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See This UK Lawyer Exceptionally Adept At Managing And Explaining Systems

Posted by Peter Quennell


Law is the framework, part of the rules of the game, for all higher-level systems.

Globally, regionally, nationally, and so on down. Not that most politicians are especially good at managing or designing systems, unfortunately.

In fact, many of the problems in the world happen or worsen because most politicians come from legal backgrounds. They almost invariably get zero experience or training of systems creation in their law-school or bar-exam preparation.

So it is blind leading the blind at the top of most western governments. (You knew that, right?!)

Politicians are creating law that defines systems and their frameworks amateurishly and top-down, which is muddled and often damaging. This irritates the affected populations - and thus one gets Trump-type and Boris-type situations (both fret at systems, delighting those similar.)

The English courtroom lawyer (barrister) seen here seems unusually adept at systems - Dan ShenSmith’s “Black Belt Barrister” screen-name is explained thus in his resume (taekwondo is itself a bunch of systems).

Privately, Daniel is a 6th Dan Black Belt in the Korean martial art of Taekwon-Do and POLARM Close-Quarters Combat Skills. He teaches local clubs voluntarily and on specialist combat courses for the British Army and Special Forces.

The current Prince Harry lawsuit against the Mirror newspaper group in London is also all about systems - newspaper journalist and editing systems, growing-up systems, civil-lawsuit systems, and so on - and how they matched up with the relevant past law (some of the law has changed somewhat).

Under a newish and admirable civil-law procedure (system), Prince Harry’s case against the Mirror had to be presented in the form of a witness statement in court several months ago. He claimed in court Monday to be the sole or main writer.

In his case it was 55 pages long and is highly worth reading, not least for a telling 118 mentions of his former flame Chelsy Davy.

Dan ShenSmith’s smart chat with a lawyer chum in the video at top is about the nature and claims made in Harry’s statement, and how the Mirror Group’s formidable chief barrister, King’s Counsel lawyer Andrew Green, has systematically made it look ridiculous.

He has used a number of good systems in court (not least amazing research) to portray Harry’s statement as the product of some very poor systems.

BREXIT is also an example of a failing system, meant to correct for the EC systems that BREXIT proponents falsely claimed were failing. Dan ShenSmith could be very useful on a UK team to correct that own-goal muddle.

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The only career Harry has is is in the British military, where he graduated as a helicopter co-pilot and gunner in 2013.

He seems to have acquired no systems skills relevant to a civilian career, and so much of the social-media chat is devoted to his lack of a day-job now and to what he COULD do. Well, other than bringing half-baked lawsuits…

The late Queen had a pretty good career, as a development manager. She invented a number of systems, and encouraged the creation of others by the thousand. Learn from that, Harry.

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Weird orange fog in NYC here after a long period of moderate weather and no calamities.

It stinks of burning wood, and is said to be extremely deadly. So I’m at home now and cannot even see the ground 350 feet below, let alone across the Hudson to Manhattan.

Stay inside, all those affected…

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“BREXIT is also an example of a failing system, meant to correct for the EC systems that BREXIT proponents falsely claimed were failing”.

You’re totally wrong there Peter. The vote to leave the EU was won on the basis of popular recognition that “the Commom Market” that we in the U.K. were originally sold turned out to be a sovereignty-denying, undemocratic, corporatist/fascist state.

Read some history and appreciate that we Brits are more aware of all this than non-citizens voicing facile and second-hand opinions from abroad.

Posted by Odysseus on 08/21/23 at 02:38 PM | #

“Read some history and appreciate that we Brits are more aware of all this than non-citizens voicing facile and second-hand opinions from abroad.”

Hahaha! My much missed Odysseus, you are in a shrinking minority of course. Boris’s Big Lie is just too blatant now. See this.

First, the UK caused its own pickle by pressing for overfast EU expansion in the 90s which started the migration waves. Hardly fascist. More like an own-goal. 

Second, the UK had enormous power between the parliament and the EC HQ and the many British staff to adjust any systems for its own benefit. The EC could use more systems dynamism and less sore losers with weird ideologies. 

Third, many EC members do see 4-6 percent growth. Meanwhile, the UK may face slow growth and high inflation for years with its neoliberalism/austerity (reward the rich, punish the poor) and its new isolation in systems change.

Fourth, the pro-Brexit vote was dominated by older voters, selfishly not giving a damn about the prospects of the under 40s and especially 30s. Not very nice.
And I do know the the EC and European economies pretty well, having worked at the very heart for years. My MBA is from London, and I have a ton of frustrated British chums seeing so much potential going to waste.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 08/29/23 at 02:50 PM | #

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