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Extreme Tastelessness Being Decried Of Knox Comedy Fundraiser In Seattle Tonight

Posted by Peter Quennell

Great to see Spokane lawyer Bill Edelblute speaking out for justice, taste and common sense once again.

Here Mr Edelblute comments in

today’s Examiner on tonight’s very widely-criticised laugh-in about Meredith’s death.

Murder a laughing matter for Seattle, comedy fundraiser for Amanda Knox January 27th

Apparently help is not on the way from Senator Maria Cantwell or Secretary of State Hillary Clinton fast enough.

Or, Amanda Knox’s fans would not be holding a comedy fundraiser at the “Comedy Underground” in her hometown of Seattle tomorrow night, January 27th.  Believe it or not, but that is what is reported by KING 5 News of Seattle.  And see the ad posted by Comedy Underground for the event “starring SUSAN JONES, GEOFF LOTT,BILLY WAYNE DAVIS plus Xung Lam, John Gardner & Renee Perrault.”  Lott publicly calls women four letter obscenities.

Renee Perrault is a comedienne who used to work with Curt Knox, the convicted murder’s father.  She helped with a baby shower when Mr. Knox and his wife, now Edda Mellas,  were expecting Amanda.  (And, now, a “murder shower?”)

At $50 a head, Perrault hopes to raise $10,000 for Amanda’s appeal fund.  Though Perrault says there will be no jokes about the murder, it seems a strange mix.  It would seem difficult to not visualize the demise of Meredith Kercher while attending a fundraiser for legal fees arising from charges for that incident.  If that doesn’t suppress the laugh reflex, something is wrong no matter what you think about the trial result so far.  Perrault’s sense of humor seems a little off, in parallel with Knox’s seemingly inappropriate smiling during the trial.

Featured “comedian” Geoff Lott calls women four letter obscenities

But wait, it gets worse.  Geoff Lott, another performer slated for the event, has a blogspot in which he responds to critics of the appropriateness of the performance.  He says maybe they should get “physical” instead of just “textual” and ” maybe your arguments begin to hold the amount of water your fat dumb asses do.”  And this classy, professional, Knox supporter says ” if you get in my face about doing what I choose to that in no way effects, disrespects, or discredits you, then you better stay off my shoes, c*nt.” 

While this last word, even in abbreviated form is extremely offensive, in order to report on the nature of the performers for this event, it was deemed necessary, as you probably would have never dreamed of it.  To anyone planning to take any impressionable young people, then it should serve as a warning.  He in “no way ... disrespects” you, just calls you a filthy name, degrading to females?

Please, America, and the world, do not judge all of Seattle or Washington by this.


I was thinking the same thing, Bill!  Since Friday and Saturday nights are the only nights reserved for the age 21+ crowd this makes it possible for the many young Knox family members and their little pals to attend and “hang out” together just as they did at Salty’s - only this time the environment will be totally suited to them.  What a joke. 

Will Donald Trump be footing the bill so Amanda’s former Jesuit schoolmates can space fill the ticket line so it will appear they have a “packed house?”  They totally exaggerated the success of the Salty’s fundraiser.

Personally, I am hoping Seattleites will find President Obama’s State of the Union address more important and stay home tonight rather than shell out $50 for these tactless comedians and the Comedy Underground – not to mention their “killer headline.” Trail-blazers Curt Knox and Chris Mellas continue to demonstrate for us how to mutilate a community and an innocent girl’s memory.
I challenge Dr. Phil to evaluate and expose these dysfunctional families for who they are and not for what the media so desperately tries to make them out to be. Then, I would like him to try and explain to us why the media is allowed to report such lies and what their motivation is so we can stop this craziness.

Posted by Professor Snape on 01/28/10 at 01:42 AM | #

The link to PMF is incorrect and doesn’t work.

Correct one is

Posted by tom-ch on 01/28/10 at 09:54 AM | #

Tom-ch refers to the PMF link at the bottom of every post here on TJMK. Thanks for the heads-up Tom. The correct one is there now. The PMF address changed most recently when the forum moved from free hosting with ads to paid hosting with no ads. Keeping links live requires constant watchfulness. Already many of the early media reports on the case have been taken offline.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 01/28/10 at 01:51 PM | #

The sad truth is that we have become an increasingly “sicker” society. Maybe we will hit bottom and then people will seek to usher in a new age of entertainment that is not degrading, exploitive,sensational. I watch DVDs, but rarely turn on any “live” programming, because it is mostly rubbish. And not just American telly; i gave up following the British soap, Coronation Street, upon which I had virtually been weaned, because in their effort to appear relevant ( and secure ratings) the writers had taken any remaining decent character and had him or her either screwing someone’s partner, cheating on their own partner, kidnapping, molesting, raping, burglarising or, yes, even murdering some other character.
  Last night I listened to Obama on NPR while doing some housekeeping. I still trust that he has our best interests at heart, despite the negative followup commentary by the republicans. For some reason, I have begun to receive GOP hatemail (disguised as census-taking). Little do they know that I am one of the very “left-wing, socialist radicals” they so intensely fear! I wonder if we CAN be bi-partisan? We don’t have to hate the Knox camp in order to love the Meredith contingent, but I certainly find it hard to scrape up an ounce of respect for their feelings when they continue to insult the public with their cries of foul play, and to utterly defecate on decency through ideas such as this fundraiser. Of course, they don’t see it that way. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure; one man’s crapulence is another man’s opulence?

Posted by mimi on 01/28/10 at 11:16 PM | #

here here !! Mimi. I find the idea of a fundraiser for a convicted sex murderess insensitive and disrespectful at best and downright indescent and dispicable at worst.
I just can’t see it doing any good in the long run for the knoxs’ Any right minded person realises the truth.

Posted by derian on 01/28/10 at 11:28 PM | #

You are right, it will not do any good for the Knoxes in the long run, not even in the short: 90 peoples, that’s all they could get! You can bet they insisted, begged, threatened neighbors, family, colleagues, all the PR clan, or anyone who could not find a polite way to say NO. And all they can come with is 90 people.

That speaks volume, doesn’t?

They look silly, with their leit-motiv that lots of people are supporting sweet Amanda ...

Posted by Patou on 01/29/10 at 01:09 AM | #

How many people does that particular place hold. I guess it looked pretty empty if it is a descent sized venue.

They should send all money raised to a charity that deals with the victims of knife crime. not to be spent on air fares for the supporters of a convicted sex murderess. This is a scandal, how on earth can these people be so pigheadedly stupid and ignorant to the facts of what is, fundementally, a clear cut case of horrendous violence, insanity, and cruelty beyond most of our imaginations.
I think the Knox family should make a tactical withdrawal and fade into obscurity, and let the three of them get on with paying their collective debt to the Kerchers. A debt that can never be paid quite clearly…In my opinion they should all have been executed. Its the best thing to do with ‘gone wrong’ humans..

Posted by derian on 01/29/10 at 07:21 PM | #

Curt has his eye on Renee Perrault.

In a recent interview before comedy fundraiser, he was asked who had been his greatest support. After a pause to think, Curt did the dutiful thing and tactfully mentioned his wife. He then switched into a genuine tone of affection and warmth to thank Perrault.

Posted by Hopeful on 01/31/10 at 02:13 PM | #


Curt’s difference in tone could also be due to Curt’s current wife not being so convinced as to Amanda’s innocence.  Step-parents can often view their step-children with a more truthful and less biased eye. 

My ex-stepson had gotten away with things for many years prior to finally being incarcerated for a felony, but was the apple of his father’s eye, and the ex-wife enabled the boy’s behaviors all along by lying and covering for his misdeeds and even proclaiming that he was unfairly treated by the schools, the police and everyone else, just as Edda Mellas has done with Amanda.

At some point Knox and Mellas will have to acknowledge Amanda’s guilt, if only to themselves.

Posted by Mo-in-Mass.,USA on 01/31/10 at 03:46 PM | #

I fully agree with you about the objectivity of step-parents.

Cassandra may have deep reservations about AK’s innocence, but is forced to support Curt’s interpretation.

Cassandra is aptly named. The Greek myth says she was a daughter of the queen of Troy. She was granted the gift of prophecy. Then she was cursed so that no one would believe her predictions.

Wikipedia: “her combination of deep understanding and powerlessness exemplifies the tragic condition of humankind.”

Posted by Hopeful on 01/31/10 at 08:29 PM | #

Incidentally, since one refers Maria Cantwell. She is quite well known to be a sensationalist feminist making random claims in contrary to official figures by unbiased organizations.

Her being on the other side is quite a boon to whatever side you wish to be on 😊.

Posted by razvan on 02/01/10 at 11:08 PM | #
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