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On Tuesday BEHIND CLOSED DOORS Guede’s Crack Team From Rome Will Argue That AK & RS Killed Meredith

Posted by Peter Quennell

Rudy Guede’s legal team: Carla Anastasio, Tommaso Pietrocarlo, and Monica Grossi

In the Florence court - behind close doors? It happened for the same reasons first in February 2013.

Actually Guede has already very publicly made his case to all of Italy on Italian national TV.

A clearly agitated Sollecito lashed out though with zero effect, Maybe leaving his dad not too thrilled.

Knox and Sollecito have tried very hard to keep it unknown that in their report late 2015 the Supreme Court’s Fifth Chambers placed Knox at the scene of the crime, for multiple reasons, and Sollecito probably so.

That damning fact is not in the faux Netflix “documentary”.

Again for multiple reasons, the trial court in 2008 and the appeal court in 2009 and the Supreme Court in March 2011 had all found Guede guilty in conjunction with others. All of the courts concurred that Guede did not attack Meredith alone.

The proof that two others were party to the attack is voluminous, though unfortunately at trial in 2009 it was almost all presented behind closed doors. Still, the court reports did tell us a lot.

Rudy Guede’s team consists of Tommaso Pietrocarlo, Monica Grossi and Carla Anastasio, who have offices (chambers, legal studio) about 5 minutes walk away from the Supreme Court.

On Tuesday they will get the opportunity to repeat all of that telling evidence above - with the Knox and Sollecito forces locked out.

This is ironic. Throughout the Knox and Sollecito legal process it was usually Guede on the outside and being stridently accused as a lone-wolf killer - except when Alessi and Aviello were brought forward by the defenses, with alternative theories.

Odds of his sentence ever getting wound back are remote, but it was obvious to Italian TV audiences that he mostly wants Knox and Sollecito to serve time too.

If the Florence court agrees that his case should go forward and a new outcome is the result, the First Chambers of the Supreme Court - not the rogue Fifth Chambers - will have the final word.

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About key trial documents. Here on the great Wiki is the full translation of Guede’s sentencing report of January 2009 by Judge Micheli which Guede’s lawyers will need to contend with.

It was fully translated by Catnip just a few months ago (thanks a million Catnip) and we worked from a partial translation to post the summary in 4 parts in 2009.


About Guede’s previous legal team. This is a post on Biscotti and Gentile, and their not wanting to go any further with him after he made his claims on national TV.

Italians frankly are scared of the Sollecitos, and when Guede was mysteriously beaten up in prison years ago, we wondered if they had had a hand in it.

It’s not clear if Biscotti and Gentile (both Perugia lawyers) ever really helped Guede (they were said to be working pro bono) except for getting him the short form trial for which the verdict and sentence were both automatic.

They were unable to head off an additional three year sentence from the Milan court for possession of stolen property - the computer from the lawyers’ office in Perugia (he was never charged with breaking and entering and some proof suggests he never did - or deal drugs).

They were only in the same court as the Knox and Sollecito teams quite briefly, in 2008 for his trial and then in 2009 at the Massei trial and in 2011 at the Hellmann appeal when Guede was called to the stand.

Guede said nothing in 2009, but pointed to the two in 2011 as being those who killed Meredith (see next comment below).

That the Guede team of Biscotti and Gentile were not in court full-time in 2009 and again in 2011 was a great pity and a good reason why two trials should not have been allowed.

That separation into two tracks allowed the other two defense teams to whack Guede mercilessly in his absence without any fear of comeback.

It was those other two teams who at trial in 2009 and appeal in 2011 promoted hard the innuendo with NO hard proof that Guede was a burglar, drug dealer and rapist - though villainizer-in-chief Nina Burleigh and other PR shills also had no problem making things up about him.

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About Guede talking. A seemingly very scared Guede needed some provoking to speak out and finally testify at the Hellmann appeal in 2011 and was seen in court as nervous though at that point also determined.

What provoked him to speak out was the opportunistic claim early in 2010 by Mario Alessi, a fellow prisoner at Viterbo Prison, that Guede had actually confessed to him.

The next post includes this translation of the vivid letter Guede wrote to Mediaset for the attention of the prosecution, in protest, which was read at the Hellmann appeal for him about a year and a half later.

Note the last paragraph.

Viterbo 07/03/2010

As usual in this beloved beautiful country of ours, there are many dishonest people given over to lying.  And there are likewise those who give these people a voice without the slightest questioning of their consciences, whether it’s worth the trouble of giving space to certain conjectures.

In recent days the only things I have heard have been blasphemous insinuations about me; baseless gossip which has done nothing other than harrying, hither and thither, TV news channels, even though for reasonable people it is the pure invention of a wicked mind.

It must be said that all I have heard in recent days in the media, about what has been falsely stated by this foul being by the name of Mario Alessi, whose conscience is nothing but stinking garbage, are purely and simply the ravings of a sick and twisted mind, his ravings are the dreamed-up, untrue declarations of a monster who sullied himself with a frightful murder in which he took the life of an angelic little human being, as is known throughout Italy. This fellow, now, is telling lies about things that I never said to him and (other things) that I never said, things that don’t exist either in this world or the next.

To his – or rather their- rotten declarations, it’s my intention to put in black and white that I never confided in this disgusting creature, since moreover that I’ve got nothing to confess or anything else (to say), and everything that I had to say I have already said to the judges and I will go on shouting and fighting while I am still alive, until the truth itself and justice itself prevail over such lies, and even less did I speak one to one or together with other people or with other inmates about my trial affairs, and if I had ever had something to say, don’t you believe that I would have talked about it with my lawyers?  Giving rise to and giving credit to what is a blasphemous statement made by a sick mind, to a monster who had no pity for a child.

With this latest scenario, which my lawyers, my family and I are now used to, from this latest person, the monster Alessi, I hope that Italians and the rest of the world realise that they are dealing with pigs, pigs which stink of the slime of falsehood, but which, not withstanding everything, go around showing their faces and suffocating people with their fetid lying.

Like their umpteenth scenario which does nothing more than give me the strength and the awareness to struggle more than ever, so that the truth that they want to hide is revealed for everyone to see.

As far as I’m concerned, (I have) the serenity and the calm of complete peace of mind, as a person who does not parade this unfair suffering, but who trusts in justice and in the good sense of Italians.

And finally I wish that sooner or later the judges will recognise my complete non-involvement in what was the horrible murder of the splendid, magnificent girl who was Meredith Kercher, by Raffaelle Sollecito and Amanda Knox.

Guede Rudy

Here is the TV feed of Guede on the stand in 2011. It is in Italian. It includes the above and some attempt by the defenses to shake him - he essentially refused to be questioned.

After the letter from Guede to the prosecution was read in court, Knox stood up and uttered this misleading statement - she had admitted at trial to meeting Guede previously, in the apartment downstairs and in bars in the town.

The only time that Rudy Guede, Raffaele and I were in the same space has been in court. I’m shocked and anguished.

There is no public proof so far either way on whether Sollecito ever met him, though they lived only a few yards apart near the top of the same street.

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The new Guede lawyers Tommaso Pietrocarlo and Monica Grossi are high-profile.

Other cases they are involved in are being reported in the Italian media.

This is a rather sad case of theirs, as reported by Andrea Vogt in English.

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Just added to the main post was also this list from Italy of headaches for Sollecito - not made any less nasty by his supposed lawsuit which (if ever filed) seems to be DOA in Florence.

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I can’t wait for Tuesday. Ergon says Francesco Maresca will be there. The grand Maresca, he fights for the Kerchers. He’s a lion, a bulldog, very smart guy who is still determined.

Maybe Rudy’s 3 lawyers will shine a most revealing light on his dodgy co-conspirators who may be having rough days between now and December 20th in Florence. The truth came out of Florence once with Nencini.

Posted by Hopeful on 12/18/16 at 11:12 AM | #

Hello Folks I’ve been off for a while. It would seem that my volatile remarks may have muddied the waters somewhat hence my silence while just waiting in the wings for something to crop up.

Such is this latest development. It should be noted however I am still a rabid proponent of justice for Meredith which I have been ever since 2007 when this first broke. Being out of the loop though, my input here has been minimal.

However threatening phone calls from Seattle FBI (We talked for about 20 minutes) Steve Moore his mad idiot wife plus Facebook threats from Bruce Fischer are to no avail. They know full well that they have no chance in trying to shut me up. I will broadcast wherever and whenever I can.

The forces of evil must know that we will never stop even if it takes years. Amanda Knox will be hounded for the rest of her life. That is a given.

That being said keep up the good work of bringing justice not only to Meredith but to the Kercher family as well.

Posted by Grahame Rhodes on 12/18/16 at 06:40 PM | #

@Grahame Rhodes, I don’t know what’s going on in your situation but you have always been an intense and faithful advocate for Meredith’s justice. There’s no doubt where you stand, and no fear that you will change, other than from a forced discretion for valid reasons thrust upon you, that’s OK. Wisdom is the shelter of truth.

Thank you for your service to this worthy cause. It has cost you something if the FBI is calling you (courtesy of Steve Moore?). If they’ve interpreted something you said as a physical threat or twisted your words, don’t give them any further ammo for their persecution of free speech.

This may not apply to you, but I often have to restrain myself from a tendency to “zeal without knowledge” or a natural impatience to see Knox and Raffaele pay in the same coin that Guede has paid.

TJMK and PMF boards and posters have helped temper me some, a benefit of being in the company of the wise, reading the thoughts of the natural diplomats and peacemakers and careful thinkers who frequent both forums.

Otherwise it’s too easy to get overwrought when one sees clear injustice and killers dancing freely in the world. Faced with the cruel reality of Meredith’s murder, not many of us are Henry Kissinger.

I wish you total success in whichever way you choose to go, what’s best for you. You will never change your stance on the Meredith Kercher case, whether silent or loud about it.

You’re in good company. It’s believed the Moores put pressure on a good medical doctor who used to advocate on TJMK, and had to leave to pour oil on the waters of his career to safeguard his family from stress, but his comments remain online as an archive of truth for future readers. It’s all good.

Posted by Hopeful on 12/19/16 at 09:05 AM | #

Thank you Hopeful Of course I know who you mean. But I will never be silenced while these two cowardly murdering swine go free. I will always be an advocate for Meredith until finally justice is served because eventually it will be of course. Let me be plain though. I do not hate these two. As an ex SAS (British) we were trained very seriously by instructors who had been in WW11 We were trained to feel nothing about the extermination of adversaries even to the point of liking some of them. after all there is very little difference between the living and the dead so thank you once more for your kind words

Posted by Grahame Rhodes on 12/19/16 at 01:07 PM | #

Graham Rhodes, I think we are not surprised at what you are being put through.  But blimey, the deceit, hypocrisy and dishonesty (and much worse) that emanates from Knox’s supporters really takes the biscuit.
The evidence on this site and the books (not the pro Knox ones) which are openly available makes their deceit really show them up.
My experience from Meredith’s case is mainstream media don’t research. That’s my conclusion.

Posted by DavidB on 12/20/16 at 04:34 AM | #
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