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See The Amazing Shrinking Raffaele Sollecito Live On National Italian TV

Posted by Peter Quennell

In this post of 7 February we quoted Italian sources on how Sollecito had yet again sold out Knox.

Now ericparoissien of PMF dot Org has added English subtitles for the full one hour. They show Sollecito progressively making things worse and worse for himself as well.

Clander has embedded six videos here (sign in) and (vital to read) a number of gotcha comments down below.

Months ago Knox was incriminating herself live on national TV as well. She has not appeared since. Maybe this is the last time we see Sollecito live as well.


Anything suggesting total innocence and normality is remembered in such detail, every nuance, every fact, every expression. Anything about the dreadful night itself . . . all is vague/stoned/confused/stressed and also gets the ‘you can’t expect me to remember every detail’ treatment.

Posted by PK777 on 02/17/15 at 03:42 PM | #

Been scratching my head over the motives of Colin Sutherland, Amanda’s new fiancé. (Colin: save yourself.) Sheer speculation but could Colin perhaps unwittingly be using Knox to set up a conflict with his father.

Anticipated ultimatum from daddy: “Break your engagement to Knox or get disinherited”. “No, dad, I am honour bound to her. I’m stronger than Raffaele is, but what will you give me to sweeten the deal? Few things are non-negotiable.”

Then after an initial show of resistance where Colin for a few months fights dad and mum about his lovely planned wedding to a potential killer of female rivals, he tells them he hopes to carry her over the threshold to a haunted house of their very own. Dad hires a private detective to suss out Knox. Mom offers to upgrade the recording studio. All the Sutherlands including distant cousins offer Knox $$$ or her own album to disappear.

Meanwhile Foxy may feel suffocated by Colin very fast like she did with Raffaele and turn to another guy to get some space. Colin may run off to Versaille to consider his options and remember the last time he saw Paris. Then he may feel justified to drop her and break their engagement with the (tee hee hee planned or unplanned?) marvelous result that any future craziness Colin does the rest of his life no matter what it is drugs or females or bizarreness, will all seem like minor foibles to his relieved parents compared to his threat of joining their family to Amanda’s or giving their grandchild a murderer for a mom. Set the bar low. The student killer mom as Barbie Nadeau would say.

Then free airfare and his very own dodged-a-bullet whew thank goodness expense account from grateful parents.

They may even pay off any debts he has in gratitude for him coming to his senses and not marrying the notorious fox.

Endgame for Colin: more freedom than ever from his parents, more respect, maybe more money and he can publish a book of his own or an album of songs about his vixen of a fiancée, Betrayed and Played. A blues artist. A country music grief twang. Raffaele is probably laughing at CS already.

By the way, who will CS marry. Shall it be Marie Pace or Emile Monte? Or will she hyphenate her name as Amanda Knox-Sutherland.

A tree grows in Brooklyn. Let’s hope a tiny root of wisdom with survival skill remains in Colin and he emerges from this dating disaster. He must be on the rebound. Maybe his last girlfriend looked like Meredith and he wants revenge. The subconscious is real.

Prof. Snape recalls the Kelsey Kay interview by Ergon. Raffaele had hopes of a marriage contract with Kelsey. He stipulated she pay him $20,000 if she embarrassed him by divorcing him, and that she would agree to remain married for 3 years. She asked a lawyer and learned that 3 years was the minimum time to achieve U.S. citizenship. There was also an Australian woman named Veronica Drake that Raf toyed with. He told Kelsey that Amanda was “selfish”.

I miss Zorba over at PMF.net who wrote much better what-if narratives than this.

Posted by Hopeful on 02/18/15 at 12:12 AM | #

I think RS comes over well in these interviews; the frustration, the bemusement, appear genuine. He is most damning of AK near the beginning and really distances himself from her. I think any extradition will not simply follow what pro-guilt experts see as the right and legal course. I think PR is more powerful than correctness. RS needs AK to admit her involvement. His one card is if he declares her involvement then the PR in the USA should swing decisively towards extradition. So is he is hinting that he will spill the beans on her involvement if she refuses to. Spilling the beans, imo, means grassing up someone else so neither of them wants to be the one to do it. Neither has the courage to admit their involvement and all the lies.

Posted by PK777 on 02/18/15 at 12:24 AM | #

He really isn’t trying to be ‘honourable’ anymore and he certainly doesn’t want to be ‘bound’ to her in any way.

Posted by PK777 on 02/18/15 at 12:27 AM | #

Italy really should not have let AK go mid-process before supreme court had signed off (or not) on Hellman. And yet they did . . . that’s the sort of thing that makes me doubt that straight-forwardness will win the day. I’m mindful of how in the UK someone’s ‘PTSD’ staved off extradition for years.

Posted by PK777 on 02/18/15 at 12:42 AM | #

Hi PK777

It was not Italy (the system) that let the pair go, it was Hellmann. Take a look at my long comment in a response to Odysseus at the top of this thread.


Hellmann has facilitated havoc in many directions. For example neither RS nor AK would have written their inflammatory books without him.

But now there are no more Hellmanns. The endgame should happen rather quickly.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 02/18/15 at 01:45 AM | #

Thanks Peter. I think it’s a bit too easy to totally isolate Hellman. As you’ve said in the past; somebody higher up appointed Hellman - so that’s dodgy too. The phrase ‘Checks and Balances’ come to mind. Even if The System wasn’t too blame, it was certainly playable. And to let a convicted killer leave the country before that conviction has been quashed at the highest level is irresponsible at best and, well something worse at worst. I’m going to stick my neck out and say even if supreme court confirms guilty verdict, Knox will still be e on US soil in Summer 2016. Unless some bean-spilling changes everything . . . Thanks as usual for maintaining this site.

Posted by PK777 on 02/18/15 at 02:32 AM | #

@ Hopeful - You know, when most people make comments like these, I think they are incredibly cynical. 

But with this group of people, you may be exactly right on some of them, particularly about setting the ‘‘low bar’‘.  The idea of having a grandchild (or even just a daughter-in-law), with this notorious sex killer must leave a very bad taste.

My own thoughts (I am also cynical), is that Colin wants name recognition for him and his music.  Hell, that has likely gone up exponentially, since ‘‘dating’’ Knox.  Think about it: He will likely get more attention with the new ‘‘Mrs. Sutherland’‘, than he ever could as a musician.  Sad really.

Posted by Chimera on 02/18/15 at 03:03 AM | #

H PK777

Sure, I did say in that comment that Chief Justice De Nunzio made the choice of Hellmann, but two judges still does not make an entire justice system.

Prosecution knew what was going on and said so. The corrector could and should have been Chief Prosecutor Galati but his advice was not to go up against the chief justice on a small suspicion but to blow the entire result out of the water via Cassation if it went against them.

This is not uncommon: a heady first appeal court (with jury!! why a jury?) thinking they are running a new trial, Cassation reversing things back to the trial outcome.

The wild card was in Hellmann going hog wild and releasing RS and AK when nobody expected it. Thats not something that happens every day in Italy. Had Knox not bolted I reckon she would have been rearrested.

The realization needs to seep in in the US that the case was well made and there was no corruption. I have no problem seeing Knox stay here till 2016 to allow that though I think she will cave soooner.

Time and RS are against her already and she and her parents have these other pesky trials which will look bad.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 02/18/15 at 03:48 AM | #

Interesting points Peter. It’s generally held that AK fled Italy but I can’t help wondering if it wasn’t more a case of Italy getting rid of her. Let’s see how badly they want her back.

Posted by PK777 on 02/18/15 at 12:00 PM | #

Hi PK777

Who is the “they” in your post above? Prosecution and Cassation and Florence courts take this case very seriously indeed. That’s a bit hard to miss.

If theres a hiccup in getting her back it will be at the political level but to refuse would be a hot potato in both countries and it is going to get a lot hotter as the media (with our help) lurch.



Posted by Peter Quennell on 02/18/15 at 04:50 PM | #

I suppose they is whoever allowed/encouraged Hellman to blindside so many people and authorities in such a high profile case. USA seems incredibly blasé about a provisionally convicted sex killer just wandering around interviewing children are they really going to switch to red alert after March 25th?

Posted by PK777 on 02/18/15 at 08:27 PM | #

“USA seems incredibly blasé about a provisionally convicted sex killer “

Please, enough of these generalities. “USA” is not incredibly blase, that’s absurd. She got sprung at the end of 2011 and it was not “USA” who did that or all Italy as you have implied. This has been repeatedly explained.

Many in the USA dont like Knox. At UW she was given a hard time. That will get worse. Her dealings with a drug dealer broke here not in the UK and increasingly the US media disrupt the message of the PR. Its getting ahead of media in the UK.

When Cassation confirms the Nencini verdict, everything will change. She will be picked up by US marshalls, probably the same day.  If a judge lets her provisionally loose (which contravenes the extradition treaty) she will have 3 days to register as a convicted sex offender and few will speak up against that and none who matter at all.

And the more time this takes the more curious people will come to sites like this to dig deeper, and to learn they have been had.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 02/18/15 at 08:50 PM | #


As for a judge letting her go (while the extradition is being fought), on what grounds would this be?  She has been found guilty of a sex killing, all her appeals have been exhausted, double jeopardy obviously doesn’t apply (since it was an appeals court, not a trial court that released her), she refused to attend her own appeals, and has publicly said she won’t go back willingly.  She also has other calunnia trials pending.

Heinous crime, lots of evidence, no appeals left, failed to attend court, an obvious flight risk, ongoing criminal trials ....

Just for my curiosity, how exactly did UW give her a hard time when she went back?  I know little on the subject.

Posted by Chimera on 02/19/15 at 04:11 AM | #

Hi Peter The picture of Knox is very telling. First off the clothes are designed to influence the “Poor little me” aspect .however the face is very telling. There is another one of her and her boyfriend. obviously he’s starting to realize that the media is not going away. Perhaps that is what he wants since it’s been suggested that he’s in it for the publicity. OK but it won’t work because playing grunge music in haunted houses is not conducive to record sales. Both of them and her supporters, are living in a dream world believing that Seattle is so far away from everything. In other words “What could possibly go wrong”

Posted by Grahame Rhodes on 02/19/15 at 09:21 AM | #

Peter, the link you posted from the Daily Mirror shows AK displaying a rather pronounced ‘coke-nose’ ie bright red.

Posted by pensky on 02/19/15 at 12:17 PM | #
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