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Der Spiegel, Mafia Tool?! Yet More Fake News Inflames Millions Against Italian Justice

Posted by Peter Quennell

Editor-in-Chief Clemens Höges oversaw this fake news

1. Spiegel’s Fake-News Past

It now appears that Der Spiegel has grossly mangled the facts of the case TWICE!

The first instance consisted of Der Spiegel mindlessly channeling Knox’s greatest fraud. We posted on that the other day.

Now the second consists of Der Spiegel mindlessly channeling Sollecito’s greatest fraud. The low points are summarized below.

Clemens Höges, Der Spiegel Editor in Chief (image above) is greatly respected in German publishing. He was brought in specifically to stamp out fake news after a damaging incident hit Der Spiegel in 2018.

“Fool me once, shame on you… Fool me twice, shame on me!” One instance of fake news can perhaps be blamed only on the reporter. But two instances?! Especially at Der Spiegel, they are a sure sign of editorial mismanagement, or of grandstanding intent at top-manager level. Herr Höges??

2. Spiegel’s Fake News #2

For a current Sollecito baseline, you might do well to read this first. It is along the lines of what Der Spiegel should have reported.

Better than the weird nonsense about “I’m the real victim” Sollecito below. More about the one that all Italians know only too well in the next post.

You destroyed our life” Raffaele Sollecito was falsely charged [untrue] ... [He says] hardly anyone knows his name [untrue] ... Spiegel: Knox and Sollecito were finally acquitted [untrue] ... Spiegel: Quickly, the officials take in two suspects [untrue] ...  an unprecedented media hype develops [untrue] ... Sollecito features in the reports only on the edge [untrue] ... Sollecito [says] my fate was completely overlooked, no-one was interested in me, not even the police [untrue] ... Spiegel: Knox and Sollecito were falsely arrested and accused of murder [untrue] ... The police had thought up this screenplay that Amanda and I would have allegedly killed Meredith [untrue] ... I was only a minor figure [untrue]: even the prosecutor was especially interested in Amanda [untrue] ... Sollecito [was] described by friends as restrained and thoughtful [untrue] ... Sollecito: The night of November 1st, Amanda and I spent together in my apartment [untrue]. We looked at a movie, heard music and slept [untrue] ... Spiegel: Knox’s parents advise her to leave Italy, but Knox remains in good faith to help the police [untrue] ...  What we do not know is ... they already suspect us of the murder of Kercher [untrue]...

Knox had been afraid since the murder to stay alone in his apartment, and [for that reason] accompanies him [untrue]... The officials decide to interview her as well [untrue]...  Spiegel: You and Knox both posted confessions that night [untrue]... Sollecito: We immediately withdrew the confessions next day [untrue]... The police manipulated us and played us against each other [untrue]... After hours of interrogation [untrue] they presented to me a prefabricated document [untrue], Amanda similarly [untrue]... When I asked them to change it because I did not agree, they said, I should not worry, it’s all accurate [untrue]... Spiegel: Knox says these days the police had put them under great pressure [untrue] ... Both - Knox and Sollecito - are arrested, although DNA analysis from the scene later prove that they had not been in Kercher’s room [untrue]...  Sollecito: The investigators know [untrue] that there are traces of a police informant [untrue] named Rudy Guede ... He had a criminal prehistory for burglaries [untrue], his traces were everywhere on the crime location [untrue] - it was clear that he was the killer [untrue]...  The investigators constructed the absurd theory that Amanda, I and Guede had killed Meredith together [untrue]... In the first months in court I had to laugh, it was almost as if the police invented their evidence [untrue]... A bra clasp of Meredith, allegedly with my DNA, lay around 46 days [forgotten] at the scene [untrue] ... But the police and the prosecutors were so in love with their murder theory that they did not want to give it up [untrue]...

Spiegel: Media worldwide reported on the “angel with the ice eyes” [untrue] The Italian judiciary is being observed by the global public - and under enormous pressure [untrue]... “Giving that she had been wrong, was not an option [for the officials],” writes the journalist [untrue] Nina Burleigh ... Spiegel: It was suggested several times you testify against Knox, in return for a milder prison sentence. You rejected this [untrue]. Sollecito: Of course [untrue] ...  Spiegel: In 2011, an appeal court released Knox and Sollecito [finally] from the allegation of the murder [untrue] ... Two independent [untrue] experts certify the police previously made blatant mistakes in the evidence collection and analysis [untrue]... Today it is assumed that the footsteps and Knox and Sollecito traces came from impurities [untrue] ... Knox and Sollecito have spent four years wrongly imprisoned [untrue] ... A new court [untrue] sentenced him and Knox in 2013 to long prison sentences [untrue] ... Two years later, 2015, Italy’s ultimate court exonerates him and Knox [untrue] ... Sollecito sued the Italian state for damages - and lost. The argument of the judges: he was wrong to defend himself [untrue]...

Posted by Peter Quennell on 03/19/22 at 10:16 AM in


“Spiegel: It was suggested several times you testify against Knox, in return for a milder prison sentence. You rejected this. Sollecito: Of course [untrue] ... “

In fact Sollecito was taken to court for precisely that false claim in his book! He was made to renounce it (and other false claims) and pay a lot in damages.

When that passage from the book was read out on a national TV show Sollecito’s own dad had no choice but to say it never happened.

All of Italy knows it was a fraud. So it is really nuts that he repeats the claim here. And Knox does the same thing in the other report with her total misrepresentation of the calunnia!

So the abysmal fact-checkers of Der Spiegel turned up neither of those shape-shifting facts - or deliberately hid them, to not undermine the Italy-bashing they were so thrilled about?

Posted by Peter Quennell on 03/19/22 at 03:10 PM | #

More on “Spiegel: It was suggested several times you testify against Knox, in return for a milder prison sentence. You rejected this. Sollecito: Of course [untrue] ... “

If Spiegel was not so dazzled & dumbstruck by this amazing celebrity, it would have suspected the truth: That Sollecito was talking with a forked tongue in his book as quoted above. To re-arrange:

1) “The evidence against me is much smaller, and/or zero, than the small mountain of evidence against Knox.”

2) “But I stuck with her anyway, and even called my book “Honor Bound” to get the groupies drooling and boost sales.”

But Sollecito did not ever stick with Knox for all but a few minutes of the past 12 years, as he does in the interview above.

Mostly he was backstabbing her, and she finally shrieked out loud about it.

See also Betrayal 29 in this post.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 03/20/22 at 02:00 PM | #

Sorry! I’ll be back at 100% very soon. I took a major tumble in the dark several weeks ago, leaving bruises down one side and a cut in the arm with some blood-loss. I was patched up at the elite hospital ER for this area, such precision and speed, they sure have their systems sorted out! So many others have done so much here, not long till it all pays off.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 04/14/22 at 02:37 PM | #

Things looking good on my front. Typing hands back to 100%! Work resumes… This was at eastern Long Island, in some one else’s house; they sleep with the door open, so no lights. :-(

Posted by Peter Quennell on 04/26/22 at 08:26 AM | #

I’m glad you’re doing better, Pete! Falls can be very scary and possibly very dangerous as we age. Balance training, including using a balance board, physical therapy, or improv dance may help. Wishing you a speedy further recovery!

Posted by Earthling on 04/26/22 at 05:27 PM | #

Kind of you Earthling! Balance thankfully was not an issue here - in a dark corridor that should have been empty, a desktop computer had been placed for next-day disposal and I tripped over it. The cut came from a glass mug of hot chocolate I was carrying. 😊

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