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Not Everyone Works To Excel By Their 20s, But Meredith Did; And They Do

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For her tenth-year commemoration…

Olga Pashchenko (wait for it…!)

Amy Turk

Anastasia Huppmann


Tine Thing Helseth etc

Kristina Novello

Ana Vidovic

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What divine music. It is a fitting tribute to the elegant Meredith Kercher, gracious and refined. Lively and clever. I particularly like the interesting rendition of Moonlight Sonata by Anastasia Huppmann.

Thank you for the talented selections, you music aficionados among TJMK Main Posters. Your music videos here are an excellent way to remember Meredith Kercher, the young prodigy who herself was in a music video and she loved to dance.

Uplifting and refreshing, vital such music. So much beauty and accomplishment are represented. Stunning and gifted people, these musicians.

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DAILY MAIL EXCLUSIVE: More than one person killed Meredith—and the pain never goes away.

Stephanie Kercher speaks out about her sister’s murder 10 years since killing which saw Amanda Knox acquitted and only one man jailed.  See story in Daily Mail online November 1, 2017, by Ryan Parry.

Stephanie wrote a lovely article for Daily Mail on the 10th anniversary of Meredith’s death. Stephanie is 34 now, but says Meredith will never fade into the background, said she deserves more than that. The pain and helplessness continue. She feels let down by the Italian justice system “as it has contradicted itself.”

Meredith’s family and friends will gather at the cemetery in Croydon to mark the 10th anniversary. Stephanie says Meredith’s friends continue to stay connected with the Kercher family and to retain Meredith warmly in their memories.

Daily Mail includes videos of Knox, etc. and photos of a smiling Meredith, also pictures of Lumumba and Guede and links to other Knox videos.

Stephanie is quite eloquent and expresses the ongoing desire to keep Meredith alive in thoughts, but the natural difficulty, and says she feels more deeply than ever for other families who have had loved ones brutally removed from their lives.

Please link to today’s story, it’s good. (November 1, 2017 Daily Mail online)

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Hi Hopeful

Good catch. Link added in. Re your fist comment at the top, I was wondering if you would be pleasantly surprised!

Extreme musical talents was one of two ideas put forward in response to the request in the box at the top. The selection came together pretty fast!

The other idea was for a video like this below (beyond us so far but who knows?) a memorial for Viktorija Minasenko born about the same time as Meredith who had been shot by a deranged person in Germany three years before.

At her funeral, her mother played the Moonlight Sonata, and a composition of her own. There seem many memorial videos for others like that.

The Norwegian lead trumpeter above (Tine Thing Helseth, the one on the left) played a solo from a high building at a huge memorial gathering in central Oslo after the mass shooting there.

She’s playing two trumpet concertos at Carnegie Hall on 3 February; not surprisingly that is already pretty well sold out.

Women soloists in general sell out fast; it seems to be their time, and YouTube is their good friend.

Bach and Handel and Mozart all seem to have considered the trumpet the instrument of the god or gods. I guess word in NYC got around.

<iframe width=“640” height=“360” src=“” frameborder=“0” gesture=“media” allowfullscreen></iframe>

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Knox hogs the limelight yet again. Unbelievable. See November 1, 2017 Daily Mail online: ‘I loved her accent. She was like a big sister. My closest friend’: Amanda Knox pens essay ‘Mourning Meredith’ on 10-year anniversary of British roommate’s murder

Knox has to leap onto the center stage with her tall tales which are getting taller by the year. “Last tim I saw her was 10 years ago today, slinging her purse over her shoulder and waving goodbye to me on her way out to meet up with her British friends.”

Knox says her memories of Meredith are “close”, but are now tainted by the years of suffering that followed when she was wrongly imprisoned for the murder, and that she has never been able to mourn Meredith.

Knox’s essay in its competitive zeal to keep herself the linchpin and star of her fading reality show, is quite long.

She excels in lies and fake sympathy, unlike the sincere Stephanie Kercher who speaks from the heart. Knox is truly appalling, where was all her concern for Meredith when she skipped the small memorial service in Perugia, and lied to police about her boss killing Meredith? Her sound effects of “blrrrrghhh…yucky” to describe Meredith’s death sound a lot more genuine than this talk of wishing she could have mourned her.

I refrain from saying more invective against Knox, her lies are world famous, ever larger.

Please go to and see story by Ashley Collman dated 2 November 2017.

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Hi Peter

I sent a follow up to Dan Barry linking him to your comment on previous post. 

I advised him to contact you and expressed the hope that he and NYT will consider an in-depth piece on the case.

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Hi whatswisdom

Very nice. I’ll tell you if anything develops. Its a good opetion; many are about to open up witht eh Wiki and TJMK both almost fully loaded now and the mafia angle pretty clear.

If we were not always so busy on other matters the denouement would have come a lot faster but we do what we can. The Netflix report is the best thing to happen because it was SO misleading and so pervasive around the world - and many in New York (other media and shortsellers) will thrill at Netflix being taken down a peg.

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Half of what really impresses me about those musicians is: they are almost all playing complex pieces from memory with no scores. Only the organist has a score; but she has more then enough to think about, like a piano on steroids.

The harp and the trumpet-group pieces are especially hard, those are higher-level musical brains for sure. You can pick a brilliant trumpeter by how they play the quiet notes, that is really tough.

Anastasia Huppmann is dazzlingly fast (that’s moonlight?!) Hanine is Lebanese; when I was posted in the Middle East, Lebanese music was haunting and what people wanted to hear most.

And in ballet the Russians really have it nailed in a way no other nationality can touch.  Maybe the two best ballets I have ever seen were put on in New York this year.

1) The modernistic Taming of the Shrew by the Bolshoi, worth traveling any distance for, created for them by the director of the ballet in Monte Carlo when they fell into a despondent slump, after their own director suffered an acid attack.

2) Something by the Boris Eifman group of St Petersburg, I dont recall what it was called but no matter, all of his ballets are simply the best.

Large numbers of Russians were in both audiences, they sure know when (and how) to turn out.

Oh and take a look at this Russian folk dance, see if it makes you laugh at such skill.

<iframe width=“640” height=“360” src=“” frameborder=“0” gesture=“media” allowfullscreen></iframe>

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Scandal Made Me Famous. (no prizes for who it’s about).
Tonight. 11pm. CBS Reality. Freeview. Channel 66.

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Hi DavidB

Good catch. I did a search of my Verizon FIOS channels and the low-budget series first shows up on REELZ. She’s not exactly in savory company there - most of the others did wrong.

The Knox program 44 minutes long was episode 5 of the first series aired last year, and I can watch it or record it free on demand. Will do and see what it said.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 11/04/17 at 01:58 AM | #

Pete, thanks.
Predictably it was all propaganda. Unsurprising, with Ann Bremner, Linda Byron David Marriot and a man called Steve Helling, who was listed as a ‘senior crime reporter’. Like the others, he was full of opinion on the case but clearly hadn’t researched it.
Guilty Knox and Guilty Sollecito were portrayed as the perfect couple. Something out of a TV advert. One scene had Sollecito making a meal for the two of them, using his mothers favourite recipe.
On Halloween night the programme had Meredith excitedly go up to Knox at Lumumba’s bar and say “not with Romeo tonight?”
When it came to Knox’s time at the cottage with the open front door, Ann Bremner is describing it but she isn’t looking at the camera. She actually looks down and I thought looks uncomfortable as well. How these people can do what they do I really don’t know.
I watched the first 25 minutes only as it was late but also because I could predict what the rest would be like.

Posted by DavidB on 11/04/17 at 12:37 PM | #

Thanks DavidB. Steve Helling. Noted. We are populating a page with such “reporters” who chronically can’t get the facts right.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 11/04/17 at 05:32 PM | # says that Rudy is starting work this week 11/7/17 as an intern outside Viterbo prison. He’ll work four days a week at a Center for Criminology in the library and on bibliographical research. His high scores in one of his university classes helped qualify him for the internship.

Let’s hope he can do some good in the world, after all. It’s hard to know how to feel when earthly justice even when it works seems so meager for a lost life.

On different note:
Deanna Knox who supposedly is to marry this month has on her LinkedIn page much about her medical training of recent years. She was an intern at University of Washington Medical Center in Echo lab. She volunteered in 2013-2014 at Seattle Children’s Hospital. Says her education was at Bellevue Collge, where she got an associate’s degree in diagnostic medical sonography/Ultrasound technician and she volunteers in the recovery room at Bellevue, Washington surgery.

This is all good.

She also lists herself as a longtime manager of Salty’s on Alki Beach.

Although she naturally supported her foolish sister we must chalk it up to inherent family blindness and loyalty such as is only to be expected. As the Mexican proverb says, “Love is blind but not the neighbors.”

Deanna Knox seems to have survived her sister’s bad example and done well herself despite Amanda’s attempt to drown Knox/Mellas clan in her Perugian storms of angry acting out.

Chris Robinson in his mid-30s who is AK’s current boyfriend claims Amanda is paying for Deanna’s tuition and also for her parents’ mortgages (perhaps to pay them back for the four years of expenses they accrued during her prison time in Italy). Knox is also repaying legal fees.

Meanwhile at this ten-year mark of Meredith’s death we can gratefully celebrate Meredith’s marvelous character and fresh beauty, knowing that she accomplished much in her short tenure on earth. She laughed and loved well and was loved in return.

Meredith left a legacy of sweetness, smiles, intelligence and compassion that will outshine the many words and selfies of her killers despite their efforts to become household names and notorious celebrities at her precious expense.

Poster at guermantes lists many media outlets that ran Knox’s story about not having been able to mourn Meredith on the 10-year anniversary of her loss. also linked to the Jan Moir rebuke to Knox for her attention grab at such a time. Go Jan Moir. But what can cure Knox?

Recent American headlines have shaken us with the Sutherland Springs, Texas church shooting which killed 26 and wounded more than two dozen others, some of whose lives still hang in the balance in hospital. The death toll may rise, all due to one man’s vicious moment of rage.

As a believer I trust the ones Kelley killed as they worshipped a loving God are firmly in His merciful hands right now and that Meredith Kercher also had such faith for eternal life through her Catholic faith.

The lies that her murderers told to get out of serving their sentence (and recent news of the deranged young Devin Patrick Kelley of Texas who murdered helpless people in a house of worship) remind me of what Jesus Christ said in John 8:44 that the devil “was a murderer from the beginning and does not stand in the truth because there is no truth in him; when he lies he does it out of his own character because he is a liar and the father of lies.”

I believe God can give back to the Kerchers four times more than the devil stole from them when the devil tempted people to kill their daughter.

Meredith’s fame shines brightly and always will as a beautiful example of kind youth. That’s a start at restored fortunes but may the Kerchers also receive more than that, more than was stolen from them in a tangible way.

May the thief be forced to restore fourfold in this life. May it drop like manna from heaven and roll in on every tide to the Kerchers until the loss is made up.

Posted by Hopeful on 11/07/17 at 02:43 AM | #
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