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Netflixhoax 6: Omitted - The Almost Unique Carefulness Of Italy’s Justice System

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Bigotry for fame and profit: Stephen Robert Morse, Rod Blackhurst, and Brian McGinn

Netflix’s Amanda Knox is an extreme example of misleading bias by cherrypicking. This post is another in our ongoing series, the mothership for material for this media-friendly page online soon.

1. Wrong “facts” and numerous omissions

As first explained previously in this series the very loaded Netflix report Amanda Knox included some seriously wrong “facts”.

Here is another of them.  The HIV Hoax. Italian doctors did NOT fool Knox about a possible HIV positive; they told her in confidence not to worry, they would retest (a common practice in HIV testing) and that test soon came back negative.

NOBODY in the justice system leaked about this. The leak to the media complete with Knox’s list of recent sex partners was blatantly and well-recordedly made by the Knox-Mellas defense team. Even several of us were leaked-to - this was months before we got a grip on the case.

We shall be deconstructing the various wrong “facts”.

But mainly though the film operated at the level of cut-and-paste innuendo. And it banked on the extreme ignorance of its audience.  Hundreds of inconvenient facts were omitted, any few of which would have disrupted its propaganda purpose.

We shall be adding in the numerous omissions.

2. The report’s macro-level takeaways

About 50 movie reviewers so far have mostly declared these to be their main takeways.

    (1) A muddled or desperate or evil Dr Mignini framed Knox and fooled his co-prosecutor, numerous experts, 30-plus judges, and most of Italy.

    (2) The justice system of Italy is a dangerous error-prone joke, but thankfully some much smarter Americans are here, to save silly Italy from itself.

    (3) Somehow a few BRITISH tabloids influenced an ITALIAN jury to vote “guilty” and the damning prosecution case the hapless defenses did not once dent in 2009 was immaterial.

All three of them are untrue. We’ll take a first stab at correcting for them below, with much more to come.   

(1) The REAL Dr Mignini

He framed Knox? On this there is vast evidence to the contrary. Dr Mignini has already explained some and we have much more to come. Dr Mignini had no motive, early on he was pretty good to Knox, and the checks and balances against any such hoax are simply enormous.

Ask yourself, why would a prosecutor intent on framing Knox do this recorded interrogation?

In fact he did it as a favor to Knox, because she asked him for it. She asked also for the interrogation at trial. Those were the ONLY two interrogations of Knox. Both damning. There were no others, ever.

In both of them, Knox by her own tongue dropped herself in it, far more than any police or prosecutor ever did. The second had a major effect on the jury (and on Italy).

In that same post we pointed to two of the Netflix team’s numerous self-serving omissions.

(1) [The movie]  appears to accept that innocence was proved and that Knox and Sollecito had zero role. That was not what the Supreme Court said. [See Dr Mignini’s final paras.]

(2) Italian lawyers think the Fifth Chambers ruling may have been illegal as well as bent. The reasoning can be read here. That is headed to court soon.

(2) Italy’s REAL justice system

Pretty well the exact opposite of what you’d suppose if you read only Michael Heavey and Frank Sforza and Paul Ciolino and Bruce Fischer and John Douglas and Saul Kassin and Steve Moore and of course Doug Preston and the late Mario Spezi. Read only them, and one might be excused for thinking Italy’s is a huge, horrible system which the Italian population desperately needs THEM to save it from! Bigotry for fame and profit.

A total illusion, which Morse, Blackhurst, and McGinn now want you to swallow. Bigotry for fame and profit.

The main characteristics of the Italian system are (1) a large and visible national and local police presence with excellent forensics labs, (2) a low crime rate even by European standards, and even more-so by American standards, and (3) a very low rate of incarceration that is only 1/6 the rate of the US.

The system is immensely careful and with two AUTOMATIC rights of appeal for convictions for serious crimes the chances of a false conviction standing are zero. Compare this with thousands uncovered in the US. The vast wave of appeals has clogged the courts and right now Parliament is trying to reverse this. 

Appellants have a huge advantage which makes it easy for them to game this system: the prosecution presents their case ONLY at trial. Then seasoned defences can game bewildered prosecutors at higher levels.

Officially the US knows all of this. It has much to gain politically from Italian co-operation and works very hard on their functional relationships. The FBI and the Italian equivalent embed one another’s officers in Rome and Washington, aid one another’s labs, share huge amounts of information, mutually take down mafia, and organize dozens of extraditions annually.

Almost all prosecutors are highly-trained by career-path; the only three who were not in this case (Judges Hellmann, Marasca and Bruno) and sprung Knox and Sollecito are all believed to have been corrupted.

Finally, the mafias and fellow-travelers work hard to smear police and prosecutors (as well as assassinating them, over 100 now). In this respect the Knox PR has wittingly or unwittingly been functioning as an arm of the mafias. Bongiorno, substituted for the hapless Sollecito PR which cost Vanessa her Carabinieri post, became famous for mafia defenses.

The 20 posts we link to below go deeper. You might read at least the headlines and the quotes below. That Italy’s is a pretty good system should be compelling.

1. Click here for post: How Italian Justice REALLY Works

Comparing the US and UK common law system - a model founded on non-written laws and developed through judicial proceedings - with this system which arose from the Roman Law model - based on a written civil code - is really like comparing apples to oranges.

They were both conceived to protect individual’s rights at a maximum level, while seeking justice for the victims. But with entirely different processes.

One is not necessarily better or worse. But there are legal experts who think the Italian system is distinctly fairer - much more weighted toward the defendants. In the US and the UK the prosecutor usually has to make it through only one pre-trial hoop. In Italy the prosecutor has to make it through a whole row of pre-trial hoops…

2. Click here for post:  Why The Prosecutors In Italy Are Relatively Popular

Italy’s a tough country with, albeit dwindling now, a legacy of violent crime, and many brave prosecutors over the years have been assassinated.

And the Italian legal system is not particularly weighted in their direction, with a large number of hurdles they have to climb over before a case ever gets to trial.

And the Italian prison system is relatively lenient, heavily pro-prisoner-remediation and early release, and proportionally only 1/10 the size of the US’s.

So the endemic attempts to undermine Prosecutor Mignini have invariably won only MORE popular support for him and his case in Perugia and Italy in general.

3. Click here for post:  Why The Italian Judiciary’s Probably Less Prone to Pressure Than Any Other In The World

Italian magistrates enjoy an extraordinary level of autonomy from the other powers of government (executive and legislative) and the point of this post is to explain why. This autonomy is above all due to the Italian constitutional framework.

That framework is intended to guarantee such an exceptional level of independence so as to avoid the abuses that occurred during Mussolini’s fascist regime, when Italian magistrates were forced by the executive to prosecute (and persecute) political opponents to the fascist dictator…

4. Click here for post:  Explaining How The Italian Appeals Process Works And Why It Consumes So Much Time 

The extraordinary broad appeal rights awarded by the Italian system are all part of the 1989 reform, which intended to add even more guarantees to the right of the accused. This has resulted in an incredible increase in pending cases in the overburdened Italian justice system….

This situation is exacerbated by the broad appeal rights guaranteed also on the 2nd level of appeal, at the Supreme Court of Cassation. Like other supreme courts around the world, such court does not re-examine the entire body of evidence, but only “˜errores in iudicando’ and “˜errores in procedendo’ (errors in procedure or application of the law).

However, unlike its American or English counterparts, the Italian Supreme Court cannot refuse to review a case, and defendants have unlimited appeal rights to the Supreme Court of Cassation. They don’t even have to wait for the Appeal Court. You can in fact appeal to the Supreme Court directly after the first trial. ...

5. Click here for post:  Barbara Benedettelli: Campaigner For Victims And Families Says Italian System Denies Them Justice

There are proportionally very few perpetrators in Italians prison by global standards, and when there in prison they are given quite a nice time, trained to perform usefully when released, and very often get out of prison early.

Seemingly very humane. But this does carry very high costs. There are often almost unbearable pressures on victims’ families, as Meredith’s father John Kercher has several times described. On top of all this, there is the growing western fascination with perps, and in many cases their elevating to popular cult-worship status.

Barbara Benedettelli is a writer and columnist and the editor of the popular “Top Secret” program on Rete4 TV…  Her latest book (only in Italian) is called “Victims Forever”. She talks of various prominent perps and the enormous and unrequiting pressures on victims’ families. In polls a large majority of Italians detest this. They want much less stress on “fairness” and MUCH more compassion for victims families and, if still alive, for the victims.

6. Click here for post:  Harvard Political Review Writer Alex Koenig Reproaches The Sliming of Italy’s Justice System 

The fact of the matter is, those that immediately claim that Knox was wrongly accused and jailed by a corrupt justice system make two extremely arrogant assumptions that reveal perverse American exceptionalism.

1) It is assumed that, as an American ““ an American woman no less ““ Knox is incapable of murder. This case differs, of course, from the 1,176 domestic murders committed by women because, well, who knows?

2) It is assumed that not only is the Italian justice system incapable of fulfilling its legal duties, but that the intentions of the court were swayed by anti-Americanism.

This is not merely an abstract sentiment, but was actually articulated by Senator Maria Cantwell (D) of my home state of Washington.

7. Click here for post:  Interesting Tilts Of Marcia Clark And Alan Dershowitz Toward Educated, Informed Italian-type Juries 

“[American] jury instructions are so numerous and complex, it’s a wonder jurors ever wade through them. And so it should come as no surprise that they can sometimes get stuck along the way. The instruction on circumstantial evidence is confusing even to lawyers. And reasonable doubt? That’s the hardest, most elusive one of all. And I think it’s where even the most fair-minded jurors can get derailed.”

“Well, if you want justice, don’t look to the criminal law system. That’s not its job. Its job is not to produce a just result. Its job is to produce a legally correct result…”

“We’ve opted for a much more democratic system, and it means that in the end you’re going to be dissatisfied with a lot of verdicts. Just don’t expect too much from our legal system. Don’t expect truth. Don’t expect justice, because that’s not what it’s supposed to give you.”

8. Click here for post:  The Chief Enforcer Of The Constitution And The Rule Of Law is Wildly Popular Throughout Italy 

He is said to receive dozens of petitions a day and in certain cases he does act to get things done. Significantly, two that he chose to ignore recently concerned the ongoing Sollecito-Knox appeal process.

Of two pretty blatant attempts to bias the Perugia process, one came from Joel Simon of the US-based Committee to Protect Journalists, and one came from the junior Berlusconi-party MP Rocco Girlanda.

President Giorgio Napolitano simply ignored both of them.

9. Click here for post:  Compared To Italy, Say, Precisely How Wicked Is The United States? 

We have often remarked that Italy’s crime rate is low, the three mafia families (Sicily, Calabria and Naples) are on the rocks, and the justice system is one of the most cautious - conviction rates are infuriatingly low for the suffering families of victims, but in a forgiving Catholic nation rates of incarceration are unlikely to jump any time soon.

The American incarceration rate in sharp contrast has for a decade led the rest of the world, and it increased every year for nearly 30 straight years from the arrival of President Reagan to the departure of President GW Bush. Its prison rate is ahead of Russia’s, with its mafias and corruption and poverty, and ahead of China’s, with its large population of political prisoners.

10. Click here for post:  Involvement Of The Formidable Carabinieri Shows How Italian Justice Will Not Be Leaned Upon 

Judge Nencini may have invoked the help of the Carabinieri for reasons going beyond simply very good science.

Italy has among the world’s lowest crime-rates, murder-rates and incarceration-rates. Unusually low criminal and anti-social tendencies among native-born Italians, and strong family pride, explains a large part of this.

But another main reason is the high-profile and exceptionally smart police presence. Deliberately a cool presence rather than a hot and intimidating presence, and in fact a very popular one

11. Click here for post:  Italy’s Unpopular Politicians And Mafia Fellow Travelers Against Italy’s Popular Justice System 

For comparison, in 2011 the percentage of Italians who declared they trust the justice system “a lot” or “enough” was 53.3%. By comparison, the percentage of Italians who declared they trust the government “a lot” or “enough”  were 14.7%, and those who trust the parliament were only 15%.

In 2012, the percentage of Italians who trust the parliament is now only 9.5%, and those who trust the Mario Monti administration are only 21.1%.

Over the eight years from 2004 to 2012 the percentage of Italians who trust the justice system was always bigger than those who trust parliament or government by at least ten points, and in some years we can see a spread of 20, 30, even 39 percentage points achieved by the judiciary over the parliament and government.

12. Click here for post:  Italy’s Advanced, Effective, Humane Law & Order System Also Adopted By City Of New York

New York is now the safest big city in America. It is following a route that is not only almost identical to Italy’s - it is being watched and emulated elsewhere across the US….

Now that the United States has the world’s highest reported rate of incarceration, many criminologists are contemplating another strategy. What if America reverted to the penal policies of the 1980s? What if the prison population shrank drastically? What if money now spent guarding cellblocks was instead used for policing the streets?

13. Click here for post:  Italian Prime Minister Renzi Will Push Measures To Speed Up Justice 

In a move popular not least among those who are part of it Mr Renzi announces moves to speed up Italian justice.

Italian justice and those who work in it are widely trusted and respected in Italy. But a very humane system designed post WWII to give those accused a level of rights unique in the world has been even further tilted over the years by politicians passing laws to aid political and business colleagues in legal trouble.

14. Click here for post:  Why Numerous American JUDGES Favor The Supremely Neutral Italian Kind Of System 

See that above at the bottom of the YouTube screen? Some $280 million has been spent since the year 2000. Can you guess what the $280 million was for?

In fact the $280 million is funds raised and spent for judges’ election campaigns in the roughly 3/4 of all American states where such judges’ elections are held - the original intention of which was good: to get judicial choices out of smoke-filled rooms.

15. Click here for post:  Meredith May Not See Justice (Yet) But She Will Leave At Least Three Legacies 

Knox behaved grossly irresponsibly in heading to Perugia under-funded, intent on drug-doing, and with zero intention of seriously studying.

The University of Washington and many others realised they could have huge liabilities if they did not distance themselves a lot from such loose cannons in future.

In October 2009 we reposted this report by Andrea Vogt which described the initiation of measures many American universities have now come to implement….

16. Click here for post:  Counterterrorism: Another Way Italian Law Enforcement Is An Effective Model For Everywhere Else 

A leading military analyst is citing Italy as a model of counterterrorism done right, pointing out that despite many factors going against it, Islamic terrorists have failed to kill a single person on Italian soil.

17. Click here for post:  Italian Justice & The Telling Status Of Extraditions To And From Italy 

If countries agree to extradite to other countries, that suggests a high degree of trust in justice at both ends. They are in effect voting confidence in each other’s justice systems.

Italy achieves an exceptionally high rate of extraditions in both directions and continues to sign more bilateral treaties.

It is clearly trusted almost worldwide as a destination where those charged will receive a fair shake. And it is very no-nonsense about sending back fleeing felons who try to go to ground there.

18. Click here for post:  Knox’s Nasty-Prisons Hoax: NY Times Describes How Italy Leads The World In Rehabilitation 

Around five years ago, largely because of immigrant crimes, the prison population (previously below 100,000 - in the US, California prisons alone hold almost twice that) began to balloon.

New prisons were built, with no expenses spared, and in these images you can see the result.

Stories of extreme over-crowding have gone away, and the New York Times profiles the new prisons and their programs of today.

19. Click here for post:  How The Italian “Justice Tortoise” Is The Likely Winner Compared To For Example the US System 

Italy is working to try to update its justice system right now and we will report on that shortly. At least in theory, it has one of the easiest tasks in the world, because post WWII its legal system was redesigned from the ground up. It had already junked bad aspects, some going back centuries.

Italy already has some of the world’s smartest juries - jury service is compulsory, so smart people cannot dodge them. And the system already has some other very positive things going for it.

Mainly what is needed is some weeding. And such reforms are made easier in Italy because (1) judges and prosecutors all follow career paths and so they are not politically competing with one another;  and (2) there is the Council of Magistrates (CSM) which can be very progressive in the reforms it pushes at its level.

20. Click here for post:  So Where Would YOU Want To Go On Trial? In Italy Or In The U.S.?

We have still not seen even ONE American lawyer claim that after the first trial in 2009 which found RS and AK guilty that there were strong grounds for an appeal.

In the US, back in 2009, full prison terms would have been begun.

And in fact virtually nothing at the 2009 trial was challenged in the appeal. But the defenses subversively organized to get Civil Judge Hellmann instead of Criminal Judge Chiari to preside, and in 2011 a farcical “not guilty” outcome was the result.

Then there was a THIRD jury trial, in 2013-14, which (as so often in Italy) threw out the not guilty outcome of the previous appeal trial.

And finally, in 2015, due to more subversive defense machinations with a little mafia help, the final Supreme Court appeal was assigned to the FIFTH Chambers, for the first murder appeal that Chambers has ever heard.

A second farcical “not guilty” outcome was the result.

Say what you like about the American system, there is not remotely any parallel in its judicial history to all of that.  Quite the opposite in fact. We have had various posts pointing to an increasingly hard line in the US.

(3) British tabloids corrupted a jury in THIS system?

Subject of future posts. Check back shortly.


You might want to see extended clips from the documentary posted here when you rebut-hopefully it will be viewed in full

Scene: Mignini scowling at screen.

Fade to KNOX tremulous, wavering voice, tearing up.

“I knew that wasn’t the answer he wanted to hear. From now on he wasn’t going to believe a word I said.”

Posted by Ergon on 09/28/16 at 08:35 PM | #

But here’s my response to the review in New York Mag:

Posted by Ergon on 09/28/16 at 08:45 PM | #

Thanks Ergon. Well done.

If we could jump the gun a bit in response to the issue in your first comments, Judge Matteini and Judge Ricciarelli’s panel of judges and the Supreme Court panel and Judge Micheli ALL decided to take the case forward based on the EXPANDING EVIDENCE available at the time and the notes of numerous police officers and investigators. Dr Mignini did not pre-empt that.

Dr Mignini wanted to hear the TRUTH from Knox. He had heard Knox tell tale after tale every time he met with her, starting on the day Meredith was found. He was edging her to cut all the amateurish lying, which was all over the place, and give him something to suggest a charge below the maximum.

But she was too thick or drug-addled or obstinate or mental, and so his exasperation naturally would show. She would not admit THAT in any movie.

I guess the underresearched Morse and Blackhurst (not “Broadhurst” as you said to NY Mag) and McGinn knew nothing about this below, but all the police and prosecutors and judges did, which is why they concluded she was a risk to herself and others:

Posted by Peter Quennell on 09/28/16 at 10:41 PM | #

Thanks, Peter. Too late to edit at New York mag, but corrected at NET.

Posted by Ergon on 09/28/16 at 10:49 PM | #

I watched the extended clip.

Talking and smiling about their kiss?? They’re both surely mad mad mad.

Posted by DavidB on 09/29/16 at 07:01 AM | #

Knox is in Daily Mail online this morning (9/29/16). Robin Roberts interviewed her on Good Morning America tv show. Knox is promoting the Netflix doc. Comments beneath the DM article: “She has the 1,000 mile stare like Charlie Manson’s girls” (creepy). “SHE DID IT.” “Why won’t she go away?” “She talks in riddles”.

The latter comment is spot on. She tells Roberts in interview that she’s an exoneree, and “once an exoneree, always an exoneree,” and that now she is looking toward the next person. One assumes she meant to imply that she’s working to help other exonerees, but she leaves it vague. She waffles and prevaricates and uses words to mislead.

Knox says she’s going back to graduate school. That she makes crystal clear.

She says she’s redeveloping her relationships. She’s renewing her “relationship with freedom”, but that an exoneree can never ever go back to his former life.

She actually tries to blame Mignini for making the case all about herself, Knox, and thus losing Meredith in the shuffle.

She deceitfully tries to blame the prosecutor for removing the focus from Meredith!?
Repellant woman.

It’s her fault Meredith is dead to start with.

It’s her fault for acting the clown and lying like the devil to police, family, friends. She was obstructing justice with every breath and with every pen and paper she got her hands on.

It’s all her fault for telling Sollecito to lie.

It’s her fault for writing an entire book about herself with her face front and center and barely mentioning Meredith in it at all. Now she tries to blame Mignini for removing attention from Meredith! What a spin meister.

Knox is a professional liar. She lies with a straight face, loves to lie.

Knox claims she was not paid for the Netflix film. (I smell a rat, bet she got something out of the deal.)

One commenter said Knox made big mistake to bring all this back to light, better to let sleeping dogs lie.

Posted by Hopeful on 09/29/16 at 09:57 AM | #

Hi Hopeful

Good catch. Nice work.

Netflix were clearly hoaxed. This began as a European production, under Mette Heide, a Danish independent producer. It was she who set the ball rolling and then FOA hijacked the show.

Its highly doubtful corporate Netflix is going to stand solidly behind this rogue team as more & more damning facts come out.

We want to try to add to the pressure on Netflix and Mette Heidi to crack by posting at two distinct levels, Level Quick and Level Deep.

The post at top here is in the Level Deep series and there could be up to a dozen more.

Level Quick we barely need to work on, we merely need to put up a new page, the comments and quick posts you quote above and elsewhere are doing a fine job, and we’d like to simply capture them on the new page here.

Some here including the Machine and Corpus Vile are among the best at quick hits. Here is Corpus Vile on fire on IMDB.

The evidence was overwhelming. Knox was convicted on more evidence than was used to convict Scott Peterson & serial killer Rose West and mob boss Whitey Bulger.
In America, the Uk, Australia, Canada, Ireland and many other western nations, her conviction would have been finalised right after her trial. Only in Italy with two automatic appeals could she and Sollecito walk and both were acquitted in extraordinarily dubious circumstances in the face of overwhelming evidence.

She lied consistently to the cops.
She kept changing her alibi
Her presumed blood DNA was found mixed with Ms Kercher’s in five separate samples in three separate areas of the crime scene.
Her bloody footprints were highlighted by luminol.
She blamed her innocent boss on rape and murder on the apparent grounds that black men make better suspects and left him in prison for two weeks without recanting.
She knew Meredith was sexually assaulted before the cops knew.
She got the race of Meredith’s sexual attacker correct.
She knew there were multiple attackers.
She knew Merredith suffered
She knew Meredith screamed
She claimed she heard thuds and head injuries consistent with being slammed against a hard surface were found on Ms Kercher.
She knew Meredith had been moved.
She knew Meredith had been murdered by the closet
She put herself at the crime scene
Her accomplice Rudy Guede puts her at the crime scene.
The actual acquitting court puts Knox at the crime scene when Meredith was being murdered and says there’s strong suspicion that Sollecito was there and that Guede had two accomplices. It really doesn’t take a genius to work out who these two accomplices were.
She wrote out a confession putting herself at the crime scene after admitting it.
An independent witness put her in the same location at the same time as Knox herself put herself at.
Her DNA was found on the handle of the murder weapon with Ms Kercher’s dna on the blade.
She attempted to delay the discovery of Meredith’s body.
The phone records show she only rang Meredith’s phone for a co0uple of seconds in contrast to Knox’s claim.

Lots of things really. She’s guilty as sin and it was a disgraceful and shocking miscarriage of justice that she was acquitted. The Italian judiciary treated the Kercher family disgracefully. Italy is not ultimately under the rule of law if two clearly guilty defendants can be acquitted in such bizarre and illegal circumstances. Neither Knox nor her psycho ex boyfriend are fooling anybody who have read the court documents and we will never stop speaking the truth about the Meredith Kercher case.
Ms Kercher, her family and Patrick Lumumba are the only victims here, not Amanda Knox who remains a convicted criminal felon to this day and who again is guilty as sin. Absolutely no doubt at all that both got away with it.
The truth has a habit of coming to light when we least expect it. it will come to light here eventually.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 09/29/16 at 10:27 AM | #

Peter - I like the “breaking news” pop up at top.  (I think “pop ups” may be our SOP make an impact going forward.)
While I’m all for detailed postings with lots of substance, and want them to continue, we need really short and sharp bullets (no pun intended) to really put out our agenda and take our cause for justice to land of trump attention span.
Let’s talk tabloid.
Again, I’m glad the Netflix appears to be working in our favor.  More Knox = more evidence of her guilt. 

The truth don’t lie.

Posted by whatswisdom on 09/29/16 at 12:31 PM | #

These 3 blind mice do want fame and money from the Knox case. They certainly don’t care about justice.

Blind Mice Club:

Stephen Robert Morse
Rod Blackhurst
Brian McGinn

Hey, guys, you 3 blind mice. Look at the evidence against Knox. Do you really think her bloody footprints found by Luminol were somehow just turnip juice or Clorox cleaner?

Why do you mice think Knox lied about her boss being at the crime?

You 3 blind mice need to take off your blindfolds, which you remove readily to gaze at Knox and you think she’s cuter than Meredith, is that it? So put your blinders back on and think what if it was Knox lying dead on the floor while Meredith was the man-hungry club running liar who claimed she hadn’t killed her pretty blue-eyed roommate?

Or what if Knox were fat and totally unattractive, would you buy her lies so easily?

Look at the evidence, and stop looking at the fake wide-eyed maiden in distress mask that Knox assumes. What if your sister were dead on the floor and her roommate had been drinking and carousing and then clowned around at police station when questioned, and changed her story as to where she was the night your sister was killed, or couldn’t quite remember? Would that added to the fake broken window, and the girl’s DNA mixed with your sister’s blood, would that ring any bells?

Three blind mice, out for the money and fame that is all too short-lived for those who side with felon Knox and against the truth. Beauty can blind and deceive. Young men go willingly. They certainly will never be half as wise as the self-sacrificing Giuliano Mignini who has spent a lifetime fighting crime and remaining impartial to the high born (Narducci family) or the low.

Mignini is ten times the man these mice will ever be. They’re already chasing fame and the almighty dollar over substance. Meredith was the better student, the better young woman, and had the better mind (and many would say better looks, although degustibus non est disputandem or in taste there’s no disputing, forgive my bad Latin).

Mignini is wise as a serpent and harmless as a dove. Knox is the opposite, a harmful serpent a snake in the grass of Meredith’s life, now pretending to be a harmless dove who was misunderstood.

I’d like to see Peter Hyatt tear into her quotes for Good Morning America interview. She says vagaries like I think I’m explaining what it feels like to be wrongfully convicted, and things like, “those who MIGHT be innocent” deserve the case being looked at. She doesn’t commit to the truth of either statement, she hedges.

You 3 blind mice, she’ll cut off your tails with a carving knife. Look at the evidence, look at Sollecito’s knife collection, his manga, the testimony of Kokomani, the eye witness of Toto seeing them out in the dark looking at the cottage when they both swore they were snuggling at home. Is everyone lying except the convicted liar Miss Knox who said her boss killed the girl, and had to have some guy from Europe save his life by establishing Patrick’s alibi being at his club at his honest business while Knox was out in the night tomcatting and had coke dealer on speed dial?  Look at the total evidence. And don’t you think police can spot a staged break in versus the real deal? Or is it just American police who can see the difference? Don’t you know the Italian police see a lot of breaking and entering jobs?

Posted by Hopeful on 09/29/16 at 02:32 PM | #

Interview with RS:

As usual, all the police’s fault. He and AK did nothing suspicious whatsoever.

Posted by DavidB on 09/30/16 at 03:50 AM | #

I’ve just seen the GMA quickie interview with Knox and notice that it is the same host who held her hand last time.
I am glad this time they are not stroking and caressing each other on screen and also note Amanda’s moustache is coming on well.

This interview is interesting for the fact that it is only intended for the   American market and Knox quickly sets up her pitch to sell herself as someone who has been exonerated and her purpose in life is now to help other exonerates, such is the solid gold her heart is made of.
Hey Amanda, you might even get to sleep with some of them!

She also sells herself as being the eternal student,is now going to grad school and she was just a normal kid then, studying languages at an international school.
I switched it off at that point.

Clearly the American audience have been fed different things away from actual reality to the truth we know here outside of America and again clearly the Knox camp are very aware of this so tailor the American interviews with this in mind.
She just loves the limelight and can’t get enough of it.
Hey - even her latest boyfriend got to wear his convict jacket for the press when he stepped off the plane.

Posted by Deathfish on 09/30/16 at 05:08 AM | #

Oh, Deathfish, you echo my sentiments entirely about the GMA interview: Knox’s strange boyfriend with prison stripes jacket, necklace; Knox continuing to call herself a “kid” as if she were 14 years old in Perugia, her eternal student meme (as if she will learn anything new or use it right), and the familiar handholding Robin Roberts interviewer playing pal and chum.

I doubt Knox has done a thing for exonerees. She stays busy with writing for Seattle Herald, Chris, and now the grad school. She didn’t even bother to answer letters in prison from her admirers (what does that tell you about her, she had nothing else to do behind bars and yet still couldn’t be bothered to write a response of gratitude for well-wishers’ letters except in one giant sweeping quick easy word of gneral thanks spoken or emailed, I can’t recall, but it struck me as typical selfish Knox with her “I can’t use you, get lost”.)

So I doubt she’s wasting much time on exonerees except as the organization gives her a platform to spew her story. It sounds good, so she dusted it off for Roberts GMA interview.

I bet the other exonerees smirk at her speeches and give a wink and a nod. Nobody knows a jailhouse con like another jailbird.

Knox lies now for a living. What she doesn’t say is her biggest lie.

Chris the new beau is obviously a limelight seeker. Look at his outlandish dress.

He seems to actually be mocking Knox with his prison stripe jacket. I wonder if he has a criminal record himself or feels comfortable with those who do?

Awkward. He could have picked something more conservative to accompany Knox to an important television interview, knowing cameras would be watching them both but he is young and careless, just like the wildhaired Knox once was in Perugia.

Hey, there’s a thought. Knox is putting up with Chris (notice the name as in Chris stepfather Mellas). Why?

With this weirdo boyfriend the writer, maybe she’s doing penance by suffering under the heel of her doppleganger for awhile. She picks a guy with same name of man who rescued her mother, now she wants to be like her mother? But has she forgotten the first Chris in her life said she was stupid, a #&**-head, is she living down to that now?

And did you notice the sword tattoo on Chris’s arm? Here we go again with another knife boy.

Perhaps to contrast with the clownishly dressed Chris, Knox played up the feminine angle with navy blue floral dress and white flowers (rather pretty, actually) and black patent heels with peep-toe. She has grown her hair longer.

But Meredith was even more beautiful with almost no effort, oh, the precious Meredith who would have been putting smiles on faces and comforting people wherever she went, had she been allowed to live. All her kindness wiped out for a moment’s madness of the unself-disciplined Knox and her besotted Sailor Moon sidekick with their drug cravings and hubris and explosive repressed anger. Now she paints a dichotomy of, “I’m either a normal person or a monster”, doing her black and white thinking and back to her Jekyll and Hyde tricks: she’s both.

Posted by Hopeful on 09/30/16 at 10:17 AM | #

My comment on the ABC News GMA Website

“The documentary was made by filmmakers who claim ‘not to have strong opinions of guilt or innocence either way’ yet hide their advocacy for Knox since 2011. For those looking to the facts of the case, as opposed to a biased documentary, go to the Murder of Meredith Kercher website and make up your own mind.”

Posted by Ergon on 09/30/16 at 11:36 AM | #

Ergon, I tried to post comments under NYT’s garbage review, and intended to also link to wiki site, but there is no option to do so.  (I have a subscription.)  The reviewer does not appear to be “contactable” either.

Posted by whatswisdom on 09/30/16 at 12:45 PM | #

i posted again without a link, whatswisdom. Went through.

Posted by Ergon on 09/30/16 at 07:22 PM | #

Thanks whatswisdom on the box at the top, which does say a lot in 7 lines.  Much more short-and-sharp is on its way.

We have tweeted just about every movie reviewer to set them right. We know several have already come by.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 09/30/16 at 07:31 PM | #

Part (1) above “The REAL Dr Mignini” is not the last time in this series that we will set about the destruction of that hoax.

Nor was it the first in this series. The post of 21 September “#Netflixgate Crackpot Producer Stephen Robert Morse Has Been Originating Defamations For Years” included this, seemingly completely unknown to Morse (and to Fischer, Moore, and the entire angry mob that arrived in 2010-11).

The demonization originally began as a ploy to stop Amanda Knox talking. It was because she was so exceptionally naive.

The Supreme Court noted how Curt Knox shut her down angrily when her parents first visited Knox at Capanne Prison. Family knew she could very well spill the beans, and she maybe came very close to that at various times.

From late 2007 she seemed to rather like Dr Mignini, and to want to keep explaining to him over and over again. Dr Mignini thought she came really close at the interrogation on 17 December 2007 when her lawyers stepped in to stop her.

So they started to demonize Dr Mignini in her eyes.

In her book she says she wanted to keep talking, especially to him, and she quotes things that they told her to try to frighten her - pretty far from the truth. The lawyers once said quite publicly that they wish she’d simply shut up.

The demonization was deliberately jumped to a higher plane by Curt Knox, Paul Ciolino and David Marriott, still with no basis in fact unless you consider Doug Preston’s and Mario Spezi’s MOF book fact (they left out that they were caught trying to frame an innocent man) in a meeting in West Seattle in January 2009.

Your additional insights would be every welcome.

Dr Mignini had never ever been demonized before - even Preston said he was very fair, in an article before he wrote his rabid book. More to come.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 09/30/16 at 07:40 PM | #

Just watched Sollecito’s rambling, barely coherent interview on the BBC. He can no longer hide his utter disdain for Meredith either the little rat.

My goodness but the boy looks terrible. Seems to be going for a Matthew McConaughey look. In fairness, he does look a bit like the handsome Mr McConaughey but only if the Hollywood A lister had been set on fire and the flames had been beaten out with a shovel.

Posted by davidmulhern on 09/30/16 at 09:02 PM | #

See this tweet. Sent to reviewers

Posted by Ergon on 09/30/16 at 10:37 PM | #

Please folks, if you have some time (and aren’t already), log into Twitter and help fight the disinformation. Point people to the wiki and to this site, argue the facts, point to the evidence!!! People don’t like to be tricked. The truth will get out there!!!

Posted by devorah on 10/01/16 at 01:19 AM | #

Everyone can make a difference. Using Twitter is an excellent way of correcting false claims and making people aware of the official court documents. My tweets have earned 112.8K impressions over this 28 day period.

Posted by The Machine on 10/01/16 at 06:44 AM | #

I just watched the Netflx doc.
Ak said that she didn’t realise when she got to Italy that the course she enrolled on involved ‘no work’; so she decided to get a job.
When she describes going to the cottage she doesn’t mention remembering to take the mop.
She said when she knocked on Meredith’s door (before telling Raffaele) it was locked and that this “was very strange”.
RS says “I spent 6 months in prison”. He doesn’t add, “for a crime I didn’t commit”.
RS says he is now treated like a movie star.
I thought the doc was well balanced. I thought Mignini came across well.
AK and RS have had years to get their story straight and I’m sure they’ll continue in this way. 
But oh so guilty (especially AK) looks and sounds. I think she’s greatly burdened.
And, as if I need to say it, again the two of them display absolutely no remorse for Meredith whatsoever.
There was footage of AK at home when she got news of the acquittal. Her reaction was like she’d won the lottery. She looked thrilled. Less of a reaction of relief; which I would think more appropriate.
The production was high and was like watching a cinematic film.

Posted by DavidB on 10/01/16 at 09:12 AM | #

Good work DavidB. Thanks.

“Ak said that she didn’t realise when she got to Italy that the course she enrolled on involved ‘no work’; so she decided to get a job.”

She knew. She could have got UW funding for credits at the university and she passed. She was burning through money fast and Patrick did give her a job - but she had no work permit and so if Meredith replaced her she would have been broke come March.

Naturally AK and her gang stalking the Kerchers is well explained? Or not? There is copious documentation on that.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 10/01/16 at 12:27 PM | #

More Knox for her adoring public:

On Guedes release:
“I don’t know what to expect from him”

Yes Amanda, sure you don’t.

Posted by Deathfish on 10/01/16 at 06:07 PM | #

Please like and retweet this tweet:


Posted by The Machine on 10/01/16 at 09:22 PM | #

The rampant lazy journalism of these ABD Nightline drones perpetuating the usual myths without a second’s investigation or ratification is sickening.

In that small 9 minute YouTube segment kindly linked to by Deathfish the idiot interviewer tells us Guede had a history of break ins, Guede was a drifter, Mignini said satanic sex games were at play, DNA knife evidence was discredited, Knox was exonerated etc. All big fat, black lies. I’m sure there were more but those sprang immediately to mind after watching it.

When Knox tells us in the oft played Netflix segment that she is either a psycopath in sheep’s clothing or she is us, it’s the most truthful thing the little horror has uttered in years.

It tells me that she has enough understanding of her own mental illness to know that she is indeed a psycopath. Indeed, she revels in being able to walk amongst us, despite the overwhelming evidence against her and her infantile attempts to throw the authorities off the trail.

She clearly struggles though because she constantly has to remember the lies she tells and that is a skill that she’s inordinately bad at. Hence her litany of contradictions in court testimony, books and interviews.

Posted by davidmulhern on 10/01/16 at 09:52 PM | #

David Mulhern, I couldn’t agree more.
Pete, thanks. There was nothing about her gang of bullies.
I’d like to add that what I think also really makes AK and RS’s guilt stand out is their continual attacks on the police and Mignini. They’ve never shown any consideration for what the police were trying to do. It was excellent to read Mignini’s recent email to TJMK recently. What a pro he is.
I’m also looking forward to reading James Raper’s book.

Posted by DavidB on 10/02/16 at 04:28 AM | #

Time Magazine swallows the Netflix hoax. The usual defamatory accusations. Resulting in this tweet message to the reporter.

Gullible badly researched @katiemacreilly swallows #netflixhoax #amandaknox was hit ONLY by herself.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 10/02/16 at 08:11 AM | #

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