Thursday, March 03, 2011

The DEFENSE Not Italian Officials Leaked About Knox HIV Test In Capanne DRAFT

Posted by Michael

The several wrong facts in the Lifetime movie,  especially of timeline, perhaps balanced one another out, and seemed to leave many viewers sensing the possibility of guilt.

However, there was one very serious wrong claim in the movie and in the following documentary which implied criminal action on the part of the Capanne Prison medical staff and prosecutors and may have aroused a lot of false sympathy for Amanda Knox.

The film depicted Amanda knox being told by the doctor at Capanne that in a routine test she tested positive for HIV and to write down a list of her previous partners. Later, a confrontation was shown between an angry Amanda and the doctor (which never happened) when he told her she was all clear.

In reality, the doctor told Amanda at the start that the test was probably a false positive and that she shouldn’t worry and that another test would be run. The doctor never instructed Amanda to write out a list of her previous partners. And the prosecutors never leaked that list.

In Amanda Knox’s own words, you can read above how it went down: She chose herself to create the sex partners list.

The myth in the movie of how the sex partners list was created and spread around was then later compounded by the ‘Knox friendly’ Lifetime documentary. That also claimed Amanda Knox was told to write down her list of partners by the doctor and then her diary was leaked by prosecutors to the public.

We know this to be false. We know that it was instead Amanda Knox’s own lawyers that leaked the diary with the sex partners list (to journalists like Barbie Nadeau) and the family effort that leaked it to people like Frank Sfarszo (who duly published Amanda’s diary page on previous sexual partners), and Candace Dempsey, and even tried to leak it to us!

Amanda’ Knoxs family know the truth of this, but have not yet come out and corrected a seriously wrong pervasive impression. And Lifetime repeated the lie of the sex partners list, leading millions to believe the ILE deliberately terrified, tricked and humiliated Amanda Knox.

But they didn’t. Amanda Knox herself showed it was not so.


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