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CNN’s Legal Analyst Lisa Bloom Nails Cantwell’s Ill-Informed Intervention

Posted by Peter Quennell

This is from Anderson Cooper’s nightly news show on CNN in the US.. Certainly it is one of the best.

Lisa Bloom appears at the 4 minute mark (and Barbie Nadeau after that) following Senator Cantwell’s various ill-informed charges. But in the space of less than a minute she really nails it.

Here Lisa Bloom stands up for truth, fairness to Italy, and compassion to the real victim. Meredith Kercher. .



Thank you Peter for posting this.

Yes Lisa Bloom spoke very intelligently & fairly. She even said that although she believes that the verdict Knox received was incorrect, she nonetheless did not think that Knox did not receive a fair trial, or that a trial in the US would have been any different.

Barbie Nadeau did a very good job of showing the inaccuracy & bias of the views expressed by Edda Mellas. For example, she says in Part 1 that the prosecution says the murder occured at 9.30; computer records show Knox & Sollecito were at his house till 9.15; this doesn’t give them enough time to go meet a stranger they didn’t know - Guede - get to the cottage, and murder Meredith.

Whereas we all know of course that the prosecution set the time of murder at a much later time, and that testimonies prove Guede knew Knox & Sollecito, including Knox’s own testimony to this!.

It was really good to hear Barbie say at the end of her piece that if you’d been there in court & heard all the evidence, you’d know that most of it [Edda Mellas’s accusations) are not true.

I hope we get more of a non-biased, fair coverage of this trial - like the one you’ve posted here Peter. Please continue to keep us informed when you come across them. Thanks.

Posted by Scooby on 12/10/09 at 12:24 PM | #

Lisa Bloom was also attempting the voice of reason on the Jane Valez-Mitchell show.  But I have to say Wendy Murphy takes it beyond Lisa and talks passionately above those who interrupt, most specifically with bogus information.  Wendy argues the real evidence and has actually left JVM herself almost at a loss for words.  But then she quickly recovers and goes on to further slander the Italian system. I can do without her scathing opinions, despite that Lisa and/or Wendy are on her panel. She has actually insulted Italy (and her audience) by referring to the court as a “kangaroo court” on more than one occasion.

I never watch GR anymore because he also seems to advocate for the defendants far more so than the victims. (Caylee Anthony case)  Along with Jane, he hosts the defense attorney in that case ad nauseam. Some people don’t like Nancy Grace but she went neck and neck with Bremner on points of evidence after Bremner said there wasn’t any.  It was pure beauty.  She actually read up on the case, that in itself is much more than could be said for many of the hosts on these shows.  I really wonder how the producer’s can allow such shoddy and biased reporting.  It insults their viewer’s intelligence.  It also impedes the viewer’s right to learn the truth. 
I will no longer tune in, instead I’ll stick to this site and PMF.

Thank you!  I’ve been reading here for a few months and really appreciate having a place to come to where I can not only learn about the case but Meredith’s life as well!


Posted by Cyndi on 12/11/09 at 10:09 PM | #

i have come to realize that many of the cable “news” stations are not really “news” stations as we know them.  they are often “shock” television and their only motive is to provide sensational news in such a way as to draw viewers for ratings.  there is no objectivity and no intent to provide viewers with balanced “reporting”.  most have been reduced to shouting matches which are annoying and serve no purpose except to inflate egos and add confusion.

Posted by gramjan on 12/12/09 at 03:32 PM | #

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