Monday, July 05, 2010

Curt Knox And Edda Mellas Back In Court - And This Time In The Dock

Posted by Peter Quennell

[Perugia old-city’s smaller piazza with the court at right and Lumumba’s bar ahead down the hill]

Possible to feel some sympathy for Edda Mellas and Curt Knox for the turmoil that their kid has put them through.

Hard to feel too much, though, because of the huge sliming by their campaign of others, the concretely-proven lies they have told on TV, the damage done to the Italian image in the US, and the untold agony to Meredith’s family and friends, for whom they have still shown zero real sympathy.

Barbie Nadeau has the report on their own trial about to start. If their sentence is less than three years, for a first offense it would not incur prison time. However it might not have been the worst experience in the world to see them cooling their heels for a while.

We hope from now truth really breaks out and Edda Mellas gives a full explanation of this, a key aspect of the trial that no reporter and no book-writer has ever pursued (so what’s new?!)

Did Edda Mellas actually lie on the witness stand? Lie when she was under oath?

Posted by Peter Quennell on 07/05/10 at 02:49 PM in The officially involvedAmanda KnoxKnox-Marriott PR


What happens if they don’t show up in court? Do the Italians then need to initiate extradition procedures? Would they bother? I’m sure that they have other more important criminal processes to worry about. However, if they ‘let it go’, then the FOA could have some ammo to throw into the media.

Posted by Terence on 07/06/10 at 10:16 AM | #

If they do refuse to show then that would presumably put them in contempt of court and make visits to their daughter a little problematic. Maybe they are pinning their hopes on transferring the date on that pre-bought air ticket home.

Posted by Faustus on 07/06/10 at 08:44 PM | #
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