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Knox Depicter Hayden Panetierre Shows Real Talent As Country Singer On A Critically Praised New Show

Posted by Peter Quennell

Okay, we were pretty skeptical of actress Hayden Panettierre’s talent and motives prior to the Liftetime cable TV channel airing their Knox TV movie early in 2011.

But as Panetierre depicted Amanda Knox as impetuous, jealous, vague and narcissistic (quite possibly because of this) we generally concluded that the depiction was not a million miles from the truth. The Knox and Sollecito families had conniptions and filed suits, though they seem to have quietly gone away.

Now Panetierre co-stars in a new TV show Nashville on ABC which began last month, where her mesmerizing presence as a hustling young country singer seems to be the most compelling new thing on TV.

Interesting how those who take sides with Knox so often go down, while those who side more with Meredith so often go up.

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By coincidence PerugiaToday is reporting that the Lifetime movie is to be aired in Italy on Channel 5 on 3 December so the legal challenges must have gone away. There is a brutal depiction of Meredith struggling on the floor - which did shake some reality into some of the ardent, callous pro-Knoxers.

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Frankly speaking, we are not really that sensitive any more. A naked body does not evoke the same response today. A mutilated body does not appear so much disgusting. I am not alone. If you have been to the emergency ward of a hospital, you will know what I am trying to say.

Yes, I agree about the element of disrespect when we show some naked and mutilated body on the wide screen. But the audience wants more. And the show business is highly obliging. Don’t you all agree that violence, or the depiction of violence, has increased in the show business considerably in recent times?

In school, one of our teachers once explained that obscene originally meant off-scene, things that are not fit to (or cannot be) be shown on stage. Those good old days!

Morality is a very dynamic concept- both local and temporal. But truth is beyond space and time.

Let the truth prevail.

Youth is when you blame all your troubles on your parents; maturity is when you learn that everything is the fault of the younger generation.

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Hi Chami. Interesting points.

The (very good) actress and Cambridge University student who depicted Meredith in the Lifetime movie was in fact full clothed. She was seen struggling on the floor under “Guede” with shadowy figures at the side.

We think the raw depiction of the violence at trial summation in Italy in 2009 made people there a lot less starry eyed toward the “bambinos” than many people here. Someone tried hard to paint Mignini as evil for the recreation video he showed but it was well done and sure had a strong effect in the closed court.

The Sollecito family leaking of an evidence tape to the Bari station Telenorba showing Meredith’s naked body on the bedroom floor probably caused a negative reaction in Italy against the alleged perps as well.

A Bari prosecutor who is in big trouble for other suspicious pro-defendant moves in other cases will reportedly try to argue in January that the case against the Sollecito family should be dismissed. It would be good to see a trial happen to decide this.

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Here she is. She does look a lot like Meredith, her first name must be an unfortunate coincidence, though.

She holds a natural science degree and works as tutor.

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