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Mainstream Media Woes: NBC Takes Heat For Blatantly One-Sided Report

Posted by Peter Quennell

NBC originated a live feed from the court. Now NBC slams those who actually watched?!

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Will NBC continue to sulk? Anyway there’s good media news, so rare in this day & age.

(1) The Washington Post has corrected the misreporting of one of its staff.

(2) NBC’s Amber Heard snow-job was its lowest-rated NBC true-crime report for this year.

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Big non-development. The box now at the top explains.

The mandatory $8.35 million bond was not lodged along with Amber Heard’s notice of appeal, and is so unlikely to be lodged ever.

“Malicious intent”. That explains why Travelers and NY Marine Insurance are unlikely to gamble on a win. NY Marine is already refusing to pay even Heard’s fees, and Travelers is likely to do the same. Either that or face a shareholders suit. 

Elon Musk is unlikely to gamble $8.35 million plus fees and interest on an appeal win either: it seems he is already selected to be Amber’s next victim.

Amber’s lawyer Elaine is taking heat for this mess. She is not exactly competent at court-work or defamation law. You may know that she was so outclassed by Depp’s brilliant team that she burst into tears in court.

Two suitable cases for treatment, it does seem.

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A tip for understanding almost all of today’s bad news?  You probably have this figured out. See it as Top Down v Bottom Up, worldwide.

People everywhere are now vastly better informed, but are still lacking the participatory processes to act. Those essential systems are not yet in place.

Aggravations as a result:

(1) Social Media (like us) increasingly rules, as main media (eg NBC) is too top-down toward their audience.

(2) Russia. The population was getting way too smart, so Putin starts a war with Ukraine to distract.

(3) Sri Lanka. The ouster of the top-down leadership brothers there. Absolutely high time.

(4) Netherlands. Dutch farmers have had enough of top-down. They are about to starve the nation to death!

(5) The UK #1: Mordaunt’s book proposes bottom up; the right wing of the Conservative parliamentary party really freaked.

(6) The UK #2: Some of the 200,000 Conservative Part members due to vote are now angry that the MPs have stuck them top-down with a mere Truss v Sunak choice. They wanted to vote on all eight.

(7) Recent Australian national election. They threw a national Prime Minister out primarily because he was too top down on the environment.

(8) The annual World Economic Forum in Davos. Everybody who gets invited is top-down by definition. It’s a horrible idea. Conspiracy theories as aired on YouTube are the result.

(9) The US #1. Unusually, Americans have four political layers imposing rules and taxes upon them top-down (federal, state, county, town),  even if they mean well. Hence the tendency to demonize a seeming fifth layer: the UN.

(10) The US #2. Trump.

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Actually the World Economic Forum seems to me a case of the blind leading the blind. There are several articles pointing out how often they have got things wrong. I’ve watched way too many elected or self-appointed leaders close-up who were shallow and ill-informed. It’s their chiefs of staff and other top bureaucrats who tend to be extremely bright. Davos should be for them.

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