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Netflixhoax 9 Omitted - Numerous Facts The More Widely Viewed BBC Report Did Not Hide

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1. The BBC Report

This fine BBC production has been aired in many countries and although it has been “officially” blocked in the US over one million have watched it there.

The superior Andrea Vogt/Paul Russell report for the BBC Is Amanda Knox Guilty? was made on a lower budget and took substantially less production time.

It actually contained some Italians other than two discredited DNA experts and a hoodwinked Dr Mignini and Nick Pisa.

British viewership exceeded 700,000 in its first airing in February 2014. Foreign broadcasts worldwide - mysteriously it was not ever aired in the US - exceeded that by up to 10 times. There are several pirated uploads available on BitTorrent, and YouTube views are well over 100,000.

Let us say a total of at least 5 million worldwide for the BBC production by Andrea Vogt and Paul Russell, and maybe up to twice that. 

Promotion of the fair and unemotional BBC production was low-key worldwide. The formidable prosecution case is explained in an interesting way, and the very odd claim that some minor 2007 UK reporting is what swayed a row of judges and a smart Italian jury two years later is absent.

2. The Netflix Report

More than twice those who have watched the biased Netflix report online. It is hard to see Amanda Knox breaking even. It could be a big loss for the Knox-beholden producers.

iTechPost is estimating viewership of Amanda Knox as below 400,000.  A typical primetime success in the US would exceed that by maybe 30 times.

The iTechPost report suggests that leaving so much factual material out, and simply playing to American emotions, looks to have been a major mistake.

By comparison, Netflix’s Avery success Making A Murderer which dwelled on plenty of evidence (though not all of it) and courtroom drama exceeded one million views in the US for each of 10 episodes, making a total of over 10 million. 

There were many more views elsewhere.

Amanda Knox included such audience-bait as demonization of the prosecutor to hiss at, and demonization of one UK reporter to hiss at. Plenty about Italian justice to hiss at.

Also a major (and long discredited) smear by Amanda Knox accusing the investigators of felonies - which Dr Mignini was not even told about, let alone allowed to respond to; now that would have been fair and interesting.

The promotional theme was Monster v Victim but the movie did not devote even a minute to exploring that theme. Now that really could have been interesting.

Amanda Knox was given pervasive and very expensive promotion in the US including a costly billboard in NYC’s Madison Square Gardens. Netflix and Knox PR have engineered close to 100 positive reviews (though negative reader comments are in the clear majority).

3. The Bottom Line

Why pay to see PR distortions? Objectivity rules. Truth rules. Fairness rules. Fact rules. Good word-of-mouth rules. A lot less of the dishonest ultra-self-absorbed whiner Amanda Knox rules.

The ratings for Amanda Knox are a fail by Netflix’s own Avery standard. And a big fail by the BBC standard.


Welcome to those in the Netflix crowd who have sensed that the movie has gone badly wrong and left out vital facts.

Ignoring the Supreme Court’s final report leaves viewers thinking Knox is “innocent” but the judges placed her right at the scene of the crime at the time with blood on her hands.

We carry over 1000 posts. Good overviews

And for more depth:

Posted by Peter Quennell on 10/07/16 at 08:43 AM | #

Netflix viewers:  For the facts on the case and to see what the Knox PR machine spent heavily on making sure you didn’t see, please visit:

Posted by whatswisdom on 10/07/16 at 09:58 AM | #

Our helpful friend Hugo on PMF dot Net points to a second report on the low ratings by a different reporter.

The Wrap reports the same, with ratings estimated at 382,000. (Little more than half the viewers that Andrea Vogt’s film got just on the BBC Three minority youth channel in the UK alone.) ... firm-says/

Even with a recent small stock uptick which Ergon points out is based on a false rumor of a merger, Netflix is slowly fading as a company - down 13% in this year.

Market for crackpot crime theories must be limited.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 10/07/16 at 11:01 AM | #

Why was Andrea Vogt’s Is Amanda Knox guilty? not aired in the US?  What reason did the BBC give, if any?

Posted by Deathfish on 10/07/16 at 11:32 AM | #

Hi Deathfish

Open secret. Legal threats are rained down upon the US media literally by the thousands. The early ones were by Ann Bremner and she may still be issuing some of them. Stay tuned.

By the way a UK paper published a 2-page spread on the sheer viciousness and dishonesty of the PR (we have photo images) but it was removed within a few hours.

Post soon on the massive Knox PR operation. In the meantime read these:

  Coverage of the crime began to diverge on the two sides of the Atlantic. From the vantage point of Perugia, it seemed as though the Knox family’s American supporters were simply choosing to ignore the facts that were coming to light in Italy….

  The American press hung back, at first, objective and somewhat disbelieving that such a wholesome-seeming girl could have any connection to such a sordid foreign crime, and then, as the family stepped up its defense, increasingly divided between two camps that would become simply the innocentisti—those who believed she was blameless—and the colpevolisti, those who did not. In Perugia, these labels governed access…

  Of the handful of American journalists in Perugia in late 2007 and early 2008, none got access to the Knox family without certain guarantees about positive coverage. Within months, the family decided to speak on the record primarily to the American TV networks, often in exchange for airfare and hotel bills. Most of the print press was shut out. And the TV producers learned to be very cautious about being seen with people like me, lest the Knox family should cut them off.

  But as interest in the case grew, an odd assortment of American talking heads attached their reputations to Amanda’s innocence. An aggressive support group called Friends of Amanda formed in Seattle, headed by Anne Bremner, a media-savvy criminal lawyer who had cut her teeth as a tough prosecutor in Seattle’s King County Court…

  Very quickly, [PR manager David] Marriott lost control of the situation. As he spoon-fed the Knox-approved message to American outlets that couldn’t afford to send correspondents to Italy, those of us on the ground in Perugia began passing his contradictory e-mails around as entertainment during the long days in the court.

  [We reporters in Rome] began what would be a two-year battle against the Seattle message machine, incurring personal attacks and outright threats.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 10/07/16 at 11:50 AM | #

The top four reviews on IMdB are all negative.

Posted by Slow Jane on 10/07/16 at 04:35 PM | #

Yeah, we’ve been watching that IMDB review area!

Eight out of the 13 reviewers “hate” it and several of those reviews are pretty damaging.  IMDB is a really good place to post reader reviews because:

(1) More are read there than anywhere.

(2) Influential people in the industry check out how directors and actors are doing there.

I quite often post very positive reviews of actors on Broadway, as they need the help. Never negative.

In the IMDB forum area for the movie, many of the comments are scathing also. Some dummies are there, as well as some bright folks.

I’ve had a “professional” subscription for years and can read the industry information in that area.  Here are all the producers, and a previous work of theirs.

Rod Blackhurst Producer Here Alone
Ben Cotner Executive Producer The Case
Adam Del Deo Executive Producer Virunga
Matthew Hamachek Co-Producer Cartel Land
Mette Heide Producer The Queen of Versailles
Brian McGinn Producer Chef’s Table
Stephen Robert Morse Producer Ain’t Easy Being Green
Lisa Nishimura Executive Producer Virunga  

Look at this! Its the demographics of the 2000 or so who rated the movie 1 to 10 stars on IMDB.  There is a clear slant toward men, more-so as they get older. Michael Heavey and Steve Moore types.



Posted by Peter Quennell on 10/07/16 at 05:30 PM | #

California lawyer Richard Dwyer has a new video on the AK case on YouTube:

<iframe width=“640” height=“360” src=“” frameborder=“0” allowfullscreen></iframe>

Posted by DavidB on 10/07/16 at 06:13 PM | #

Richard Dwyer knows juries. They dont need 10,000 items of evidence, all pristine. They often need just ONE if the perp cannot explain it away.

It really doesn’t MATTER what the Moore & Fischer people make up to try to knock down this or that evidence point. Their fail rate is enormous and so s their shortfall and most important the defenses didnt use any of it.

Fischer & Marriott both crowed that they caused the Hellmann appeal to release Knox. Neither of them did. It was pure judge-shopping. We know how it happened in 2011, and we know how it happened in 2015.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 10/07/16 at 07:40 PM | #

Amanda Knox reminds me of someone else who also claimed she played a minimal role in a horrific sex murder.

Please retweet. Thanks.

Posted by The Machine on 10/08/16 at 12:21 PM | #

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