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Breaking News From Italy-Based Andrea Vogt On The Aviello And Knox/Sollecito Court Actions

Posted by Peter Quennell

[A Florence courtroom similar in size to courtroom 32 which is assigned for the appeal]

Andrea Vogt kindly provides these details on the Knox/Sollecito appeal, the Aviello trial, and the increasingly desperate Knox and Sollecito PR.

1) Knox And Sollecito Appeal

In the first hearing on September 30, the court will decide on a fixed schedule as well whether or not to accept any defense evidence requests, such as new DNA testing or witness statements. The prosecution has also made two additional requests to the court: 1) request for another forensic review of knife to see if a small third trace that was never tested before can be examined. Experts in the first appeal deemed it low copy number and rejected requests to test it. 2) request to hear testimony from Luciano Aviello.

All our past posts on the Florence appeal can be found here and all our past posts on the DNA can be found here. 

The defenses are said to have filed monsters of requests for wide scope - a virtual retrial with the defenses in prosecution mode - complete with bizarre argumentation against the rulings of Cassation. None of the defense lawyers have ever won a case before Cassation. This sure seems like a losing move as Cassation is insisting on tight focus.

2) Luciano Aviello Trial

At the heart of Aviello’s trial in Florence are likely to be the revelations by inmate Alexander Illicet from Serbia Montenegro, who testified that Aviello had agreed to pin the murder on his brother in exchange for 158,000 Euros ““ money Aviello desperately needed to pay for a sex change. Aviello himself later took back statements he made on the stand, saying he had been bribed.

The backstory to the potentially very explosive Aviello trial can be found here.  If he cracks under pressure (as expected), he may spill the beans on the Sollecito family, on the defense lawyers Maori and Bongiorno. and on the judges Hellmann and Zanetti,

Potentially all could face prison. No family goes in for bribing of judges and witnesses (along with numerous other dirty tricks) if their little pride-and-joy is truly innocent.

3) Erratic Knox PR

Knox recently was featured in a number of print exclusives to the very U.K. tabloids her family blamed for sensationalizing her case at the outset. She then did her own exclusive video interview in Seattle to the same Italian columnist [used by Sollecito].

Knox, Sollecito, and Oggi are all already being investigated for contempt of court, as explained in all these past posts. For such charges, depending on the seriousness (and serial, seemingly unstoppable false accusations of crimes is pretty serious), prison sentences if found guilty might amount to ten years. That would be on top of any new sentence out of the Florence appeal which this time is likely to be 30 years.

Planet Earth to Amanda Knox: Smart move #1 could be to put aggravators David Marriott and Chris Mellas on the back burnder.


“Smart move #1 could be to put aggravators David Marriott and Chris Mellas on the back burner”

Marriott you can (sort of) understand. After all his business is PR (read “organised lying”). But what’s with Mellas, does he feel he has to appear over-concerned and aggressive on all this,  in case anyone (especially Edda) realises that deep down he thinks “nothing to do with me, I didn’t raise this whacky kid”? He’s said before he thinks she’s got a screw or two loose.

Posted by Odysseus on 09/18/13 at 09:22 PM | #

..‘a screw or two loose..’

He noticed?  When, I wonder ?

Posted by SeekingUnderstanding on 09/18/13 at 10:58 PM | #

Her whole family and friends have known all along that she has ‘a screw loose’, except they spin her condition as being “quirky”.

It was highly irresponsible of her biological parents to let her travel abroad untethered, and let her loose in a foreign country.

Look what happened for gods sake.

Posted by DF2K on 09/19/13 at 02:33 PM | #

I agree that they should have done something, but she was legally an adult when she went to Perugia (though not old enough to drink in most states yet). Most young people (incl. myself years ago) go overseas & don’t get involved in sexual assault, murder, calunnia, lying, et al.

Drug & alcohol & mental/emotional/personality problems can happen at home, & do… I’d say the abdicated responsibility of AK’s parents started long before Perugia: they apparently ignored her excessive partying at univ. in Seattle, the best proof being the charge from her obnoxious party.  That is a red flag which they should not have ignored.  She had established issues before leaving for Perugia.

Maybe they didn’t want her to go & provided no money, which might be why she was so broke when going there.  You can’t really prevent an adult from going overseas, but when they get involved in horrible, illegal, immoral activities, they should not be encouraged to lie to authorities, publish a book of lies, & continue to avoid responsibility. 

The dysfunctional nature of AK’s family is proven by the way they’ve handled the worst example of her being out of control and dangerous: hiring Marriott, engaging mentally unstable supporters (Sforza, Moore, et al.)...  What a bloody mess they are all.  No moral backbone.  What a stark contrast with Meredith & her grounded, loving, decent family.

Posted by all4justice on 09/19/13 at 04:46 PM | #


Quite. The evasion of responsibility and lack of conscience go together. And are observed to have their origins, together, in early childhood and upbringing.

Whatever one’s DNA and genetic inheritance or predisposition, there is no excuse for not taking on the adult responsibilities of not harming others, being honest, being law-abiding etc.

Posted by SeekingUnderstanding on 09/19/13 at 04:56 PM | #

“The defenses are said to have filed monsters of requests for wide scope”

Word is that the defense appeal is a long and factually wrong argument against the ruling of the Supreme Court. It is facing the wrong way. It is meant to be an appeal against Massei.

The disrespectful kind of commentary used (to no advantage) by Berlusconi. What tin ears. I say again! None of the 4 lead lawyers have ever won a case before the Supreme Court.

And they have made way too many errors and played too many dirty tricks in the past to get out form under this one, facing perhaps the toughest of all Italy’s regional courts and best judges in Italy.

Ill-judged and sleazy PR sure never game-planned for this Act III.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 09/21/13 at 01:43 PM | #

@Peter Quennell

Thank you for all the the recent posts and work you have done here. The defenses “are facing the wrong way. I am still reading through the english translation of the Cassation reasoning. Thorough, well reasonned based on a 360 degree view of all the evidential points and how they connect. As opposed to Hellmann .How many ways can they say “lacking any logic”, not “logical”? Did the Supreme Court report at one point that it was as if the judges started from the premise that Knox/Sollecito were above and beyond committing this awful brutal crime and then seek to break up all the evidence into little bits..saying well “who knows”?..The aquittal was terms of applying criminal law.It was a political move. So now the defenses want to argue that the world is flat..

They are being asked to prove “contamination” not simply say “anything is possible”. They accept that thee are mixed blood samples of Meredith and Knox but then wish it to be accepted that they could not possibly be related to the attack. Well could they try and explain that ,please.?!!

The recent binge of TV interviews of Knox are difficult to watch. Watched the one with her and her sister Deanna re the letter..about her unborn child…deperation of course. But what stuck was that when the interviewer focused on Deanna for a bit Knox darkened and seemed annoyed…Everything it seems has to be about her.She can not relate to people in a normal way..IMO.The difference between the naturalness of Deanna and Amanda are stark.

Not looking forward to her interview with Daybreak. More lies, more emoting to camera…anyone who was innocent would be in Floerence. Wrote an e-mail to Daybreak asking them to focus onMeredith and the evidence..some hope I expect.

Posted by Olliebear on 09/21/13 at 03:43 PM | #
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