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Kercher Lawyer Dr Maresca Slams Tin-Eared Knox Over “Inopportune Plans” To Visit Perugia

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Dr Maresca welcoming Meredith’s family to trial court in 2009

1. Today’s Reporting

The Daily Mail headline today 8/18/17 says this:

Murdered Meredith Kercher’s family condemn Amanda Knox over “˜inopportune plans’ to revisit Italian town where the British student was killed

Subheading: Ms. Knox, 30, wants to return so she can overcome the trauma of imprisonment

The Kercher family lawyer, our dear Francesco Maresca, the lion of Perugia who never wastes words, condemns the nutter Knox, the eternal troublemaker that she is.

Knox told People magazine of her evil plans: “The only way that I’m going to come full circle is by physically, literally, coming full circle.”

Knox said, “I know that Perugia is probably the least welcome place for me in the entire world. And that’s scary, but it also means a lot to me, not to be afraid of a place and see Perugia through my family’s eyes.” (can you believe it, she uses her family as an excuse to return to the scene of the crime, unrivalled ingrate)

“My family lived in Perugia for years to support me and they made relationships. I made a relationship with the priest at the prison, and those things still matter to me.” (what gall, has she been to see a priest in Seattle since 2015?)

Francesco Maresca the Kercher family lawyer said that Ms. Knox is NOT WELCOME in Perugia. Amen to that.

Maresca told The Telegraph:  “I believe Amanda Knox’s choice to return is totally inopportune because the death of Meredith was very painful for Perugia and people there feel they have never had a satisfactory response from the Italian justice system.”

Maresca said, “That is why Knox should think about her life without continuing to return to this sad affair from which she has been the only one to profit, both in terms of fame and money.”

2. My Commentary

What Insolence and Unbridled Triumphalism of Evil

The criminal always returns to the scene of the crime. Why? because he has so much invested in it of himself and his moment of power.

Knox is a moth to a flame, she can never learn.

The valiant Attorney Maresca condemns her motives and tells her in gentler words than mine to “GET A LIFE” and to not parade her sorry self through the streets she tormented and flout the Perugians who she ripped off of so much money to investigate her crime.

Perugia had to pay judges and police and lab techs and a myriad of costs, thousands and millions$ of euro to give that young imposter and troublemaker and promiscuous idiot her courtrooms and to house her and feed her in Capanne prison only then to be made the brunt of street riots and shouting mobs at doors of courthouse after verdicts were announced.

More importantly Perugia suffered the heartless loss of lovely Meredith in their formerly happy village. They suffered the jaundiced eye of the American PR steamroller trying to find fault with their sincere and earnest investigation. Perugia had endless patience with the animal known as Knox whose father and loudmouth mother paraded in and out of their decent streets while paying PR firms to paint Knox a misunderstood Madonna instead of the kicking goat they had raised.

Perugia got the awful reputation of the beautiful Meredith’s murder and the seamy underbelly of drug crime that Knox the dopehead brought to light.

Then the Sollecito family rose up to condemn the Perugian police and justice officials as country clowns, and after all the Perugians’ costly hard work to give Meredith peace and a just outcome to punish those who destroyed her, the American PR hydrogen bomb blasted over them like an evil Goliath before David put him down. I hope she meets a David in Perugia, the arrogant twerp.

I hope Knox gets more than she bargains for, much much more and worse if she sashays her shameless self once again in the town that she used as a platform to show her tail, and as Maresca says, to profit from all the fallout of her own evil, her ill gotten fame and some money with it. She still owes Lumumba, pay him if you walk by the crumbled Le Chic on your drunken journey with your foolish compatriot Robinson, a blind man if there ever were one.

She adds insult to injury and proves to the world she is an absolute moron yet a cunning and deceitful enemy who revels in the triumph of her will over others, her daring over what is right.

Maresca tells the beast to “˜GET A LIFE’ and stop cruelly dancing at the scene of the crime.

She was given mercy, not justice. Now she lies about the motive for her visit to Perugia, shielding herself by suggesting her family’s friends and the priest there mean so very much to her. Right. Has she been to mass twice since her release? Has she donated to Seattle Prep? Has she donated to the Catholic Church? let me guess”¦but now the tenuous relationship with the Priest of Capanne is the ruse she uses to excuse her return to Perugia to further slap them in the face.

Liar liar, don’t trust a word she says.

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Poor Barbie Nadeau seems to me scrambling to find a new comfort zone after doing such a fine job of reporting the strong evidence and the weirdness of Knox, only to be left hanging by the final verdict as she understood it.

She clearly has not read all our takes on the final Marasca/Bruno report, which I think could have given her a lot more peace of mind that she DID get it right the first time.

Here’s her take on Knox going back to Perugia - it reads to me like the equivalent of a ghastly forced grin as she claims to see some silver lining in it.

The problems of a Knox visit in the Breaking News at the top don’t seem to have occurred to her.


This video below (which like other recent videos has had only a few views) is a companion piece to a short writeup in the current People magazine.

<iframe width=“560” height=“315” src=“” frameborder=“0” allowfullscreen></iframe>

Posted by Peter Quennell on 08/19/17 at 05:26 AM | #

Hello Hopeful,

Nice catch.  Disturbing, although not at all surprising.  Wasn’t she obsessed with visiting the grave a few years ago?

Kind of shoots down that ‘‘fear of persecution’’ whining that keeps going on.

Regarding the Daily Mail article, most comments are overtly hostile.  This again?  and creep sicko…

I’ve said it before (and will again).  I think deep down AK gets turned on thinking about what she did.  Trying to relive the fantasy probably.

Posted by Chimera on 08/19/17 at 05:29 AM | #

A scathing and factual takedown by @Hopeful.

I think @Chimera calls it right too in saying Knox gets turned on by this. I don’t think that this is too deep down right enough; scratch the surface of the cold hearted psychopath that is Knox and I think sexual deviance is right there, writ large.

Apart from the sexual thrill of it all, I think this vermin’s other clear motivation for the trip is to continue her torture of Meredith’s fine family. What better time to get her increasingly haggard face into the mainstream media again than in a significant anniversary year?

If her seemingly gullible, and weird, boyfriend doesn’t already know what Knox is, then I think the scales may well fall from his eyes after this trip. I think she will be incapable of concealing her sheer joy and sexual excitement at being back at the place where she made her bones.

A few inappropriate selfies will no doubt be taken (who can forget the knife depiction one that these cretins took) to really stick it to Meredith’s family. I believe Knox will feel the trip has been worthwhile if she can elicit a negative comment from Meredith’s family. I hope they don’t give her the satisfaction.

I also hope the good people of Perugia get wind of exactly when she will be there and organise themselves to let her know exactly what they think of her. Sadly, this may only turn her on more right enough, such is the lack of conscience and normalcy contained within this aberrant pig.

I remain unconvinced by Robinson’s defence of his femme fatale though. He is clearly a somewhat strange guy himself but intelligent all the same. I think this may well be birds of a feather, flocking together (just like it was with Sollecito) and Robinson is actually turned on by having a murderer as his sexual partner. I’m interested to see who turns on who first, as one will surely turn on the other at some point.

What a circus!

Posted by davidmulhern on 08/19/17 at 10:48 AM | #

The good citizens of Perugia would do best just to ignore her - assuming she goes and this is not just a provocation

Knox would delight in any show of revulsion by them, or the by Italian media.

That would - I have no doubt she has calculated this - increase the antipathy of her ill-informed supporters, seeing her as the one who is the victim. Her victimhood is what she both nurtures and feeds on - voraciously.

I dare say she would be followed around by the media, most of whom would be praying for an incident. The whole thing would be quite ghastly and sickly.

And yes - it would be one in eye for her “best friend’s” family.

She’s a ghoul.

Posted by James Raper on 08/19/17 at 12:01 PM | #

As Hopeful says, she is a moth to the flame. And she delights in any kind of attention. I can just see her loving planning a trip on the 10th anniversary. She knows there will be media attention. 
It really is loathsome.
Yet no doubt she’ll still have her worshippers.
I think her comments on Michelle Carter were simply her trying to get some of the attention Carter was getting.
It was a dreadful decision to release her.  She is an out of control criminal who should be either locked up or on a leash.  And the things she does now are the inevitable consequences.

Posted by DavidB on 08/19/17 at 01:10 PM | #

I am 100% sure she will pop up in England any day soon.  No doubt prancing around poor Meredith’s grave in some ‘ironic’ costume, with the encouragement of Party Rock.

Posted by KrissyG on 08/20/17 at 03:34 PM | #

It really flummoxes me that people think she is innocent by even watching her. Never mind all the evidence.
Just watching and hearing her voice would convince me she is guilty if I knew nothing about the case.
The hollow voice, insincere eyes. And doesn’t it ever cross anyone’s mind that she never ever even mentions Meredith’s name?
Then she’s posing for the camera.
It really is exasperating.

Posted by DavidB on 08/21/17 at 02:37 PM | #

In his exasperation DavidB is hardly alone.

Globally, frustrations, especially with public institutions and especially the media, are trending exceptionally high right now.

“Three quarters of people think the system is rigged against them.”  Rightly so.

But scroll down to the sort-of pie charts there, the ones with the big green dots.

In Europe, Italians are the second LEAST mistrustful after the Dutch. (What’s with the Swedes?!)

In the US, the popularity of institutions is three points up in a year - not unexpected, as trust in the “political class” sinks fast.

With the professional “experts” on our case like John Douglas and Hampikian and the Bremners and Steve Moore and Judge Heavey and Saul Kassin having lied or been duped for years, surely this is no surprise:

“...people’s peers [eg: us!] are now seen as being as credible as those regarded as experts”.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 08/21/17 at 06:20 PM | #

Barbie Nadeau’s “ghastly forced grin”—too right. Barbie was right about Knox but her hands are tied by the final acquittal.

Could Barbie be sticking it to Knox in a subtle nanny-nanny-boo-boo way by pointing out that Knox’s trip won’t be the first or special, because Raffaele has already made his return visit to Perugia alongside a female friend. Barbie opens the story with Meredith the Erasmus scholar to contrast her with the dilettante lowbrow Knox? 

James Raper is right that Perugia should steal Knox’s oxygen by turning their backs on her one-woman parade of selfies, shut her down with the cold water of inattention. Knox wanted drama once in Perugia, she wants it again.

Attention craving.  Will she sit on Toto’s bench? He’s dead because of her.

Word is she’ll return with a media entourage, which will of course spoil one wistful thing Knox seeks: to return to her “good ole days” before she was doubted, before she was thrown in Capanne. As Barbie almost sneers: What does Knox have to reminisce about so fondly in Perugia? She mostly sat for years in prison there.

We can add that while there she hardly made happy memories, but cried a lot, kept her head down, rarely washed, slept badly, ignored her cellmates to survive, lost her hair; her vision became impaired; she was cooking crabcakes on the floor listening to screams and wails and begging for Harry Potter books and fending off the sexual leers of the well-informed guards while awaiting Rocco’s visits.

Or envying Madison Paxton who was flitting around Perugia freely snapping photos and supporting Knox with visits while Knox drew pictures of her stained glass hands and crocheted snowflakes and did sit-ups and craved the outdoors and missed the sunshine and later learned her mom had coped with Amanda-caused stress using prescription drugs but was still married to Chris Mellas. While Knox imagined ways to commit suicide.

This scene was Knox’s main adventure in Perugia. Knox sat writing lies in her prison journal, ignoring her well-wishers’ letters. Meanwhile her weeping mother was front and center of TV cameras, flying from continent to continent borrowing money on mortgaged houses to cry on American tv talk shows; while Knox’s angry and bewildered father tried to hold his temper together? 

Nadeau even quotes the priest Father Scarabatolli as saying Knox’s parents showed humility and kept quiet while in Perugia (hint hint to Knox) suggesting that the parents were probably pitied for having such a daughter, but were treated graciously by the Perugian people despite the fact their daughter was a hellion and liar.

Nanny-nanny-boo-boo even as Nadeau toes the line for her publication.

It’s possible Knox will time her Perugia victory lap (or return to her fantasies of yesteryear) right about the time of her sister’s autumn nuptials?

Knox: Ever the aggressive competitive petty one? To steal Deanna’s thunder? Or to pretend to dodge the wedding to spare Deanna the media attention?

And of course the 10-year anniversary of Meredith’s death is a sensitive time for the Kerchers and case-followers.

Will Knox knock on Mignini’s door for tea? Will she show Chris the Questura or do a few cartwheels on its front lawn?

Will they kiss in front of Via della Pergola? Will Chris wear a yellow scarf? Will she manage to stay sober and drug free for the entire visit?

Did Chris Robinson suggest he wanted to see the steps of his live-in-lover’s former barhopping “education”? What a shame to miss that lovely part of her history.

Maybe they can throw a stone at Nara’s house, yell and scream a little.

In Knox’s immature heart or perhaps in her better self she’s probably looking to renew the honeymoon she once had with Italy, to walk the same ancient streets, to wax sentimental at Grimaldi Square, to party at the same old bars and return to the halls and classrooms where she once sat for classes in Italian language before she became fluent in it from criminal proceedings.

She may want to eyeball the cottage, see the changes, return to the basketball court, walk past Raffaele’s apartment on Garibaldi and rent a car and drive with Chris to Gubbio, to do the things she missed out on doing after her knife night.

I doubt she wants to run into Hekuran Kokomani, unless he’s at Bubbles.

She wants to review her old haunts with new love and more maturity and see the place with what she thinks will be mellow vision and depth of emotion and incredible insights. Her wailing wall, will she light a candle?

The sentimental innocent things may be overshadowed by intense regrets and kicking herself for all the opportunities that her silliness not to say evil envy once squandered.

She hopes to return a conquering hero of her own life, afraid no longer, purged of all folly after her fires of suffering. Ah, the ego ascends. Chris will only be in the way. A new book is coming.

She will leave some little token of her malice, some sort of graffiti, my guess, or maybe she’s secretly searching for some spot where part of an old bloody blouse or torn out earring was hid in 2007, risktaker par excellence.

Will Laura want to meet her? Will Knox drop by the law office of Ghirgha? Will she and Chris stay at Dr. Anderson’s villa? Will Edda join them there, send thanks to David Thorne? Maybe Steve Moore and wife Michelle will video the triumphant return, maybe allow Michelle a few quiet moments in the empty Perugia courtroom to yell a few minutes, while Steve smokes cigars on the bridge recalling Pepperdine and FBI.

Knox may be too young to understand that the keys to the doors of yesterday that we often search for, are a seductive mirage. The rooms of the past are not there anymore.

The past vanishes and the doors to what is nonexistent lead to emptiness. Dreams, visions, memories remain but often changed with time, morphed into unrecognizable vagaries, anchor them as best we can.

This is reality. Sad but true as people learn from long experience, from chasing ghosts.

Not to despair, because the rule of forward, onward, upward can be a release for people who are oppressed and bound to the worst of the past.

The necessity to look forward is an impetus to move alive again with new dreams. To let go.

The Perugia return for Knox may be nothing but dollar signs and a media ploy to keep her brand breathing or wheezing. The money may be good but who would want to be a Joran Van der Sloot to maintain earning power?

It is not Knox who lifts Perugia in honor. Far from it.

It is Meredith who rises forever smiling above the hills and happy cafes of her university town. It’s Meredith who waves at her once fellow students and beckons new tourists to sip coffee at outdoor tables.

Thank goodness for good friend Meredith moving like an angel in the skies above the Via, above the fountain, the cathedral, the griffin, the olive groves and the hills.

It is Meredith making peace when soused drunks pour liquor over the head of the DJ.

Meredith dancing, Meredith cleaning her house. Meredith winking at the book dealer she frequented. Meredith sunning on the balcony with John Le Carre.

Meredith is like the sunny blue skies that continue smiling over the Perugia and Italy she truly loved.

Posted by Hopeful on 08/21/17 at 07:28 PM | #

‘‘My 4 years for wrongful conviction’’ has a lot more pizzazz than the far more accurate—‘‘My 11 months of extra detention (for framing someone), before the courts ruled I was present and washing blood off.’‘

Also makes it look like a crock when you realize she has been out for nearly 6 years now.

One things worth noting: if this truly ‘‘were’’ about just facing her fears, there is nothing to prevent AK from doing it quietly and anonymously.

There are only a few reasons to announce it to the world:
(a) Free press and/or more blood money
(b) Giving the middle finger to the Kerchers yet again,
(c) Both of (a) and (b)

Posted by Chimera on 08/22/17 at 06:12 AM | #

Hi Hopeful

I want to take you back to these several posts and ask if you have a theory about why Knox was so eager to move out of the house with Chris & Edda to her place near the university.

At UW over two years she became known for drugs and brash partying. She was a loaded missile hungry for drugs when she arrived in Perugia with zero official funding. Actually even back at highschool there were stories about her.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 08/22/17 at 06:32 PM | #

Amanda Knox pulls one stunt after the other in her bid to monetize and self-affirm her role in Meredith Kercher’s murder. She really enjoys the attention she’s been getting from the media and the wrongful conviction industry and I’m not responding to every picture she posts to her Instagram account. Calls her cat “Mr. Screams”? OK then it just points to her psychology. Current boyfriend Chris Robinson takes pictures of her “preparing food” and there she is, brandishing her knife? He’s seems like a Sollecito clone. Already been done, with RS pictures on Facebook and on the Netflix documentary as she ahem, prepares food.

But her latest, that she might visit Perugia, presumably on the 10th anniversary? She’s never, ever going to Italy IMO.

a) She’s really scared she might get arrested again. A real, justifiable fear because
b) Karma may happen.

Posted by Ergon on 08/23/17 at 12:21 AM | #

Good question. The flashbacks to posts with photos of her UW shared house near campus, the now closed World Cup Coffee Shop where she worked, and the post about her lack of oversight at University for Foreigners (versus a true study-abroad program where credits would transfer and serious protocol had to be followed, house-checks would be made on her and feedback from roommates and a visit to the student’s place of residence once per month to check on the student) by stewarthome2000, great refresher.

It seems to suggest that Knox just wanted total freedom as in Woo-Hoo, wild child, no rules. The lure of total freedom called for leaving her mother’s house for the nearby campus, and then move on further and further, to Germany then Italy.

I think she was probably beginning to chafe under Edda and Chris’s house rules. She wanted to experience the college scene at UW or more likely the party scene.

The move out of Edda’s house was her first step to independence, not unlike most college students. It’s a symbol of growing up, finding independence. A rite of passage almost in the USA.

Her time at UW didn’t last too long before she was chomping at the bit to rush to Europe with the flimsy excuse of a study-abroad school. She was proud of having talked Curt Knox into his permission on that. She framed it to him as a well-thought out plan that she’d worked 3 jobs to finance and deserved as a reward for her focus and commitment. But we know Knox likes to lie or shade the truth, to daddy dearest and to mom, a mom whom she could only disagree with by writing ‘notes’.

Knox chose the University for Foreigners which is somewhat of an open door language school under which she had full freedom with nobody to limit her activities in Perugia or to hear feedback from roommates. A real study abroad school would have administrators and contacts for complaints if Knox was bringing men into a common living area, or stealing or skipping classes or worse, illegal drugs.

Knox had nobody to report to. Woo Hoo.

Knox might have leapt to Perugia as a mere starting point, with the ultimate goal of flying on to China to link up with her former heartthrob David Johnsrud who was in China. She had already bought airplane tickets to travel to China, IIRC, even while dating Sollecito.

Her arrest was the only thing that stopped her flight East.

She’d already visited Japan on a school exchange a few years earlier, so the Far East didn’t seem daunting to her, loose cannon that she was.

I believe she was not planning to return to Seattle for several years, if she had managed to cobble together short term paying jobs and a set of male friends. Her philosophy was “see where the day takes me”.

I think she wanted to use drugs in places far from home or in countries where it was more winked at, meaning hard drugs.

Maybe she had heard rumors that coke and ketamine? fentanyl, heroin (hope she wasn’t that stupid, but who knows?) and all kinds of substances were free flowing in Italy. She was too afraid to get caught on drug charges while living too near her Mom and stepdad.

She may have thought she could lie to parents better from a distance, persuade them of anything by phone. Nothing would ever be her fault.

And we see who she was drawn to in Perugia like a magnet: a doped up son of a physician, who might have been abusing daddy’s prescription pad to get pills, maybe stuff like Raf’s mom had taken. ??

With some kinfolks located in Germany, Knox might have been planning to kick around Europe for a long time as Plan B if things didn’t work out in China with Johnsrud. Her interest in languages does seem genuine.

This is all speculation, but past behavior is the best predictor of future behavior.

Knox was known for drug use and a revolving door of men at UW. She continued that in Italy.

It was probably the long years in prison that broke her burgeoning drug addiction.

Rudy quoted Meredith as calling Knox on the fatal night, “a drugged up tart” which may suggest the catalyst for the showdown. Meredith may have been furious at Knox’s escalating and irresponsible illegal drug use under their roof.

Knox may have bragged on how she was getting drugs which may have been the reason for the descriptive word, “tart”.

As for her departure from Edda’s house to UW, a second possibility:

Knox might have been privy to some typical marital tension between Chris and Edda by that point. Her behavior might have been the cause of family problems. She might have been sneaking drugs into Edda’s house (or guys) or keeping late hours and perhaps had become deaf to Edda’s and Chris’s pleas, intractable. Maybe that’s another reason she moved out, maybe there was an ultimatum given by Chris, or some unspoken understanding that Edda was at her wits’ end and the marriage would collapse if Chris or mom had to deal with Knox’s rebellious ways one more day.

She might have been scolded that she was a terrible influence on Deanna.

The above is sheer speculation of course.

Posted by Hopeful on 08/23/17 at 12:37 AM | #

Thanks Hopeful, at first glance superb.


How adorable… Here’s someone giving Knox a run for her money in the Obnoxious & Self Absorbed stakes. Her husband wrecked tens of thousands of families by ruthless repossession of their homes - he bought the bank holding the mortgages so he could do precisely that.

There are numerous other reports. Similar deflation of Knox is on the way.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 08/23/17 at 02:51 AM | #

Johnny Yen emailed about this comment by the Radar Online reader “Gold Popsicle” and we want to find out what judge they are talking about.

It could be Marasca or Bruno perhaps.

ask the italian judge whom set her free on technicality but testify he knew she was guilty as hell check his testimony on french doc faites entrer l’accusé

Here is the faites entrer l’accusé all on YouTube. Help requested from any of our French speakers please? Could you look for a comment by a judge and report?

<iframe width=“560” height=“315” src=“” frameborder=“0” allowfullscreen></iframe>

For our public record this is the content of the current Breaking News box at the top.

Breaking news. Reaction in Perugia to Knox threat to visit: she should ONLY visit if she plans to pay Patrick the $100,000 award the Supreme Court confirmed she must. And apologizes to those numerous fine citizens she defamed there. And to her drug dealer who she caused to go to prison.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 08/23/17 at 05:54 PM | #

The comment must obviously be a reference to Hellmann, Peter. If you remember he did tell the press that AK and RS could be guilty for all he knew.

Thanks for the link to the Gallio article which I think was published after the Nencini appeal.

It does raise the theoretical possibility that unsavoury characters such as Frederico, or Luciano (convicted of the attempted murder of his brother by stabbing), might have been involved, beyond being drug pushers for the three.

Where would be the evidence for that? None although there were unidentified DNA profiles on the cigarette stubs in the ash trash at the cottage.

Frederico was convicted in 2011, probably before the conclusion of the Hellmann appeal. We can therefore take it that his, and indeed Luciano’s, DNA profiles were already in the DNA database. There would certainly have been, or could have been, a search of the database, if not by the prosecution then by the defence, but no match found, at any time up to the conclusion of Nencini. Remember that appeals are hybrid trials of fact (meaning that new evidence can be admitted as well) and appeals on points of law.

Come to think of it, Kokomani’s profile must have been in the database as well.

Posted by James Raper on 08/26/17 at 01:08 PM | #

Very interesting James. I’ll see what further we can find out.

Most DNA processing in Italy is done at the Scientific Police labs and Carabinieri labs in Rome, both involved in this case. They are both as modern as any in Europe despite PR attempts to belittle them - and puff up the truly terrible lab of Hellmann’s “independent” experts.

The Rome labs work in close conjunction with the FBI, there’s almost a symbiotic relationship between the FBI and Italy’s national police and each has agents embedded in the other.

Funny how Netflix “forgot” that. So did Steve Moore.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 08/26/17 at 01:32 PM | #

James Raper in link about “ghoul”, see his link to Wikipedia in comment above: ghoul does describe Knox.

Ghoul “a monster or evil spirit, a fiendish type of jinn” (from ancient Arab folklore)

Ghoul “a person who delights in the macabre”. Look at Raffaele’s mummy photo of himself in toilet paper wrappings, the Marilyn Manson fan and his cemetery business online.

Ghoul “a person whose profession is linked directly to death”. That would describe Raf’s cemetery business and Knox’s continued lifestyle of linking herself to murderers whether exonerated or…

Ghoul “a shape-shifting demon that assumes disguise and lures unwary people into abandoned places to slay and devour them”  The cottage was abandoned and Meredith alone—a place usually swarming with many people.

Ghoul “drinks blood, steals coins, eats the dead (Meredith’s money was stolen) then takes the form of the person most recently eaten”

This is the most insidious part of all, Knox taking the part of Meredith. Knox is now all about helping others, the underprivileged, the wrongly convicted, a real social worker mindset, trying to mimic the warmth and compassion that Meredith really had.

Now Knox the former hippie wild one dresses up for bar association speeches, assumes gravitas, seems to avoid drugs and alcohol after her karaoke club night in NYC belting out a scream song.

That’s all behind her. Now she writes for a paper like Meredith’s father wrote for the papers. Now she wears jackets and skirts and modest blouses (after once in her book scoffing at Meredith’s more prissy feminine upbringing). Now she’s little Red Riding Hood helping poor sick grandmother when it was Meredith who truly helped her mother. Now Knox is in the dark forest of victimhood saved by the huntsman’s axe.

Now Knox pretends to legitimize herself as a serious person of measured restraint. She tries to devour the personality which Meredith naturally was.

A ghoul deceives, steals, and kills and then assumes the very traits he destroyed in the one he envied. Meredith didn’t have an identity crisis. She bore the brunt of Knox’s identity crisis.

And I believe it was comment by davidmulhern who speculates that Chris Robinson is another Sollecito who senses all this dark weirdness and embraces it.

@Ergon, an interesting prediction that Knox will never return to Perugia. You may be right, she is not known for truth telling.

In print she recently admits to lowgrade constant anxiety (that might be the fear of karma if she returns to Perugia). There was her mention of maybe going to Perugia next year after sister’s wedding.

She claims right now she is having a blast thinking up ways to make Deanna’s nups exciting. Now she’s all about helping Deanna celebrate the November 2017 upcoming marriage. November was not a very good month for Knox, we recall.

While speaking of Deanna’s marriage in very next sentence Knox tells interviewer she herself doesn’t want to get married merely for getting married’s sake (as if that’s what her sister is doing?)

Then Knox mutters a few expected loving compliments about her current guy Chris Robinson, her tone and her few clichés are not too convincing.

Posted by Hopeful on 08/26/17 at 06:33 PM | #

James Raper

You mentioned you might be adding a passage to the book? I would suggest also to include reference to this very key happening, reason for which should in due course become apparent - if not already obvious!

Posted by Peter Quennell on 08/27/17 at 08:06 PM | #

There’s a plague of systems in disarray for which nobody has immediate answers. Here are several examples.

1. In 6 months the US Pacific fleet ships have had three collisions with a death toll around 20.

2. In the Grand Prix world the brilliant 19 year old Dutch driver Verstappen has had his car break down before the 13th lap in six of this year’s 12 races.

3. The giant American CSX railroad company is seeing tangles and snarls and major derailments. One train took 20 days to make a trip you can drive by car in one day. Actually for this mess there might be an answer - one relevant to our case in fact.

Based on my correspondence with railroad luminaries, CEO Hunter Harrison doesn’t have a friend left, not even his dog. Why throw everything in such disarray — change everything at once, damn the consequences? I have a theory. Harrison knew what he wanted to do at CSX—who he wanted to keep, who to fire, what practices to change or abolish and on and on. He had done it all before at Illinois Central, then at Canadian National and finally at Canadian Pacific. I suspect he became impatient, abandoned caution and instituted every change on his list at once. I don’t think he anticipated the inability of his organization to cope with it all. Plus, Harrison publicly blames his own people (by inference, union members) for dragging their feet. Do you blame them? Without explanation, Harrison abolished a slew of safety measures that he thought impeded efficient operations and even told the operating trades to buy the safety gear that the railroad once furnished.

That was the same kind of one-man-arrogance the Italian justice system tries so hard to guard against. In our case however it managed (or rather WAS managed) to happen twice: the cases of Hellmann and Bruno. Hellmann was quickly punished (early retirement - after which he sniped from the sidelines) but taking down a Supreme Court judge is a more fraught operation. It WILL happen though.

4. And a HAPPY system failure for Seattle (increasingly plagued with smog by the way) the answer to which is: “Go fishing!!” 

You would think an angler out salmon fishing would be happy at a large catch. Wrong. The state of Washington is aghast that because of a torn net, about 3 million pounds of farm-raised Atlantic salmon escaped into Washington’s Puget Sound. The worry is that the more valuable Pacific salmon will be endangered. The good news? The state says fish as long as you want and catch as many of those Atlantic interlopers as you can carry away. No bag limits.

BTW 3 million pounds is about 1500 US tons. That sure must have been a big net.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 08/27/17 at 08:18 PM | #

Oh and a pretty moving example of a system that DID go right: the two Voyager spacecraft.

Launched forty years ago to take close looks at Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune (the only spacecraft ever to do so) they then kept going.

They are now 12 billion miles away (4X Neptune) and STILL reporting home almost daily.

Voyager 1 has now officially crossed the boundary between our solar system and interstellar space.

Nobody knew where that edge is (the heliosphere) as defined by the solar wind and magnetism and other factors.

The answer came back from the spacecraft 12 years after the scientists first began to expect it. Talk about an extended cliff-hanger.


A must-watch report (90 minutes) aired this past week on US public television:

<iframe width=“640” height=“360” src=“” frameborder=“0” allowfullscreen></iframe>

Posted by Peter Quennell on 08/27/17 at 09:14 PM | #

I’m stunned at the Voyager space documentary, in absolute awe. Thanks for the link.

Posted by Hopeful on 08/27/17 at 11:38 PM | #

@Peter Quennell on 08/27/17 at 03:14 PM

I get a ‘This video is unavailable’ error. I do not see it on you tube either.

Posted by chami on 08/31/17 at 07:50 AM | #

Hi Chami!

Is this version above showing for you? It has been reloaded in lower (720p) definition. Smaller file, speeds the streaming. Terrific production.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 08/31/17 at 04:21 PM | #

Cheers for the heads up on the PBS Voyager programme Peter. I’ll be looking it up via my media box this week as this kind of stuff is a real passion of mine.

I’ll be following it up by digesting the new Ken Burns documentary series about Vietnam. I listened to Sam Harris’s podcast with Burns just a day or so ago and to say my appetite is whetted, is a gross understatement.

That’s the great thing about this site; everyone keeps the burning injustice of Knox and Sollecito’s scandalous freedom at the forefront of their thinking but there’s always something else to educate and inform along the way.

Keep up the magnificent work sir.

Posted by davidmulhern on 09/18/17 at 02:53 AM | #
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