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Repeat Of The Powerpoint Guides To The Relevant Locations And Events On Meredith’s Fatal Night

Posted by Kermit

Click on the two images below for the two Powerpoints which will take a few seconds to load.

First posted late in 2008. We re-post them now in response to questions we’ve received from the many new arrivals to Meredith’s cause.


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Kermit, thank you for this wealth of information. Newcomers to the case can quickly get oriented, and it is a refresher course for case followers. You put a lot of work into this. Thanks.

Surface reactions to the Powerpoint images:

The door in the city wall may have very well been used as a shortcut. It’s amazing the cell phones weren’t broken when tossed in the garden. I imagine her important connection to this case has turned life around for Lana Elisabetta.

I didn’t realize Rudy had borrowed the name “Kevin Wade” from the American would-be killer who hoped to kill a man and use the corpse for homosexual purposes. What a horrible name to choose. Maybe “Wade” sounds like “Guede”, wonder why Rudy chose it.

Of the many musical events when Amanda and Raffaele may have first met, a good guess might be the earliest one, October 13, because if Amanda had her period around the 30th October, the mid-month date two weeks earlier would be her normal time of great energy and vitality during ovulation when pheromones peak.

Stone buildings and stone paved streets and stone fountains, brought to mind a video on PMF of the stone Clint Eastwood places in the shootout circle in “The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly”. It had written on it the name of the grave where Confederate gold was buried. That stone brought to mind Amanda’s book in German, “Der Stein der Wiesen” (The Philosopher’s Stone), and the stone thrown at the cottage. Just some random connections, hope they help.

Michael D. Kelleher says in his book, “When Good Kids Kill” about thrill kills: “Most of these crimes that are committed by teenagers involve two or more perpetrators acting together, not an individual acting alone.” He talks about a dark synergy of partnership where a magnification and explosion of latent violence occurs that “would not be possible had it not been for the partnership.”

In his book I learned that the characters in Oliver Stone’s book, “Natural Born Killers” are named Mickey and Mallory Knox. This is a fictional work but shows true patterns shared by adolescent thrill killers:
Emotional or personality disorders
Generalized rage
A burning desire for retribution against society
A compulsion for the domination of others
Low self-esteem hidden under false superiority

Amanda had just barely turned 20 when the murder occurred, so she had left age 19 barely behind.

Your Powerpoint presentation suggested so many things to me, and I especially appreciate the calendar. I had never seen the entrance to Le Chic before. This post is a virtual tour of Perugia, valuable insights can be gained.

Posted by Hopeful on 07/18/11 at 01:20 AM | #

The first of these two Powerpoints maps out in aerial photographs the terrain of those now convicted (despite appeal) & shows how it all goes together.

Sollecito must have disposed of the telephones.  Why would Rudy Guede even think of them?  Or imagine that they might serve as evidence?

Raffaele would have passed through that gate in the wall rather than going down along the valley road, possibly as an afterthought. Choice of that garden buys distance & suggests a route taken in the imagined killer’s get-away.

Only, why would a killer stealing those phones chuck ‘em there?

Posted by Ernest Werner on 07/19/11 at 04:42 PM | #

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