Friday, March 09, 2012

Cruise Ships Told To Keep Well Away From Picturesque But Fragile Coastal Points

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New maritime instruction from the Italian government

Included are Venice, the Amalfi coast, Capri and some other islands, and the Italian Riviera, all below

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Italian authorities continue to handle the Costa Concordia aftermath very systematically. So far they dont seem to have put a foot wrong.

The rules-change on routes above is in the Italian media though there is nothing in the English language media yet. 

The first public criminal hearing was held last saturday and some experts have been assigned to investigate and report.

Captain Schettino’s plight just gets worse and worse, it seems without his glasses he was as blind as a bat.  .

He crashed ANOTHER ship in a German port not so long ago.

The ship’s fuel will be completely pumped out in about another week and the worst of it is already out.

There is a nasty ripple economic effect throughout the global cruise ship industry as some people steer clear of those ships.

And Carnival Cruise Lines announces a big first-quarter financial loss to the stock exchange in New York.


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