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Interrogation Hoax #20: ALL Knox Q&A Sessions 2-6 November 2007 WERE Recorded #2

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More Ndrangheta rounded up in Perugia’s recent sweeps

1. What Does The Hoax Allege?

As the previous post noted (see Part 3) this widely-promulgated hoax alleges among other things:

(1) that the total hours Knox was questioned from 2 to 6 November was upward of 50;

(2) that Knox was the main suspect for the murder of Meredith from the get-go;

(3) that the “interrogation” was conducted by tag-teams of investigators working in shifts;

(4) that Knox was under duress and forbidden bathroom breaks, sleep and refreshments.

(5) that Knox was refused a lawyer and all questioning sessions were illegally not recorded.

(6) That the outcome was “a confession”.

2. Who Are The Main Propagators?

Again as noted in the previous post, the frontrunners in propagating this huge hoax are Doug Preston, Steve Moore, Michael Heavey, Paul Ciolino, Saul Kassin, John Douglas, and Bruce Fischer.

Also Steve Moore, Steve Moore, and Steve Moore. Seemingly for him an obsession.

Thousands of other accounts accept their word as gospel. Curt Knox and Edda Mellas have repeated it often, blaming Amanda when challenged (really).

Amanda Knox herself attempts to fire up this hoax again repeatedly. Watch her do so and cry her eyes out with foolish Netflix, and maybe with foolish Roanoke College and VICE TV soon.

But testimonies of numerous investigators at trial that she sat through without objection confirmed one another, strong proof that nothing on the list above is true.

So far, the hoax is a huge fail. See Part 2. No judge in 2007, 2008, 2009, 2011, 2013, and 2015 ever accepted that a “confession” was forced out of her. Knox’s own lawyers did not believe it.

3. Where We Stand On The Sessions

We have already posted the records of all Q&A made and signed by Knox herself for 2 November and for 5 and 6 November.

These for 3 and 4 November are the middle two. Both these short sessions took place at the questura, after Knox had been with Dr Mignini and police officers to check out the house. (There was testimony at trial by officers who were part of those teams.)

You will see below that the core interest of the investigators in these sessions is also almost exclusively upon others who might have been around the house in recent times. If anything, they point away from Knox, not toward her, and you will see Knox actually building on that.

Her next session, her fourth and unplanned, on the night of 5-6 November, was used to add yet more names of possibilities, seemingly a delight to Knox, but then she broke unexpectedly, and she left under arrest some hours later.

Sollecito was not interviewed at all on either the 3rd or the 4th. His next session, only his second after the 2 November interview (scroll down) was on the night of 5 November. That was to explore discrepancies in his phone records, and he also left under arrest.

These sessions were not at all unusual. In the same period numerous sessions with others also took place, including every person named in the Knox and Sollecito sessions.

In this same period, several phone conversations of Knox and Sollecito were recorded and transcribed, along with phone conversations of Meredith’s friend Sophie Purton and some others as well.

They are available on the Wiki. They don’t really add anything, except for Knox complaining to her Aunt Donna in Germany at length that the police will not let her leave. So much for staying in Perugia voluntarily, to help police find the killer of her “friend” Meredith.

4. Signed Record Of Knox Statement 3 November

Police station of PERUGIA

Subject: Summary minutes of information of a person informed of the facts made by: KNOX Amanda Marie, born in Washington (U.S.A.) on 09.07.87, domiciled in Perugia in Via della Pergola No. 7; identified by Pass. No 422687114 issued by the U.S. government on 13.06.2007. Tel. 484673590.

Day 3 November 2007, at 14.45, in Perugia at the offices of the Mobile Squad of police headquarters in Perugia. Before the undersigned officers of the judicial police: Inspector FACCHINI Antonio and FICARRA Rita, in service respectively at police central operations in Rome and the office in the inscription indicated above.

Together with the person named in the subject who speaks sufficiently the Italian language, but is assisted by the interpreter Marco Bacha. Following the statements about the death of KERCHER Meredith Susanna Cara, she already made on 2 November 2007, hereby declares the following:

“In the elaboration of what was already reported yesterday at 15.30 p.m. at these offices, to be precise, when I said I checked the girls ’ rooms and that these were all in order, I meant to say that apparently there was nothing missing but not that there were no things out of place.

In fact, the oddest thing, besides the broken glass, within Filomena’s chamber was the fact that some of her clothes were on the ground.

This morning, when I entered the apartment of the boys who live below us, together with the police and the magistrate [Mignini], I got to notice that the bed of Stephen’s room was completely untidy, as it did not have sheets and pillows, and the bedspread dirty with blood was tossed on the bed all ruffled. The thing seemed to me very strange because usually Stefano’s bed was always neat with linens, pillows and blankets. Sometimes I had noticed that on the bed there were also well-folded clothes.”

A.D.R. [Q&A] This was impressed on me because usually, when I go to that house, I can see into his room, which usually has the door half-open and the bed is always in order.

A.D.R. I attend the boys’ house for a variety of reasons, for example to play the guitar together with James, sometimes to play Risk, sometimes to get a coffee or to have a chat. I dined with them, in that house only in one instance in early October. There were present besides me Laura, Filomena, Giacomo, Stefano, his girlfriend, Marco and three friends from Rome of whom I remember only the name of one, a certain Daniel. The last time I was at the home of the boys was about a week ago to simply greet them.

A.D.R. I’m not aware that Meredith smoked and I’ve never smoked. Meredith had told me that when she was in England she smoked but that then she had decided to quit as it was healthier.

A.D.R. I personally do not smoke cigarettes or even joints. I think my friends don’t too. They smoke only cigarettes, whereas with regard to the boys, on occasions when we have been together and playing guitar, I saw that they were rolling cigarettes with papers but I never thought that it was anything other than tobacco.

A.D.R. None of the boys has ever manifested a particular interest in us girls,  Only Marco, but only as a joke, sometimes he was a witty one.

A.D.R. Around mid-October, while I was at the “Le Chic” pub where I work, I met Hicham, who us girls nicknamed Shaky, who I also met and recognized yesterday evening at your offices [questura]. At the end of my work shift at about 02.30 o’clock, he offered a ride home with his moped, and I agreed. Arriving below his house he asked me in for a drink. I was hesitant, but as he insisted, I accepted while specifying that I could only remain half an hour.

So I thought that he wanted to take me to another bar but then, when we arrived below his house, at his insistence I went home with him. I went into the house entering a room in which there were other Italian kids watching TV, when Shaky said I should follow him to his room. Entering his room, he closed the door. He wanted to talk to me. At that point I was worried and told him I preferred to return home immediately because I felt very tired. Shaky continued to insist that he wanted to talk to me, to get to know me better, while I was asking to leave. We kept discussing this for about an hour and a half, when he finally gave up and took me back home.

A.D.R Even the other girls knew Shaky, they had met him more often than me. I am not aware of their level of friendship with him, since I usually do not go out with them.

A.D.R. As far as I know Meredith has never quarreled with Shaky, I can only say that she found him kind because on one occasion, returning from the disco he had offered her a ride home. This does not mean that Meredith also considered him insistent, though after I told him about my episode she told me that the same thing had happened to Sophie too

The Reporting Agent

5. Signed Record Of Knox Statement 4 November

Police station of Perugia
Mobile Squad, General Affairs Section

Subject: Minutes of summary information from a person informed of the facts made by Amanda Marie KNOX, also already reported in other general statements.

On 4 November at 2.45 p.m., in the offices of the Mobile Squad of police headquarters in Perugia, to the undersigned officers of PG: VQA. GIOBBI Edgardo, VQA CHIACCHIERIA Marco, Comm. NAPOLEONI Monica, and English-speaking interpreter COLANTONE Aida.

Also present is the above-named in question making additions to declarations made on 2 and 3 November at these offices, on the facts of the case being investigated. She declares the following:

A.D.R. [Q&A] I know a young man who frequents an internet cafe which is called INTERNET POINT located in the centre of Perugia near the Duomo. This young man is Argentinian and is called Juve for whom I provide the phone number 320/3758112.

A.D.R. Yes, he came to my house at least five times, the latest being on October 31, 2007. He knows Meredith because he met her at the pub with me.

A.D.R. Juve has never tried to stay with me, but has a way of embracing and touching, even when he is not drunk. He’s engaged, and he has always said he follows good principles towards his fiancee.

A.D.R. Juve is about 1.80 meters high, skinny with a little “bacon”, dark curly hair down to his neck, dark complexion, usually dresses in jeans, t-shirts and sneakers.

A.D.R. Meredith had no close relationship with Juve and when he came by to see me Meredith wasn’t there. I knew that Juve did not like Meredith, because of the attitude that the latter showed to him.

A.D.R. The other men I brought home are a certain Spyros, height about 1.80, (tel. 3293473230), only once, in October, and on that occasion he met Meredith without talking except for their greeting. Also Daniele of Rome, for whom I do not know the telephone number; Daniele came home 2 times, the second time he spoke with Meredith saying goodbye.

A.D.R. Also ALESSI Pasquale known as Jafar. He is the owner of the Merlin Bar; He knew Meredith, who he intended to have work for him. Meredith said he was nice; she never said that he had called her. I don’t know if Jafar knows the location of our house.

A.D.R. Also I know Giorgio the friend of the boys who lives below. He often came to my home, and knew Meredith with whom he had friendly relations. Giorgio had danced on the premises with me, with Meredith, and with the others. Giorgio is not tall, he just exceeds my height.

Amanda KNOX is made aware of the fact that, by proxy of the Attorney General, acting as a witness, she is bound to secrecy in order not to prejudice the investigations now ongoing.

This minute after reading and confirmation is signed by all those present.


5. Some Conclusions

So. This is it. We have the full picture of all four Knox sessions and both Sollecito sessions pre-arrest. All signed by them. Numerous names advanced and little needlings of some of them by Knox, but not much otherwise.

Certainly no interrogation. No obvious drama. Not so many investigators. No hard targeting of Knox. No confirmation bias. And not so many hours taken. In total, surely below ten and that includes the writing of reports.

No denying of food, water, sleep, bathroom breaks, or a lawyer. No obvious forcing or oppression. No serial tag-teams interrogating day and night. No obvious reason for Knox to complain that the sessions were oppressive.

Exactly what are Doug Preston, Steve Moore, Michael Heavey, Paul Ciolino, Saul Kassin, John Douglas, and Bruce Fischer still on about? And Knox herself?

Posted by Our Main Posters on 01/15/18 at 05:29 AM in


This looks to me like terrific police work. Building and building of the overall picture while waiting on the forensics and telecommunications. Great restraint against early narrowing-down or jumping to conclusions

Knox could have been pretty stuck if the forensics had come in earlier. It was the phone records that the cops had processed by 5 November that was their undoing.

Maybe the real drama is in the growing confirmation bias initiated by Doug Preston, who surely KNEW he was lying about his own session with Mignini when he was caught red-handed planting evidence and could face prison.

Preston has spent his whole life writing about super-dicks who are so much smarter than any cops, and the reality that he was a terrible investigator facing a really smart DA and craven to the crazy Spetzi seems to have snapped something in him.

And so the real railroad from hell was on its way. Within days came Curt Knox and the Marriott effort, and Heavey & Bremner and the FOA effort. Then Ciolino and Sforza and David Anderson. And then Steve Moore and John Douglas and Bruce Fischer and Saul Kassin…

Confirmation bias on steroids. Classic case of the cancerous growth of a wrong paradigm. Well done, Doug Preston. But for your original lie, this would have gone nowhere. You DO have a lifetime achievement after all.

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Note which key name Knox omitted from her lists at all four sessions?  Federico Martini. For his special significance, see here.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 01/18/18 at 03:03 PM | #

Here is a list of all those male visitors who Knox did name in her four sessions.

1 Giacomo, downstairs
2 Marco, downstairs
3 Stefano, downstairs
4 Riccardo, downstairs
5 Daniele, from Rome, named sex partner
6 Hicham/Shaky
7 Juve, Argentinian
8 Spyros
9 Alessi, Pasquale/Jafar, bar owner
10 Giorgio
11 PJ/ Peter, Swiss, neighbor
12 Patrik, employer
13 Ardak, North African
14 Yuve, Algerian citizen
15 Spyros, Greek
16 “South African” (Guede, who is actually from Ivory Coast)

All three of Knox’s flatmates had heavy workdays and they needed their sleep and time off; whereas Knox was at a loose end for hours every day except for a little time for the language studies and time at the bar several nights a week - illegally, as she had no work permit.

This revolving-door habit of Knox, especially with non-Italians who could take off out of Italy if they harmed someone, along with all the drugs, increasingly got on the nerves of her flatmates.

They worried about being raped, robbed or killed by one of them.

Knox said Juve the Argentinian (named in the 4 November session) did not like Meredith because of her attitude. In fact none of Knox’s flatmates liked or trusted him. He was menacing, and often touched Meredith.

The Italian girls in the house named him as their #1 suspect in Meredith’s murder, but he was provably out of town at the time.

Exchange-student flatmates from hell is not that rare a problem. See for example this:

American universities have monitors on site for their exchange students, who can be complained to. So do the programs like Erasmus.  But Knox was not an exchange student, and barely a student of any kind as her stupid parents did not seem to realise.

So the helpless Meredith and the others had no-one at all to complain to.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 01/18/18 at 04:11 PM | #
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