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Is The Campaign That Ranted Against Italy For So Long Now Fearing An Italian-American Backlash?

Posted by Peter Quennell

This bizarre Seattle PI blog post suggests that the Knox PR campaign may now fear a major Italian-American backlash.


Not exactly surprising, after first stirring up so much anti-Italy hate - remember “third world country” and “keystone cops” and “kangaroo court” and “saving face” and “anti Americanism” and “tabloid journalism” and on and on?

Not to mention “evil Mignini” hoodwinking everyone in Italy all the way up to the Supreme Court with “satanic conspiracies” that work easily in a “catholic country” implying everyone there is too prudish or simply not very bright?

When did they ever say anything about Italy that was actually nice? Or restrain their forces from being over-the-top nasty, as with the venom the white knights STILL direct toward Mr Mignini?

Really GOOD PR people seek to merely shade the truth.

They don’t ever build a campaign around a really big lie, because when the really big lie comes down, it really comes crashing down and ALL is lost. A result worse than if there had been no campaign at all.

Proof?  Read the many hard, angry and incisive comments right under that blog post. And we know that Italian Americans now are showing some sure signs of having had more than enough.

Not exactly a PR man’s dream. 

Added: Important Breaking News

We all already know that the US State Department up to and including Hillary Clinton not only finds the Knox campaign ludicrous and very unhelpful -  they also regard it as xenophobic.

Now the chief of staff of an Italian-American member of the US Congress in Washington DC (not, obviously, David Wu’s chief of staff) has sent us this request.

He would like to get every possible example of the sliming of Italy and the Italian officials on Meredith’s case, including the sliming of Giuliano Mignini.

Please could our readers email or post here below any examples you may know of? We may create a new TJMK page just for them.

This may factor into political races in November, and there may be a political motion in the US Congress to stop this vile anti-Italy campaign dead.



Several interesting comments thereunder also.  Not least comment number 1 a mere 21 minutes after the blog was posted and the 11th comment.  I’ve screen-shot that one…

I am still shocked that the “innocenters” (that would be the opposite of “guilters”, wouldn’t it?) seem wholy unprepared to explain why they believe Knox to be innocent.  I believe it was Janus who said here that if someone were to say “I believe there is reasonable doubt because of X” it would be possible to accept, if not agree with, their opinions.

Posted by Nolongeramember on 08/26/10 at 04:17 PM | #

Hi Peter,

The above blog post looks as if it was written almost two years ago.

Obviously, whoever wrote it did not follow the facts of the case or read the Massei Report.

It’s interesting that a link, “Dine Like a Hillbilly in North Carolina” is included along side this post.

Posted by True North on 08/26/10 at 04:52 PM | #

Hi Innai. Right about those untenable positions, arising mostly out of poor PR positioning. A good cool lawyer would have served them many times better. 

The terms “innocenters” and “guilters” mean nothing to us. We have terrific advice and very smart people. We have many good Italian, British and American lawyers on or close to our team. We have always stood for certain things rather than simply reflexively against.

We all tried to bring Meredith into proper humane and compassionate focus - please remember, they tried very hard to disappear her, two years ago, by never mentioning her name - and we all worked to form our own tentative fact-based opinions over a long period of time.

That is how most smart people approach most cases, open-minded and cool and watchful. Our own opinion was then as we expected borne out by the verdict, and by Italian opinion generally, and, especially by the Massei report.

Not one of us has ever backed off or pulled a u-turn and said “wow, did I get that one wrong” whereas many of them have come to realize the facts were not on their side and a lot of them now are simply gone. See how isolated Anne Bremner is?

There actually are no guilters. There is only the radical extreme, which is failing, and the cool center, which humane and well-informed people believe now is the right place to be. At all possible levels, society is coming out ahead.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 08/26/10 at 05:04 PM | #

@ Innai - nicely put. I have not seen any of the pro-Knox camp contend calmy, rationally and with detail any point of evidence against her in this case.

The term “guilters” is particularly ill thought through, when you consider the care with which each point of this case has been discussed here and at PMF. Go here or to PMF with a question or a misunderstanding, and someone will help explain or clear it up by pointing you to more information, or with rational reasoning.

In terms of the PR campaign, the problem there (looking at it rationally) was that it got out of hand very quickly.

There are a lot of loose cannons involved with the Knox campaign and that’s never a good thing.

It’s easy enough to grab a few headlines with scandal mongering negative phrases about Italy.

It’s harder to maintain that position, given that what has been said by the pro-Knox campaign is mostly either blatantly untrue or racist (the anti-Italy stuff) or worked only up until the point that the public had access to the unbiased facts of the case as set out in the Massei report.

When it’s revealed that someone told a lie, it’s hard for them to backpedal and retain credibility. Especially when we’re talking about nasty, vicious lies.

Posted by lilly on 08/26/10 at 05:31 PM | #

By Storm Roberts (Innai)


I am totally with you; what makes this site so important is it’s clear reporting and it’s compassion.

I only made up the term “innocenter” to highlight the idiocy of the term “guilter” (which has, at times, been used to describe me when I have enquired as to the evidence backing up cries of innocence.)

As Lilly says, given the detailed, rational discussions on this site and PMF no-one is crying “guilt” people are trying to analyse the available evidence in order to understand what happened in this terrible crime.  The clarity and detail provided by the Massei report shows the depth of consideration the evidence was subjected to prior to conclusions being drawn.

Posted by Nolongeramember on 08/26/10 at 07:35 PM | #

Even aside from the hard physical evidence of the DNA and the break in, the circumstantial evidence alone is enough to prove Knox and Sollecito guilty. I can believe in coincidences, but not when they reach epidemic proportions.

Knox and Sollecito, both suddenly and unexpectedly finding themselves free of obligations, the night that Meredith was murdered; Knox and Sollecito, turning their phones off in the evening and back on again the next morning; Knox and Sollecito, both heavily involved in drugs and wild sexual adventures; Knox, a sexually adventurous young woman, dating a sexually inexperienced knife fanatic; Knox and Sollecito - both without provable alibis for the night of the murder.

Knox and Sollecito, necking outside the house where the “friend” of one of them and the acquaintance of the other had just been found brutally murdered; Knox, turning cartwheels in the station and making crass, cruel remarks to Meredith’s true friends; Sollecito, constructing a cockamammy story about Meredith hanging out at his apartment and accidentally cutting her with a knife, Knox and Sollecito, telling lie after lie… and so on, and so forth.

How anyone can say the are “convinced” that such people are “innocent” is a mystery to me.

And that’s even disregarding the mixed DNA evidence, the clear evidence of a staged break-in (the Massei report explains in absolutely crystal-clear detail why the “intruder” theory is untenable - and that alone is enough to prove Knox’s involvement), the DNA on the knife, the evidence that Meredith’s body was moved and altered after she was killed, Knox’s confession…

The more you think about it, and apply some degree of logic to the case against Amanda Knox, the more any sensible person is inclined to ask rhetorically: “what is WRONG with Knox’s supporters?”

Posted by Janus on 08/26/10 at 09:10 PM | #

They harbour vested interests Janus.
Their involvement transcends the murder, you only have to look at Dempsey and her m.o. to see the murder of Meredith Kercher is a cash cow to her.
It is actually disgusting in the true sense of the word.
The translation and release of the Massei report into the public English speaking domain is the worst thing that could happen to them, here we have a document that cant be questioned as it is an official report.
It is akin to like in the movies when holy water is splashed onto a vampire. The truth hurts them, and their wallets also.

Posted by Black Dog on 08/26/10 at 11:26 PM | #

@Innai - The “innocenters” moniker is a bit too dignified for this crowd - I tend to think of them as the “gullibles” - easily duped and not reading or wanting to believe the real details of the trial.

Posted by giustizia on 08/27/10 at 12:52 AM | #

Hi Innai. I know that you are one of the best here (hmmm where’s that post?!) and that you were being ironic about the adolescent groupies’ attempts to position us as the extremists.

Given their third-rate minds and very nasty mindsets and attitudes that is probably their last best shot before they all melt down.

The explanation was really for others who may know TJMK and PMF less well and might believe this is all just war games and the truth is not yet clear.

We are fighting for a number of very key principles here, and hopefully in that way making something meaningful out of Meredith’s totally avoidable and very sad death.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 08/27/10 at 02:23 PM | #

Hi Black Dog. There is a lot in what you say. Leaving aside the white knights, for just about everyone who denies Meredith her justice there seems a payday hoped-for or already happening.

Kermit’s Powerpoints satirized this so well here.

Doug Preston saw many more book sales of his misleading and mischievous Monster of Florence book. The TV networks presumably paid Paul Ciolino and other “experts” for their biased reports on the case. Geraldo Rivera’s and Oprah’s and Grace Velez Mitchell’s shows all attract advertising revenue for their networks. 

Anne Bremner and Candace Dempsey seemed to be angling for psychic and financial payoffs down the road.  I doubt that Dempsey is covering her costs out of the feeble sales of her book, though, and Anne Bremner seems to be melting down before our very eyes. Calling it wrong on the case may have pushed her in the direction she has just gone.

David Marriott and Ted Simon of course get paid big bucks directly by the Knox-Mellases.

We don’t intend to let anyone who used Meredith and Knox as their meal tickets come out 100% ahead, and with a little help from Amanda Knox herself, none of therm are looking like clear winners.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 08/27/10 at 03:02 PM | #

I truly like “Foakers” best as it is so close to another word that truly describes their abominable behavior towards anyone who may not believe their “Little Angel” is innocent.
As an aside…...We just booked a trip back to Rome for next year 😊

Posted by tigger34 on 08/27/10 at 06:29 PM | #

Apparently one of the white knights who slobbers so publicly over Amanda Knox runs a site or sites with a lot of incendiary speech concerning Mignini.

Sounds like it might be the sort of dangerous stuff which Congress and the FBI could get interested in.

If anyone knows it, some screen shorts or html captures (“save” in the left column of your browser) before it all disappears would be really appreciated.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 08/27/10 at 10:59 PM | #

The parade of Knox PR packagers looking for their 15 minutes is not over. King5News in Seattle ran a promo last night announcing that a washed up FBI agent is about to belly flop into the Italy bashing misinformation campaign, not unlike the 48HRS Chicago carnival huckster who staged misleading recreations of witness reports?

Posted by jennifer on 08/30/10 at 06:11 PM | #

Hello Peter, et al,

I am happy to say that I am in bella Roma as I type this and I have seen no indication of any anti-American sentiment whatsoever (I didn’t expect to).  The propaganda put forth by the Knox/Mellas idiots is pure BS/merda.  The Italian people have been so friendly and helpful to my friend and me. I will be very sad to leave her to fly home to the U.S. on Friday.  I love my country, but I feel right at home here, too.

Posted by Mo-in-Mass.,USA on 11/08/10 at 08:22 PM | #
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