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Netflixhoax 28 Omitted - The Case Against RS & AK Is Actually Getting Stronger Still

Posted by Peter Quennell

Pro-Guilt Trends

See the pointilist painting above? It consists entirely of dots. The more dots, the more it makes sense.

Justice can take its sweet time. But the global trend is for it to win out in the end. There is actually a huge industry that does what we do. Continue to harden cases dot by dot.

Primarily for that reason, opinion polls and surveys taken of the attitudes to specific crimes show that over time most of those attitudes trend toward guilt. Even Netflix can’t buck that.

Smoking Guns

This case is like that. Take a look at our new page. Created at popular request. The stark facts in any one of those posts is pretty well impossible to innocently explain away.

Eight of those 12 posts appeared - could only appear - in the past three years. New documents and new translation continue to arrive. The enormous Case Wiki and PMF and TJMK add more depth all the time. 

Media Shortfalls

This goes on despite almost no help from US and UK media, who between them barely ever translated a single word. There was some fine reporting (see next posts). But major happenings in the case often got no reporting at all.

The blatant corruption of the Hellman appeal? No report. Sollecito’s telling second trip to the Dominican Republic? No report. Guede pointing more and more strongly at the pair? No report. Knox inevitably facing charges for the defamations in her book? No report. Her 400 lies there plus many more? No report.

The final vexatious outcome from the Supreme Court, which put Knox with blood on her hands right at the scene of the crime (the whole house)? No report. Sollecito’s two losses in court this year over his damages-award claim and his book? No report.

Bad books (think of PR shills Dempsey, Burleigh, Fischer, Heavey, Preston, Douglas, and Moore - as well as Sollecito and Knox) don’t stand the test of time. They are now really easy to shoot down. In contrast strong well-documented legal takes like James Raper’s book quietly move in. The BBC airs the best report done so far.

Inflection Point

Italians are strongly pro-guilt. Especially toward Knox, widely seen as the enraged and jealous prime mover and the killer of Meredith who wielded the final stab in the attack.

So we are pretty confident that the US and UK will see an inflection point in 2018. Just sayin’ Netflix.


As the main post contained also breaking news, about the academic fraud, we are dividing the posts & comments to make each easier to follow & link to.

On the topic of this post, main poster Hopeful posted a good comment which we move here.

Absolutely right. The case against AK and RS is getting stronger all the time.

The future of DNA testing and other scientific strides may end all doubt as to whose bloody footprint was on the blue rug. Not long back investigators could barely assess blood groups. Now they can tell eye color and more from DNA.

Future DNA tests may confirm without any room left for debate that Meredith’s blood was on Raffaele’s knife. What would be the only conclusion from that?

Advanced science may even be able to find new traces of Amanda’s blood and DNA on Meredith’s blue jacket. They may unearth from the mixed DNA samples of Meredith and Knox much invisible evidence that we can’t imagine at this time.

People may talk. Those close to AK and RS may reveal secrets that the two defendants whispered to them years ago. Who is to say even The Cloud might be data mined for contents of Knox’s computer? The sky’s the limit on advances and breakthroughs in technology. We have much more precise DNA tests now than we did 30 years ago.


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In response to Hopeful’s comment on the building strength of the evidence, Peter Quennell a comment which is also moved here.

Hi Hopeful

Agreed that scientific advances are working against them also (not that the DNA was successfully challengend by competent experts) and also the real fear of one or several talking now that the PR godzilla has gone back to sleep.

I think 2018 is the year in which main media will finally get busy digging.

Some did talk already of course. In Seattle. We know she had a horrific early childhood with an abusive Curt livid at the arrival of a baby (Knox) which forced him into a marriage he didnt want and was out of again in two years.

Then repeatedly he failed to pay child support for Knox and her sister and Knox’s mother had to take him to court several times.

The broken home syndrome. Many dont get it but enough do to make it a real problem - and a real cause of criminal behavior.

We know that opinions of her were at minimum mixed at her high school and university. Tactless talk and sharp elbows and dirty tricks had become her thing, put on steroids as her drug use became heavier. 

Her drug use in Perugia and her close relationship with her drug dealer (who came to the house for noisy sex seemingly in payment) has been reported - but not yet by main media.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 12/02/17 at 07:10 PM | #

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