, not when they act in twisted ways, even if your daughter is locked up, within the context of murder and lies told, it is shocking to see the things they’ve tried, there is no excuse for that behaviour.

They are lying to themselves.

See the word retard, well that is the one that Mellas seems to have been using again and again when insulting people under his various identities online.

But he used to call Amanda Knox it too.

And online he’s been acting like he is her big pal, but in truth, he was no friend at all because Knox did not like him. So there was friction there where Knox was in fact not happy with her mum being with a man who Knox considered an asshole.

This really tells the tale now.

I just knew it.

And he hated it when I slagged him off by pointing to the fact as I perceived it that it was not normal of him to keep calling Amanda Knox his daughter, he is no older than Knox than Knox’s mother is older than Mellas.

If he had been Amanda Knox’s biological father he would have had to have fathered her at 12 or 13 years of age, so it is simply unconvincing of him to push his way into that family and try acting like some big father figure, maybe part of this is why Knox wanted to get right out of the way and part of why Meredith was murdered, there were things badly wrong at home.

Maybe Mellas mistreated Knox’s mother and Amanda Knox hated him for that.

Amanda Knox probably did not want her mother to be with him.

Maybe away from home all the frustrations came out and she acted just like Mellas behaved when he’d boss Amanda’s mother about.

Amanda Knox became like him.

His bad behaviour got into Amanda Knox and grew as she had been exposed to him in her tender years, meaning, as a pre-pubescent adolescent.

Posted by Central Scrutinizer on 11/26/08 at 09:40 PM | #

Hi CS,

This translation by Damian of AK’s diary is from this Corriere della Sera article about a book written by Fiorenza Sarzanini.

She mentions that the diary starts from the 6th August. I have made a translation of the first paragraph of the Angel Face diary.



When they arrested you, in your bag they found three blocks notebooks. They are your diaries. No one has ever read. It contains your most secret thoughts, your thoughts, and your fantasies.

“Exercise book in light green color”, is in the police report listing the seized items on file. Start from 6 August 2007, prior to your arrival in Perugia, before the start of these two months, that to run through them now seem more intense than a whole lifetime.

They are dense pages of notes used to rebuild your complex personality, your desires, and your vices. Alcohol, sex.

There is the story telling of a few days camping with your family, apparently normal vacation, this does not keep you from going to leave.

Posted by Jools on 11/27/08 at 12:18 AM | #

CS + Jools, this prison diary excerpt appears like it might be intensely illuminating. But who wrote what Jools translated?

It reads to me like Fiorenza Sarzanini is sitting there with Amanda Knox and reading or summarizing her diary back to her.

Is that the context? Is Fiorenza Sarzanini conducting an interview? Here is how the diary first began to trickle out:

http://www.newsweek.com/id/94993/page/1  One of Barbie Nadeau’s excellent reports from Rome, by the way. An A for that.

Posted by Fast Pete on 11/27/08 at 12:35 AM | #

My god…“The strange thing is that all I want to do now is write a song about this”

Amanda Knox is definitely mentally ill I have also thought this for a long time and believe her friends and family just dismissed the symptoms they must have seen in her as being good old “wacky” Amanda.

Normal people simply do not burst out into song at the top of their voice while sat at a restaurant table having a meal with people who they hardly knew, shocking and embarasing them.

There is one person who knew about her mental illness I believe. Her mother. The spontaneous blubbering we see every single time she appears on TV is her guilt coming out.

She knows… she is living a guilt trip now.

Posted by Deathfish2000 on 11/27/08 at 04:11 AM | #

Yes Pete it seems like that to me too.

Though seeing how scatty Knox is, I can imagine her in one of her so-called sketches talking as if she is someone else, but to herself.

The translation by Damian sure does show something that the family have been hiding, but others knew. I certainly knew something more than the murder was being hidden.

Murder wouldn’t just come from nowhere like that.

It is an explosion of warped-mindedness coming out, perhaps after years of tension.

Now, if you imagine that the truth is, Knox was very unhappy with this Mellas person, and found it very frustrating because her own mother chose to be with him.

It may then be possible to see where some of Knox’s anger came from/comes from, because the anger was there, she was bubbling up and I don’t mean like champagne.

In all of the photos of her, before the murder too, there is a certain look about her, a nervous look.

So she was walking about anyway, at a certain moment, with Mellas’ cursing, nasty words ringing in her ears, him having called her nasty things, and she carried it with her, and that is the look she has about her that fits in with carrying that stuff around.

It made her lose her self-confidence and that is why she probably clashed with Meredith, because Meredith was not loud, she knew what she was doing, was assertive as well as focussed and capable, having a healthy emotional and social intelligence, her parents did not send her confusing messages and make her feel insecure.

After all to pack up and leave your mother as Knox did while on holiday, says there is a dispute and more going on.

Knox felt sorry to have to leave her mother but could not listen to Mellas’ insults and nasty words to her anymore.

So Knox was saying he created bad vibes and situations, then he blamed everyone else, the ones he was supposed to love.

That’s pretty much what Amanda Knox has written about the situation.

A situation showing that things were entirely different to the way the family has portrayed it all.

Being unhappy because of it, and after all, he may not be old enough to be her dad but he is far older and her mother’s man, those things he said must have been experienced as intimidating

I knew something about him was odd, more than his nastiness online and his lying and misinformation.

So Amanda Knox carried a certain type of stress around with her and I bet that made her feel insecure.

Part of that may have made her become unattached and not grounded, and become ill, because her behaviour shows signs of inability to see things the way others do.

I think, it is, like Maresca said, not as complicated as some may have thought.

It was simple, bad ways, that caused Knox to lose it.

Being away from her own environment and getting carried away by the elation, not having a person like Mellas acting like he’s your dad around you, then going down the road of playing, flirting, smoking dope but getting lost in it, perhaps because of restraints as I’d imagine a Jesuit school would put on you morally, then totally letting go, as Amanda Knox explained herself, about the freedom and her bit about having no inhibitions.

Has to do with her losing the plot and becoming a total hedonist, and more in such a short time of being away.

She must have come away from a lot of stress but it was in her and she had been having bad examples of role play and interaction so she did all the wrong things in Perugia and turned people against her.

She did not mean to, but something happened to her to make her flip.

That is part of the missing link, the one that the family have been doing their best to divert attention away from.

Still though, her survival instincts got messed up, and she muddled the whole lot up, and unnecessarily attacked someone who would have helped her if Amanda Knox had only allowed it.

Simply Amanda Knox’s insecurities led her into being defensive, on the defensive when it was totally uncalled for, all because she was losing her cognitive sense of timing, time and space may have become like one big unit, where she lost her feel for reality.

Exactly like Sollecito said. He said those things because he was under stress but what he said was true, he was using those few sentences trying to sound convincing to the police.

That is what people do when they have to hide things from the police, tell part truths, the bits that are true are easier to convince someone with.

The instinctual part for survival, in combination with the bit where Amanda Knox had started becoming self-obsessed, turned her weird, and I again believe that the stuff Sollecito said about her fits in - though making up an excuse for himself - still something about Amanda Knox and her being totally into pleasure rings true, Sollecito said it for a reason, it has everything to do with everything somehow.

Anything seeming to be against her, when seen that way in her mind, was experienced in a paranoid way, and she took it in as though she was being challenged, and that’s what led to her killing Meredith, I would say.

Doing things with sex, wanting things, is not something that automatically makes a person a bad human, but force does.

And I think that is what Maresca means, it is not complicated, it was banal because it was all to do with the lower human instincts attached to carnal desire.

That stuff gets muddled up with the ongoing and oncoming mental troubles, then turns from something innocent into big trouble.

Troubles because of unhappy things, where an individual felt insecure and it caused that person to assert herself very toughly. As a defence mechanism.

Within playing about with things like that, it is easy to get lost going from acting tough on the defence, to becoming plain nasty and cruel.

The fight broke out.

Meredith got killed.

Amanda Knox was angry that Meredith stood up to her, it turned into a fight, but it was not Knox who had any right to be angry.

She became angry only because Meredith stood up to her and fought back when she was trying to get them to leave her alone, and that must be the point where it turned real nasty, when it became a real fight.

There, in that, was where Guede’s bit rings true, where Meredith called Knox something like a drugged-up tart, Meredith putting Knox in her place, trying to defend herself from the ridiculous events, because of how ridiculously unkind they were treating her, and Amanda Knox could not and would not accept being told anything.

It was Meredith who had every right to be angry,, but because she fought back, Amanda Knox with her disturbed, insecure mentality, where she had to win (as her mother described it like on the football field of not letting anyone get past), fought Meredith, and would not back down because something in her, is very bossy too, bossy in order to camouflage her insecurities, disguise and hide them even from herself.

This is why she feels she has done nothing wrong, and if a person feels they are right and did nothing wrong, then they act exactly the way Amanda Knox has, and the look on her face reflects exactly someone without remorse.

In her mind, she is right.

Something that happened there, before the police got there, tells me that what Knox and Sollecito discussed together after the murder, means he too thinks they both were in the right.

That’s why he looks like a heartless self-centred person as well, with no sense of shame, but all the time still looking smugly guilty, he simply considers himself above everyone else, that much is clear from the few things he said.

But he blames Knox, he said so.

And his dad blames her too.

So that means Sollecito told his dad things about what happened that he has not told anyone else.

That’s probably why his dad at least is being quiet, if he knows exactly what happened, and has done from the start, then he knows what he is playing with.

That’s why he looks like a heartless self-centred person as well.

Posted by Central Scrutinizer on 11/27/08 at 06:56 AM | #

Central Scrutinizer your theories are interesting and may contain some truth but be careful of insulting the families too much. No one else in Knox’s family is accused of murder and they haven’t done anything illegal in campaigning for their daughter. In all probability if the roles were reversed the Kerchers would behave in a similar way.

Posted by MikeMCSG on 11/27/08 at 11:49 AM | #

I agree to some extend, Mike, as my parents would argue black was white in order to get me out of prison (unless they had the slightest doubt about my innocence, they wouldn’t bankrupt themselves for a guilty daughter).  They wouldn’t, however, go on TV and talk about how their lives have gone down the swanny and compare their suffering to the grieving family of a murdered girl.  In that regard, the Knox camp have brought the bad press and negative internet reaction on themselves.

Posted by DS on 11/27/08 at 04:42 PM | #

You’ve summed it up well there DS. It’s very doubtful they would make that financial commitment probably affecting their other daughter’s future if they had any doubts about Amanda’s innocence. It’s likely they are being paid for the interviews which are always going to be focussed on the US participants’ experience.
I haven’t seen or heard anything to suggest they’re bad people.
On the other hand I think their involvement is actually working against Amanda making it harder for her to admit guilt and giving the lawyers less room for manoeuvre.

Posted by MikeMCSG on 11/27/08 at 05:01 PM | #

Quite simply I think if both sets of “wise” parents hadn’t been so involved and telling their charges what to do and say, I think we would have had full confessions now from the two accused.

Posted by Deathfish2000 on 11/27/08 at 06:13 PM | #

You’re spot on there mate, the judge mentioned the pressures from America as one of the reasons he rejected Amanda’s house arrest.  He believes she is a flight risk.  I believe this is thanks to her father’s ‘back to the US by any means necessary’ style comments which were widely reported.  It also doesn’t help that Chris Mellas bites at every opportunity (I know I’m guilty of that too when it comes to a certain special lady reporter in Seattle!) and has been partly responsible for some of the misinformation out there (better people than I can update you on the details of that!). In all honesty, if I had met Edda, Curt or Chris pre Nov 2007, I’m sure I would have found them to be charming people and perfectly normal -  I haven’t met them at all for the record, my wording sounds bad however I write it!  I think Amanda has lied through her back teeth to her parents leaving them with no option other than to back her 100% both emotionally and financally.  In fact, I think now that Amanda has told so many lies that she genuinely believes she had nothing to do with the killing, despite a ton of evidence to the contrary. She will get a very cold hard shock when the words guilty are read out.

Posted by DS on 11/27/08 at 06:36 PM | #

There are some character traits that Amanda Knox has repeatedly shown.  These include an ease with telling lies (e.g., charges against Patrick Lumumba, a lack of remorse (she didn’t attend the vigil Meredith’s friends had for her, she wanted to go shopping and have sex after the murder), and a lack of empathy (she cleaned up her room while her flatmate was locked in her room bleeding to death).  There is a medical condition that manifests itself with these feelings, or lack thereof – Psychopathia.

Sociopaths (p.k.a. psychopaths) are not uncommon in our society with an estimated 1M in the population of the U.S.  We probably all know someone who is afflicted withy this personality disorder but most lead normal, if not successful lives.  Violence in this population is about the same as it is in the general population and they are typically the people who “Do what needs to be done.”  Probably the most well known is Ken Lay of Enron fame.  He had no qualms about telling his trusted employees to invest their life savings in a company he knew was on the verge of foundering.

When someone exclaims, “How could she have done such a thing” it’s time to get out the checklist of sociopathic traits.  Lying with facility, committing anti-social acts, and not feeling any guilt.  Personally, if I had just killed someone I would be a basket case.  I still feel bad about a squirrel I ran over five years ago.  Of course, I would also have been unable to sit by while someone bled to death.

Being a psychopath is not a mental condition that courts view as excuses for violent crimes.  It is not considered insanity as schizophrenia is and can not be used as a defense.  It does, however, answer the question, “How could this angel faced girl have done these things.

Posted by Easy Ed on 11/28/08 at 06:34 AM | #

For the record, the cut on Knox’s neck was noticed in photos and discussed a year ago by posters on Steve Huff’s haloscan. We also discussed the fact that Sollecito was wearing a yellow wool scarf around his neck in photos taken on November 2 and possibly after.

Posted by Skeptical Bystander on 11/28/08 at 07:17 PM | #

This was found on a trawl of internet myspace sites.  Whatever conclusions you draw from reading it are your own and nothing to do with the trawlerman.

About me:
About me: hmmm…well…I cook better than anyone ( I like the way I cook and I am able to meet the needs of my taste buds better than anyone else…most of the time) I like fishing… I like my boat… I like my beer… I live life by one saying…If you want it, get it, or never speak about it again because it is your responsibility to make it happen and you have NO ONE else to blame but yourself if you dont. It’s truely that simple. About my life: I am married, happily, and I have two kids by marriage, Amanda and Deanna. They are both shitheads and I love them anyways. Deanna is a senior now in HS and Amanda is on her second year in college. They are both cool. They, as we all do, have their fair share of quirks… but we would all be white bread boring as hell if we didn’t. My wife, Edda, is a…well, some sort of teacher, teaching teachers how to teach reading….yeah, I know. She is a total book worm nerd…poster girl for book worms. (aspires to be a librarian…no shit!) She is cute, annoying, sexy, and also a shithead. She also hates fishing but will, on rare occasions, go fishing with me…if it includes a FULL day at the spa immediately following the outting. She bites her nails too much too…we cant all be perfect. hehehe We are polar opposites (I am slow and methodical, she is a “multitasker” that will start three different sentences at the same time and not finish any of them but still expect you to get the message) Anyways…thats my life and what I am all about.
Who I’d like to meet:
* Ingo Schwichtenberg the drummer from Helloween * Stephen Hawkings (http://www.hawking.org.uk/) * Tim Roth * Gary Oldman In general, people that have been around for a long time. They have a wealth of knowledge that will otherwise be lost if they dont share it. (try it some time, ask someone about the day they first saw TV or a car)

Posted by green is the color on 11/29/08 at 01:40 PM | #

This was found in the net after trawling wiki:

“Worse yet, drummer Ingo Schwichtenberg fell ill due to mental and drug-related issues, and was eventually fired,”

Birds of a feather and all that ‘jazz’.

Posted by green is the color on 11/29/08 at 05:06 PM | #

Certainly a jointly commedia e tragedia lack of understanding of the actual nature of Hallow’s Eve for these poor fellows and those that have easily, ignorantly and “truely” come under the influence of matters that are not covered in the syllabus of the simple ‘high school graduate’. Either Hallmark Greeting Card Company has much to answer for due to its promotion of ‘Halloween’ in the schools of the United States or some deeply deranged individuals are due analogous rectification eminently.

The link is for the IT gut in all of us but also for a special IT in particular.  I’m a PC.

Posted by green is the color on 11/29/08 at 05:35 PM | #
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