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The Single-Attacker/Lone-Wolf Hoax: How It Is Annihilated By The Forensic Evidence

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Judge Micheli in 2008 first ruled impossible Guede did crime alone

1. Context Of This Post

In previous posts I noted my extensive court experience with forensic testimony. I have American doctorates in medicine and law.

Also that the remorseless waves of forensic evidence above all, in days of harrowing closed-door presentations of expert testimony in 2009, (1) ended the defenses’ feeble bids to frame Guede as a lone wolf, (2) caused Sollecito and Knox to react with evident stress in front of a closely-watching jury, and (3) above all caused unanimous verdicts of guilty to murder with a sex crime component.

[Massei Report] Within the crime of murder, carried out in the course of the sexual assault which Meredith Kercher was subjected to according to what has been presented, the crime of sexual assault is assimilated as a special aggravating circumstance of the former [i.e. of the murder].

2. Availability Of Forensic Detail

The forensic evidence published by the courts was in Italian, distributed between several documents, and reported-on by less than 5 percent of the non-Italian media. The BBC, Associated Press, Reuters, London Times and New York Times, made zero mention of it.

Meredith’s autopsy was performed by Dr. Luca Lalli. Though the court heard them described at length, his detailed findings are not included in Massei’s report, and they still await their full translation into English. The Massei report includes only a limited paraphrase of Lalli’s findings.

Accordingly, to fully comprehend the totality of it in English requires the reading of: (1) the early 2009 Micheli Report; (2) the early 2010 Massei Report; (3) the early 2011 Giordano report; and (4) parts of “Darkness Descending” by Russell, Johnson, and Garofano (see more below).

Here now is a safe bet for you. Not a single pathologist anywhere who is on top of all of this evidence will ever conclude that Meredith was not the victim of a pack attack.

Contrary to the incessant bait & switch of the toxic Knox PR in the US (“but the DNA…”) which had zero effect on any jury in Italy, not even one court, including the annulled 2011 appeal and the final appeal to the 2015 Supreme Court, ever concluded to the contrary. It all still stands.

Even the Knox & Sollecito defenses stopped denying it after 2009. No TV report or article or book has ever attempted to prove that Guede or anyone else was a lone-wolf killer in light of this vast amount of material.

3. The Final Fatal Sequence

In my opinion the most decisive fact excluding the single attacker theory is all the hard proof that 2 different knives were unquestionably used to torture and murder Meredith on the night. 

There were 2 major penetrating knife-wounds into Meredith’s neck; one entering on the left-side, and one entering on the right-side, which was made by a pocket-knife of the size Sollecito customarily carried.

The latter wound could not have been made by whatever knife entered on the left-side as the size discrepancy was huge. Two knives had to have been used.

For enigmatic reasons, Massei chose to disagree with the reconstruction proposed by the prosecution’s expert witnesses, which depicted Meredith on her knees facing the floor: Massei concluded that Meredith was in a standing position facing her attackers:

Massei Page 372-373: considering the neck wounds sustained, it must be believed that Meredith remained in the same position, in a standing position, while continuously exposing her neck to the action of the person striking her now on the right and now on the left. Such a situation seems inexplicable if one does not accept the presence of more than one attacker who, holding the girl, strongly restrained her movements and struck her on the right and on the left because of the position of each of the attackers with respect to her, by which it was easier to strike her from that side.

4. Certainties re Final Fatal Sequence:

Here I reiterate the relevant certainties which I first posted in Those Pesky Certainties Cassation’s Fifth Chamber May Or May Not Convincingly Contend With #3 on Wednesday, May 20, 2015.

Meredith’s torture & murder, perpetrated by 3 people, took place in her room at Number 7, Via della Pergola in Perugia, Umbria, Italy on the night of November 1-2, 2007. This room measured eleven by nine and a half feet, contained a single bed, a bedside table, and a cupboard. The space was small but enough for Meredith and three perpetrators.

Certainty One re Final Fatal Sequence

In “Darkness Descending - the Murder of Meredith Kercher”  Paul Russell (Author), Graham Johnson (Author), and Luciano Garofano (Author) give clearer, more detailed descriptions of Dr. Lalli’s findings than Massei does.

On pages 72-74 of DD it emerges that the cut (Stab A) made by a large knife in Meredith’s neck was on the left-side, ran obliquely from left-to-right, almost parallel to her jaw, and slightly upwards.

Certainty Two re Final Fatal Sequence

DD does state that the knife entered 8cm vertically below her left ear, 1.5cm horizontally towards the front of her neck, but does not specify the cut’s length.

Certainty Three re Final Fatal Sequence

A large knife created a gaping wound, visible only through the opened-skin of the left side, continuing its travel under the skin, traveling across the mid-line plane, towards the right-side, exposing the oral cavity, fatty tissues and throat glands. Important jaw muscles were also severed.

Certainty Four re Final Fatal Sequence

As DD states, there was another stab wound (Stab B) on the right-hand side of Meredith’s neck, 1.5 cm long, penetrating 4 cm subcutaneously.

Certainty Five re Final Fatal Sequence

Stab B was made by a knife smaller than the above large knife.

Certainty Six re Final Fatal Sequence

The wound was shallow, did not create a gaping wound, did not cut important subcutaneous structures, but did create a route to the exterior through which blood from Stab A, then created by the large knife on Meredith’s left side, could also exit to Meredith’s right side.

Certainty Seven re Final Fatal Sequence

The large knife had damaged no significant vessels of the left side.

Certainty Eight re Final Fatal Sequence

Blood also flooded the subcutaneous tissues around the breech in the right-hand side of Meredith’s airway caused by the knife-stab on the left-side of her neck.

Certainty Nine re Final Fatal Sequence

This resulted in Meredith’s inhalation of her own blood.

Certainty Ten re Final Fatal Sequence

Meredith stops screaming, but now her blood seems to be everywhere, including over her attackers, and they quickly abandon her, already evading the accountability they are fully aware is theirs.

Certainty Eleven re Final Fatal Sequence

As DD comments, during Meredith’s autopsy, surprise was expressed that the Jugular Veins and Carotid Arteries (of both right and left sides) were intact.

Exzperts who read about this murder concluded from this that the killers must have known about the major blood vessels (MBVs), but not about branches-of-Carotid-branches such as little RSTA.

5. Beyond Any Reasonable Doubts re Final Fatal Sequence:

Beyond Any Reasonable Doubt One re Final Fatal Sequence

Accepting Massei’s conclusion, Knox and Sollecito were standing-up and facing Meredith in Meredith’s room. Knox, Sollecito and/or Guede, were participating in the restraining of Meredith.

Beyond Any Reasonable Doubt Two re Final Fatal Sequence

Sollecito (or possibly Guede) was holding the smaller Knife, probably in his right hand. This smaller knife made Stab B.

Beyond Any Reasonable Doubt Three re Final Fatal Sequence

Stab B preceded Stab A, and caused Meredith’s scream.

When Meredith screams Knox plunges Knife36 into Meredith’s neck in the above long-axis direction, from left to right, transecting Meredith’s Hyoid bone, first opening Meredith’s airway to the atmosphere, then transecting Meredith’s Right Superior Thyroid Artery.

Beyond Any Reasonable Doubt Four re Final Fatal Sequence

Knox was holding Knife36, probably in Knox’s right hand, against the left side of Meredith’s neck with Knife36’s point directed slightly upwards toward the right side of Meredith’s neck, the blade-label facing towards Knox, the palm of Knox’s right hand also facing towards Knox and the long-axis of Knife36 angled a few degrees above horizontal.

Beyond Any Reasonable Doubt Five re Final Fatal Sequence

When Meredith screams Knox plunges Knife36 into Meredith’s neck in the above long-axis direction, from left to right, transecting Meredith’s Hyoid bone, first opening Meredith’s airway to the atmosphere, then transecting Meredith’s Right Superior Thyroid Artery.

Beyond Any Reasonable Doubt Six re Final Fatal Sequence

A thin stream of bright-red blood spurted from this artery to its exterior environment, probably through the cuts made in her skin to the outside by both knives.

(Consistent with bleeding from both cuts, Follain, in his book “A Death In Italy” states that Guede saw that blood was coming out of the left side of Meredith’s neck. Follain also states that Francesco Camana of the Rome forensic police, in Camana’s written report, notes that spurts of blood in the middle of Meredith’s chest made her sweatshirt more bloody on the right side than on the left side)

Beyond Any Reasonable Doubt Seven re Final Fatal Sequence

The large knife was Knife-36, which had been brought to the murder room from Sollecito’s kitchen.

Beyond Any Reasonable Doubt Eight re Final Fatal Sequence

The 3 murderers were Amanda Knox, Raffaele Sollecito, & Ruede Guede.

6. Other Essential Facts Corroborating Roles of AK & RS

1. Amanda Knox admitted she was present at the place and time of Meredith’s murder.

2. Amanda Knox’s DNA was found on the top of the handle of Knife-36

3. Meredith Kercher’s DNA was found on the blade of Knife-36.

4. Amanda Knox admitted that Meredith had never been in Sollecito’s apartment.

5. A second sample of Knox’s DNA was also found on Knife-36, where the blade goes into the handle. This second sample was an LCN sample of mixed DNA, and was statistically determined to be Knox’s DNA. (RIS Berti & Barni 2013 report)

6. A DNA mixture compatible with Knox’s and Sollecito’s DNA was found on another stained pocket knife that Sollecito had on him.

7. Sollecito’s DNA was found on Meredith’s bra clasp. 

8. Some 7 samples yielded DNA mixtures compatible with Ms. Kercher’s DNA mixed with either Knox’s DNA, Sollecito’s DNA or Guede’s DNA.

9. A DNA mixture compatible with Ms. Kercher’s DNA and Guede’s DNA was found on Ms. Kercher’s purse near the zipper.

10. A DNA mixture compatible with Ms. Kercher’s DNA and Knox’s DNA was found in three blood traces in the bathroom: (1) on the bidet drain plate, (2) in the sink and (3) on a plastic container containing cotton swabs.

11. A DNA mixture compatible with Ms. Kercher’s DNA and Knox’s DNA was also found in a Luminol-revealed blood-stain on the floor of Romanelli’s room, and in a Luminol-revealed bloody footprint in the corridor.

12. A second Luminol-revealed blood stain in Romanelli’s room yielded Ms. Kercher’s DNA.

13. A sample of blood from the small bathroom faucet yielded ONLY Knox’s DNA.

14. Guede’s DNA was found in fewer places than Knox’s: on Ms. Kercher’s purse, the left sleeve of her sweat jacket, her bra strap, in Ms. Kercher and on the toilet paper in the large bathroom.

7. Forensic Conclusions

In Common Law Jurisdictions, such as U.S. Federal Courts, U.K., Canada, & Australia, etc, Knox and Sollecito, as well as Guede would surely have been found guilty and would have failed appeals, if any were even allowed.

There would have been no possibility of crime-scene amateurs and public-relations hired guns to contend this, for at least three reasons: (1) they very conspicuously lack anyone of status qualified to do so; (2) the extensive testimony in closed-court hearings would never be so described in a public document; and (3) Common Law juries are “black-box” and in most cases including murder do no explaining (also judges sometimes forbid jury members from talking later).

The decisions in Italy widely suggest to Italians the main influence of Sollecito’s Mafia connections, of which Knox is a very lucky collateral beneficiary.

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The signs of human traffic in and out of Number 7, Via della Pergola on the night of November 1-2, 2007 are all via the front door.

It is clearly impossible for entry to have occurred via Filomena Romanelli’s window, which seems to have been hroken to make investigators think this was Guede’s portal of entry.

Even if someone actually could have entered this way it does not avoid the factual certainty that Meredith could not have been tortured and murdered by a lone perpetrator.

Posted by Cardiol MD on 07/12/18 at 06:53 AM | #

Hi Cardiol

Yes this is only the camel’s nose under the tent so far!

Like the DNA Hoax and the Interrogation Hoax it is a HUGE hoax, with lie built upon lie built upon lie, and even whole books (“The Forgotten Killer”) anchored on it.

Many here have shown up the myriad aspects and associated hoaxes and in coming posts we will be overviewing all of their work methodically.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 07/12/18 at 11:59 AM | #

Perhaps this might help our English readers to swallow their bitter loss in the World Cup.

I was in Croatia and other parts of Yugoslavia a lot for the UN to set things up afresh as it slowly came apart.

Croatia and Slovenia had been the two northern parts of Yugoslavia (next door to Italy and Austria) and they always resolutely saw themselves as parts of western Europe and not ever parts of the Ottoman/moslem or communist empires.

Over centuries this has made them as tough as nails, and untiring, and the ultimate team players. In contrast, seemingly half the players in the Cup normally play for clubs in the UK! Despite that drain, a great England team seemingly finally on right lines. 

Feel better, guys? Maybe Croatia will beat the French on Sunday. 😊

Posted by Peter Quennell on 07/12/18 at 01:29 PM | #

World Cup, all the rage now. It’s interesting about Croatia and Slovenia as two parts of Yugoslavia, diehard western European in outlook.

CardiolMD makes a careful catalogue of the medical facts, the knife cuts to victim’s throat and Judge Micheli’s common sense conclusions in a very valuable post. Newbies to the case need these details to decide for themselves.

It is overwhelming how many factors of guilt point to Knox. Look at all the certainties, the BRD points. There’s no doubt Knox and Sollecito were involved with Guede.

The Luminol showed a bloody footprint in the hall with both Knox and Kercher’s DNA in it.

How did so much forensic evidence get dismissed? Point #10 above names 3 places where Knox DNA was found in Meredith’s blood:  bidet, sink, cotton swab box.

The case was so strong for guilt.

Posted by Hopeful on 07/12/18 at 08:53 PM | #

When I read details of what happened I think of the “I really didn’t know Meredith” statements of Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito; and their insistence that Guede did it alone.

Their efforts to distance themselves and absence of sympathy for what happened to Meredith just makes them appear more guilty.

Posted by DavidB on 07/15/18 at 03:33 PM | #

The latest series of posts are stunning in their clarity and stubborn refusal to deal in anything other than facts. No real conjecture is required when you’re dealing with a glib and shameless liar like Knox. Nothing this woman child says should ever be taken at face value without corroborating evidence. She really does lie, without shame, most of the time.

With these latest posts, Knox is hoisted by her own petard. I do hope she still drops by to read these sterling efforts. I’m certain that she wishes that Pete and all the other main contributors would just let it go but she must be realising now that you guys are in this for the long haul.

I particularly enjoyed reading Peter Hyatt’s takedown of her email home (which is mysteriously missing from her travesty of a book) which I haven’t seen for many years. I recall reading it the first time it was published and being delighted that Peter was able to articulate everything that I had felt when I first read Knox’s email in a way that I would have struggled to do myself. It just got better with a second reading!

So the World Cup has finished and I must say it was, in large part, excellent. The final itself was exciting and I truly felt sorry for Croatia who have delighted the neutrals during this tournament. They didn’t carry much luck and the penalty decision (a terrible decision in my view) was crucial in turning things France’s way. Fair play to the winners though, they also entertained in large part, except against Belgium where they seemed to get all dull and defensive.

My intention is to come over in 2026 to see some games when America co host the World Cup. It would be great to think that Knox will be languishing in an actual prison by then and not just the one of her own fetid mind that she currently inhabits.

Posted by davidmulhern on 07/16/18 at 02:52 PM | #

Hi Davidmulhearn

Sure thing, no blinking. Well, except at the sports schedule now!

Winter Olympics puff puff, Soccer World Cup puff puff, Tour de France (now half way, in the Alps) puff puff, Wimbledon tennis puff puff…

And this weekend in San Francisco, starting Friday, the craziest & fastest of them all, the Mens & Womens Rugby Sevens World Cup. This is the first Cup since 2013. It was pushed forward one year to happen in the Summer Olympics “off year”.

With Sevens matches only 14 minutes total, there will be EIGHTY-TWO matches in less than 60 hours. Take that, Soccer World Cup!

Posted by Peter Quennell on 07/19/18 at 05:40 AM | #

In July & August a lot of us travel - and 1/2 of Italy, it seems! I’m back at the office today.

Davidmulhearn, I do hope you saw that amazing Scottish try in the Sevens (see above). You’ll know it when you see it for sure. Bat out of Hell stuff!

Posted by Peter Quennell on 07/23/18 at 04:58 PM | #

I caught some highlights Pete and noticed that we did score a great try against South Africa but in fairness, the USA did score a superb try against us as well!

Still our best overall performance in the sevens though so it has gone down well at home. Was up in the Scottish Highlands for a few days and caught bits and pieces of the tournament whilst imbibing copious amounts of Guinness and malt whisky.

Must confess though, I was watching The Open from Carnoustie more than the rugby. Unfortunate scheduling clash I’d say. I followed Phil Michelson (my favourite golfer) on his final round at St Andrews just a few years ago. Met a chap in the hospitality tent afterwards who came from North Dakota where my old aunty lived who claimed to know Phil. My memories of leaving the course that day are hazy at best although Michelson gave me his trademark beaming smile when I shouted to him on the first fairway to score a 63 for me as I’d put a bet on him doing just that. He didn’t!

Posted by davidmulhern on 07/26/18 at 02:48 AM | #

All UK inventions: soccer, rugby, tennis and gold. All have their funny side. The Sevens especially the women are often laugh-out-loud.

If you had the same commentator we had for the Scottish game you’d have heard these once-in-a-lifetime words: “Wow! He just ran 110 yards!”

Pretty hard on a 100 yard long field! Unless one is running 100 yards from touch to touch, diagonally, and then some, as here.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 07/26/18 at 02:51 PM | #

Given all the O.T. comments triggered by the World Soccer cup I cannot resist joining in. As a Brit myself, I played all the games mentioned, including Sevens (in my distant youth).
Don’t forget that the World’s most popular game, after Soccer, is Cricket.

Posted by Cardiol MD on 07/30/18 at 04:55 PM | #

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