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Rocco Girlanda ♥ Rocco Girlanda And Amanda Knox ♥ Amanda Knox?!

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A little dream and art interpretation….

Rocco’s dream of being in a taxi with Amanda driving to JFK airport symbolizes his attempt to “take off to great heights” with Amanda.

Joining her in the same destination, but fearing himself as JFK who literally lost his head due to his politics.

Amanda is like Jackie who survived and went on to marry the richest man in the world. Rocco is the one who is “sticking his neck out”. Political suicide or assassination fear.

The dream image of the pink I-pod that Amanda hands to Rocco is an emblem of how he had hoped for much information out of her but the I-pod plays only one thing: Beatles. So she is very limited.

The I-pod being pink is a feminine symbol of Amanda but the “I” could also be referring to Rocco, too. He thinks, “I hope to get a lot out of this Knox connection but maybe it is very limited”.

This “gift” is limited, deceptive, like the gift she gave to Italian police with more lies in it. Rocco may feel he himself is limited like rock “˜n roll, only one style of music. Rocco “˜n roll.

When two narcissists meet, the two “I’s” try to fly.

AK’s favorite aphorism, “I know I’m not alone even when I’m alone.”””Jovanotti. Well, there’s an “I-full”. Three “I’s” in that saying and Jovanotti’s name ends with an i.  The ayes have it. Miss I-pod. Mister and Miss I-pod, say “I do”.

Rocco’s book includes Amanda’s colored drawings of what else, of course HERSELF, not once but twice, lest we fail to see the message. Why should anyone have expected her to draw a nature scene, a bird, flowers, anything outside herself?

The major message of the art: she shows the world her backside. Ha ha! Nothing new. Didn’t she show that in court? In this art, she gives us the back and the hand which equals a backhand.

She backhands us. She hides her face as usual. So, a slap in the face, or a backhanded compliment.

The hands are cut off yet still seem to be grasping or like they’re reaching out to squeeze something. “Cops wanna squeeze my brain” AK was overheard to say in early wiretapped conversations by police.

She colors the human figure (complete with German pigtails?) in a stained glass look. Pigtails represent a very childish hairstyle. It’s possible she wishes she could return to a time when she wore her hair that way.

Half the hair is pulled one way, half the other, a symbol her head (mind) is divided. The dots going down the back center part of the hair disturb me for some reason.

The many colors might represent many different emotions. Of course the figure is naked, the exhibitionist always.

Wasn’t she sending Rocco’s Italian-American organization childlike tracings of her hands in earlier correspondence?

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Hi Hopeful,


How about this one: GirlandaMP ?

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The header here seems to me to reflect a broader truth. Narcissist #1 is leading a merry band of like narcissists around by their collective noses, that is for sure.

Narcissism seems an essential component of the White Knight syndrome. Extreme narcissists in the clinical range are almost never found at very top levels in any respected profession so they set out to establish a profession all their own.

Obsessions like that can be very wearing both physically and mentally and quite possibly have a negative effect on life span. Just saying. Hi Candace. How’s it going?!

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I see the pipe-smoking Mignini as Sherlock Holmes.
In going over my notes in Dempsey’s book, she says of Mignini (p.72) “Shortly before 3pm Public Minister Giuliano Mignini arrived at the cottage…the burly Perugino was there by chance—simply the prosecutor on call, a name picked off the local schedule.”

If true, this case is Mignini’s destiny.

An eerie new significance came from p.44 where Amanda “said the British girl (Meredith) described a pink fruit juice drink that her friends had concocted for Halloween, into which they had inserted…a wraithlike “hand” made out of ice.” That brings up Amanda’s recent drawings of hands. The movie, “What Lies Below” comes to mind.

Tidbits that jumped out:
Frank Sfarzo is a doctor’s son, ergo his interest in Raffaelle. He visited the States, ergo his interest in Amanda.

Police officer Rita Ficarra scolded Amanda for the cartwheel (p.140), but on p. 152, “Amanda suddenly told Ficarra that she wanted to give her a “gift”.” Amanda asked for pen and paper and wrote her account, “asking that it be read by all the police” before she was transferred to prison. Ficarra couldn’t read English so she passed it on to be translated and sent to “the Judicial Authority proceedings.”

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