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Italy Is The Home Of Four Of The World’s Ten Oldest Universities

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The list includes Bologna (the world’s oldest), Medina, Padua, and Naples. 

France has three of the oldest, England two, and Spain one. Perugia’s university was founded in 1308, Italy’s seventh after Siena and Rome.

This is the balcony and stage of the university’s Old Wisdom theater, built in the late 1300s, and used to stage operas, instrumental music, and plays. Perugia has nine such theaters.

The University for Foreigners was assimilated into the main university back in the 90s for administrative reasons. So in effect Meredith (Italian and politics) and Amanda Knox (Italian) were both enrolled here.

Perugia University has campuses throughout Umbria. The heart of the Perugia campus is down those steps below from where Sollecito lived, though its various departments are very spread out.

His own department, computer sciences, is below the walled city a kilometer or two to the west, a quick drive down from his place.

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My instincts are that “arrangements” are already in place for Guede to remain silent. Even were he to spill the beans his attorney said his hearing is not until November, after the AK/RS trial concludes. Guede only has another 8 years or so if he serves the common duration for a 30 year sentence in Italy. His family or friends could experience a rise in their fortunes until then, and then he too gets a pot of blood money? If ever there were a case where one side has clearly demonstrated a willingness to do anything to escape justice, even knowingly fingering an innocent person, it is this one. Nothing should come as a surprise at this point. We will never know the full extent that pressures may be applied to witnesses,the court and jury by the defense.
This morning on KIRO radio in Seattle( Marriott’s former employer) the Knox/Mellas crew were presented in audio clips proclaiming how odd it is that Knox is in prison. No one can dispute that they know odd.

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